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16 Apr 2016 -
We have changed to a new host to solve the kicks/lag issue...
We have changed to a new host to solve the kicks/lag issue that some players have been experiencing recently.
1 Apr 2016 -
Team Deathmatch minimum level requirement has been...
Team Deathmatch minimum level requirement has been increased to 150 instead of level 100.
1 Apr 2016 -
Magical Equipment will give half stats inside of Guild...
Magical Equipment will give half stats inside of Guild Battle Event Mode. Magical Weapons still don't give you any benefits. We will be testing this and looking for more feedback.
19 Mar 2016 -
Congratulations to Eternal Warrior and Brotha Tom for being...
Congratulations to Eternal Warrior and Brotha Tom for being promoted to Game Masters!
28 Jan 2016 -
All accounts have received 7 days of VIP for free!
All accounts have received 7 days of VIP for free!
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Welcome to NoxiousOT 8.60
Players: 90648 • Accounts: 83035 • Try our Custom Client!
Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 8.60

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Mar 15 2016 -
Guild Battle Update - Event Mode
Guild Battle - Event Mode (NEW)
We are implementing a new optional mode to Guild Battles called Event Mode. If you enable this mode while creating a Guild Battle you will be protected from losing experience, items and skills when you die. Your characters stats, skills, equipment and level will TEMPORARILY be changed to level 250 and everybody inside the arena will be equal to each other. We have tested this system with our latest event called Defend The King and it has worked well. The goal of this new mode is to provide players a way to war each other at different level ranges where only skill determines the winner.

Event Mode Update - March 31st
Event Mode has been updated and equipment will now give half of its benefits while inside Guild Battles with Event Mode enabled. We will be testing this feature and gathering feedback.

For more information, please see this post.


We have been gathering feedback for a few months now and have talked to a lot of players before implementing it. In the beginning we will give everybody a chance to try this new mode and give us more feedback. After we tweak everything for the level 250 range we will look into adding the option to implement more adjustable settings. For example, fighting each other as level 150s or level 300 or the ability to keep your magical equipment enabled. If this is something you want us to add then we strongly suggest you comment and let your voice be heard.

This mode is completely optional and you're not forced to use it. The players will ultimately decide whether or not they want it by accepting or declining Guild Battle invites with Event Mode enabled.

You can create a Guild Battle with Event Mode enabled by talking to [War Cities] Sun Tzu in the Thais Casino.
Feb 8 2016 -
Defend The King, Automatic Character Transfers and more!
New Event - Defend The King
Defend The King is a new event that is focused on team defense. You and your team will work together to defend your king from the enemies. At the start of this event everybody will rush to the center where magic walls will count down until they disappear. The goal is to push past the other team to get to their king and defeat him. After the king is killed a new round will automatically start and everybody will be teleported back to the middle to fight again.

Defend The King will test out our new Player Balance system. After you join the event your level, skills, health, mana and equipment will TEMPORARILY be scaled so that everybody inside is equal. After the event ends your character will be back to normal. It's very difficult to perfectly balance events because all different level, skill and equipment ranges can participate. We are interested to hear your feedback on this system and want to see how it effects events when only skill decides the winner. If players don't want this system we can disable it after gathering information.




We are introducing a new system called Soul Contracts. This is a new secure and fully automated way to trade your character to another player in-game. One of the most common requests that I receive is to help to middle man for character trades. In the past, it was difficult to get both players online at the same time and trading characters was a hassle.

This new feature will allow you to create a tradable doll in-game called a Soul Contract. If you trade this doll with another player they will automatically receive the character on their account and you will receive the items.

You can find more information by clicking the 'Character Transfer' button on the account management page. You must have access to your registered email address to create a Soul Contract.



Shaman Daily Task Changes
We have done an overhaul of the [Daily Task] Shaman NPC located below Thais Depot. We have listened to feedback and looked at thousands of previous tasks completed to manually tweak each task that is available. The very difficult tasks are now significantly easier. We hope this will encourage players to give different tasks a chance instead of canceling them.

If you have any feedback or notice and bugs, please post them in this thread.
Jan 4 2016 -
New Event - Zombie Event
New Event - Zombie Event
This event was been suggested on the forum multiple times and we're finally implementing it into the server. This event has a chance to start randomly along with our other events every 30 minutes. The goal of the event is to avoid Zombies from infecting you, if you get touched then you're out! As time goes on the rate of Zombies being summoned is increased and it becomes more difficult to avoid them. If players are still alive after 10 minutes then everybody in the event will win 20x Noxious Tokens. You can't attack the Zombies or other players and magic walls are disabled. Do you have what it takes to survive?

• The top player will win 20x Noxious Tokens
• 2nd to 5th place will win 15x Noxious Tokens.
• After 10 minutes, everybody inside wins 20x Noxious Tokens.

You will gain 1 score for every second you're alive. You can view the scoreboard on the Event History page.

We look forward to hearing your feedback after you try out the new event!

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