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11 Feb 2015 -
You can now sort by price in the Item Market. Click the...
You can now sort by price in the Item Market. Click the 'Price Sort' section at the bottom of the page after searching for any item.
7 Feb 2015 -
You can no longer magic wall inside of Demodras Hideout....
You can no longer magic wall inside of Demodras Hideout. Fixed a bunch of map issues like the Onett PZ bug.
7 Feb 2015 -
The server has been upgraded to better hardware to help...
The server has been upgraded to better hardware to help with lag issues. A lot of optimizations have been done to the server. We'll monitor the server closely and continue adjusting it.
2 Feb 2015 -
Private Spawn bosses experience has been slightly reduced....
Private Spawn bosses experience has been slightly reduced. The difficulty of bosses has been adjusted.
16 Jan 2015 -
The amount of trainers slots has temporary been decreased...
The amount of trainers slots has temporary been decreased by a large amount while we watch server performance. We are looking into reports about lag. There have been DDoS's against our hosts network today though.
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Welcome to NoxiousOT 8.60
Players: 59057 • Accounts: 63391 • Try our Custom Client!
Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 8.60

Most powerful guilds on NoxiousOT 8.60


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New Era

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Dream Team

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Jan 10 2015 -
NoxiousOT has begun a new era..
NoxiousOT has begun a new era..
After over 3 years, NoxiousOT has reset. We have released a major update and will be expanding it over the next few days and tweaking it based off of player feedback.

Premium Point Recovery
As promised, if you donated then you will get 100% of your premium points refunded. You can recover your premium points by clicking the link below. If you are not able to recover your premium points then please contact or GOD Deviance in-game and we'll work with you to get them back.

PayPal Donation Recovery
Jan 8 2015 -
NoxiousOT Update & Server Reset
Major Update & Reset - Jan 10, 5 PM EST
After over 3 years of this current era, we have decided that it's time to make major changes to the server. It is never our goal to reset unless absolutely necessary. We have held off as long as we could but some problems are not fixable without changing how the server is setup at its core. Our goal is to provide a balanced, fun and long term stable server for everyone to enjoy. We have been listening to feedback for months, discussing, developing and preparing this update for the community. This update and reset will address problems with vocation balance, magical items, leveling and private spawns. We have new quests, daily tasks, new features, new weapons, new custom items, more spawns, new games and a lot more. If you were hesitant about a reset or starting over, you'll have a lot more fun this era.

What will happen with the reset?
• All levels, skills and items will be removed.
• 100% of your Premium Points will be returned to you.
• Your account and characters wont be deleted and will become level 8 with starting skills and equipment.
• The server will be improved and you can enjoy a fun and stable sever for years to come.


Private Spawn Changes
It's no secret that Private Spawn was very useful for leveling quickly and safely. When designing content or quests we often asked ourself, why would anybody hunt here if they can buy or rent a Private Spawn? A lot of players ignored our current custom zones which is not fun or challenging. We are making big changes to the way Private Spawn works this time. The focus on Private Spawns will be to only kill bosses which will require a team of players and it's not as easily bottable. We think this will encourage players to hunt regular or custom spawns and increase server activity.

Private Spawn Changes
• You can die inside of Private Spawn and lose experience and skills but will not drop equipment.
• All monster spawning levers are removed. You can now only spawn bosses and will have access to all of them without paying for upgrades.
• Compared to the old Private Spawn, it's cheaper overall but the unlimited option is removed.
• You can buy access to a 7 day Private Spawn for 700 Noxious Tokens at the Greedy Goblin.
• There is a new layout for Private Spawns.



New Quests & Content
We have heard from players that they want new content and things to do. We are introducing new quests, daily tasks, new spawns and a lot more!

New Content
• A new zone named Onett which is our biggest custom zone yet with a ton of unique spawns.
• 5+ new quest lines with multiple missions each.
• A whole new second custom zone will be released approximately 2 weeks later.
• The loot, experience, attacks, defenses, speed and resistances have been fixed or updated for over 200+ monsters.


Monster Simulation Challenge
There is a new quest called the Monster Simulation challenge. This is an endless challenge to defeat increasingly difficult monsters. It automatically scales monsters to be harder every time you complete the task. This is a never ending competition with every player on the server. Do you have what it takes to be the best?


Daily Tasks
We want players to have something to do every day when they login to the server. We are introducing 2 new daily tasks to the server. These are randomized quests that can be completed once every 20 hours. You will be able to choose an easy, medium or hard task. Upon completion, you can choose between temporary skill rate boosts, experience or gold for your reward. After completing a task you'll be rewarded with 'Store Credit'. This is a new unique non-tradable currency that can be used to buy new weapons, decoration, experience boosts and other items.



Item Changes
We are adding custom items, new weapons and adjusting the prices of the Greedy Goblin token shop. The magical item system will be improved and rebalanced. We are focusing on having fair and balanced item sets this time and preventing players from using +20 magic level and 50% attack speed items on a paladin which clearly is not intended. More information about balancing is discussed in another section.

General Item Changes
• You can now customize your item and change its name by visiting [Item Renamer] Wright.
• Stamina Scroll price has been increased to 225 from 175 Noxious Tokens.
• Golden Falcon price has been reduced from 500 to 200 Noxious Tokens.
• Cursed Magic Find Amulet price has been reduced from 175 to 100 Noxious Tokens.
• Nidalee's Spear, Star Tear and The Epiphany price has been reduced from 50 to 30 Noxious Tokens.
• You can now buy 7 days of Private Spawn access for 700 Noxious Tokens.
• Experience Boosts have been completely changed. They are no longer level or VIP requirements. Overall they are cheaper.
• Might Ring price increased from 5,000gp to 10,000gp. Damage reduction reduced from 20% to 15%.
• Stoneskin Amulet damage reduction reduced from 50% to 45%.
• Godly Spellbook of Knowledge no longer has 3% protection to all.
• Godly Magical Hat has reduced protection to all from 4% to 3%.
• Godly Defender no longer has 5% protection to all.
• Godly Helmet has reduced protection to all from 4% to 3%.

Magical Item Changes
• The same stat can't appear on an item twice. As a result, the maximum value for legendary stats have been increased for most stat types. This will prevent things like +50 health, +50 health (+100 health total) brass legs from being so easily obtained.
• You will gain stats instantly after equipping an item. Your magical items wont be disabled after 2 hours of being AFK.
• All item stats will now appear in the items name instead of the description, for example: Pure boots of haste (health +56, speed +20).
• Each vocation will have its own limit of stats that can be obtained from equipped items. A paladin benefits from magic level more then a druid and therefor should not have the same stat limitations. More details about this in the balance section.
• You will gain more magic find per level which will make finding rare items a little easier.

New Weapons
• There are new weapons that are obtained from daily tasks. They are slightly better then weapons dropped by bosses but are a lot harder to obtain.



Noxious Casino, Events & Games
The Thais Arena has been removed and replaced with the Noxious Casino. This is a central hub for games, shops and npcs and will be expanded over time. Inside the Noxious Casino there is a global depot which gives you access to every citys depot box. There are a total of 10 new houses inside for high rollers or item merchants. If you're over 18, you can enter the Noxious Strip club and grab a drink, some marijuana or hop on the pole and earn a paycheck. After you're feeling good you'll be able to play Wheel of Fortune, purchase a Scratchcard or play Trap Game.

Casino Features
• A new gambling game called Wheel of Fortune.
• A new gambling game called Scratchcards (3 different types) which sometimes give item rewards as prizes.
• 1v1 Trap Game. You must trap your opponent with a Magic Wall to win. Your wins and loses are recorded.
• Strip Club Bartender sells marijuana but has a very limited supply. He'll only restock a couple every day, buy them if you're lucky!
• You can purchase one of the 10 new houses.

Event Changes
• The Plague now rewards 10 Noxious Tokens for third place, 15 Noxious Tokens for second place and 25 Noxious Tokens for first place.
• Time Bomb now rewards 10 Noxious Tokens for third place, 15 Noxious Tokens for second place and 25 Noxious Tokens for first place.



Server Balance
We will be rebalancing vocations, spells and magical item stats. We are doing this in a few different ways. First, each vocation will have its own limit of stats that it can gain from items. This means it'll no longer be possible for a Paladin or Knight to obtain +25 magical level from items alone and become unkillable. Magical Items can't have the same stat twice so very high health or magic level items will be harder to obtain. We don't want players to focus on stacking one specific stat anymore. Secondly, we are reducing the maximum attack speed on an item from 50% to 40%.

Balance Changes
• Paladin damage slightly decreased.
• Paladin healing benefits slightly more from level instead of magic level. Stacking magic level for healing is no longer as efficient for a paladin.
• Knights have been very slightly buffed.
• With the Private Spawn changes, overall levels of players will be decreased.
• With the skill rate and magic rate changes, it will be slightly hard to obtain very high skill levels.

Vocation Stat Item Limits
• Paladins can only gain a bonus of 15 magic level, 500 health and 40 skills from equipped items.
• Knights can only gain a bonus of 6 magic level, 1000 health and 40 skills from equipped items.
• Mages can only gain a bonus of 50 magic level, 300 health and 15 skills from equipped items.

We are open to listening to any specific balance changes that you want to see us implement.


General Server Changes
• Magic Rate has been decreased from 20x to 15x. Skill Rate has been decreased from 30x to 25x. This is not a huge change but because skill rate boosters are obtainable after completing a task and VIP players can get a skill rate boost it's required that that we lower the skill rates.
• Players can change their VIP benefits between 25% increased experience, 25% reduced experience lost when dying and a 10% increased skill rate boost.
• The server trainers have been remade. There is an unlimited food lever beside the trainers now. You will now properly be notified of when you'll advance your skills if you have a skill rate boost.
• Major optimizations to big server features like magic items, events and private spawn which should reduce overall lag on the server.
• You will get a warning if you leave temple without blessings.
• Hundreds of other minor changes that overall improve the server.



Guild Tournament
We will be having a guild tournament approximately 1 week after the server relaunchs. We want to give everybody a chance to join and level up again before it starts. There will be big premium point prizes and it'll be a lot of fun for everybody involved. We encourage everybody to give suggestions or input on how you want to see it run.


We hope that you enjoy the changes to the server and look forward to seeing you after the reset. This is only the beginning and a lot more content, features and improvements will be added. If you have any suggestions, complaints or comments about these changes then please let your voice be heard! The reset will happen Jan 10, 5 PM EST. Spread the word and tell your friends. NoxiousOT will be back and better then ever!
Oct 25 2014 -
Happy Halloween! Items, monster buffs and more!
Happy Halloween
We will be holding a couple events in NoxiousOT for Halloween. We will also be doing raids, mutated pumpkins and more closer October 31. We hope to have a new content patch shortly after as well.

Halloween Lottery (Completed)
We have drawn the winners for the Halloween Lottery! There was a total of 198 lottery tickets purchased. The winning tickets were picked using to generate 3 numbers which corresponded to the ticket numbers.

You will have 7 days to parcel your winning lottery ticket to GOD Deviance's depot in Thais or give your winning ticket to a Game Master or Community Manager. If we don't receive your winning ticket in 7 days then we'll draw another lottery ticket number and do so until the prize is claimed.

1st Place:
No'e - 2400 Points - Lottery Ticket #110

2nd Place:
Disrespectful Rio - 1800 Points - Lottery Ticket #62

3rd Place:
Weed - 1000 Points - Lottery Ticket #127


Devovorga - Halloween Boss
The powerful creature named Devovorga is haunting NoxiousOT! This is not just a regular Tibia boss and will involve being aware of your surroundings to avoid damage. This boss will hatch nearby mutant eggs to spawn creatures, summon bats, charge up a powerful explosion attack and lots more. This boss is immune to damage and reflects it back so you must attack its weak point, the tentacles! Every time you kill a tentacle you'll inflict damage to Devovorga. Everybody in the boss arena will gain 1 Tentacle Piece (10 per fight) which can be used to buy skill rate boosts, new decoration items or enter the Halloween Lottery. After Devovorga is slain, everybody will gain 50% increased experience for 2 hours. The boss will be spawning every few hours.



Halloween NPCs
We will be introducing 2 new NPCs for this event. You can spend Tentacle Pieces obtained from Devovorga Tentacles to purchase skill rate boosts or new decoration.

[Skill Rate Boosts] Death - You can exchange 10 Tentacle Pieces for an increased skill, distance, shield or magic level rate. You will gain 50% faster skills for 4 hours. This has a 12 hour cooldown.
[Halloween Shop] Sabrina - Sabrina will various spooky decoration items. A couple items such as Ferumbras doll have cool effects when used.



Houses - Trick or Treat (Completed)
The NoxiousOT Staff will be visiting Halloween themed houses and dropping off goodie bags! All you have to do to get a prize is post your Tibia house address and city in this thread and have a pumpkin visible inside of your house. Everybody who puts in at least some effort decorating will get a bag containing decoration items, consumables and perhaps something rare if you're lucky! The staff will be dropping off goodie bags inside each house on October 31. Only one house per person is allowed.

We will be picking our favorite spooky houses and will feature it in a news post on the website.


Future Content
We are working on new content and its getting closer to release. We are looking to add new items, quests, maps, custom monsters and more! We are working hard and hope to implement it soon. Thank you for being patient. We will have more details soon.



Server Changes and Event Information
In an attempt to make our custom areas and monsters more useful, we are revising the health, experience and loot of all custom monsters. The current custom monsters had poor loot value compared to similar experience ratio real tibia monsters.

Custom Monster Improvements
• Improved loot value of nearly all custom monsters. Most custom monsters have almost 100% increased loot value, improved experience and better items. Some custom monsters have over 300%+ increased loot value! Check the first post in the comments to see which monsters got buffed.

Donation Item Changes
We have watched the market value for Godly weapons over time and have seen a decrease in value. As better magical items get created, the demand for Godly weapons slowly declines. The current market price for Godly Stone Shooter can often be seen below 100 Noxious Tokens. We hope these small improvements will increase the value, usability and demand of Godly weapons.

• Godly Stone Shooter - Changed attack from 73 to 77.
• Godly War Sword - Changed attack from 63 to 65.
• Godly Axe - Changed attack from 66 to 68.
• Godly Club - Changed attack from 64 to 66.
• Godly Scepter - Increased damage average by 15.

We will have another equipment related update in our upcoming content patches.

Outfit Lever
The outfit lever in Thais Depot is free for the Halloween Event.

New Item - Golden Falcon
We are introducing a new way to quickly teleport back to your home city called the Golden Falcon. We realize that players have been using Private Spawns to return to town but not everybody has access to one. The Golden Falcon can be purchased from the Greedy Goblin below Thais Depot for 500 Noxious Tokens. It has unlimited uses but can only be activated when you're in a safe area and not in combat.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online