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4 Jan 2017 -
The Item Market search results will only display items that...
The Item Market search results will only display items that are under 90 days old. This is to clean up the old overpriced listings. Searching by player name shows all results regardless of how long ago it was listed.
31 Dec 2016 -
Bad Santa competition will end Jan 1st, 2017 at 11 PM EST....
Bad Santa competition will end Jan 1st, 2017 at 11 PM EST. We will announce the winners on Jan 2. The boss will continue to spawn with reduced rewards and spawn rate after the competition ends.
31 Dec 2016 -
You can buy fireworks and other items to celebrate the New...
You can buy fireworks and other items to celebrate the New Year at Thais Depot. Happy New Year!
30 Dec 2016 -
Added the ability to freeze yourself at VIP Mana shop to...
Added the ability to freeze yourself at VIP Mana shop to prevent players from pushing you.
24 Dec 2016 -
Fixed some problems with the proxy system. They should be...
Fixed some problems with the proxy system. They should be working correctly now. We are monitoring for further problems.
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Welcome to NoxiousOT 8.60
Players: 109422 • Accounts: 93990 • Try our Custom Client!
Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 8.60

Most powerful guilds on NoxiousOT 8.60


14609 Frags


6087 Frags

War Team

4881 Frags

Semper Fidelis

4302 Frags


3965 Frags


3284 Frags
Jan 1 2017 -
NoxiousOT January Contest & Bad Santa Winners
Bad Santa Event Winners
Thank you to everybody that participated in the Bad Santa event this year. There were over 550+ players that received a reward for killing him. We hope you enjoyed your free Noxious Tokens and experience boosts!

Bad Santa will continue to run for a few days even though this competition has ended. He will spawn less often and have reduced rewards. Killing him won't grant you an entry into any competitions.

We are rewarding the top 3 players which killed Bad Santa the most.

Top Bad Santa Killers
1st Place: Shrimp (42 Kills, 6000 Points)
2nd Place: Demon Here (35 Kills, 3600 Points)
3rd Place: Sioux (33 Kills, 2400 Points)


!! WIN 36,000 POINTS !! • January Contest
We will be holding another contest in NoxiousOT for the month of January with a total of 36,000 premium points to give away. The December contest had 6035 entries. We gave away $300 worth of Premium Points and will continue to do it monthly. We want to thank everybody for participating. If you didn't win then you'll have another chance this month. Good luck to everybody that enters!

December Contest Winners
Each player will receive 3600 premium points.
Ekdotica, Silvervach, Zeroox, Caduque, Cranium, Frazzle, Elder Marek, Oscar And The Wolf, Decapitated, Sr Antero.

If you won this contest you will receive the Premium Points on your account automatically.


How do I enter the January contest?
You will gain a NoxiousOT contest token every time you win an event. You can either use this token and enter the contest or sell it on the market. At the end of every month we will draw the winners and announce them on our website. Any abuse of events will lead to being banned from this contest forever.

January Contest - What are the prizes?
We will draw 10 random lucky winners on January 31, 2017 and each person will win 3600 Premium Points. You will not be allowed to win more then one prize. Good luck to everybody that enters!
Dec 27 2016 -
Christmas House Decoration Event Results
House Decoration Event (Ended)
House owned by: Real Deal

There were 47 entries into the Christmas House Decoration Event. Thank you to everybody that participated. Santa Claus has visited everybody and dropped off a present. You can find it safely tucked under your Christmas Tree! The staff have chosen our favorites and want to promote them on our homepage.


House owned by: Pudnfun

House owned by: Madame

Thank you to everybody that participated. The Bad Santa event will continue to run for a few more days. The December monthly lottery will be drawn on January 1st and more updates/improvements are being worked on. We want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

- Noxious Staff
Dec 24 2016 -
NoxiousOT Bad Santa & Updates
Bad Santa Event & Updates
Bad Santa has been spotted flying around waiting to drop off presents! These aren't just any ordinary presents though, Bad Santa prefers to punish his naughty list with deadly explosive presents. You must stop him and save NoxiousOT! You will have a chance to kill him up to 5 times a day and earn a free experience boost and Noxious Tokens. The top 3 players that kill Bad Santa the most will be rewarded.

Top Bad Santa Killers
1st Place: 6000 Premium Points
2nd Place: 3600 Premium Points
3rd Place: 2400 Premium Points

Bad Santa spawns at 11 AM, 2 PM, 5 PM, 8 PM, 11 PM. Check Thais Portal for more information


New Daily Challenges
We are introducing a new NPC named [Daily Challenge] Champion located under Thais depot. This new NPC will give you daily challenges to complete a random activity in the server. This could be anything from gambling at the casino, playing events, finding rares, playing bomberman, salvaging items and much more. After you complete this task you will be rewarded with task credit, gold and a chance at a bonus Monster Egg. We hope this will encourage players to try different things in the server and earn rewards for trying something new. We look forward to suggestions about new challenges that we can add.



Monster Eggs & Items
We have buffed the loot of all Monster Egg Bosses to have more items and drop more gold. In addition to the buffed loot we are introducing 2 new custom shields that only drop from Rare, Legendary and Godly bosses. These custom shields can easily be enchanted to become better then donation equipment. Mages already have various spellbooks which are capable of reaching high magic level when enchanted.

Adventurer Shield
(Def:42, distance +2, magic level +1)
It can only be wielded properly by paladins of level 100 or higher.

Freedom Shield
(Def:42, club +2, sword +2, axe +2, magic level +1)
It can only be wielded properly by knights of level 100 or higher.


Update Changelogs
- Monster eggs have better loot and drop more gold. They also drop unique enchantable shields.
- Slot machines are now twice as fast.
- Salvaging items is now significantly faster. You can now salvage ANY rare item dropped by monsters for 1 magical dust.
- Added a new Daily Challenge NPC below Thais depot.
- In order to prevent trade channel spam you can only place an offer once every 2 minutes.
- Lowered the amount of times a player needs to be reported inside of an event to trigger the automatic AFK checks. Increased the ban length if they fail to respond.
- Fixed issues with the Proxy System. It should be working better now.
- When creating a Guild Battle the minimum amount of AOE damage you can choose is 40% up to 100%. If AOE damage reduction is enabled then all UE spells will have a cooldown. This change is not final and we will gather feedback.
- You can now see how many players entered a lottery by typing !lottery.
- Added two new shields called Freedom Shield and Adventurer shield.
- Item Dealer: Now buys Molten Plate, Velvet Mantle, Greenwood Coat, Robe of The Ice Queen, Dragon Robe. New effects when selling.

Map/Monster Changes
- Slightly improved the spawn rate of monsters in some areas of Hope.
- Slightly improved the spawn rate of monsters in the Travincial Castle.
- Reduced the respawn timer of some world bosses from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. (Tree of Life, Lord Dredmor, Butcher of Trog, Adamantoise, Boogeyman). Increased the amount of experience gained from Butcher of Trog, Adamantoise, Boogeyman
- Adjusted VIP Mana Shop to allow players to talk to him easier.
- Added 3 new houses in the Thais sewers that can be used as shops.
- Adjusted the loot of some monsters like Crocolisks.
- Lots of reported bugs have been fixed.



Make sure you enter the Christmas Decoration Event to earn your present as well. There will be more things coming soon. We have added 14 days of VIP to all existing accounts as a gift!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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