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28 Sep 2014 -
Update: You can now instantly change your registered email...
Update: You can now instantly change your registered email address but you must verify the email change by clicking a link in your email inbox. This will help secure your account from 'hackers'.
28 Sep 2014 -
Update: You can't end a Guild Battle if a player from the...
Update: You can't end a Guild Battle if a player from the enemy guild is inside the war zone and outside of the protection zone.
7 Sep 2014 -
Update: Added marriages. You can now get married by Lynda,...
Update: Added marriages. You can now get married by Lynda, Llathriel and Tibra. You can get divorced by Brewster.
3 Sep 2014 -
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with !deathlist sometimes not...
Bug Fix: Fixed an issue with !deathlist sometimes not displaying results. It will now display more results then before and is a lot easier to read.
27 Aug 2014 -
Congratulations to Etched for getting promoted to Tutor!
Congratulations to Etched for getting promoted to Tutor!
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Welcome to NoxiousOT 8.60
Players: 44065 • Accounts: 56545 • Bans: 2197 • Try our Custom Client!
Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 8.60

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Sep 4 2014 -
Server Update - September 2014
September Server Updates

Sept 18 - Bug fixes and more:
• Fixed an issue that could cause debugs in temple when too many players are on the same tile. The server will now automatically move players to different tiles.
• Rewrote a large portion of the Private Spawn script. It still functions the same besides some extra visual changes but it's a lot more efficient and should prevent potential lag when a lot of spawns are being used at once.
• Fixed a bug that could let players use a Private Spawn after the owner leaves it. Thank you Captain Brunox for bringing it to our attention.

Trading Houses for Items
• You can now trade your house to other people for items by using !sellhouse playerName. You must be standing inside of your house and the other player must be close to you. Type the command and they will get a trade request with a house deed inside. After you accept the trade, they will get ownership of the house and you'll get their items. You should always 'look' at the item in the trade window and make sure its a house deed before accepting.


Sept 07 - Added Marriages:
• You can now get married by Lynda, Llathriel and Tibra using the real tibia procedure.
• You can get divorced by Brewster for 5000 gp.
• You can now enter Meluna for up to 24 hours after getting married. Added all the proper NPCs there.

There is a marriage guide written by Darth Maul on the forum with more information.

Guild Battle Changes:
• Added Edron, Liberty Bay, Svargrond, Mintwallin, Razachai

This brings it up to a total of 12 locations you can choose when creating a Guild Battle. If you have any suggestions on which locations you want to see next, please tell us! We want to have a mix of fun, custom and regular war cities.

General Changes:
• Fixed an issue with buying and selling stackable items from certain NPCs.
• You can't logout near Dorian anymore to prevent low level characters from logging in just to cause problems.
• Fixed a bunch of visual map bugs, nothing major though.

Item Changes:
• Over 1000+ item changes.
• Fixed a lot of items with incorrect or missing names. Fixed a lot of quest items to allow us to implement more real tibia quests properly.
• Fixed weights with a lot of items.
• Fixed issue with some weapons having the wrong attack, defense or extra defense values.
• Fixed issue with destroyed bamboo fences respawning the wrong way. You can now destroy more items such as large amphoras.
• Fixed issue with some rings that could allow players to get more stats then they were supposed too.
• You can now find marlin's from Island Trolls and trade them to Pemaret for a Marlin Trophy.
• You can now kill Mehlia and Earth Elementals to find Clay Lump which can create a personalized clay statue.
• You can now kill Gargoyle and Stone Golems to find piece of marble rock which can carved into personalized marble statues.
• You can now buy ice statues from Janz in Svargrond for 50 gold.
• Shiantis now sells an empty gold fish bowl. You have to catch gold fish manaully like real tibia.
• When using a caged bird, it has a chance to have a heart attack and die.
• Fire bug now works like its supposed too, including burning down sugar canes. You can refine the sugar cane at the distillery to make rum.

Raid Changes:
• Ferumbras has increased health and damage. You can't logout anywhere inside of his tower anymore. Increased the spawn delay from 1 minute to 3 minutes.
• Horned Fox has increased health and damage. You can't logout inside of his hideout. Increased the spawn delay from 2 seconds to 3 minutes.
• Demodras has increased health and damage. You can't logout inside of his lair. Increased the spawn delay from 1 second to 3 minutes. You now will get additional warnings before it spawns.

These changes will help prevent players camping the bosses and giving others a fair chance to get there. The new boss health and damages are not meant to require a team but they will take longer to kill and allow others more time to make it there.

These changes are temporary because we are in the process of redesigning all raids to make them more useful and to make them less campable and abusable. We are also in the process of making more raid bosses that require teams to defeat and the current raids will drastically change as a result.

There are a lot more bug fixes that players might not notice at first. If you find any issues, please post them in this thread. We are working on new features and content and hope to implement it soon.
Aug 10 2014 -
Item Market and Item Salvaging
The Item Market is a new feature that lets you create automatic trades. You can use this feature to create your own personal shop or browse items for sale by anyone in the server. After you list your item for sale, anybody in the server can instantly purchase it and you will get a parcel containing the items you requested in your Thais Depot. You can list any item you want in the market, including enchanted equipment. You can request any item you want in return for your item including premium points.

When a new item is listed on the market it will automatically broadcast in trade channel that you've just recently posted a new listing. You can always instantly return your items to your Thais Depot and there is no listing fee, so there is no risk involved. You're able to ask for a wide variety of items for yours, from 5x Red Dragon Claws to 5x Magical Boxes, the possibilities are endless. We've tried to make it as convenient as possible, no more constantly spamming your items in trade, no more messaging someone to buy their item to only find out they're AFK, and by using this new Market system, you can now complete trades safely while you're offline.

We look forward to see how players use the new Item Market and want to hear your suggestions on how to improve it. In the future we'll be implementing automatic character trades and more.

View MarketplaceHelp & Commands (Recommended)


Item Salvaging
We have implemented Item Salvaging into the server. You can now permanently destroy any item that was enchanted with an Orb of Enchantment and you will receive 10 magical dust. You can exchange 100 magical dust to the 'Magical Dust Exchanger' on the second floor of Xodets Magic Shop for another Orb of Enchantment. The NPCs spell to convert magical dust back into an Orb of Enchantment is unstable and requires additional items. The items that are required get automatically changed every 3 hours so you'll need to find them before the timer runs out.

We hope that this will give value to lower end enchanted items that players previously considered worthless. It will bring another tradable item into the economy which will have a steady price. Magical dust will always be 1/100 of an orb or 1.25 tokens each.


We still have a lot of new content, quests and other changes that are coming soon. For more information about these new features please view the first reply of this thread.
Jul 17 2014 -
Server Update
Server Update
We are in the process of updating, improving and optimizing a lot our older scripts, quests or features that did not perform or work the way we wanted them too. We are also in the process of creating new features, quests, content and things to do which will be coming in the future. This update implements a lot of changes to our server engine which allows us to create the new features we have planned. Not all features are immediately visible to players but they are still being tested or will be used by us soon.

General Changes:
When casting an AOE spell near 2 or more players which aren't in your guild or party, you will have a slightly increased cool down. This is a small change to reduce the effectiveness of UE spamming groups of random players. We may reduce damage of AOE spells or give the option to disable them completely in war cities if players want it.
• When a monster drops a rare item, the corpse will sparkle. It will sparkle blue for a common item and green for a rare or better item. Monster Corpse size has been increased to prevent losing loot.
• The !changender command has been renamed to !changegender. It'll properly change your sex and outfit and can't be used when married (not added yet)
• Fixed an issue with changing gender and not having the mage and summoner addons properly swapped.
• You can get a discount on blessings if you complete The Paradox Tower and you're holding a Phoenix Egg while blessing.
• VIP players have access to 3 new outfits (Cult, Bloodwalker, Skullhunter)
• There are a lot of minor map improvements or bug fixes.

Quest Changes:
• The Paradox Tower has been recreated from scratch and now works. You will get an enchanted item and either a magical box or a Phoenix Egg which reduces blessing costs when held.
• The quest log entry for more quests have been added. We are looking to eventually have all the quest logs working.
• The entire mage and summoner quest line has been recreated and now works like real tibia. The complaints about Sandra not working properly should finally stop..
• Fixed an issue with Myra, Zoltan and Trisha giving the wrong addon if you're not the right gender.
• Fixed several minor issues with NPCs like Irmana, Zoltan, Oldrak, Padreia, Lubo, Addon Item Exchanger and a lot more.
• We want to rework the major quest lines over time and improve the rewards, make them more challenging and function closer to real tibia. We've also discussed ideas among staff such as 'Quest Points' which give magic find or other bonuses based on how many quests you've completed, daily and repeatable quests and more. There are a lot of things we are planning to change about existing quests as well as creating new ones in the future.

Item Changes:
• Magical Items (quest items, enchanted or rare+ dropped items) will now have 'Serial Numbers'. This is similar to Donation Item tracking ids. It'll allow players to recover lost or stolen magic items easier and prevent them from being duped.
• Donation Items will now have 'Serial Numbers' as well. The system behind it has been improved and will allow us to recover players items easier.
• Fixed an issue with magical items +SPEED bonus sometimes being removed when you're paralyzed by another player.
• Attack Speed is now displayed as AS: 15% instead of AS: 1700
• There are major changes to the way the server handles magical items and bonus stat limits but the current magical items don't take advantage of it yet. We will be testing these changes and hopefully in the future we will convert the old items to the improved system.

Recent Changes:
• If you enter the Trainers while carrying a weapon, you will get a message that estimates how much time is required until you advance to the next skill level. This factors in weapon attack speed.
• The Target Dummy outside Thais Depot will track the highest records for each damage type. You can also set a personal damage record by attacking it. This might eventually reset itself after a time limit and reward players who held a record for a certain amount of time.
• War Cities was implemented. Although this was a major feature, it never got its own news post. You can visit Sun Tzu in Thais Arena to create a Guild Battle with another guild inside an isolated city. We hope to create a page on our website for it, add more cities and continue improving it.

We have a lot of new things that are in-progress of being scripted or waiting to be implemented. We've reached out to others to get additional help in creating new map content for new quests, bosses and spawns. We are working hard finishing up the larger features and will have more details soon. We are rewriting or improving some scripts to increase server performance and reduce the risk of bugs and crashes. If you have a suggestion for a new feature, please post it on the Suggestions section of the forum!
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