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23 Feb 2014 -
Update: Dott has been promoted to tutor!
Update: Dott has been promoted to tutor!
7 Feb 2014 -
Update: The most powerful guilds section will now only...
Update: The most powerful guilds section will now only include players that have been active in the past 30 days.
26 Jan 2014 -
Congratulations to GM Red for becoming a staff member!
Congratulations to GM Red for becoming a staff member!
19 Nov 2013 -
Update: Improved !fastest to prevent players cheating. The...
Update: Improved !fastest to prevent players cheating. The sentences and questions are now more randomized. The time to solve is now displayed to the server.
18 Nov 2013 -
Update: Improved the Guild War page to show more relevant...
Update: Improved the Guild War page to show more relevant wars. Cleaned the page up and changed the style to easily see the winners and frag counts.
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Welcome to NoxiousOT 8.60
Players: 43004 • Accounts: 51755 • Bans: 1397 • Try our Custom Client!
Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 8.60

Most powerful guilds on NoxiousOT 8.60

The Coalition

25557 Frags


23207 Frags

Hollow Points

20056 Frags


19308 Frags


13497 Frags


10634 Frags
Apr 20 2014 -
Easter Egg Hunt and House Contest
Easter Egg Contest - Happy Easter!
We will be holding an event in NoxiousOT for the Easter Holidays! We are giving players a chance to win premium points and a unique decoration item for their house. From April 20th to April 21st, we will be having raids nearly every hour of Easter Bunnies. If you kill an Easter Bunny, it will drop a colored egg that you can give to the Egg Collector in Thais depot. The Egg Collector will keep score of how many colored eggs you've given him. There is a chance that rarer colored eggs will drop from Easter Bunnies which are worth more score.

You will also be able to win colored eggs by answering Trivia questions, participating in staff events or finding colored eggs hidden around the map by staff members. The player that has the most score at the end of the event will win a prize!

The Easter Egg Hunt Contest is over!
Thank you to everybody who participated in this contest.

1st Place: Rtz Bud (1804 Score) - 2400 Points + Deco Item
2nd Place: Dreamer (1777 Score) - 1800 Points + Deco Item
3rd Place: Obi-wan (1596 Score) - 1000 Points + Deco Item

prize01.gif prize02.gif prize03.gif


Easter House Contest
The Noxious Staff will be holding an Easter House Contest for the month of April. You must choose your own house theme for this contest and give us a short description to describe it.

We will be rewarding creativity and will be looking for unique themes and ideas. You wont gain a better house score by having more or rarer items in your house. We are looking for more then the typical coconut, firewalker and blood herb item stack decorations we often see.

To participate, please post the city and address of your house in this thread. You must be the owner of the house in order to enter it into the event. You are only be allowed to enter one house into the event. The event will run until the end of April.

1st Place: 2400 Premium Points
2nd Place: 1800 Premium Points
3rd Place: 1000 Premium Points

The winner will also get a unique house decoration item listed in the Easter Egg contest above. You must make a post in this thread containing your house name, house city, house theme and a 1 to 2 sentence description of your house to enter.

In celebration of 4/20, Easter Bunnies will also drop marijuana. You can 'use' it to gain a vocation specific buff for 15 minutes.
Jan 21 2014 -
New Event - Noxious Party (8 mini-games)
New Event - Noxious Party
A new event has been added to NoxiousOT called Noxious Party. This event is similar to games such as Mario Party which feature many fast-paced mini-games played in under a minute. We often get requests for events which we are unsure would work as a full 8 to 12 minute event. The idea of this event is to combine all of these events together so that players can continuously be playing something new. This event also allows us to try new ideas quickly and get feedback on them. If any of these event ideas or future mini-games are successful, then we will have the opportunity to move them to their own complete event and improve on them. The beta version of Noxious Party will include eight complete mini-games.

Zombie Invasion
Avoid being infected by the undead. There are multiple different undead types which special abilities.


You have 25 seconds to work as a team and score as many goals as possible.


Goblin Bomber
Goblins will fall from the sky with bombs attached to them. If they get close to you, they will arm their bomb and charge you.


Trash Transporters
You have 30 seconds as a team to find the correct teleporter and dispose as much trash as possible to gain score. Throwing it in the wrong teleporter will cause it to sizzle and disappear.


..and many more!
There are a total of eight mini-games and we will be adding more in the future.


Do you want to win free premium points?
We encourage everybody to submit mini-game ideas in this thread that we can add to the new event. If your idea is added to Noxious Party then we will reward you with 1200 premium points. You can submit multiple mini-game ideas. You will only be rewarded if you're the first person to submit the mini-game idea to us.

If you submit an idea, please make sure they follow these requirements.
1) The mini-game must be playable in under a minute by 2 teams with a clear winner.
2) Everybody on the team must be able to participate in some way that helps their team win the mini-game.
3) The event should be playable in the current Noxious Party arena. We are exploring the possibility of giving each mini-game its own map.
4) The mini-game must be easy to understand and can be explained in 1-2 sentences. Any players which don't speak English should be able to understand what to do by watching other players accomplish a goal.

If you submit an idea, please be very descriptive about how it will work. If other players or the staff have to fill in the missing ideas of your suggestion then we may not reward a prize.

Other Event Changes
- Magic Wall is disabled in Boss Battles due to abuse.

This event is in beta and will have bugs, please report them on the forum or to a staff member.
Dec 17 2013 -
Christmas House Event
Christmas House Decoration Event

The Noxious Staff will be holding a Christmas House event for the month of December. Santa Claus will be visiting players houses and dropping off gifts to all houses that are decorated with a Christmas theme.


To participate, please post the city and address of your house in this thread. You must be the owner of the house in order to enter it into the event. You are only be allowed to enter one house into the event. The event will run until the end of December. Your house will have to contain a Christmas Tree in order for Santa to leave gifts for you. The gift will be
a bag containing random presents from Santa himself. You can purchase a Christmas Tree and other decorations from the Messenger of Santa in Thais Depot. If your house is unique and fits the Christmas theme well then you might receive a better gift.


Other Updates:
  • You can now bake Gingerbread men by using a lump of dough inside of the Christmas Bakery.
  • The basement of Thais Depot has been updated to make room for the Beat The Dealer NPC and added a Jacuzzi. :up:
  • The Messenger of Santa is inside Thais Depot and will sell Christmas decorations for Noxious Tokens. This wont be the only way to get Christmas themed decoration.

Santa Claus has delivered his first round of gifts. If you submit your house before December 31 then you will still be eligible for a gift. As a bonus, all accounts have received 14 days of VIP time. Enjoy the increased experience, magic find and other goodies!
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