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This page lists all active bans that expire within 90 days. If you wish to appeal a ban, please post in our forum under the Server Support section.

Active Banishments
Player BanishmentsExpires in..
Ninja Malditopowerleveling47 minutes
Culitovpowerleveling47 minutes
Symphonypowerleveling13 hours, 5 minutes
Good Kushpowerleveling13 hours, 5 minutes
JaeshPowerleveling.2 days, 10 hours
DecimationPowerleveling.2 days, 10 hours
Gucci Is GayPowerleveling.2 days, 10 hours
Inmortal SquadSuiciding.2 days, 23 hours
FirazGet a life1 week, 3 days
ScavengerIllegal trading again1 week, 3 days
GuufiilandiaSuiciding an alt character to ...1 week, 5 days
Madmax'nIllegal trading (other server)...3 weeks, 2 days
CalebIllegal trading (other server)...3 weeks, 2 days
Account BanishmentsExpires in..
RotworrmPowerleveling50 minutes
Spinal Segundodisrespect4 days
Puta Foreverpowerleveling1 week, 2 days
Addonspowerleveling1 week, 2 days
Dookercontact staff3 weeks, 5 days
Jon'wacontact staff3 weeks, 5 days
Monkey'zzcontact staff3 weeks, 5 days
Mi Pecho Sobre Tu Espaldablocking gambling machine4 weeks
Adso Alejandroblocking gambling machine4 weeks
Inst Gay RetardAbusing an invalid character n...4 weeks, 1 day
Mohamed AttaAbusing an invalid character n...4 weeks, 1 day
NohanAbusing an invalid character n...4 weeks, 1 day
Ramex ColdRedskulling player by suicidin...1 month, 4 weeks
Teroubo OsetRedskulling player by suicidin...1 month, 4 weeks
Bielzina OwnadorSuiciding characters to redsku...1 month, 4 weeks
Perfect Shotillegal trading second warning1 month, 4 weeks
Reaktoadvertising2 months
Steffe TrollkarlIllegal trading second warning2 months
Tech Nine Char LoveSuiciding to cause Red Skull.2 months, 1 week
LogingRepeatedly blocking spawns2 months, 4 weeks

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