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Character Information
Name: Brown Hulk Player Flag
Marital status:single
Profession:Elder Druid
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Member of the Sinbags Revenge
Last login:March 10, 2017, 8:50 pm (2017-03-10T20:50:30-05:00))
Created:January 10, 2015, 4:16 pm
Vip Status:NOT VIP

Level ML Fist Club Swrd Axe Dist Shld Fish
223 91 17 10 10 10 10 30 10

Completed Quests
AnnihilatorSvargrond Arena Greenhorn
Svargrond Arena ScrapperSvargrond Arena Warlord
Demon Oak QuestDemon Helmet
Koshei the Deathless QuestGriffin Shield Quest
Bright Sword QuestCircle Room Quest
Vampire Shield QuestDark Armor Quest
Fire Axe QuestDeeper Fibula
Crusader HelmetOrc Fortress
Darashia Blue RobeHelmet of The Ancients
Black Knight QuestBehemoth Quest
Firewalker BootsYalahari Quest
Mad Mage RoomPits of Inferno
The InquisitionParadox Tower
Children of the RevolutionWrath of the Emperor
The Fall of Gruul: Defeat GruulDeathbone Pirates: Smash The Crystal
Deathbone Hoarder: Stolen TreasureAtmos: The Fall of Lugonu
Runewar The Sage: The Sages PotionDemon Hunter: Slay Armageddon
Monster Simulation Challenge (Rank: 0/50)Crypt Keeper

13 Aug 2016, 00:06 Killed at level 223 by Ceds, Naddy, Cdexswzaq, Saxlof'ek, Sleepiee and by Mike The Healer..
12 Aug 2016, 22:50 Killed at level 223 by Tattoozy, Homero, Ceds, Zatroth, Xuqs, My Nigga, Cdexswzaq and by Master Pvp..
12 Aug 2016, 22:45 Killed at level 224 by Tezzys, Brown Pud, My Nigga, Ceds, Steepler, Tattoozy, Zatroth and by Plastic Bottle..
12 Aug 2016, 11:50 Died at level 224 by crypt diablolist, Rakkaus, an undead dragon, Kryym and by crypt illusionist..
12 Aug 2016, 02:12 Killed at level 224 by Zilo Alcanso Lomeo, Samcoo, Melanie, Knight Fear Me, The Paladin-loco, Ocsicnarf and by Event Chat..
12 Aug 2016, 01:42 Killed at level 225 by Event Chat, Melanie, The Paladin-loco, Goldenboy, Samcoo, Messiahh, Super Ww and by Vas Cuido..
11 Aug 2016, 22:58 Killed at level 225 by Devourer Of Souls, Khronoz, Naughty, Pelos, Brown Pud, Wikia and by Perica..
11 Aug 2016, 17:03 Died at level 226 by lizard zaogun, a draken warmaster and by draken spellweaver..
10 Aug 2016, 23:29 Killed at level 226 by Choob, Tupac Shakurz, Brown Pud, Ceds, My Nigga, Devourer Of Souls and by Toki..
10 Aug 2016, 23:00 Killed at level 227 by Aerolith, Nasty Nas, Pelos, Yeshua, Maneyboy, Toki, Wikia, Richi, Bobmarley, Real Deal, Mitch Is Fosho, Ceds and by Asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf..
10 Aug 2016, 22:56 Killed at level 227 by Tezzys, Gust, Real Deal, Nasty Nas, Ceds, Pelos, Yeshua, Mariohuano, Sober Joe, Devourer Of Souls, Rama Godlike, Aerolith, Maneyboy, Mitch Is Fosho, Choob and by One Push Man..
10 Aug 2016, 22:38 Killed at level 227 by Ceds, Asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf, Bobmarley, Blure The Florist, Gust, Pelos, Wikia, Toki, Richi, Tezzys, Maneyboy, Real Deal, Devourer Of Souls, Homero and by Brown Pud..
10 Aug 2016, 22:36 Killed at level 228 by Ceds, Blure The Florist, Sober Joe, Nasty Nas, Wikia, Maneyboy, Toki, Devourer Of Souls, Richi, Bobmarley, Aerolith, Gust and by Tezzys..
10 Aug 2016, 21:55 Killed at level 228 by Devourer Of Souls, Sober Joe, Maneyboy, Mitch Is Fosho, Mariohuano, Pelos, Azurr Mayne, Toki, Real Deal, Danielrune, Hightpowa, Gust, Richi, Mr Chuchee and by Yeshua..
9 Aug 2016, 23:48 Killed at level 225 by Richi, Jtenfant Dchienne, Rollaman, Tezzys, Slavak, Alleria, Toki, Yeshua, Wikia, Gust, Bobmarley, Mariohuano, Real Deal, Shiest Bub, Danielrune, Mr Chuchee, Asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf, Ceds, Master Pvp and by King Seventh..

21 Oct 2016, 23:35 He fragged Bedazzle at level 209. (Unjustified)
21 Oct 2016, 23:17 He fragged Rakkaus at level 220. (Unjustified)
13 Aug 2016, 01:16 He fragged Brown Corrupted at level 198. (Justified)
13 Aug 2016, 01:11 He fragged Good Ass Day at level 167. (Justified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:57 He fragged Surrey Jack at level 104. (Unjustified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:56 He fragged Surrey Jack at level 105. (Unjustified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:56 He fragged Surrey Jack at level 106. (Unjustified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:55 He fragged Surrey Jack at level 107. (Unjustified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:54 He fragged Surrey Jack at level 109. (Unjustified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:54 He fragged Surrey Jack at level 110. (Unjustified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:52 He fragged Good Ass Day at level 167. (Justified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:45 He fragged Merrarin at level 200. (Unjustified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:41 He fragged Merrarin at level 200. (Unjustified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:38 He fragged Vicorf at level 144. (Unjustified)
13 Aug 2016, 00:37 He fragged Clubber Lang at level 119. (Unjustified)
Total Frags: 1532
1000 Frags100 Frags100 Frags100 Frags100 Frags100 Frags10 Frags10 Frags10 Frags

Account Information
Last login:April 15, 2017, 6:40 pm
Created:March 11, 2012, 1:39 am
Account Status:Premium Account

Name Frags Last Login Level  
1. Brotha BrownboyNever2016-08-10T16:53:15-04:008 Druid
2. Brown Hulk1532 Frags2017-03-10T20:50:30-05:00223 Elder Druid
3. ZxcxzcxzchkiNever2016-08-04T13:12:43-04:008 Druid

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