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Character Information
Name: Diele Player Flag
Marital status:single
Profession:Master Sorcerer
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Last login:December 1, 2018, 6:40 pm (2018-12-01T18:40:00-05:00))
Created:September 22, 2018, 9:57 am

Level ML Fist Club Swrd Axe Dist Shld Fish
214 96 10 10 10 10 10 26 10

Completed Quests
AnnihilatorSvargrond Arena Greenhorn
Svargrond Arena ScrapperSvargrond Arena Warlord
Demon Oak QuestDemon Helmet
Koshei the Deathless QuestGriffin Shield Quest
Bright Sword QuestCircle Room Quest
Vampire Shield QuestDark Armor Quest
Fire Axe QuestDeeper Fibula
Crusader HelmetOrc Fortress
Darashia Blue RobeHelmet of The Ancients
Black Knight QuestBehemoth Quest
Firewalker BootsYalahari Quest
Mad Mage RoomPits of Inferno
The InquisitionParadox Tower
Children of the RevolutionWrath of the Emperor
The Fall of Gruul: Defeat GruulDeathbone Pirates: Smash The Crystal
Deathbone Hoarder: Stolen TreasureAtmos: The Fall of Lugonu
Runewar The Sage: The Sages PotionDemon Hunter: Slay Armageddon
Monster Simulation Challenge (Rank: 0/50)Crypt Keeper
Monkey Business: Kill GiygasHoly Monk: Achieve Enlightenment
Jungle Crypt: Priceless ArtifactAmber's Golden Necklace
Dream World: Dream SpeakMutated Creature: The King's Relic
Snow Wood: Frozen TowerCorrupted Island: God of Death

1 Dec 2018, 13:11 Died at level 214 by Taliban..
9 Nov 2018, 17:25 Died at level 206 by Bad Company, One Hit Wonder, a lizard dragon priest, a lizard legionnaire and by dragon hatchling..
9 Nov 2018, 13:07 Died at level 206 by Corstten, Zinky, Captain Brunox and by Veridio..
8 Nov 2018, 11:23 Died at level 204 by medusa, a frost dragon, a giant spider, a water elemental, an eternal guardian, a serpent spawn, a bonebeast, an ice golem, an acid blob and by hydra..
26 Oct 2018, 12:08 Died at level 204 by mutated bat and by souleater..
12 Oct 2018, 17:23 Died at level 199 by mutated rat, a souleater and by death blob..
11 Oct 2018, 18:02 Died at level 188 by Acid, a mutated bat and by souleater..
10 Oct 2018, 16:54 Died at level 188 by death blob, Raywin, a souleater and by mutated bat..
6 Oct 2018, 06:28 Died at level 180 by Returne, Hluphizwe, Bhekizifundiswa and by Nombuyiselo..
6 Oct 2018, 05:44 Died at level 181 by Hluphizwe, Nombuyiselo and by Bhekizifundiswa..
5 Oct 2018, 19:37 Died at level 182 by souleater and by Domagoj Vida..
30 Sep 2018, 12:41 Died at level 164 by Tomatuyukota, Domagoj Vida and by mutated tiger..
28 Sep 2018, 03:18 Died at level 162 by death blob, a mutated bat, a souleater and by mutated rat..
27 Sep 2018, 12:34 Died at level 130 by souleater, a mutated rat, a death blob, a death blob and by mutated bat..
27 Sep 2018, 11:54 Died at level 128 by mutated bat, a brimstone bug, a lizard high guard, a lizard legionnaire, a haunted treeling, a wailing widow and by lancer beetle..

9 Nov 2018, 06:30 Far South at level 198. (Unjustified)
6 Oct 2018, 05:48 Skeetalloverurface at level 204. (Unjustified)
Total Frags: 2

Experience History (Past 7 days, updates at midnight)
12 Dec 2018, 00:00None
11 Dec 2018, 00:00None
10 Dec 2018, 00:00None
9 Dec 2018, 00:00None
8 Dec 2018, 00:00None
7 Dec 2018, 00:00None
6 Dec 2018, 00:00None

Account Information
Last login:December 11, 2018, 2:32 pm
Created:June 19, 2013, 1:19 pm
Account Status:Premium Account

Name Frags Last Login Level  
1. AnomiemmNever2018-11-12T12:00:47-05:008 Druid
2. Diele2 Frags2018-12-01T18:40:00-05:00214 Master Sorcerer
3. IplaynakedNever2018-12-12T11:36:42-05:0031 Knight

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