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Character Information
Name: Levis Noah Player Flag
Marital status:single
Profession:Elite Knight
Level:294, 3 Rebirths
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Member of the Rage
Last login:January 18, 2017, 9:16 am (2017-01-18T09:16:57-05:00))
Created:February 21, 2016, 3:20 pm
Vip Status:NOT VIP

Level ML Fist Club Swrd Axe Dist Shld Fish
294 13 13 27 31 120 10 109 10

Completed Quests
AnnihilatorSvargrond Arena Greenhorn
Svargrond Arena ScrapperSvargrond Arena Warlord
Demon Oak QuestDemon Helmet
Koshei the Deathless QuestGriffin Shield Quest
Bright Sword QuestCircle Room Quest
Vampire Shield QuestDark Armor Quest
Fire Axe QuestDeeper Fibula
Crusader HelmetOrc Fortress
Darashia Blue RobeHelmet of The Ancients
Black Knight QuestBehemoth Quest
Firewalker BootsYalahari Quest
Mad Mage RoomPits of Inferno
The InquisitionParadox Tower
Children of the RevolutionWrath of the Emperor
The Fall of Gruul: Defeat GruulDeathbone Pirates: Smash The Crystal
Deathbone Hoarder: Stolen TreasureAtmos: The Fall of Lugonu
Runewar The Sage: The Sages PotionDemon Hunter: Slay Armageddon
Monster Simulation Challenge (Rank: 0/50)Crypt Keeper

16 Jan 2017, 16:40 Killed at level 293 by Odinn, Katherin, Klmn Todo Poderoso, Cabezaemulco, Ruler, Star Life, Darck Saint, Death Suseje, Dread'elder, Jesus Ad and by Astrauckus..
16 Jan 2017, 16:40 Killed at level 293 by Madafakar, Star Life, Katherin, Klmn Todo Poderoso, Spinal, Death Suseje, Ruler, Astrauckus, Jesus Ad, Cabezaemulco, Dread'elder and by Odinn..
15 Jan 2017, 16:53 Died at level 293 by kurast guard..
9 Jan 2017, 07:47 Died at level 289 by kurast guard..
8 Jan 2017, 19:42 Killed at level 289 by Druid Of Jah, Sevn, Mitktahary Of Stary, Mathuza, Dread'elder, La Dead, Royal Shootta, Slash's, Jumper Pro and by Retroster..
7 Jan 2017, 16:52 Died at level 289 by kurast alchemist..
5 Jan 2017, 02:52 Killed at level 287 by Silvervach, Toem, Zeroox, Corioth, Death Suseje, La Dead, Luis Taargaryen, Jesus Ad, Its Araucano Mapochino, Clinicapool, Chaos Magic, Thesinverguenza, Ruler, Pmalak and by Rise Of New Empire..
5 Jan 2017, 02:27 Died at level 287 by kurast guard, a alchemist minion, a kurast alchemist, a kurast marksmen and by alchemist minion..
5 Jan 2017, 02:17 Died at level 288 by kurast marksmen, a kurast alchemist and by kurast guard..
3 Jan 2017, 18:07 Died at level 286 by Ferumbras and by demon..
2 Jan 2017, 17:00 Killed at level 286 by Cira Silveheart, Merk, Caravanhallen, Benson The Prince, Anomiemm Charlover, Raggarbrallan Elof, Lindaa, Sterling Malory Archer, Sabzur, Samcoo, Siwy and by Levis Noah..
2 Jan 2017, 16:57 Killed at level 287 by Samcoo, Badabing, Lindaa, Caravanhallen, Ulliga Olle, Anomiemm Charlover, Kadron The Prince, Ruler, Cira Silveheart, Sabzur, Hitz From The Bong, Demon Here, Bozz, Rama, Raggarbrallan Elof, Kraltyz Uy and by Benson The Prince..
28 Dec 2016, 16:05 Killed at level 280 by Spinal, Monalemon, Bozz, Mikrikri Matador, Druid Saint, Baby Boo, Jyrgen, Astrauckus, Odz and by Barthos..
21 Dec 2016, 16:13 Killed at level 280 by Benson The Prince, Cira Silveheart, Siwy, Kadron The Prince, Krohnik, Botsnitch, Klixo, Sado Da Nuker, Quizmaster, a elder frost dragon and by frost dragon hatchling..
21 Dec 2016, 15:43 Killed at level 281 by Quizmaster, Klixo, Benson The Prince, Botsnitch, Kadron The Prince, Sado Da Nuker and by frost dragon hatchling..

17 Jan 2017, 05:33 He fragged Leeran at level 103. (Unjustified)
16 Jan 2017, 20:52 He fragged Zepellin at level 139. (Justified)
16 Jan 2017, 20:39 He fragged Cheesehead at level 225. (Unjustified)
16 Jan 2017, 16:15 He fragged Poen at level 252. (Justified)
16 Jan 2017, 16:14 He fragged Ruler at level 256. (Justified)
16 Jan 2017, 16:12 He fragged Tristann at level 227. (Justified)
16 Jan 2017, 16:12 He fragged Astrauckus at level 200. (Justified)
16 Jan 2017, 16:11 He fragged Death Suseje at level 229. (Unjustified)
16 Jan 2017, 16:07 He fragged Jesus Ad at level 243. (Justified)
15 Jan 2017, 03:57 He fragged Donque at level 238. (Unjustified)
15 Jan 2017, 03:42 He fragged Thesinverguenza at level 250. (Justified)
15 Jan 2017, 03:41 He fragged Sinverguenza at level 256. (Unjustified)
15 Jan 2017, 03:28 He fragged Spooks at level 146. (Justified)
15 Jan 2017, 03:25 He fragged Tech-nine at level 253. (Justified)
15 Jan 2017, 03:24 He fragged Jimmy Sulivan at level 230. (Justified)
Total Frags: 848
100 Frags100 Frags100 Frags100 Frags100 Frags100 Frags100 Frags100 Frags10 Frags10 Frags10 Frags10 Frags

Account Information
Last login:January 18, 2017, 6:19 am
Created:February 21, 2016, 3:20 pm
Account Status:Premium Account

Name Frags Last Login Level  
1. Altroko'zNever2017-01-10T18:28:40-05:008 Knight
2. Ekatraka270 Frags2017-01-18T15:12:18-05:00264 Elite Knight
3. Levis Noah848 Frags2017-01-18T09:16:57-05:00294 Elite Knight
4. Loco EdNever2017-01-18T15:51:17-05:0051 Druid
5. Loco MsNever2017-01-17T07:29:10-05:0095 Master Sorcerer

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