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Character Information
Name: Sanat Kumara Player Flag
Marital status:single
Profession:Elder Druid
Balance:68724684 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Member of the Insanes
Last login:June 19, 2017, 2:30 am (2017-06-19T02:30:20-04:00))
Created:November 6, 2016, 6:08 am
Vip Status:NOT VIP
Comment:As above so Below


1Normal Item
Duration: 6m
1Normal Item
1Normal Item
Duration: 58m

Level ML Fist Club Swrd Axe Dist Shld Fish
316 142 14 10 10 10 17 37 10

Completed Quests
AnnihilatorSvargrond Arena Greenhorn
Svargrond Arena ScrapperSvargrond Arena Warlord
Demon Oak QuestDemon Helmet
Koshei the Deathless QuestGriffin Shield Quest
Bright Sword QuestCircle Room Quest
Vampire Shield QuestDark Armor Quest
Fire Axe QuestDeeper Fibula
Crusader HelmetOrc Fortress
Darashia Blue RobeHelmet of The Ancients
Black Knight QuestBehemoth Quest
Firewalker BootsYalahari Quest
Mad Mage RoomPits of Inferno
The InquisitionParadox Tower
Children of the RevolutionWrath of the Emperor
The Fall of Gruul: Defeat GruulDeathbone Pirates: Smash The Crystal
Deathbone Hoarder: Stolen TreasureAtmos: The Fall of Lugonu
Runewar The Sage: The Sages PotionDemon Hunter: Slay Armageddon
Monster Simulation Challenge (Rank: 0/50)Crypt Keeper

27 Mar 2017, 04:15 Died at level 312 by demon and by Black Abyss..
27 Mar 2017, 00:05 Killed at level 312 by El Trapo, Wix, Mac Milli, Tezzys, Ryan, Tech, El Mentado and by Black Abyss..
23 Mar 2017, 06:36 Died at level 311 by serpent spawn, Black Abyss, a medusa and by hydra..
22 Mar 2017, 01:36 Killed at level 310 by Caminaras Lento, Lincan, Rasormsito, Dios Todopoderoso, Taurus, El Mentado, Blizzard Da Tanker and by Sanat Kumara..
13 Mar 2017, 02:09 Killed at level 309 by Whosgotthepingers, Assassin Hunter, Totally Enormous, Ozuna Todopoderoso, Darckness, Joot, Spinal, Bardook, Chuy Todopoderoso, Vader, Zepellin, Braukiar, Lord Dead, Optic Pallie, Zabzrwx, Sleepiee, Ukye and by Sanat Kumara..
13 Mar 2017, 02:05 Killed at level 309 by Totally Enormous, Campanota, Viinz, Ukye, Chuy Todopoderoso, Darckness, Ozuna Todopoderoso, Optic Pallie, Sleepiee, Skarch, Bardook, Spinal, Lord Dead, Joot and by Chamuel..
13 Mar 2017, 01:54 Killed at level 309 by Optic Pallie, Zepellin, Ukye, Assassin Hunter, Ozuna Todopoderoso, Spinal, Bardook, Lord Dead, Campanota, Mega Druid, Skarch and by Sanat Kumara..
12 Mar 2017, 21:01 Killed at level 310 by Pajarraka, Rapsusklei, Knight Astarotth, Rush Style, Anarkovato, King Roshe, Silvervach, Knight Reincarnation and by Skarch..
7 Mar 2017, 02:33 Killed at level 310 by Ahumada, Rasormsito, Lucant, Makiitoxz, Omarsin, Knight Reincarnation, Lukipax, Royal Ricardini, Anto Kila, Eatron, Ahu, Anarkovato, Alanp, Linc, Lord Dead and by Spinal..
4 Mar 2017, 02:04 Killed at level 310 by Panquee, Sorcer Maldito, Ryan, Ozuna Todopoderoso, Reefa, Maneuver, Mega Druid, Tattoozy, Sterling Malory Archer, Spinal, Skarch, Bardook, Kritino and by Sanat Kumara..
28 Feb 2017, 01:45 Killed at level 311 by Darckness, Totally Enormous, Dios Todopoderoso, Slippery, Loish, Jack Krauser, Sleepiee and by Askenaz..
28 Feb 2017, 01:25 Killed at level 311 by Chuy Todopoderoso, Dios Todopoderoso, Siwy, Darckness, Chronic The Hedgehog, Sanat Kumara, a nightmare, Killa Kush, Skarch and by Totally Enormous..
16 Feb 2017, 00:59 Killed at level 311 by Mitsuha, Sir William Turner, Edibe, Desconchetumarizate, Rapsusklei, Silvervach, Kritino, Yhoynis, Experto, Thewintersoldier, Ozuna Todopoderoso, Mcrock, El Ave Fenix, Knight Astarotth, Anarkovato, Sanat Kumara, Tech Nine Char Love, Rise Of New Empire and by Onsly The Daddy..
16 Feb 2017, 00:32 Killed at level 312 by Templa, Horror, Anarkovato, Knight Reincarnation, Thewintersoldier, Silvervach, Knight Astarotth, Rapsusklei, Sir William Turner, Black Abyss, El Ave Fenix, Mcrock, Onsly The Daddy, Sanat Kumara and by Yhoynis..
12 Feb 2017, 23:24 Killed at level 312 by Rapsusklei, Yeshua, Yuribileisy, Mcrock, Oscar And The Wolf and by Rise Of New Empire..

15 May 2017, 23:26 She fragged Samson at level 194. (Unjustified)
15 May 2017, 23:23 She fragged Zanex at level 164. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 19:00 She fragged Zanex at level 101. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 06:10 She fragged Maicker at level 203. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 06:05 She fragged Yosak at level 212. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 06:02 She fragged Whoo at level 201. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 05:58 She fragged Tiro Certo at level 243. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 05:55 She fragged Chorloth at level 182. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 05:37 She fragged Stark Paladin at level 177. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 05:37 She fragged Grand at level 246. (Justified)
13 May 2017, 05:30 She fragged Enghtest at level 245. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 05:15 She fragged Grim Nightmares at level 260. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 05:06 She fragged Chance at level 239. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 05:03 She fragged Rocklobster at level 305. (Unjustified)
13 May 2017, 03:24 She fragged Prince Of All Saiyans at level 235. (Unjustified)
Total Frags: 885
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