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November 5, 2016, 6:51 am
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Tutor Applications

Tutor Applications
We will be accepting applications to apply for a tutor position in this thread. Any off topic posts will be deleted. If you post your application we will review it but have the right to refuse it without a reason. There will be more applications then people we hire so don't be disappointed and give up. You can always try again later and it doesn't always mean we didn't want to give you a chance.

Tutor Requirements
• You must have experience with the server. We want players that have been here for for awhile and call NoxiousOT their home. You should understand all the custom features and changes in the server. You should be able to answer new players questions if they're confused.
• You must have a good reputation and be respectful to players. We will review your public chat channel history and your interactions between other people. You will represent the staff and server so we don't want racists, people insulting other countries or rule violators.
• You must understand English. You will need to communicate with us about problems and language barriers can get in the way. It doesn't have to be your first language and secondary languages are a bonus.
• You should be active and intend to play the server long term. If you hop servers every month or have to work/goto school all day every day then it's probably best to give the position to somebody else.
• You can be fair and non biased about your judgements. You're not allowed to favor your friends or guild. If they break a rule then you're expected to treat them just like everybody else.

Tutor Responsibilities
A tutor is the first step to becoming a Game Master. You will still be a regular player but you'll have additional commands and responsibilities.
• Talk in orange in Help Chat to help new players.
• Ability to start events.
• Ability to ban players from events.
• Mute players from chat channels.
• More direct access to staff to report players and bugs.

How do I apply?
You can apply by replying to this thread and answer the following questions below. We will review your applications between the staff members and contact you privately to discuss it further.

Character Name:
How long have you played NoxiousOT?:
Where are you from?:
How long do you play a day?:
Languages Spoken:
Why should we hire you?:

GOD Deviance -
November 5, 2016, 8:31 am
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Character Name: Mereker
How long have you played NoxiousOT?: For about a year
Where are you from?: The Netherlands
How long do you play a day?: depends on my shift. early shifts about 5 hours, late shifts about 1 to 2 hours, and during a day off basically the whole day.
Languages Spoken: Dutch, English and understand Deutsch and will probably be able to have a conversations using the Deutsch words I know and combine them with some Dutch words.
Why should we hire you?: I think its good to get a European tutor. Most of you guys are American I believe and I think it could be usefull to have staff members on during the day time of Europeans. Furthermore I have knowledge of server and have never been banned or warned for anything.

Most important thing is that even when I wont get the job, you still get a European tutor. I dont really care if thats me or someone else but I run in alot of starting European players who have no clue and I really think you guys should get someone to help them.

November 5, 2016, 11:43 am
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Character Name: Cira Silveheart

How long have you played NoxiousOT?: more or less than 3 to 4 years

Where are you from?: Venezuelan

How long do you play a day?: Depending on the availability of my work there are days that I can play from 5 to 12 hours as others who can play from 2 to 4.

Languages Spoken: Spanish, Portuguese, in English not very well write it but if I understand to read.

Why should we hire you?:Partly help you in daily events as there are many afk player and using mc and is one of the rules that largely breaks nox. And help people who need both Portuguese, Brazilians and Latinos as not many tutors do not understand the Spanish and Portuguese. Latino x would be a good tutor .

And if you need to pass the test of tutor we have in the account would pass once more Deviance was recalled that the last pass and obligation must always be as global-chat and help channel.

I hope it is helpful for you and for the people of nox

November 5, 2016, 12:46 pm
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Character Name: Templa

How long have you played NoxiousOT?: 2 years, 1 month (Thempla was my first char).

Where are you from?: México.

How long do you play a day?: since I'm studying and have half of the day free, I spend around 5 hours a day playing, plus I login in differents hours a day, so it'll be more than 5 hours a day.

Languages Spoken: Spanish, English can speak it/ understand it when hearing/write it/understand it when reading, Portuguese (15%).

Why should we hire you?: First of all, I'll be very proud for myself if I become the first latin tutor on noxious.
I'm pretty sure, I'll be a good tutor, cause I've lot of knowledge of the server, I've been involved in lot of PvP situations, started playing tibia in a 7.4 where I did lot of quest as I do in my free time here. I've been helping people in Global Chat/Help Chat and of course Non-English Chat when they ask for help. Also, I'm an enemy of the rule violations, I've reported lot of persons and banned them by the report, also have showed interest asking about updates, suggested a few things to help a Little bit the server, I'm active on Noxious fórums and answer posts when there's something to answer, I'm studying Psichology and know how to treat with the people. I know that some people hate or envy me cause the PvP situations since I'm a commander in my guild and always help them killing our enemies, that's why, but it isn't a barrier for me to show you all my potential about this server.
Plus: I'll be a helpful tutor, since I play when most of the Noxious Staff is sleeping or away and of course can't answer to the questions or satisfy needs of the people when they need help in the server, so there will be almost a 24/7 active Noxious Staff Member (cause our different hours).

It doesn't matter if tutor still means low benefits to help inside the server, I'm pretty sure I'll be very excited for this if I become tutor.

Small things, make big changes.

November 5, 2016, 2:50 pm
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Character Name: Danyelrune
How long have you played NoxiousOT?: Almost 2 Years (1y 11m)
Where are you from?: Mexico
How long do you play a day?: I must say 2-3 hours in the night cuz of work
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English and German (50%)
Why should we hire you?: I love noxiousOT because of his stability and i always want it to get improved, as a tutor i'll be more in contact with you to share my ideas and ofcourse i always help new people.

Living The Vida Loca B-)
November 5, 2016, 7:14 pm
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Character Name:Sado da nuker
How long have you played NoxiousOT?: id remember but im old here this account says like 1969 dunno I never count the years here . I create like 5 accounts more in that years like 2014,2013 when the ps was active.
Where are you from?: im from Venezuela republic
How long do you play a day?: I play this server for 6 hrs maybe always active , I cant play more than that cuz I work 6 hrs too.
Languages Spoken:English-language ,spanish and I start learning swedish.
Why should we hire you?: why not? Hahahaha , ok basically I posted here cuz I see many players in event like afk or doing something wrong like mc pvp so I report all haha well when I see them but sometimes I see the gm,cm are not connected so maybe I can help some people with that and the server ,sometimes I help people in global when no one answer his question but is ok. Ty anyways if u choose me ill be a good president kkk

November 5, 2016, 9:31 pm
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November 5, 2016, 11:20 pm
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my curriculum

Character Name: Dafalafaduk
How long have you played NoxiousOT?: 3 years
Where are you from?: Mexico
How long do you play a day?: 6 hours
Languages Spoken: english , brazilian and spanish
Why should we hire you?: im a very useful person and got experience with general noxious questions.

November 6, 2016, 4:43 am
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tutor app

Character Name: Hell demon,DR Dre
How long have you played NoxiousOT?: 2 3 years

Where are you from?: USA

How long do you play a day?: I can play anywhere from 4 to 10 hours

Languages known: English, Spanish

Why should we hire you?: I have been around tibia since before it was even a version.. I played to about 8.6 then retired and started my own servers, back around 2006? Been hosting solid from then until about year ago from low rl maps to high exp prestige servers.. i was very popular in otland and my server is still very well known,even though its offline i get asked all the time on otland about it.. I was the first one and still currently am the only one that has Mana and health in % and i lifted the max cap of mana and health from 2.3 bil to 500bil..I can map,script, whatever, give ideas. Have some custom events my friend and I made like sled racing and pac man..i also tend to get spammed in temple from people advertising.. i would put a end to that

Enclosure, I know alot of players on here and have very good rep.. ask tom about me he will tell you about me,iv known him for about 6 years.. He is the one who brought me to your server.. Before I met him i never played OTs I only hosted them, because none interested me and now look, thanks to him i grew in your server and was on TOP each era and still am going..and im looking now for a chance to help new players and give my knowledge and help some more people out..

PS.. yo tyz your not the only knowledgeable one here.. lol you don't know the hole nox

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November 6, 2016, 11:29 am
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Tutor application

Character Name:
How long have you played NoxiousOT?:
Started the server 3 years ago had a little break and I am back now
Where are you from?:
The Netherlands
How long do you play a day?:
I think I play from 5-10 hours a day (weekend and workdays)
Languages Spoken:
English, Dutch and German
Why should we hire you?:
I've been around on Tibia for quite a while.. I've been helping people around quite alot but with a tutor title people will know where to find me and that means I can help more people..

I also have history in making servers from mapping to scripting.. real map servers to full costum servers.

I'am a people person I wont back down from helping around and I think I would be a good addition to the team

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