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August 9, 2017, 8:19 am
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Server Reset & Updates - Friday, August 11

Server Reset & Update - August 11, 5 PM EST.
It has been over a year since this era started and we believe it's time for big changes. Over the past couple months we have been gathering feedback from every type of player, running a test server and reading the forums. The majority of people have told us that they would prefer a reset and that an update alone wouldn't be enough. Although we don't like resetting without a good reason, we feel like it's what majority of the players wanted us to do.

We will be doing our best to make this era our longest one yet to avoid resets in the future. This reset will address issues with donation items, vocation balance, experience rates and items such as Stamina Scrolls and Experience Boosts. There will be TWO new zones, improved real tibia quest rewards and hunting spawns, custom quests, rebirth changes and a lot more!

We are making changes to lower the gap between free-to-play and donators. If you were hesitant about a reset you will have a lot more fun this era.

You can recover your donations using the Premium Point Retrieval system.

What will happen with the reset?
• All levels, houses, skills and items will be removed.
• 100% of your Premium Points will be returned to you. Please see the first post of this topic for more information.
• Your account and characters won't be deleted but will become level 8 with starting skills and equipment.
• The server will be improved and you can enjoy a fun and stable sever for years to come.
• The server will go offline at August 11, 2 AM EST to prepare for the reset.

You can use a Timezone Converter to see when the server is resetting in your time zone.


New Content & Changes
We are pleased to announce two new zones with this update! The Jungle is a brand new area filled with quests, puzzles, bosses, custom monsters, team hunting areas and much more. There are a lot of great spawns suited for every vocation. You can unlock a brand new Demon outfit!




Dream World
The Dream World is a familiar place with a twist. Explore the new Rookgard in a dream-like state. Nothing is what it seems. This zone is very difficult and filled with secrets.




Other Content Changes
• Treasure Island has been completely remade. The new spawn is much larger.
• A brand new section in the Abyss with a unique boss fight. This nearly triples the size of the spawn.
• The castle in Travincal has stronger creatures, opening it up as a spawn for high levels players.
• Balancing changes, bug fixes and monster adjustments in Maple, Threed, Hope, Dredmor and many more custom areas.
• Brand new rewards for Pits of Inferno, Inqusition, Wrath of the Emperor and Demon Oak.
• The following spawns now have better monsters: Orc Fortress, Dark Cathedral, Venore Amazon Camp and Mintwallin.
• Reduced the experience rewards for some quests such as Gruul, Atmos The Sage and Monster Simulation Challenge. The rewards for a lot of quests have been rebalanced.
• Over 30+ custom monster changes which will breathe life into the previously ignored spawns.
• New Guild Hall and Houses outside of Thais.
• Removed spawn blocking to allow quicker spawn rates.



Items, Experience & Balancing
One of the most requested changes was to lower the experience rates, nerf donation items and create a more fair environment for all types of players. The ability to chain Stamina Scrolls, Experience Boosts, Token of Forgetfulness, VIP Bonus, Rebirth Bonuses and other items together created a situation where rich players could sky rocket ahead in levels.

Consumable Items
Scroll of Stamina - Added a 24 hour cooldown after using it. Minimum stamina required to use it changed from 40 hours to 30 hours.
Experience Boosters - Added 24 hour cooldown. Reduced experience gain from 100% to 50%.
Token of Forgetfulness - Added 24 hour cooldown.
VIP Scroll - VIP has been removed from the server, including the 25% bonus experience. See the Rebirth section for more details.

Donation Items
Helmet - Changed protection all to 3% death. Skills/Distance/Magic level from 5 to 4.
Armor - Changed protection all to 3% physical. Skills/Distance/Magic level from 5 to 4.
Battle Boots - Removed max health percent, nerfed regeneration, Skills from 3 to 2.
Enchanted Slippers - Removed max mana percent. Magic level from 3 to 2.
Ancient Skirt - Magic level from 3 to 2. Speed reduced by 50%.
Ancient Leg Piece - Skills/Dist from 3 to 2. Speed reduced by 50%.
Godly Spellbook - Reduced regeneration by 20% and removed +100 mana.
Godly Defender - Added +100 health to compete with Freedom Shields.

Godly Magic Ring - This ring has been removed from the server.
Godly Stone of Jordan - This ring has been removed from the server.
Godly Weapons - All godly weapons have been removed from the server.

The removal of Godly weapons will allow new players to purchase weapons from the Task Master and compete with everybody else. It will lower the average damage from players while also creating a new demand for enchanted weapons. You will now be able to purchase task weapons for premium points but they will still be obtainable in-game.

The removal of Godly Rings will lower the average skill of players. With that in mind, we've added new rings which can be enchanted. You can purchase Mysterious Rings and Fury Rings for 60 Noxious Tokens at the Greedy Goblin.

Fury Ring - +2 armor, +1 skills/distance, 15hp/4sec, 10mp/4sec. (Knights/Paladins)
Mysterious Ring - +2 armor, +1 magic, 10hp/4sec, 15mp/4sec. (Druid/Sorcerer)

Other Item Changes
Golden Falcon - This item can only be used from inside your inventory. This prevents people from dropping their falcon and sharing it to multiple people.
Pair of Soft Boots - Reduced regeneration from 50mp/2 sec to 30mp/2sec. Repair cost increased to 15 crystal coins or 10 crystal coins if you complete the Atmos the Sage quest.
Dwarven Legs - Armor from 7 to 10, Physical resist from 3% to 5%. Added +1 magic level.
Furniture Kits - Added 8 new furniture kits and fixed the NPCs to make it easier to see what you're buying.



Character Balancing
One of the major complaints that we had were how Knights with the right weapon and skills could hit harder than a mage. With the removal of Godly weapons and the changes below we expect to see a better balance.

• Reduced melee damage by approximately 10%.
• Reduced Blood Rage from 140% to 130% bonus melee skills.
• Slightly reduced damage from Whirlwind Throw. Increased mana cost from 40 to 50.
• Reduced the regeneration from food.
• Increased min damage by 20%, reduced max damage by 20% giving more consistent hits.

• Slightly buffed the damage of Divine Caldera and Divine Missile.
• Slightly reduced damage from Ethereal Spear. Increased mana cost from 40 to 60.
• Reduced the regeneration from food.
• Increased min damage by 20%, reduced max damage by 20% giving more consistent hits.

• Buffed Paralyze to be more effective against high speed players.
• Paralyze cooldown has been increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds. This may change in the future.
• Reduced wand damage.

• Sorcerer will now do more damage with wands compared to druid to make up for the paralyze buffs.

Experience/Skill Rates
We are lowering the experience rates to slow players down in the earlier levels. Mid range levels will be the same but high level players will have even lower experience rates this era. Please see the Server Info page for more details.

Experience Rate - Lowered overall.
Magic Rate - Changed from 8x to 6x.
Skill Rate - Changed from 15x to 12x.

What will these changes accomplish?
Our goal with these changes is to reduce the average damage, healing, level and regeneration of players. We don't think a server where you can survive in a spawn using regeneration alone is exciting. The idea of leveling using only Ultimate Explosion and no threat of dying isn't fun either. We must address these issues which make players 'overpowered' if we want to avoid resetting in the future.



New Daily Events
We will be introducing four new daily events to the server! Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday we will have an event to earn free rewards. We will also run screenshot, house decoration and other contests in the future.

Friday - Events (Winners Get Bonus Tokens), Slayer Task (+50% Bonus Reward)
Saturday/Sunday - Fight Bones the Reaper and Evil Wizard to earn 20 Noxious Tokens and 10 Task Credit.
Monday - Lazy Monday, earn a free Skill or Magic Level rate boost.



Server Changes & Features
Item Dealer - Items sell for 25% less. Players shouldn't have hundreds of gold nuggets.
Blessings - The cost for blessings has increased. If you die quickly multiple times your blessing cost will increase. The price resets back to normal after 10 minutes.
Potions - Adjusted potions to be more like Real Tibia, lowering the gap between the min/max healing. Reduced healing for UHP because it was higher than normal.
PVP Experience - Slightly increased PVP experience.
Stamina - Fixed issues with stamina, it will regenerate slightly faster now.
Anti-Powerleveling - Added restrictions to help prevent powerleveling.
Salvaging - Increased the amount of magical dust you get from enchanted items from 10 to 15. Increased the amount of magical dust from salvaged looted rares from 1 to 2.
Improved Raids - Increased loot/experience of Ghazbaran and Morgaroth. They drop new items required for the Druid and Barbarian addon. Increased the difficulty of Demodras and The Horned Fox in their raids.
Powergamers - Added the ability to see players experience gain history for the past 7 days on the character page.
Outfits - Most addon bonuses have been improved. There are a lot more viable outfits to use. Check the Addon Bonuses page for more information.
Magic Items - Reduced the maximum amount of skills/distance/magic from +6 to +5. Reduced maximum amount of bonus +damage. Slightly reduced chance to get attack speed.
Casino - Added an automatic betting machine. You can bet items against other players without getting scammed.

Task System Changes
• Reduced the length of experience and skill rate boosts from Shaman tasks by an hour.
• Reduced the amount of experience earned from tasks by 15%.
• Completed Slayer tasks reward 60 minutes of stamina.
• Reduced the price of most decoration items.
• Increased the price of weapons from 35 to 50 Task Credits.

Greedy Goblin Changes
• Golden Falcon price reduced from 200 to 100 Tokens.
• Ancient Skirt/Leg Peice price reduced from 125 to 100 Tokens.
• Magical Box price reduced from 150 to 100 Tokens.
• Orb of Enchantment price reduced from 140 to 100 Tokens.
• Lowered price of Experience Boosts, Weapons, Mastermind/Bullseye Potions and Cursed Magic Find Amulet.

Event Changes
• Most events will reward you 15 minutes of stamina.
• You will now be notified which staff member banned you to help appeal it.
• Reduced amount of players from each IP that can join from 2 to 1. If you pay 75 Noxious Tokens to Event Master in Thais Depot you can bypass this limit. After 7 days you get a full refund of your tokens.
• Automatic event bans increased from 1 hour to 2. Automatic AFK detection is slightly more aggressive.


Monster Eggs Updates
We often see players hoarding stacks of monster eggs in their houses and people feel they aren't worth killing. We will be buffing the loot for all monster egg bosses. You will also have a 4x higher chance to loot rare items from Rare, Legendary and Godly bosses. You will no longer be locked into combat when spawning an egg and players can no longer heal your bosses.

In addition to these changes, we are introducing a Private Arena that you can rent for 10 Noxious Tokens per 30 minutes. Anybody invited to your party will be allowed to join in and help fight. We hope that these changes will spark a new interest in killing bosses together as a team.



Rebirth & Removing VIP
Over the past few years we have felt that VIP has been largely ignored. The best part about having VIP were the increased experience rates. With a whopping SIX VIP scroll purchases from the Greedy Goblin this year it was clear that it mostly rewards donating players. We don't feel like players should pay monthly to gain advantages over other people.

You will now gain access to the VIP City, Abyss and Maple by rebirthing. You will gain access to a new quest inside of Abyss and we hope to add more quests in the future. This will give rebirth players access to a city, spawns and quests that they have been asking for.

Other Rebirth Changes
• You can now rebirth up to 100 times. You will only be allowed to buy experience/skill boosts for the first three rebirths.
• After the first 3 rebirths the level requirement to rebirth slowly increases.
• You must now spend all of your rebirth credits before you can rebirth again. This is to prevent people from saving up for an excessive amount of experience boosts on their final rebirth.
• Lowered the boost length from 4 hours to 3 hours. Added a 12 hour cooldown in between purchasing boosts.
• Added new purchasable items to the Rebirth Shop.
• Removed Skull Removers from the Rebirth Shop. It is now obtained by a repeatable quest.
• To unlock ALL rebirth content you only need to rebirth once.



Guild Battle Updates
We are adding four brand new options to let guilds adjust wars the way they want them! In addition to these new modes, we are adding Yalahar and Aztec (Custom) to the map list. We have made major adjustments to Thais, Svargrond, Venore, Edron, Darashia, Carlin, Razachai and Liberty Bay. The unwanted custom additions have been removed. Most cities have been extended to allow players to fight outside of the cities gates.

• Added the ability to configure the exhaust on Stone Skin Amulet and Might Rings. You can pick between a 0 to 30 second cooldown.
• Added the ability to pick a maximum level allowed to enter. Players above this level will be scaled down to meet the chosen maximum level. (Level 300 minimum)
• Added the ability to pick High Risk mode. This mode increases the death loss of players dying inside of the arena.
• Added the ability to pick Fast Push mode. This disables the delay when pushing players from 2sqm away.

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GOD Deviance -
August 9, 2017, 8:19 am
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Premium Point Recovery
NoxiousOT is over 6 years old and we are very thankful for everybody that has supported us over the years. In order to protect the server economy, we must limit the rate that you can recover Premium Points. You will be able to recover up to $60 USD in Premium Points every week. If you donated in the past 3 months then you will be able to recover those Premium Points back immediately. This will allow you to buy a full set of equipment and everything you need to get started. For almost everybody this has no impact on you and you will be able to recover all of your Premium Points.

We are adding this limit because previous eras have shown that returning a large amount of premium points results in careless spending. If you have a hundred people with extra points they will pay insane prices for Noxious Tokens, Gold Nuggets and enchanted items. This also slows down how quickly legendary enchanted items will be created. As we did with this era, we will increase the weekly amount of premium points that you can recover over time. This will create an even playing field at the start of this era for new players to come and compete with others.

You will be able to recover your Premium Points automatically using our Premium Point Retrieval System and entering your PayPal email address. If you get a message telling you to contact staff then you most likely used an e-Check which was not an instant payment method or you charged back a donation in the past. Email us at and include your account name and PayPal email and we'll look into your donations.

GOD Deviance -
August 9, 2017, 11:28 am
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What about moving your hosting server to FRANCE
As almost players laging or u can just add a proxy to fr

August 9, 2017, 12:08 pm
Join Date: Sep. 2012
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lets see the high level scrubs

cant wait to see the high levels from last era get owned.

August 9, 2017, 12:22 pm
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Yeah, I agree to Voltzz with my team, Before adding new maps, etc. You should take care of Hosting for people outside of America because it is shitty....

August 9, 2017, 12:30 pm
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Good reset.

Some things id like to add I dont think we should get more Expereince from PVP. 8.6 is broken after 250~

Last era we could go from 170-180 in 1 war then bot all night and take 200. Its too easy , we need LESS expereince from war.

Also ive not tested this paralyze but 4 second exhaust? Make pvp normal man, your OT finally has paralyze dont make it to where people have 4 seconds of bug map after 1 paralyze before we can para again and thats just assuming we can stay on screen. Para should still be 2 seconds.

Also anything over +2 with addons is still very very custom. I saw some +5 stuff with addons, take that shit out aswell with the regen , we dont need regen on addons nor +5 Axe or ML or whatever it was.
+1-2 ML is ENOUGH.

Also if we didnt fix the enchanted stuff as in people can still get +300 HP on mage, then we have accomplished very little. The most you should be able to enchant items is same as addons +2 max . NO HP.

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August 9, 2017, 1:59 pm
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Aswell id like to see a countdown on the website or maybe on Otservlist if possible... would bring more players

Last edited by Notorious Blure; 9th Aug 2017 at 14:11:04.

August 9, 2017, 3:07 pm
Ident: 8CFE7123AB61

Thats a good idea - i thought there would be a longer countdown to get people ready for it, it would be good to set it in a few weeks

I still need to lose mine virginity by this summer


August 9, 2017, 3:47 pm
Join Date: Nov. 2016
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1) I was muted for about two months in all of the public channels because I was spreading "rumors" of a reset, I would like an apology.



August 9, 2017, 4:18 pm
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What if I donated last year? Will I be able to recover it?

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