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NoxiousOT 8.60 >> Latest News >> Server Reset & Update - July 21, 5 PM EST.
July 15, 2018, 11:03 pm
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Server Reset & Update - July 21, 5 PM EST.

Server Reset & Update - July 21, 5 PM EST.
NoxiousOT will reset on Saturday, July 21 at 5 PM Eastern. I feel like this era has been great and we all had a lot of fun moments. After a long discussion with the team and the constant requests for a reset I think it would be the best thing for the server. A reset always brings in a fresh experience, new players and much needed server improvements. We hope everybody enjoys the next era and everything new that comes with it. Please spread the word and tell your friends!

If you've donated anything during the lifetime of the server you will be able to automatically recover your premium points. We will post a link before the server re-opens with instructions on how to do it.

What will happen with the reset?
• All levels, skills, houses, depots, items, premium points, addons, market items and everything else will be removed.
• If you donated then your premium points will be returned to you. Please see the first post of this topic for more information.
• Your account and characters won't be deleted but will become level 8 with starting skills and equipment.
• The server will be improved and you can enjoy a fun and stable sever for years to come.
• The server will go offline at Friday, July 20 at 11 PM Eastern to prepare for the reset. You will not be able to login again until July 21 at 5 PM EST.

You can use a Timezone Converter to see when the server is resetting in your time zone.


New Quests & Spawns
We are introducing two new quests to the server. The first quest is an extension to Winters which doubles its overall size. This new quest requires a team and puzzle solving skills to make it to the end of the Frozen Tower. The second new questline can be accessed by taking a boat from Jungle to the Corrupted Island. This new zone is extremely difficult and requires an experienced team to stay alive and defeat the multiple bosses. It features many unique monsters with custom spells that make use of our custom client (but it's not required).

Spawn - Added new custom 'Elite Orcs' to the southern Venore Elf Spawn.
Quest/Spawn - Added a new extension to Winters which doubles its overall size. This new area introduces a custom monsters, bosses and a new questline to the server.
Quest - Added a new extension to Jungle. This new quest is VERY difficult and requires a team to complete. The reward introduces a new custom item and outfit to the server.
Quest - A bunch of treasure chests have been hidden in our custom spawns for players above level 200 with 1 to 5 rebirths to discover.
Demon Hunter/Armageddon - Increased reward from 2 million experience and enchanted Demon Legs to 3 million experience and better enchanted Boots of Haste.
Deathbone Hoarder - Reduced the difficulty of the boss to allow more players to complete it.
Balance - Numerous custom monsters have been adjusted to have better loot, improved attacks and better defenses.




Task System Improvements
The Task System has been improved to now give categories of monsters to kill instead of individual monsters. For example, Slayer might ask you to kill 'Deadly Apes' which include Deadeye Ape, Vicious Ape or Mystic Apes. You no longer need to hunt down one specific creature and ignore the rest. There has been over 55+ new monsters added to the Task System and more can be added over time.



Other Server Changes
We have made a ton of server improvements and there are just too many to list. Our main goal behind these changes are to do the following: improve the economy, improve enchanting, prevent power abusing and adjust item prices. We want to encourage players to rebirth and offer more benefits for people that rebirth more then once.

Task System - Added 55+ new monsters. Slayer will now ask you to kill groups of monsters instead of just one. For example, kill creatures such as Deadeye Ape, Vicious Ape or Mystic Ape.
Guild Battle - The option 'Balance Mode' has been removed.
PVP Task (Death) - You can now earn up to 30 Task Credit and 3 Gold Nuggets for fragging 150 players. Removed Skull Remover as a reward.

Rebirth System
• The rebirth zone is locked until July 28 to allow all players to catch up and get access to the spawns.
• A new rebirth questline will be added in the future and will require 3 rebirths. It will be our hardest quest yet. We warned you!
• You will now get +1 extra Task Credit per each rebirth from Slayer every time you complete a task. (Maximum +5 Bonus Task Credit)
• The cost of using !softboots is reduced at 1, 3 and 5 rebirths.
• You will get a bonus hour of boost every Lazy Monday event after 3 rebirths.
• You will receive a 25% discount when blessing after 3 rebirths.
• Reduced the price of Soft Boots from 30 to 10 Rebirth Credit.
• Reduced the price of Orb of Enchantment from 35 to 25 Rebirth Credit.
• Reduced the price of all monster eggs by 5 Rebirth Credit.

• Skull Remover cooldown has been increased from 48 hours to 72 hours.
• The cost of Skull Remover and other benefits from 'Oracle Of Delusion' in Dream World has been increased.
• Scratch Cards have been adjusted. Rare/Legendary cards used to be a fairly profitable way to get certain items.

Slayer / Task Shop
• Increased cost of weapons from 50 to 80 Task Credits.
• Increased cost of Amulet of Life from 80 to 100 Task Credits.
• Increased Cost of all Experience Boosts by 15 Task Credit.

Greedy Goblin / Token Shop
• Reduced the price of weapons from 25 to 15 Noxious Tokens.
• Reduced the price of Orb of Enchantment from 100 to 75 Noxious Tokens.
• Reduced the price of Experience Boosts by 5, 10 and 15 Noxious Tokens
• Reduced the price of Ancient Skirt and Ancient Leg Piece from 100 to 70 Noxious Tokens.
• Reduced the price of Scroll of Stamina from 160 to 130 Noxious Tokens.
• Reduced the price of Magical Box from 100 to 60 Noxious Tokens.
• Increased the price of Bag of Souls and Demonic Bag from 100 to 125 Noxious Tokens.
• Increased the price of Fury Ring and Mysterious Ring from 60 Noxious Tokens to 75 Noxious Tokens.

Donation Shop
• Increased the price of Ancient Skirt and Ancient Leg Piece from 240 to 300 Premium Points.
• Increased the price of Windforce, Heavens Light, Deaths Scythe, Thors Hammer and Flesh Tearer from 240 to 300 Premium Points.
• Increased the price of Scroll of Stamina from 500 to 600 Premium Points.


Item Enchanting
We are making adjustments to the magical item system to encourage more players to enchant items. We want to reduce the feeling of getting a useless item and allow players to get the stats they actually want. I'm not promising you'll get the best weapon in the server on your 10th try but you'll get useful items more often. If you didn't get an item that you need then you can salvage it for 25 magical dust. The magical dust exchanger will ask for far less items now so exchanging dust for an Orb of Enchantment will be much easier.

One of the complaints this era was how the Kings Relic impacted many players equipment sets by allowing people to easily get another legendary item. This partially disrupted the demand for high end expensive items because they were no longer required to cap certain stats. We are changing Kings Relic to give at best a 'double uncommon' enchant to prevent it from being used to easily cap your desired stat. This is a big nerf to its usefulness overall but because of its uniqueness it will still be desired by every player.

Enchanting & Magical Items
Dust Exchanger - The amount of items that are required to exchange Magical Dust for an Orb of Enchantment has been decreased.
Salvaging - Increased the amount of Magical Dust from salvaging enchanted items from 15 to 25.
Kings Relic - You can now only get a maximum of a +2 prefix and +2 suffix (double uncommon) enchant instead of a +5 prefix (legendary) enchant.
Orb of Enchantment - You're now less likely to get stats that aren't desired. You have a slightly higher chance of getting a suffix enchant. Overall you will get better enchants slightly more often.


We want your suggestions!
Do you have something you want to see changed? Do you disagree with any changes we are making? Let us know! We appreciate any feedback left in the suggestions section on the forum or on our Discord server.

Just to summarize everything, the server will go offline on Friday, July 20, 11 PM EST. The server will be reset and re-open on July 21, 5 PM EST. Don't worry! If you donated you will get your premium points back. Please spread the word and invite your friends!
- Noxious Staff

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July 15, 2018, 11:32 pm
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strictly war server now

Your game your decision, so i respect that. However, i think you just made this a war server period. No reason to Rpg nor rebirth if the game resets sooner every era. this one not even lasting a year. You yourself have said it numerous times, in 2-3 months people will get bored and want another reset. I hope this decision doesn't kill all the rpgers to ever come back here.

good luck next era everyone!

See you all saturday at 5 pm est!

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July 15, 2018, 11:54 pm
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July 16, 2018, 12:14 am
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Nice Finally Reset

And Ninetwozero dont cry plz

July 16, 2018, 12:22 am
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So... where's the pvp changes?

July 16, 2018, 12:28 am
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More exp for kill others players

New Events

New war mode

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July 16, 2018, 6:42 am
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July 16, 2018, 7:17 am
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Good news! Let's make the best of this!

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July 16, 2018, 7:25 am
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July 16, 2018, 9:25 am
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