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Reminder: Use a different password on your NoxiousOT Account


After some recent events, the NoxiousOT Staff would like to remind everyone that it is regarded as highly unsafe to use your username/password-combination of NoxiousOT on other OT servers. Server owners of other OT's have been known to try and abuse login information of accounts on their own OT's to try and hack people on other OT's. If you use your username/password combination of NoxiousOT on other servers as well, you are at risk of getting hacked. We have received reports from this in the past.

If you use your username/password combination on other OT's currently, we urge you to change your password on NoxiousOT immediately to prevent yourself from getting in trouble.

For more information on how you can keep your NoxiousOT account safe, please see this thread.

Should you have any questions regarding the safety of your account, you can always contact us in-game, by e-mail at or by posting in the Server Support forum. Posts in this specific forum are anonymous, but can be read by everyone. Therefor, please do not post account-sensitive information (username, password, e-mail address, donation information, ...) on the forum.

the NoxiousOT Staff

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