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New event suggestion

I made the suggestion in the GM's thread, but idk if it will be read anymore since it dates back from 2016.

Melodeouz wrote on September 24, 2018, 3:19 pm:
Maybe a big collective event would be nice? [every1 wins or every1 loses]

Something like a big tower defense? a survival? an against-the-clock something?

Throwing ideas:
TD-option1: "Players are towers": Players position themselves before each wave and become rooted for its duration .
TD-option2: "Players build towers": on 1 side mobs are zig-zag'ing through a pre-determined path and players can drop and upgrade towers on every non-mob-path tile. Players receive upgrade money when a tower they built or upgraded last hits a mob or when they do.
Survival game: "Collective version": Players attempt to survive various waves of bosses and monsters. When half the population of the event has died at least once (or 3x?), the event is over and the reward depends on time or number of waves survived. Note: I think this game would need to be collective so druids/knights get to work together, though game could be split in 2 groups like boss battle
Against the clock: "Tower rush": Players enter a big room containing several doors/portals. Each door leads to a "spawn"/"maze", each with a different terrain layout and monsters for each level. Players fight their way through the various spawns and one of the spawns contain a red portal (randomly positioned every level and every game). When any single player reaches the red portal, every1 reaches the next level. The next level is identical to the previous one (big room with portals) except the mobs in every of the spawns are now stronger (maybe also keep the mobs from previous level?). The event lasts 10 to 15 minutes and rewards 1 token per level completed by the group.