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September 25, 2018, 9:05 am
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Account information

Would staff possibly be able to help me out? I have another account (Main character being Realbigd---with only 1 L not 2 Ls) and I cannot seem to remember my password. I'm pretty sure I remember my account number though!

Or if there's anyway you could check if I have any donation points on that account ( I may have like.. 1500?) and transfer it to this one? In the meantime I'm going to try and remember my damn log in information.

I'm sure there's a way I can prove it to you that that is my account :)


September 25, 2018, 9:14 am
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Have you tried the Lost Account Interface on the website? If the e-mail address registered to the account is a valid one and if you remember your account name, then you can simply recover your password that way.

If that doesn't work, then please send an e-mail to (that's GOD Deviance with your description of the problem and as much information as you can remember about your account to help verify that it's you. I don't think premium points are ever transferred from one account to another, so it will come down to recovering the old account.


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