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Lets do it old school Rome Style. At any given moment, the 'state' (AKA NoxiousOT Server) should announce Proscriptions of the wealthy, elite at the top of the highscores list with great rewards in order to make it worth it for the masses. I think this will encourage the masses to rally more often and war against the higher levels. Plus it will help distribute money through the economy. M-kay?

"The proscription lists created by Sulla led to mass terror in Rome. During this time, "the cities of Italy became theaters of execution." Citizens were terrified to find their names on the lists. Those whose names were listed were ultimately sentenced to death. The executions were brutal and consisted of beheading. Often, the heads were then put on display for the city to see. The bodies of the condemned were often mutilated and dragged before being thrown into the Tiber River."


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