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December 5, 2018, 4:14 am
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Christmas Event Idea Raffle

Christmas Event Idea Raffle
The winter holidays are fast approaching... With that in mind, we are looking for your suggestions and ideas concerning events, raffles, contests or other fun things that we could organize.

Because we appreciate your opinions, we will be combining your suggestions with a FREE Premium Points raffle: 3 players will be able to win 1800 Premium Points each.

Anyone who has a suggestion will be able to get a ticket in this free raffle, as long as your suggestion is in line with our requirements listed below. Whether or not we'll actually realize and implement your specific suggestion won't influence your chance to win in the lottery, since the three winning tickets will be picked randomly.



Only one character per player can enter the lottery. Using multiple accounts can get you banned and excluded from the raffle.
Your character must be at least level 80.
You should be an active player; this means that you should plan on participating in some of our Christmas events.
You have to submit a suggestion for a Christmas event. This can be anything going from simple giveaways to in-game boss fights to contests to ... . Surprise us with your original ideas!
Your suggestion doesn't have to be liked or chosen by the Noxious Staff, but of course trolling with obviously unrealistic ideas will lead to removal of your entry.

How do you win?
For this raffle, we will be using our new Raffle System for the first time! Anyone who meets the requirements above can enter the raffle here before Sunday, December 9 at 11:59 PM EST to get a raffle ticket. In the Raffle System, you'll be able to enter your suggestion, choose a character, choose a ticket and then enter the raffle. On December 10, 2018, the winning tickets will be drawn using and the winners will be marked in the Raffle System. The Premium Points will be assigned to the account of the character that you used to enter the raffle.

Important: do NOT post your suggestions in this thread: submissions in this thread will NOT be accepted as valid entries to the raffle. You are required to submit your suggestion in the new Raffle System to get a valid ticket entry into the raffle!

Remember, You must submit your suggestion using the raffle system!


Note: The Noxious Staff reserves the right to refuse or revoke ticket entries of players whom we believe, among other things: to be in violation of the NoxiousOT rules, to be in violation of the above listed requirements or to be acting in bad faith.

Good luck to everyone!
- Noxious Staff

GOD Deviance -
December 16, 2018, 2:49 pm
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We are currently looking through all the submitted suggestions and we will make a decision soon about which events we'll host for this year's Christmas & New Year's celebrations.

Keep watching the front page!

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