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December 22, 2018, 1:41 am
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NoxiousOT Christmas Event 2018

NoxiousOT Christmas Event
The NoxiousOT staff want to wish you and your loved ones a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As is tradition, we will be holding various events over this holiday season to give back to the community. We recently gathered feedback by using our raffle system and have created an event based on what was requested most often by our players. We hope that everybody enjoys the free gifts and has a great time. You can find more information about the events below.


6531.gif 11257.gif 11249.gif 2688.gif 6569.gif 1990.gif 6501.gif 6512.gif


The Grinch - Daily Quest
Oh no, The Grinch has stolen all of the presents left by Santa Claus from under the Christmas Tree. This new daily quest will allow you to exchange 200 Soul Points every 20 hours for a present which contains a 4 Hour Experience Boost and Noxious Tokens. The amount of Noxious Tokens you get is increased based off of your level and how many times you've rebirthed. You can regenerate Soul Points by killing monsters or by defeating the Bad Santa boss. Your soul is a small price to pay for such a valuable present!

This event has ended.



Bad Santa - Arena Boss
Watch out! Bad Santa has been spotted flying above the Weekly Boss Arena. This new festive boss spawns every day at 1 PM, 5 PM and 9 PM Eastern inside of the Thais Boss Arena. Slaying Bad Santa will reward you with 20x Noxious Tokens and 10x Task Credit. It will also completely regenerate your Soul Points which is useful for the new daily quest.

This event has ended.


Christmas Tokens & Festive Penguins
The Treasure Collector has appeared in Thais Depot and is searching for valuable Christmas Tokens. This new item can be found by killing Festive Penguins which are currently raiding Thais every two hours. Hundreds of them will invade the city at once but they are completely harmless, so go out there and kill as many of them as you can! You can use this new currency to purchase Christmas decoration items from Messenger of Santa or give them to the Treasure Collector for 1x Crystal Coin each. The top 10 players which hand in the most Christmas Tokens will be rewarded a prize.

6527.gif 6527.gif 6527.gif
1st Place: 3600 Points - Free Style (2019 Points)
2nd Place: 2400 Points - Captain Obelisk (1463 Points)
3rd Place: 1200 Points - Addons (739 Points)

4th to 10th Place: 600 Points
Templa (337 Points), Royal Mastah (177 Points), Igorro (99 Points)
Shady Shooter (90 Points), The Hawk (83 Points), Aleman (64 Points)
La Pipa (Tied, 31 Points), Gomess (Tied, 31 Points)

This event has ended.


House Decoration Event
Santa Claus will be dropping off presents this year to all Christmas themed houses! The House Decoration event will run until December 27th. Everybody that enters the contest will receive a bag of presents from Santa Claus himself. Your house must contain a Christmas Tree to earn a prize.

How do I submit my house?
To participate in this event you must post in this thread and leave the city and house name. Your house must contain a Christmas Tree to get a prize. You can obtain a Christmas Tree from 'Messenger of Santa' in Thais depot. You can only enter one house per person.

The theme for this event is Christmas and the best prizes will be given to houses that follow the theme. We encourage you to post screenshots of your house in this thread to show it off. The elves are hard at work creating your presents!

This event has ended.



Free Name Changes & More
We had a lot of success with our past 'Free Name Change' event and have decided to do it again. You will be able to change your name for FREE by visiting the Item Shop. An addition to this free bonus, we will be holding twice as many in-game lotteries. The staff will also be holding hide and seek events in-game which give players a chance to win free items from the shop. We will be holding a raffle for the Warriors Guildhall very soon and all active guilds will have a chance to win it. The amount of premium points that can be recovered every week from past donations has been increased. We wish you the best of luck!

This event has ended.

Merry Christmas!
- NoxiousOT Staff
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GOD Deviance -
December 22, 2018, 1:50 am
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good lookin out dev

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Jealousy and envy only occur when you're at the top of your game. haters are welcomed.
December 22, 2018, 2:37 am
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House Owner: Darth Maul
City: Thais
Location: Harbour Place 2 (Shop)

Image: (coming soon)

December 22, 2018, 7:53 am
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House deco event

Free Style
Mill Avenue 1 (Shop).


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ;)
Thanks for the gif to one member of noxious staff <3

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December 22, 2018, 8:43 am
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Afternoon Delight (kloud)
VIP House #2429
Top floor and balconys
The pic is just for show she not ready yet ;)
Merry Christmas ho ho ho

December 22, 2018, 11:14 am
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Good Luck ppl

It belongs to house 'Alai Flats, Flat 15'. General Ragnarok owns this house.:up:

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December 22, 2018, 11:25 am
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The Tavern 1c - For event only.

*under construction*

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December 22, 2018, 1:28 pm
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Market Street 2
Krzysztof Jarzyna

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December 22, 2018, 2:59 pm
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casita para navidad

esta es mi casita para el evento;)
'Cormaya 9a'.
Caracas Loca owns this house.

December 23, 2018, 7:56 am
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city: edron
It belongs to house 'Wood Avenue 9b'. Dolan Duk owns this house.

gl everyone!

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