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Oceanic Alliance

Guild Description

This guild was founded on September 8, 2018, 7:56 am by Tattoozy.

Guild LeadershipTattoozy is guild leader of Oceanic Alliance
Creation DateThe guild was founded on 8 September 2018
Guild Battle7 Guild Battles - View History

Guild Members
Rank Player Name
Master of Execution
Tattoozy (Why are you running)
223 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-19T07:01:37-05:00.
Commander of Destruction
Maher-shalal-hash-baz (Learn from yesterday)
292 Royal Paladin
Omega Lol (Dude LoL)
280 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-01-28T07:10:30-05:00.
Addons (The Legend)
276 Elite Knight
266 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-19T15:42:52-05:00.
Amethyst Frozentwinkle
183 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-02-19T01:09:37-05:00.
Antek Zwijka
240 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-15T17:55:47-05:00.
Atv Crusher (Kimo)
351 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-14T11:10:49-05:00.
Axem (Axe about me)
251 Elite Knight
Balsenal (Balls And All)
235 Elite Knight
Beshlik (wasnt me)
302 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-08T22:32:26-05:00.
Blue Sapphire
241 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-02-20T04:18:26-05:00.
Bomszakalaka (Why so serious)
279 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-06T17:04:12-05:00.
Bon Appetit (Omega)
306 Elite Knight
Bonfire (Omega)
252 Royal Paladin
Breezer (Omega)
230 Elite Knight
Capt Howdy
358 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-19T13:34:12-05:00.
Captain Brunox (Zmierz Go here)
277 Elder Druid
Chariza (Young dumb and Broke)
258 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-02-18T21:49:48-05:00.
Colossal Titan (Kimo)
200 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-01-20T15:59:03-05:00.
Cortex (Omega)
223 Royal Paladin
Cranium Basher (blue)
216 Elite Knight
Djingis Khan (Kimo)
321 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-02-05T06:35:27-05:00.
Dodomum (Degenerate)
264 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-01-24T03:46:27-05:00.
Dolan Duk
255 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-17T04:20:03-05:00.
Dr Stranges
200 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-02T22:05:09-05:00.
266 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-01-22T20:48:55-05:00.
274 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-01-27T03:49:36-05:00.
262 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-01-20T19:32:50-05:00.
228 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-02-19T04:14:34-05:00.
Eury (Welcome)
143 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-01-25T03:35:19-05:00.
Euryginal (Es Euryginal)
234 Royal Paladin
Freezz (Omega)
232 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-02T22:05:07-05:00.
Get Glocked
214 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-02-17T13:06:42-05:00.
249 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-01-24T08:51:06-05:00.
Ginal (Botcheck)
234 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-01-25T03:36:17-05:00.
245 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-01-31T14:06:19-05:00.
240 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-02-19T21:39:32-05:00.
Guillaume (Oldschool player)
233 Master Sorcerer
Hallowen (Ely 3)
210 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-01-21T12:35:28-05:00.
Idan Honk
245 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-18T08:27:07-05:00.
Kanji (where are my crayons)
268 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-01-29T05:17:26-05:00.
Kloud (Blood Slut)
264 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-02-19T02:10:37-05:00.
Lakabumszaka (Jeb Jeb)
201 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-01-28T04:53:46-05:00.
Legolaaz (Kimo)
209 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-01-21T11:26:30-05:00.
Lord Dead (Intocable)
184 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-20T03:13:13-05:00.
Luka The Great (Rookie of the Year)
222 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-01-24T20:48:24-05:00.
Manicas (Ducks Fly Together)
197 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-02-08T22:44:32-05:00.
Marksmaan (Kimo)
200 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-01-17T09:13:56-05:00.
244 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-12T23:46:20-05:00.
My Little Pony (Omega)
209 Royal Paladin
Pap Pap (Sound of the gat)
212 Royal Paladin
Pink Joker (Pink Power)
215 Elite Knight
Piss Nisse
227 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-03T10:17:33-05:00.
Rangers Fury (Kimo)
192 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-01-21T11:27:26-05:00.
Run Dat (Pocket check)
322 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-19T22:05:08-05:00.
Santa'claus (Omega)
250 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-18T01:32:23-05:00.
220 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-01-19T17:57:06-05:00.
Siwy Szef (Daddy of Semper Fi)
240 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-02-18T20:02:41-05:00.
Smolow (the spectre)
250 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-20T02:28:48-05:00.
Swedish Dog
280 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-01-24T19:27:03-05:00.
Swedish Meatballs
285 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-08T22:27:47-05:00.
Tap Rack Bang (Die Motherfucker Die)
203 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-20T04:14:39-05:00.
Teri Chaos (Bloody NoRa)
231 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-09T12:41:21-05:00.
The Major (Kimo)
244 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-01-20T16:03:34-05:00.
208 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-16T01:27:26-05:00.
Tonightishellshaimuisr (Lord of Light)
250 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-20T04:14:35-05:00.
Tootsie Roll (DEps)
197 Royal Paladin
Toxic Player (Kimo)
230 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-01-21T08:48:29-05:00.
218 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-01-27T07:44:37-05:00.
Why Try
162 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-02T15:26:43-05:00.
256 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-02-19T13:40:03-05:00.
216 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-01-19T14:15:03-05:00.
Xx (Choose)
214 Royal Paladin
Last Seen: 2019-01-24T04:16:51-05:00.
Yagoth (High AF)
228 Elite Knight
Last Seen: 2019-02-04T15:53:58-05:00.
Zjarany Soldier
219 Master Sorcerer
Last Seen: 2019-02-17T06:38:23-05:00.
266 Elder Druid
Last Seen: 2019-01-21T17:35:49-05:00.

Guild Statistics
Member Count 77 Members
Total Levels 18521
Average Level 241
Lowest Level Eury (Level: 143)
Highest Level Capt Howdy (Level: 358)

Vocation Usage




19 (24.68%) 19 (24.68%) 20 (25.97%) 19 (24.68%)

Top Skilled Players
Cranium Basher
Pink Joker
Pap Pap
Pap Pap
Omega Lol

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

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