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Houses on NoxiousOT
Note: Houses marked as (Inactive) can be purchased by typing: !resell at the front door. Reselling a house will cost gold. The larger the house, the more expensive it will be. If you agree to the price, you can type !resell accept to take ownership of it.
House owners must login atleast once every 30 days to secure their house, or anybody can claim it!
You can not reset Guild Halls using !resell, you must contact a staff member to confirm the guild is inactive.
AddressSizePriceHome CityStatus
Blessed Shield Guildhall (Guild Hall)126 sqm540k gpVenore HELLS VOID
Dagger Alley 1 52 sqm216k gpVenoreMotorboat
Dream Street 1 (Shop) 81 sqm332k gpVenoreDahemaros
Dream Street 2 (Inactive)67 sqm276k gpVenoreOndast
Dream Street 3 (Inactive)53 sqm220k gpVenoreJostein
Dream Street 4 68 sqm288k gpVenoreLoging
Elm Street 1 53 sqm220k gpVenoreMas Loging
Elm Street 2 51 sqm212k gpVenoreEkatraka
Elm Street 3 52 sqm220k gpVenoreStraily Craxito
Golden Axe Guildhall (Guild Hall)175 sqm740k gpVenore Infected
Iron Alley 1 (Inactive)61 sqm260k gpVenoreLady Vols
Iron Alley 2 (Inactive)64 sqm264k gpVenoreLush
Loot Lane 1 (Shop) 88 sqm364k gpVenoreMaverick Tec
Lucky Lane 1 (Shop) 132 sqm544k gpVenoreVertels
Market Street 1 133 sqm544k gpVenoreKayan
Market Street 2 96 sqm396k gpVenoreMastro Daro
Market Street 3 70 sqm288k gpVenoreKissie
Market Street 4 (Shop) 96 sqm396k gpVenorePink Joker
Market Street 5 (Shop) 119 sqm488k gpVenoreChain Warder
Market Street 6 102 sqm428k gpVenoreStar Boy
Market Street 7 44 sqm184k gpVenoreMagister Inzynier
Mystic Lane 1 51 sqm216k gpVenoreSin Tarjetas
Mystic Lane 2 58 sqm240k gpVenoreRektby Slayer
Old Lighthouse 73 sqm300k gpVenoreKakuyoku
Paupers Palace, Flat 01 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpVenoreKeeps Never Fear
Paupers Palace, Flat 02 7 sqm32k gpVenoreEl Neixer
Paupers Palace, Flat 03 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpVenoreDraco Arhari
Paupers Palace, Flat 04 (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpVenoreCalox
Paupers Palace, Flat 05 4 sqm20k gpVenoreMaster Black Belt
Paupers Palace, Flat 07 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpVenoreSir Error
Paupers Palace, Flat 11 4 sqm20k gpVenoreLupiita
Paupers Palace, Flat 12 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpVenoreThe Paralyzing
Paupers Palace, Flat 13 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenorePierdolec
Paupers Palace, Flat 14 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpVenoreKing Parcel
Paupers Palace, Flat 15 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreNicky Stonehands
Paupers Palace, Flat 16 10 sqm44k gpVenoreGOD Deviance
Paupers Palace, Flat 17 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreWolfgang
Paupers Palace, Flat 18 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpVenoreOliversito
Paupers Palace, Flat 23 10 sqm44k gpVenoreZevs Mighty Thunder
Paupers Palace, Flat 25 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpVenoreRap
Paupers Palace, Flat 26 7 sqm32k gpVenoreEl Masacre
Paupers Palace, Flat 27 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpVenoreTrois Di Soo
Paupers Palace, Flat 31 (Inactive)16 sqm68k gpVenoreEl Hombre Pala
Paupers Palace, Flat 32 (Inactive)18 sqm80k gpVenorePolecia
Paupers Palace, Flat 33 14 sqm60k gpVenoreStevi
Paupers Palace, Flat 34 (Inactive)30 sqm128k gpVenoreUrruti
Salvation Street 1 (Shop) 119 sqm492k gpVenoreZezin Zito
Salvation Street 2 (Inactive)76 sqm312k gpVenoreUsopp Sogeking
Salvation Street 3 (Inactive)76 sqm312k gpVenoreAdded Value
Seagull Walk 1 106 sqm432k gpVenoreDieu
Seagull Walk 2 50 sqm212k gpVenoreHalex
Silver Street 1 54 sqm220k gpVenoreEel
Silver Street 2 41 sqm168k gpVenoreNoob Pawn
Silver Street 3 (Inactive)41 sqm168k gpVenoreCashmoneyi
Silver Street 4 (Inactive)66 sqm272k gpVenoreBackpussy
Steel Home (Guild Hall)219 sqm928k gpVenore Avengers
Swamp Watch (Guild Hall)179 sqm764k gpVenore Wipe Out
Valorous Venore (Guild Hall)271 sqm1120k gpVenore Carnage
Alai Flats, Flat 01 14 sqm60k gpThaisRichi
Alai Flats, Flat 02 14 sqm60k gpThaisMac'nohands
Alai Flats, Flat 03 14 sqm60k gpThaisThe Rapist
Alai Flats, Flat 04 14 sqm60k gpThaisLucifer Ms
Alai Flats, Flat 05 20 sqm88k gpThaisGengis Khan
Alai Flats, Flat 06 20 sqm88k gpThaisElmerovergas
Alai Flats, Flat 07 14 sqm60k gpThaisCoppola Ricaria
Alai Flats, Flat 08 14 sqm60k gpThaisNinja Banana
Alai Flats, Flat 11 14 sqm60k gpThaisTtantoyork
Alai Flats, Flat 12 14 sqm60k gpThaisYeshua
Alai Flats, Flat 13 14 sqm60k gpThaisSismo Mexicano
Alai Flats, Flat 14 16 sqm68k gpThaisTdex
Alai Flats, Flat 15 24 sqm104k gpThaisStriper
Alai Flats, Flat 16 24 sqm104k gpThaisSickkunt
Alai Flats, Flat 17 18 sqm76k gpThaisDidiko
Alai Flats, Flat 18 16 sqm68k gpThaisChucky Forever
Alai Flats, Flat 21 14 sqm60k gpThaisBlasfemia
Alai Flats, Flat 22 14 sqm60k gpThaisJiu-jiteiro
Alai Flats, Flat 23 14 sqm60k gpThaisMac'nolife
Alai Flats, Flat 24 16 sqm68k gpThaisToronidiz
Alai Flats, Flat 25 24 sqm104k gpThaisDezert Eagle
Alai Flats, Flat 26 24 sqm104k gpThaisFenix Dragon
Alai Flats, Flat 27 16 sqm68k gpThaisSuper Jackson
Alai Flats, Flat 28 16 sqm68k gpThaisFranus
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 01 10 sqm44k gpThaisDe Voice
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 02 10 sqm44k gpThaisLolozento
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 03 10 sqm44k gpThaisLawyer Of Godlike
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 04 10 sqm44k gpThaisRazic
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 05 10 sqm44k gpThaisSir Smoky
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 06 14 sqm64k gpThaisEl Bandido
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 11 10 sqm44k gpThaisPapi Chulo
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 12 13 sqm56k gpThaisWorst Charlover
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 13 13 sqm56k gpThaisDark Artster
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 14 4 sqm20k gpThaisParcleito
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 15 4 sqm20k gpThaisMr Collecter
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 16 14 sqm64k gpThaisHawk Emyl
Bloodhall (Guild Hall)244 sqm1036k gpThais Blackrock Coalition
Casino House 1 34 sqm140k gpThaisMaria Is Back
Casino House 10 34 sqm140k gpThaisHartman
Casino House 2 34 sqm140k gpThaisEmo Roida
Casino House 3 34 sqm140k gpThaisTopsy Krets
Casino House 4 34 sqm140k gpThaisDedikated
Casino House 5 34 sqm140k gpThaisAlleria Windrunner
Casino House 6 34 sqm140k gpThaisBad Company
Casino House 7 34 sqm140k gpThaisAlkemyst
Casino House 8 34 sqm140k gpThaisClagg Elfrida
Casino House 9 34 sqm140k gpThaisRitus
Castle of Greenshore (Guild Hall)254 sqm1064k gpThais Kings
Champions Hall (Guild Hall)844 sqm3376k gpThais Godlike Legacy
Dark Mansion (Guild Hall)294 sqm1244k gpThais Ballz Deep
Demon Tower 50 sqm208k gpThaisMacedonia
Farm Lane, 1st floor (Shop) 15 sqm60k gpThaisKuroi Kenshi
Farm Lane, 2nd Floor (Shop) 15 sqm60k gpThaisKayin
Farm Lane, Basement (Shop) 15 sqm60k gpThaisLupi
Fibula Clanhall (Guild Hall)128 sqm552k gpThais Hydra
Fibula Village 1 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpThaisHollander
Fibula Village 2 10 sqm44k gpThaisBale Corporations
Fibula Village 3 (Inactive)45 sqm196k gpThaisHairy Pothead
Fibula Village, Tower Flat (Inactive)72 sqm296k gpThaisNot Your Waifu
Fibula Village, Villa 181 sqm744k gpThaisDarth Mual
Greenshore Clanhall (Guild Hall)133 sqm572k gpThais Talk Shit Get Hit
Greenshore Village 1 30 sqm132k gpThaisDarth Maul
Greenshore Village 2 10 sqm44k gpThaisInternet Explorer
Greenshore Village 3 19 sqm80k gpThaisLuan The Warrior
Greenshore Village 4 19 sqm80k gpThaisWietse
Greenshore Village 6 94 sqm376k gpThaisHyped
Greenshore Village 7 18 sqm76k gpThaisChucky Sky
Greenshore Village, Shop 20 sqm84k gpThaisWujo
Greenshore Village, Villa 117 sqm484k gpThaisVilox
Guildhall of the Red Rose (Guild Hall)340 sqm1420k gpThais Rhyodan
Halls of the Adventurers (Guild Hall)243 sqm1044k gpThaisEmpty
Harbour Place 1 (Shop) 16 sqm64k gpThaisAkryn Blofaricoh
Harbour Place 2 (Shop) 19 sqm80k gpThaisPuerta Grande
Harbour Street 4 14 sqm60k gpThaisKnight Astarotth
Lower Sewer Lane #1 54 sqm216k gpThaisSawyers
Lower Sewer Lane #2 54 sqm216k gpThaisLarissa
Lower Sewer Lane #3 54 sqm216k gpThaisMartin Up
Lower Swamp Lane 1 57 sqm244k gpThaisFrantic Squirrel
Lower Swamp Lane 3 57 sqm244k gpThaisYellow Power Ranger
Main Street 9, 1st floor (Shop) 25 sqm100k gpThaisRed
Main Street 9a, 2nd floor (Shop) 12 sqm48k gpThaisExtractor King
Main Street 9b, 2nd floor (Shop) 23 sqm92k gpThaisZerka
Mercenary Tower (Guild Hall)525 sqm2204k gpThais Mercenaries
Mill Avenue 1 (Shop) 17 sqm72k gpThaisSkywarius
Mill Avenue 2 (Shop) 34 sqm144k gpThaisColorian
Mill Avenue 3 21 sqm92k gpThaisBoeing
Mill Avenue 4 21 sqm92k gpThaisAres War
Mill Avenue 5 47 sqm204k gpThaisAzuvi
Outer Wall #1 82 sqm332k gpThaisSupercalifragilistic
Outer Wall #2 82 sqm332k gpThaisZmierz Go
Outer Wall #3 82 sqm332k gpThaisCaptain Brunox
Outer Wall #4 82 sqm332k gpThaisOmega Supreme
Snake Tower (Guild Hall)526 sqm2188k gpThais 606-4-Life
Sorcerer's Avenue 1a 16 sqm72k gpThaisLooter Pro
Sorcerer's Avenue 1b 12 sqm56k gpThaisMetralleta You
Sorcerer's Avenue 1c 16 sqm72k gpThaisGryla
Sorcerer's Avenue 5 42 sqm172k gpThaisSeatron
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2a 10 sqm44k gpThaisDelacato
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2b 10 sqm44k gpThaisGeek Freak
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2c 10 sqm44k gpThaisPuerkitopanda
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2d 10 sqm44k gpThaisLethal
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2e 10 sqm44k gpThaisCriipy
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2f 10 sqm44k gpThaisDziewica Orleanska
Southern Thais Guildhall (Guild Hall)284 sqm1200k gpThais Ruthless
Spiritkeep (Guild Hall)316 sqm1356k gpThais B O P E
Staff House 44 sqm176k gpThaisGOD Deviance
Sunset Homes, Flat 01 10 sqm44k gpThaisGrezi
Sunset Homes, Flat 02 10 sqm44k gpThaisBashar Al Assad
Sunset Homes, Flat 03 10 sqm44k gpThaisCatarino
Sunset Homes, Flat 11 10 sqm44k gpThaisJeff Son
Sunset Homes, Flat 12 10 sqm44k gpThaisRoyal Phantom
Sunset Homes, Flat 13 15 sqm68k gpThaisSr Ganzo
Sunset Homes, Flat 14 10 sqm44k gpThaisBizoro
Sunset Homes, Flat 21 10 sqm44k gpThaisAme
Sunset Homes, Flat 22 10 sqm44k gpThaisUe
Sunset Homes, Flat 23 14 sqm64k gpThaisBellaka Mala
Sunset Homes, Flat 24 10 sqm44k gpThaisXanax
Thais Clanhall (Guild Hall)154 sqm656k gpThais Semper Fidelis
Thais Gate Hall (Guild Hall)329 sqm1348k gpThais Noxious Staff
Thais Hostel 63 sqm348k gpThaisHomerito
Thais Residence #1 33 sqm136k gpThaisArkaicy
Thais Residence #10 37 sqm152k gpThaisDro Bro
Thais Residence #11 23 sqm96k gpThaisEngima
Thais Residence #12 33 sqm136k gpThaisSoulxdruid
Thais Residence #2 23 sqm96k gpThaisPirate
Thais Residence #3 37 sqm152k gpThaisBadabing
Thais Residence #4 37 sqm152k gpThaisBrotha Tom
Thais Residence #5 23 sqm96k gpThaisKafunight
Thais Residence #6 33 sqm136k gpThaisAurora
Thais Residence #7 33 sqm136k gpThaisPhil Collins
Thais Residence #8 23 sqm96k gpThaisXander Kai
Thais Residence #9 37 sqm152k gpThaisGoonz
The City Wall 1a 21 sqm92k gpThaisTukio
The City Wall 1b 21 sqm92k gpThaisMessiahh
The City Wall 3a 16 sqm72k gpThaisStehpko
The City Wall 3b 16 sqm72k gpThaisBajwa
The City Wall 3c 16 sqm72k gpThaisLoading
The City Wall 3d 16 sqm72k gpThaisSpectro
The City Wall 3e 16 sqm72k gpThaisFree Style
The City Wall 3f 16 sqm72k gpThaisCaukz
The City Wall 5a 10 sqm44k gpThaisMr Punish
The City Wall 5b 10 sqm44k gpThaisRuler Todopoderoso
The City Wall 5c 10 sqm44k gpThaisSeventy
The City Wall 5d 10 sqm44k gpThaisMagician Mike
The City Wall 5e 10 sqm44k gpThaisAchille's Colizao
The City Wall 5f 10 sqm44k gpThaisShadie
The City Wall 7a 10 sqm44k gpThaisEexevo Gran Mas Flam
The City Wall 7b 10 sqm44k gpThaisNaap
The City Wall 7c 12 sqm56k gpThaisNahz Swamp'warlord
The City Wall 7d 12 sqm56k gpThaisAdryezka Power
The City Wall 7e 12 sqm56k gpThaisArchibald
The City Wall 7f 12 sqm56k gpThaisBlack Rain
The City Wall 7g 10 sqm44k gpThaisButleer'k
The City Wall 7h 10 sqm44k gpThaisCrawface
The City Wall 9 65 sqm264k gpThaisMerk
The Tibianic (Guild Hall)445 sqm1868k gpThais Stoned Predators
Upper Swamp Lane 10 24 sqm108k gpThaisAmerican Pie
Upper Swamp Lane 12 44 sqm188k gpThaisThe Queen
Upper Swamp Lane 2 57 sqm244k gpThaisLoyalty
Upper Swamp Lane 4 57 sqm244k gpThaisDope Fiend
Upper Swamp Lane 8 121 sqm496k gpThaisBad Wolf
Warriors Guildhall (Guild Hall)255 sqm1064k gpThais Aesthetics Crew
Hill Hideout (Guild Hall)193 sqm832k gpKazordoon The Wire
Nobility Quarter 4 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpKazordoonSpenzer
Outlaw Camp 1 46 sqm192k gpKazordoonKameli
Outlaw Camp 2 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpKazordoonJill The Slag
Outlaw Camp 3 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpKazordoonTopito
Outlaw Castle (Guild Hall)158 sqm668k gpKazordoon Supergaande
Riverspring (Guild Hall)284 sqm1208k gpKazordoon WITAJCIE W NARNI
The Farms 6, Fishing Hut 16 sqm72k gpKazordoonMuffn Man
Upper Barracks 10 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpKazordoonDon Wargod
Upper Barracks 11 4 sqm20k gpKazordoonCaptain Benson
Upper Barracks 12 4 sqm20k gpKazordoonKinsmen
Upper Barracks 13 11 sqm52k gpKazordoonDynamo
Upper Barracks 8 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpKazordoonSiwy Szef
Wolftower (Guild Hall)316 sqm1356k gpKazordoon Toro Loco
Carlin Clanhall (Guild Hall)167 sqm708k gpCarlin Academy Of Pandemonium
Central Plaza 1 (Inactive)8 sqm32k gpCarlinArrownaisa
East Lane 1a 48 sqm200k gpCarlinGenie
East Lane 1b 34 sqm144k gpCarlinAngra Dras
East Lane 2 87 sqm356k gpCarlinToxicity
Harbour Flats, Flat 11 10 sqm44k gpCarlinAxe'sky
Harbour Flats, Flat 17 6 sqm28k gpCarlinBetrayal
Harbour Flats, Flat 21 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpCarlinEbinsanity
Harbour Flats, Flat 22 17 sqm76k gpCarlinAlegoria
Harbour Flats, Flat 23 7 sqm32k gpCarlinLord Slayed
Harbour Lane 1 (Shop) (Inactive)19 sqm76k gpCarlinPaladus
Harbour Lane 2a (Shop) (Inactive)12 sqm48k gpCarlinMeio Kg
Harbour Lane 2b (Shop) (Inactive)12 sqm48k gpCarlinThompen
Harbour Lane 3 77 sqm320k gpCarlinPertti
House of Recreation (Guild Hall)337 sqm1412k gpCarlin Cartel
Lonely Sea Side Hostel 218 sqm904k gpCarlinOmni-present
Magician's Alley 1 14 sqm64k gpCarlinLil Yachty
Magician's Alley 1a (Inactive)7 sqm36k gpCarlinChefboirtrees
Magician's Alley 1b 8 sqm40k gpCarlinRedblue
Magician's Alley 1c (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinDrazhus Druid
Magician's Alley 1d (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinCambell
Magician's Alley 4 40 sqm176k gpCarlinDarklight Sage
Magician's Alley 5b (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinMenelson
Magician's Alley 5c (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpCarlinTripa Seca
Magician's Alley 5f (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpCarlinLady Mafia
Magician's Alley 8 21 sqm92k gpCarlinLos Mangos Que Wao
Moonkeep (Guild Hall)239 sqm1020k gpCarlin Malucos
Nautic Observer 145 sqm596k gpCarlinOmni-king
Nordic Stronghold (Guild Hall)366 sqm1508k gpCarlin Noxious Staff
Northern Street 1a (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpCarlinCrack Oneal Ed
Northern Street 1c 11 sqm52k gpCarlinWarriorzain
Northern Street 3a (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinSipzi
Northern Street 3b (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpCarlinRaegarx
Northern Street 5 (Inactive)41 sqm172k gpCarlinEl Wea
Northern Street 7 (Inactive)34 sqm144k gpCarlinShady Shooter
Northport Village 1 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpCarlinChupala
Northport Village 2 20 sqm88k gpCarlinHail Hydra
Northport Village 3 (Inactive)96 sqm392k gpCarlinIce Spitter
Northport Village 4 42 sqm176k gpCarlinGhostmane
Northport Village 5 (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpCarlinSkoriax
Northport Village 6 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpCarlinChentex
Park Lane 1a 21 sqm92k gpCarlinBob Burnquiist
Park Lane 1b (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpCarlinJohn Da Nuker
Park Lane 2 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpCarlinSk Yzin
Park Lane 3a 21 sqm92k gpCarlinCabrocha
Park Lane 3b (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpCarlinSensimilla
Park Lane 4 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpCarlinHappy Shot
Rosebud A (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpCarlinDraelor The Unstable
Rosebud B (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpCarlinVree
Rosebud C (Inactive)30 sqm120k gpCarlinZukolec
Seawatch (Guild Hall)364 sqm1532k gpCarlin Stoop Kids
Senja Clanhall (Guild Hall)172 sqm724k gpCarlin Asylum
Senja Village 9 (Inactive)48 sqm200k gpCarlinK'os Karnage
Suntower (Guild Hall)204 sqm844k gpCarlin Mata Bot
Theater Avenue 10 (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpCarlinViva Maduro
Theater Avenue 12 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpCarlinParig
Theater Avenue 14 (Shop) 36 sqm148k gpCarlinTy Rebel
Theater Avenue 6a (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinDargor
Theater Avenue 6b (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinSoprole
Theater Avenue 6c (Inactive)2 sqm12k gpCarlinZeppy
Theater Avenue 6d 2 sqm12k gpCarlinRatoni
Theater Avenue 6e 11 sqm52k gpCarlinBraxner
Theater Avenue 6f (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinAdnano
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 01 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpCarlinGodgrau
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 02 6 sqm28k gpCarlinTadeusz Rydzyk
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 06 4 sqm20k gpCarlinSpeedryu
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 11 8 sqm36k gpCarlinSyrus
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 12 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinShyre Avek
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 14 (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpCarlinCoded
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 15 6 sqm28k gpCarlinLeonarda
Theater Avenue 8a 21 sqm92k gpCarlinPotter Soul
Theater Avenue 8b (Inactive)19 sqm88k gpCarlinMi'lla
Ab'Dendriel Clanhall (Guild Hall)262 sqm1088k gpAb'Denriel Last Vampire
Castle of the Winds (Guild Hall)422 sqm1760k gpAb'Denriel Sentinels
Coastwood 10 19 sqm88k gpAb'DenrielLarodyn
Coastwood 2 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpAb'DenrielPompe
Coastwood 9 14 sqm60k gpAb'DenrielXerxes
Shadow Towers (Guild Hall)348 sqm1464k gpAb'Denriel Finnish Fearless
The Hideout (Guild Hall)321 sqm1364k gpAb'Denriel Noxious Staff
Treetop 10 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpAb'DenrielSabatron
Treetop 11 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpAb'DenrielElder Warlod
Treetop 12 (Shop) (Inactive)20 sqm84k gpAb'DenrielMonkey D'luffy
Treetop 13 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAb'DenrielLady Finesse
Treetop 2 10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielCrudge
Treetop 3 (Shop) (Inactive)20 sqm84k gpAb'DenrielDust In The Wind
Treetop 4 (Shop) (Inactive)20 sqm84k gpAb'DenrielUnit State Army
Treetop 5 (Shop) (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAb'DenrielSome Idea
Treetop 7 14 sqm60k gpAb'DenrielHeissenberg
Treetop 9 16 sqm72k gpAb'DenrielRoma One
Underwood 1 26 sqm112k gpAb'DenrielZhask
Underwood 2 (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpAb'DenrielEfejoota
Underwood 4 35 sqm156k gpAb'DenrielMakiitoxz
Underwood 5 19 sqm88k gpAb'DenrielAvax
Underwood 6 24 sqm108k gpAb'DenrielLuzifer
Underwood 7 (Inactive)21 sqm96k gpAb'DenrielSweeking
Underwood 8 (Inactive)13 sqm60k gpAb'DenrielHall
Underwood 9 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielMagic Fist
Admiral's Avenue 1 83 sqm340k gpLiberty BayGoon King
Admiral's Avenue 2 85 sqm356k gpLiberty BayDuplikated
Admiral's Avenue 3 (Inactive)68 sqm280k gpLiberty BaySeidl Master
Freedom Street 1 41 sqm172k gpLiberty BayMedikated
Freedom Street 2 103 sqm428k gpLiberty BayStoned Cold
Harvester's Haven, Flat 01 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BayDan Mwaller
Harvester's Haven, Flat 02 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BayLoh Zin Ek
Ivory Circle 1 71 sqm292k gpLiberty BayAmerican Dream
Ivory Circle 2 (Inactive)120 sqm488k gpLiberty BayMountain Man
Ivy Cottage (Guild Hall)469 sqm1980k gpLiberty Bay Noxious Trading Company
Litter Promenade 5 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpLiberty BayDeathgun
Marble Lane 1 178 sqm736k gpLiberty BayTima Tei
Marble Lane 2 106 sqm436k gpLiberty BayClouddancer
Marble Lane 3 133 sqm548k gpLiberty BayDarthus
Marble Lane 4 (Inactive)102 sqm424k gpLiberty BayDrug Project
Meriana Beach 140 sqm572k gpLiberty BayVanessa Gyllenhaal
Mountain Hideout (Guild Hall)234 sqm1004k gpLiberty Bay No Touchy
Straycat's Corner 2 18 sqm76k gpLiberty BayGOD Deviance
Sugar Street 2 (Inactive)39 sqm168k gpLiberty BayWariing
Sugar Street 4d (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpLiberty BayMona-lisa
Sugar Street 5 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpLiberty BayMonarch
The Shelter (Guild Hall)282 sqm1252k gpLiberty BayEmpty
The Tavern 1a 40 sqm176k gpLiberty BayMystic Boy Toy
The Tavern 1c 73 sqm304k gpLiberty BaySable Wizard
The Tavern 2a 92 sqm388k gpLiberty BayCaliss
The Tavern 2b 27 sqm116k gpLiberty BayJtencule
The Tavern 2c (Inactive)16 sqm68k gpLiberty BayTjackisen
Trader's Point 2 (Shop) 93 sqm380k gpLiberty BayThe Scarab Coin Colector
Trader's Point 3 (Shop) 106 sqm432k gpLiberty BayNtc Vendor
Bamboo Fortress (Guild Hall)381 sqm1604k gpPort Hope The Roughnecks
Banana Bay 1 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpPort HopeRysiurp
Banana Bay 2 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpPort HopeWox
Banana Bay 3 7 sqm32k gpPort HopeMuletovisk'raidezsn
Coconut Quay 1 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpPort HopeCrunchynapkin
Coconut Quay 2 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpPort HopeHeartattack
Coconut Quay 3 (Inactive)32 sqm144k gpPort HopeAguantamesta
Coconut Quay 4 36 sqm156k gpPort HopeSqn
Crocodile Bridge 1 17 sqm76k gpPort HopeSqueeze Will Farcry
Crocodile Bridge 2 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpPort HopeBanninjah Rusher
Crocodile Bridge 3 (Inactive)22 sqm96k gpPort HopeEl Chilli
Crocodile Bridge 4 (Inactive)88 sqm368k gpPort HopeDez Nuts
Crocodile Bridge 5 (Inactive)80 sqm328k gpPort HopeBela
Flamingo Flats 5 (Inactive)38 sqm156k gpPort HopeHorrormiss
Haggler's Hangout 1 (Inactive)22 sqm96k gpPort HopeSkrrviktor
Haggler's Hangout 2 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpPort HopeKing Farukk
Haggler's Hangout 3 (Inactive)137 sqm564k gpPort HopeHarry Bawsak
Haggler's Hangout 4a (Shop) 30 sqm124k gpPort HopePsycosis
Haggler's Hangout 4b (Shop) (Inactive)24 sqm100k gpPort HopeGat In Schoen
Haggler's Hangout 5 (Shop) 24 sqm100k gpPort HopeIrthorn
Haggler's Hangout 6 113 sqm468k gpPort HopeGhost Of Keele
Jungle Edge 1 (Inactive)44 sqm188k gpPort HopeLolalolita
Jungle Edge 2 (Inactive)59 sqm248k gpPort HopeGdzie On Jest
River Homes 1 (Inactive)66 sqm276k gpPort HopeFatbongs
River Homes 2a 21 sqm92k gpPort HopeTurborower Nws
River Homes 2b (Inactive)24 sqm108k gpPort HopePozdro Techno
River Homes 3 (Inactive)82 sqm356k gpPort HopeCockinthemouthman
Shark Manor (Guild Hall)127 sqm568k gpPort HopeEmpty
The Treehouse (Guild Hall)484 sqm2028k gpPort Hope Armada
Woodway 1 14 sqm60k gpPort HopeDolorex
Woodway 2 11 sqm48k gpPort HopeMazak
Woodway 3 (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpPort HopeKermit
Woodway 4 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpPort HopeBobby Bacala
Arakmehn III 21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunSaint Brick
Botham I b (Inactive)47 sqm200k gpAnkrahmunNinetalya
Botham I c (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunJay Kay
Botham I d (Inactive)50 sqm212k gpAnkrahmunPretty Paladin
Botham I e (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpAnkrahmunLemdi
Botham III f (Inactive)36 sqm156k gpAnkrahmunKroxhikz Ksathizberj
Botham III h 64 sqm268k gpAnkrahmunSir Masakia
Botham IV f (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunMajor Tom
Botham IV h 34 sqm140k gpAnkrahmunStarbrunnis
Botham IV i (Inactive)26 sqm116k gpAnkrahmunLeeroy Joenkins
Chameken I (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunTacoma
Charsirakh I b (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunNoomdeezy
Charsirakh II 21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunSlevin
Charsirakh III (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunArithmeticks
Esuph I (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunRoyal Masacre
Esuph II a (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpAnkrahmunPedro Prumadim
Harrah I (Guild Hall)96 sqm424k gpAnkrahmun Mexico Klan
Horakhal (Guild Hall)174 sqm752k gpAnkrahmun King Of The North
Mothrem I (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunEpitome
Murkhol I a (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunNarmagenbomb
Murkhol I c (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunRamboxx
Murkhol I d 8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunMellowz
Oskahl I a (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunIvan The Powerfull
Oskahl I b (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunNugnetti
Oskahl I c (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunSoso
Oskahl I d (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunTin Kush
Oskahl I e (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunKing Predator
Oskahl I f (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunDiglet
Oskahl I g (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunInsana Tank
Oskahl I h (Inactive)32 sqm140k gpAnkrahmunDossier
Oskahl I i (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunPolin
Oskahl I j (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunMystical Elvis
Othehothep I b (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunBabylegs
Othehothep I c (Inactive)31 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunCronotoxcs
Othehothep I d (Inactive)34 sqm152k gpAnkrahmunNwod
Othehothep II b (Inactive)36 sqm156k gpAnkrahmunJuacs
Othehothep II d (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunDen Som Ollar Folk
Othehothep II e 26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunDudefish
Othehothep II f (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpAnkrahmunCuentin
Othehothep III c 16 sqm72k gpAnkrahmunLegiolas
Othehothep III e (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunZwetek
Ramen Tah (Guild Hall)90 sqm424k gpAnkrahmun Wwe SmackDown
Rathal II d (Inactive)29 sqm124k gpAnkrahmunBloodgang
Thanah I a 14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunAi Pai
Thanah I b (Inactive)50 sqm212k gpAnkrahmunJim Dandy
Thanah I c (Inactive)51 sqm216k gpAnkrahmunImion
Thanah I d (Inactive)42 sqm184k gpAnkrahmunAva Gina
Thanah II a 22 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunGreat Slayer
Thanah II c (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpAnkrahmunVeretta
Thanah II f (Inactive)45 sqm192k gpAnkrahmunCamere
Thanah II g (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunAllara
Thanah II h (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunLena Handen
Thrarhor I a (Shop) 10 sqm44k gpAnkrahmunChiiquita
Thrarhor I c (Shop) (Inactive)25 sqm108k gpAnkrahmunKubboss
Unklath I b (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpAnkrahmunSnopp Dogg
Unklath I d 30 sqm132k gpAnkrahmunEl Diabolico
Unklath I e 32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunGaddra
Unklath I f 32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunEl Munrra
Unklath I g (Inactive)34 sqm140k gpAnkrahmunMarijuanita
Unklath II a (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunKurtt
Uthemath I f (Inactive)49 sqm208k gpAnkrahmunHondaguy
Uthemath II (Guild Hall)76 sqm336k gpAnkrahmun Blood Brotherz
Darashia 1, Flat 01 20 sqm88k gpDarashiaPokez
Darashia 1, Flat 02 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaSir Tsk
Darashia 1, Flat 03 (Inactive)52 sqm216k gpDarashiaMacke
Darashia 1, Flat 04 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaThe Wacco
Darashia 1, Flat 05 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaRoku
Darashia 1, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaTommy Egan
Darashia 1, Flat 12 (Inactive)39 sqm160k gpDarashiaFrancesco Rules
Darashia 1, Flat 13 (Inactive)39 sqm160k gpDarashiaAkka Yuriixx
Darashia 1, Flat 14 (Inactive)54 sqm224k gpDarashiaAkka Yumata
Darashia 2, Flat 01 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpDarashiaMarlboroo
Darashia 2, Flat 02 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaPhenamin
Darashia 2, Flat 03 26 sqm108k gpDarashiaDevils Wrath
Darashia 2, Flat 04 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpDarashiaTomazin
Darashia 2, Flat 05 (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpDarashiaChilli
Darashia 2, Flat 06 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpDarashiaSckorlet
Darashia 2, Flat 07 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaSmazboi
Darashia 2, Flat 11 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaPaladin Devie
Darashia 2, Flat 13 (Inactive)26 sqm108k gpDarashiaEl Piter
Darashia 2, Flat 15 (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpDarashiaLexguillen
Darashia 2, Flat 17 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaLapu-lapu
Darashia 2, Flat 18 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpDarashiaFolda
Darashia 3, Flat 01 20 sqm88k gpDarashiaBlimey
Darashia 3, Flat 02 32 sqm136k gpDarashiaBlack Angels
Darashia 3, Flat 03 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaAdamek Lotnik
Darashia 3, Flat 04 (Inactive)33 sqm140k gpDarashiaDon Ragnar
Darashia 3, Flat 05 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaSoldadac
Darashia 3, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaPossible
Darashia 3, Flat 12 44 sqm192k gpDarashiaBenderape
Darashia 3, Flat 13 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaHarami
Darashia 3, Flat 14 46 sqm196k gpDarashiaSkullneros
Darashia 4, Flat 01 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaGosciu Gosciu
Darashia 4, Flat 02 38 sqm160k gpDarashiaGrand
Darashia 4, Flat 03 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpDarashiaDestiiny
Darashia 4, Flat 04 (Inactive)38 sqm160k gpDarashiaDej Swiezaka
Darashia 4, Flat 05 21 sqm92k gpDarashiaTantoyuca
Darashia 4, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaDarkihnos Rkz
Darashia 4, Flat 12 (Inactive)52 sqm220k gpDarashiaUnderwalker
Darashia 4, Flat 13 (Inactive)37 sqm156k gpDarashiaAdicto Here
Darashia 4, Flat 14 (Inactive)37 sqm156k gpDarashiaLaddsnuva
Darashia 5, Flat 01 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaWhippy
Darashia 5, Flat 02 34 sqm140k gpDarashiaMaze
Darashia 5, Flat 03 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaHellraisa
Darashia 5, Flat 04 34 sqm140k gpDarashiaCry Girl
Darashia 5, Flat 05 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaMrs Knight
Darashia 5, Flat 11 (Inactive)39 sqm160k gpDarashiaTripple Threat
Darashia 5, Flat 12 (Inactive)36 sqm148k gpDarashiaTripple Trippie
Darashia 5, Flat 13 39 sqm160k gpDarashiaCapitan
Darashia 5, Flat 14 (Inactive)35 sqm144k gpDarashiaOso Pardo
Darashia 6a 62 sqm256k gpDarashiaSmith And Wesson
Darashia 6b 69 sqm284k gpDarashiaAbrax
Darashia 7, Flat 01 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaChronic Keef
Darashia 7, Flat 02 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaCataleya
Darashia 7, Flat 03 (Inactive)50 sqm216k gpDarashiaShiba Inu
Darashia 7, Flat 04 23 sqm96k gpDarashiaPally'terror
Darashia 7, Flat 05 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaBuffiitos
Darashia 7, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaTu Terror
Darashia 7, Flat 12 49 sqm212k gpDarashiaHalt
Darashia 7, Flat 13 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaForse'air
Darashia 7, Flat 14 48 sqm208k gpDarashiaScunt
Darashia 8, Flat 01 (Inactive)48 sqm200k gpDarashiaAeregorn
Darashia 8, Flat 02 67 sqm276k gpDarashiaLittle Green
Darashia 8, Flat 03 92 sqm376k gpDarashiaGhost'lider
Darashia 8, Flat 04 (Inactive)58 sqm236k gpDarashiaDuddwin
Darashia 8, Flat 05 (Inactive)52 sqm216k gpDarashiaSixtey Nine
Darashia 8, Flat 11 (Inactive)37 sqm156k gpDarashiaLeanilit
Darashia 8, Flat 12 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpDarashiaKaisa
Darashia 8, Flat 13 (Inactive)38 sqm156k gpDarashiaBlokkmonsta
Darashia 8, Flat 14 (Inactive)35 sqm144k gpDarashiaMeckarn
Darashia, Eastern Guildhall (Guild Hall)204 sqm880k gpDarashia Post Mortem
Darashia, Villa 93 sqm388k gpDarashiaLeper Messiah
Darashia, Western Guildhall (Guild Hall)154 sqm672k gpDarashia Husaria
Castle of the White Dragon (Guild Hall)442 sqm1844k gpEdron Paineiras 503
Castle Shop 1 31 sqm128k gpEdronXornez
Castle Shop 2 (Inactive)31 sqm128k gpEdronPhuck
Castle Shop 3 (Inactive)31 sqm128k gpEdronChapito Guzman
Castle Street 1 (Inactive)53 sqm224k gpEdronAranor The Mighty
Castle Street 2 (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpEdronLutank Raz
Castle Street 3 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronDr Splift
Castle Street 4 32 sqm136k gpEdronFraya Reptil
Castle Street 5 32 sqm136k gpEdronArthurian
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 01 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronRafon
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 02 14 sqm60k gpEdronConan Junior
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 03 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronHeiizer King
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 05 14 sqm60k gpEdronGws
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 06 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpEdronThehackkey
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 06 (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpEdronLord'kazul
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 08 18 sqm76k gpEdronSpliford
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 09 13 sqm56k gpEdronSirdobbie
Castle, Basement, Flat 01 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronConnor Mcgregor
Central Circle 1 66 sqm272k gpEdronSusto
Central Circle 2 73 sqm300k gpEdronConundrummed
Central Circle 3 79 sqm336k gpEdronMurder
Central Circle 4 79 sqm336k gpEdronEnrique Pena Nieto
Central Circle 5 79 sqm336k gpEdronVanraze
Central Circle 6 (Shop) (Inactive)84 sqm344k gpEdronLouisz
Central Circle 7 (Shop) 84 sqm344k gpEdronDoti
Central Circle 8 (Shop) (Inactive)84 sqm344k gpEdronMikael
Central Circle 9a 16 sqm72k gpEdronNaddy
Cormaya 1 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpEdronDubious Volley
Cormaya 10 (Inactive)73 sqm304k gpEdronAndrei Ceifa
Cormaya 11 (Inactive)38 sqm160k gpEdronVandaal
Cormaya 2 70 sqm292k gpEdronAladdin
Cormaya 3 (Inactive)38 sqm160k gpEdronNikiez
Cormaya 4 31 sqm132k gpEdronDetburke
Cormaya 5 77 sqm320k gpEdronCalienicole
Cormaya 6 (Inactive)46 sqm192k gpEdronDruid Ivensible
Cormaya 7 (Inactive)46 sqm192k gpEdronFull Ganster Ek
Cormaya 8 53 sqm220k gpEdronBdangerous
Cormaya 9a 20 sqm88k gpEdronCometa Halley
Cormaya 9b 50 sqm208k gpEdronBlazin Sorcerer
Cormaya 9c (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpEdronWebby
Cormaya 9d (Inactive)50 sqm208k gpEdronRahvin
Cormaya Flats, Flat 13 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronBjnor Ironside
Edron Flats, Basement Flat 1 31 sqm132k gpEdronGram Bez Myszki Powaznie
Edron Flats, Basement Flat 2 31 sqm132k gpEdronTorcio
Edron Flats, Flat 01 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronPena
Edron Flats, Flat 02 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpEdronDaynerys
Edron Flats, Flat 03 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronOrtenlou
Edron Flats, Flat 04 7 sqm32k gpEdronCuttmutt
Edron Flats, Flat 05 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronNicolass Maburro
Edron Flats, Flat 06 7 sqm32k gpEdronBarabachka
Edron Flats, Flat 07 7 sqm32k gpEdronKyle Coffee
Edron Flats, Flat 08 7 sqm32k gpEdronFlash Reverse
Edron Flats, Flat 11 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronGraba
Edron Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronTrue Jamez
Edron Flats, Flat 13 7 sqm32k gpEdronPablito Escoobar
Edron Flats, Flat 21 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpEdronMateur
Magic Academy, Flat 1 (Inactive)16 sqm76k gpEdronDirty'dollaz
Magic Academy, Flat 3 24 sqm100k gpEdronStrongbow
Magic Academy, Guild (Guild Hall)155 sqm676k gpEdron Death Row
Magic Academy, Shop (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpEdronSnowmen
Sky Lane, Guild 1 (Guild Hall)342 sqm1460k gpEdron Maturin City
Sky Lane, Guild 2 (Guild Hall)344 sqm1432k gpEdronEmpty
Sky Lane, Guild 3 (Guild Hall)296 sqm1256k gpEdron Brasil WIN
Sky Lane, Sea Tower 80 sqm344k gpEdronFranyer Skull
Stonehome Clanhall (Guild Hall)157 sqm664k gpEdron Pillars Of Uranus
Stonehome Flats, Flat 02 11 sqm52k gpEdronJodyhighroller
Stonehome Village 1 36 sqm152k gpEdronReddick
Stonehome Village 2 13 sqm56k gpEdronJonaz
Stonehome Village 3 14 sqm60k gpEdronGuner
Stonehome Village 4 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpEdronZlonz
Stonehome Village 5 (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpEdronRhyper
Stonehome Village 6 25 sqm108k gpEdronVoxa
Stonehome Village 7 21 sqm92k gpEdronHermano De Ruler
Stonehome Village 8 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronCorashooter
Wood Avenue 1 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronBlazes
Wood Avenue 10a 26 sqm112k gpEdronVelony
Wood Avenue 10b (Inactive)22 sqm100k gpEdronSchizofreek
Wood Avenue 11 (Inactive)130 sqm544k gpEdronNyggy
Wood Avenue 2 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronSenor Healz
Wood Avenue 3 32 sqm136k gpEdronVagabon
Wood Avenue 4 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronFak You
Wood Avenue 4a (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpEdronJolly Green
Wood Avenue 4b 26 sqm112k gpEdronMaximo Decimo Meridio
Wood Avenue 4c 32 sqm136k gpEdronGrams
Wood Avenue 5 32 sqm136k gpEdronMr Rogers
Wood Avenue 6a (Inactive)23 sqm100k gpEdronAzment
Wood Avenue 6b (Inactive)23 sqm100k gpEdronGillette
Wood Avenue 7 (Inactive)117 sqm480k gpEdronRavens Shadow
Wood Avenue 8 (Inactive)117 sqm480k gpEdronDraknis
Wood Avenue 9a (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpEdronPsychedelic
Wood Avenue 9b 25 sqm108k gpEdronXedife
Arena Walk 1 55 sqm232k gpSvargrondNazgul
Arena Walk 2 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpSvargrondSimon Bolivar
Arena Walk 3 59 sqm248k gpSvargrondTempla
Bears Paw 1 (Inactive)33 sqm140k gpSvargrondLalo Osea
Bears Paw 2 44 sqm184k gpSvargrondAdry Lord
Bears Paw 3 (Inactive)35 sqm152k gpSvargrondBlack Mabys
Bears Paw 4 (Inactive)99 sqm412k gpSvargrondBrothahood Slave
Bears Paw 5 34 sqm148k gpSvargrondLa Mami
Corner Shop (Shop) 36 sqm152k gpSvargrondThe Fisherman
Crystal Glance (Guild Hall)237 sqm1044k gpSvargrond Wanna Ded
Fimbul Shelf 3 (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpSvargrondNuko
Frost Manor (Guild Hall)382 sqm1624k gpSvargrond Skypiea
Furrier Quarter 1 (Inactive)34 sqm148k gpSvargrondBong Tokes
Furrier Quarter 3 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpSvargrondIce Runed
Glacier Side 1 26 sqm112k gpSvargrondAdry Todopoderoso
Glacier Side 2 (Inactive)83 sqm344k gpSvargrondKabryt
Glacier Side 3 (Inactive)30 sqm128k gpSvargrondKiibe
Glacier Side 4 38 sqm156k gpSvargrondFat Toxic
Mammoth Belly (Guild Hall)278 sqm1232k gpSvargrond LIONSGATE
Pilchard Bin 1 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpSvargrondMasterpice
Pilchard Bin 10 7 sqm32k gpSvargrondPoleciia
Pilchard Bin 2 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpSvargrondSayuri
Pilchard Bin 3 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpSvargrondLeitoo'andres
Pilchard Bin 4 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpSvargrondHayonik
Pilchard Bin 5 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpSvargrondDekoze
Pilchard Bin 8 (Inactive)6 sqm32k gpSvargrondDobry Skunik
Raven Corner 1 (Inactive)15 sqm64k gpSvargrondHealy Mchealer
Raven Corner 2 (Inactive)25 sqm112k gpSvargrondSado Da Nuker
Raven Corner 3 (Inactive)15 sqm64k gpSvargrondSpecter
Shady Rocks 1 (Inactive)65 sqm276k gpSvargrondNizmo
Shady Rocks 2 (Inactive)29 sqm132k gpSvargrondKiller Custard
Shady Rocks 3 77 sqm320k gpSvargrondGato
Shady Rocks 4 (Shop) (Inactive)50 sqm208k gpSvargrondKing Brady
Shady Rocks 5 57 sqm236k gpSvargrondFor Dead
Shelf Site 83 sqm344k gpSvargrondGalathea
Skiffs End 1 (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpSvargrondReziv
Skiffs End 2 13 sqm60k gpSvargrondCastefcker
Spirit Homes 2 (Inactive)31 sqm132k gpSvargrondEscaped On War
Spirit Homes 3 75 sqm312k gpSvargrondPudnfun
Spirit Homes 4 (Inactive)19 sqm80k gpSvargrondOt Latuz
Spirit Homes 5 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpSvargrondMelodiak
Trout Plaza 1 (Inactive)43 sqm180k gpSvargrondDiil Otox Thc
Trout Plaza 2 (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpSvargrondVampi
Trout Plaza 3 13 sqm56k gpSvargrondBielzina Ownador
Trout Plaza 4 13 sqm56k gpSvargrondGreek God
Trout Plaza 5 (Shop) (Inactive)73 sqm300k gpSvargrondBlenfz
Tusk Flats 1 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpSvargrondKunk Master
Tusk Flats 2 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpSvargrondMr Meeseeks
Tusk Flats 3 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpSvargrondChin Relax
Tusk Flats 4 6 sqm28k gpSvargrondTrixieman
Aureate Court 1 116 sqm476k gpYalaharItz Ah
Aureate Court 2 120 sqm488k gpYalaharBustanut
Aureate Court 3 (Inactive)115 sqm468k gpYalaharFubbi
Aureate Court 4 82 sqm344k gpYalaharMover
Cascade Towers (Guild Hall)315 sqm1392k gpYalahar BOPE
Fortune Wing 1 237 sqm964k gpYalaharTorpor
Fortune Wing 2 (Inactive)130 sqm528k gpYalaharDarth Royal
Fortune Wing 3 135 sqm548k gpYalaharSnokie
Fortune Wing 4 129 sqm532k gpYalaharGrand Archer
Halls of Serenity (Guild Hall)432 sqm1860k gpYalahar Bare Minimum Pro
Luminous Arc 1 147 sqm596k gpYalaharHew Draper
Luminous Arc 2 145 sqm596k gpYalaharDark Saint
Luminous Arc 3 121 sqm496k gpYalaharMaster Of Fire
Luminous Arc 4 175 sqm720k gpYalaharFloki
Radiant Plaza 1 123 sqm508k gpYalaharAyshaah
Radiant Plaza 2 87 sqm356k gpYalaharLa Dead
Radiant Plaza 3 114 sqm464k gpYalaharBorok
Radiant Plaza 4 178 sqm724k gpYalaharSohighfly
Sun Palace (Guild Hall)460 sqm1948k gpYalahar Tenth Legion
VIP House #2395 220 sqm888k gpVip AreaWicked Pally
VIP House #2396 224 sqm904k gpVip AreaJuiced
VIP House #2397 211 sqm852k gpVip AreaTardis
VIP House #2398 215 sqm868k gpVip AreaKele
VIP House #2401 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVip AreaRompetanga
VIP House #2409 89 sqm364k gpVip AreaSnypez
VIP House #2410 95 sqm388k gpVip AreaIheal
VIP House #2413 (Inactive)60 sqm244k gpVip AreaSuingintu
VIP House #2419 166 sqm672k gpVip AreaLord Chuck
VIP House #2420 (Inactive)94 sqm384k gpVip AreaPilin
VIP House #2422 (Inactive)239 sqm968k gpVip AreaElude
VIP House #2423 282 sqm1136k gpVip AreaShadow Spinal
VIP House #2424 225 sqm904k gpVip AreaGossup
VIP House #2425 96 sqm388k gpVip AreaRuin
VIP House #2428 (Inactive)263 sqm1060k gpVip AreaJaggmar
VIP House #2429 436 sqm1752k gpVip AreaYill
VIP House #2434 195 sqm788k gpVip AreaSubject One
VIP House #2438 143 sqm572k gpVip AreaWhite Power Ranger
VIP House #2440 198 sqm800k gpVip AreaBluetooth
VIP House #2441 330 sqm1328k gpVip AreaMirthor
VIP House #2442 68 sqm272k gpVip AreaCorstten
VIP House #2445 227 sqm916k gpVip AreaKefla
VIP House #2446 227 sqm916k gpVip AreaAssassin Hunter
VIP House #2501 362 sqm1448k gpVip AreaDeath's Scythe
VIP House #2502 196 sqm788k gpVip AreaHavoc
VIP House #2507 547 sqm2204k gpVip AreaHypr
VIP House #2508 (Inactive)47 sqm192k gpVip AreaBulin
VIP House #2509 391 sqm1576k gpVip AreaSkyline Sniper
Onett House #2520 60 sqm240k gpLal
Onett House #2521 36 sqm148k gpAirbus
Onett House #2522 36 sqm144k gpBombardier
Onett House #2523 30 sqm120k gpKrezie
Onett House #2524 28 sqm112k gpSr Putoamo
Onett House #2526 53 sqm220k gpKadron Da Nuker
Onett House #2527 32 sqm128k gpKvn Charlove
Onett House #2528 102 sqm408k gpShyze
Onett House #2529 32 sqm128k gpPlastic Bottle
Onett House #2530 30 sqm120k gpSb Maffija
Onett House #2531 48 sqm196k gpTomhe
Onett House #2532 72 sqm288k gpBattleping
Onett House #2533 62 sqm252k gpSup Doctor
Onett House #2534 24 sqm96k gpChinaapple
Onett House #2535 22 sqm92k gpChakkal
Onett House #2536 18 sqm76k gpRaginrhino
Onett House #2537 22 sqm92k gpEduardo
Onett House #2538 63 sqm256k gpFeinho
Onett House #2539 52 sqm212k gpPally'etenal
Onett House #2540 14 sqm60k gpHarry Kane
Onett House #2541 23 sqm96k gpHarden Rutless
Onett House #2542 40 sqm160k gpCrapi
Onett House #2543 91 sqm368k gpProject Swaggy
There are a total of 677 houses in this catagory. A total of 286 houses have inactive owners.
There are a total of 0 Guild Halls in this catagory.
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