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Houses on Noxious
Note: Houses marked as (Inactive) can be purchased by typing: !resell at the front door. Reselling a house will cost gold. The larger the house, the more expensive it will be. If you agree to the price, you can type !resell accept to take ownership of it.
House owners must login atleast once every 30 days to secure their house, or anybody can claim it!
You can not reset Guild Halls using !resell, you must contact a staff member to confirm the guild is inactive.
AddressSizePriceHome CityStatus
Blessed Shield Guildhall (Guild Hall)126 sqm540k gpVenore El matadaro
Dagger Alley 1 52 sqm216k gpVenoreAmator Kwasnych Jablek
Dream Street 1 (Shop) 81 sqm332k gpVenoreDraana Lara
Dream Street 2 67 sqm276k gpVenoreDeath Susej
Dream Street 3 53 sqm220k gpVenoreGiggy (FACC)
Dream Street 4 68 sqm288k gpVenoreYeci
Elm Street 1 53 sqm220k gpVenoreOutkastt
Elm Street 2 51 sqm212k gpVenoreEdera Maris
Elm Street 3 52 sqm220k gpVenoreFugazi
Elm Street 4 51 sqm212k gpVenoreHennessi
Golden Axe Guildhall (Guild Hall)175 sqm740k gpVenore Mercenarys
Iron Alley 1 61 sqm260k gpVenoreKifflom
Iron Alley 2 64 sqm264k gpVenoreGunner Miggy
Loot Lane 1 (Shop) 88 sqm364k gpVenoreMistress Lady
Lucky Lane 1 (Shop) 132 sqm544k gpVenoreEpiq (FACC)
Market Street 1 133 sqm544k gpVenoreLoots
Market Street 2 96 sqm396k gpVenorePajarraka
Market Street 3 70 sqm288k gpVenoreSyyn (FACC)
Market Street 4 (Shop) 96 sqm396k gpVenoreSuneyzerson
Market Street 5 (Shop) 119 sqm488k gpVenoreSander Vanx Doorn (FACC)
Market Street 6 102 sqm428k gpVenoreMilgrau
Market Street 7 44 sqm184k gpVenoreMitch Is Fosho
Mystic Lane 1 51 sqm216k gpVenoreArherox
Mystic Lane 2 58 sqm240k gpVenoreCrinaz
Old Lighthouse 73 sqm300k gpVenorePapito (FACC)
Paupers Palace, Flat 01 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpVenoreXoo Stanex
Paupers Palace, Flat 02 7 sqm32k gpVenoreMixcoac
Paupers Palace, Flat 03 6 sqm28k gpVenoreNose Tu
Paupers Palace, Flat 04 (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpVenoreCatchorro
Paupers Palace, Flat 05 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpVenoreEqum (FACC)
Paupers Palace, Flat 06 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreMajestic Unless
Paupers Palace, Flat 07 8 sqm40k gpVenoreAssasinsoni
Paupers Palace, Flat 11 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpVenoreFree
Paupers Palace, Flat 12 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpVenoreRoyal Black
Paupers Palace, Flat 13 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreLight Walker
Paupers Palace, Flat 14 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpVenoreSoul Slayer
Paupers Palace, Flat 15 7 sqm32k gpVenoreWicked (FACC)
Paupers Palace, Flat 16 10 sqm44k gpVenoreHiddens
Paupers Palace, Flat 17 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreChuky Wh
Paupers Palace, Flat 18 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpVenoreClown Dick
Paupers Palace, Flat 21 (Inactive)5 sqm24k gpVenoreDon King
Paupers Palace, Flat 22 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreMailo
Paupers Palace, Flat 23 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpVenoreTa Pata
Paupers Palace, Flat 24 7 sqm32k gpVenoreJeanny Of Darkness
Paupers Palace, Flat 25 10 sqm44k gpVenoreShirotenshin
Paupers Palace, Flat 26 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreTeken
Paupers Palace, Flat 27 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpVenoreAndrej
Paupers Palace, Flat 28 4 sqm20k gpVenoreWhite Trash
Paupers Palace, Flat 31 16 sqm68k gpVenoreRiding
Paupers Palace, Flat 32 18 sqm80k gpVenoreOnly Hands
Paupers Palace, Flat 33 14 sqm60k gpVenorePatea Lobopolar
Paupers Palace, Flat 34 (Inactive)30 sqm128k gpVenoreAnakin Darkwood
Salvation Street 1 (Shop) 119 sqm492k gpVenoreElma Canon Tmeto
Salvation Street 2 76 sqm312k gpVenoreFishermen (FACC)
Salvation Street 3 76 sqm312k gpVenoreThe Fisherman
Seagull Walk 1 106 sqm432k gpVenoreMustad
Seagull Walk 2 50 sqm212k gpVenorePro-veex
Silver Street 1 54 sqm220k gpVenoreRagerk Zeth (FACC)
Silver Street 2 41 sqm168k gpVenoreSnatch Yogurt
Silver Street 3 41 sqm168k gpVenoreElder Galeons (FACC)
Silver Street 4 66 sqm272k gpVenoreTranquilysson
Steel Home (Guild Hall)219 sqm928k gpVenore Con el Cielo en el Mar
Swamp Watch (Guild Hall)179 sqm764k gpVenore Anonymous
Valorous Venore (Guild Hall)271 sqm1120k gpVenore The Originals
Alai Flats, Flat 01 14 sqm60k gpThaisBlack Guy
Alai Flats, Flat 02 14 sqm60k gpThaisThugg
Alai Flats, Flat 03 14 sqm60k gpThaisNinth Immortal
Alai Flats, Flat 04 14 sqm60k gpThaisReincarnation (FACC)
Alai Flats, Flat 05 20 sqm88k gpThaisSongs (FACC)
Alai Flats, Flat 06 20 sqm88k gpThaisRicardo Del Toro (FACC)
Alai Flats, Flat 07 14 sqm60k gpThaisDarkbear
Alai Flats, Flat 08 14 sqm60k gpThaisUlfmox Mage
Alai Flats, Flat 11 14 sqm60k gpThaisAnfak (FACC)
Alai Flats, Flat 12 14 sqm60k gpThaisVortox
Alai Flats, Flat 13 14 sqm60k gpThaisDevil Returns
Alai Flats, Flat 14 16 sqm68k gpThaisDeadly Druid
Alai Flats, Flat 15 24 sqm104k gpThaisMega Druid
Alai Flats, Flat 16 24 sqm104k gpThaisFelyo (FACC)
Alai Flats, Flat 17 18 sqm76k gpThaisEl Araucano Mapochino
Alai Flats, Flat 18 16 sqm68k gpThaisSome Nukka (FACC)
Alai Flats, Flat 21 14 sqm60k gpThaisSabrina
Alai Flats, Flat 22 14 sqm60k gpThaisRectangle
Alai Flats, Flat 23 14 sqm60k gpThaisThesinverguenza
Alai Flats, Flat 24 16 sqm68k gpThaisKnight Master
Alai Flats, Flat 25 24 sqm104k gpThaisAlways Cross
Alai Flats, Flat 26 24 sqm104k gpThaisBey
Alai Flats, Flat 27 16 sqm68k gpThaisThoot Ghost
Alai Flats, Flat 28 16 sqm68k gpThaisViper
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 01 10 sqm44k gpThaisZureth
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 02 10 sqm44k gpThaisChiapet
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 03 10 sqm44k gpThaisIbeen Dabbinson
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 04 10 sqm44k gpThaisHoly Vengance (FACC)
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 05 10 sqm44k gpThaisSex-enexes
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 06 14 sqm64k gpThaisChenchito
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 11 10 sqm44k gpThaisMano Le Tough
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 12 13 sqm56k gpThaisFear Me
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 13 13 sqm56k gpThaisKeito
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 14 4 sqm20k gpThaisSoothsayer
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 15 4 sqm20k gpThaisDeltron
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 16 14 sqm64k gpThaisShakzito
Bloodhall (Guild Hall)244 sqm1036k gpThais Underdogs
Casino House 1 34 sqm140k gpThaisHipnos
Casino House 10 34 sqm140k gpThaisDiesmore
Casino House 2 34 sqm140k gpThaisEmpty
Casino House 3 34 sqm140k gpThaisBlunt Smoker
Casino House 4 34 sqm140k gpThaisPeanut Butter Jellytime
Casino House 5 34 sqm140k gpThaisLolla (FACC)
Casino House 6 34 sqm140k gpThaisSiwy
Casino House 7 34 sqm140k gpThaisDragonis
Casino House 8 34 sqm140k gpThaisDiosa Of Infamouz
Casino House 9 34 sqm140k gpThaisSpev
Castle of Greenshore (Guild Hall)254 sqm1064k gpThais Krampus
Dark Mansion (Guild Hall)294 sqm1244k gpThais Brotherhood
Demon Tower 50 sqm208k gpThaisMaetrik
Farm Lane, 1st floor (Shop) 15 sqm60k gpThaisCuatija (FACC)
Farm Lane, 2nd Floor (Shop) 15 sqm60k gpThaisRekt Returns
Farm Lane, Basement (Shop) 15 sqm60k gpThaisObama Care Fail (FACC)
Fibula Clanhall (Guild Hall)128 sqm552k gpThais Dark Passions
Fibula Village 1 10 sqm44k gpThaisScripth (FACC)
Fibula Village 2 10 sqm44k gpThaisFaydin
Fibula Village 3 45 sqm196k gpThaisZetegix
Fibula Village 4 21 sqm92k gpThaisAsesino Nocturno
Fibula Village 5 21 sqm92k gpThaisNoxuonyoass (FACC)
Fibula Village, Bar 59 sqm244k gpThaisDavidasaur
Fibula Village, Tower Flat 72 sqm296k gpThaisCalie Nicole
Fibula Village, Villa 181 sqm744k gpThaisMeow Mix
Greenshore Clanhall (Guild Hall)133 sqm572k gpThaisEmpty
Greenshore Village 1 30 sqm132k gpThaisChad
Greenshore Village 2 10 sqm44k gpThaisEvan Fury The'original
Greenshore Village 3 10 sqm44k gpThaisDevils Bro
Greenshore Village 4 10 sqm44k gpThaisGiniac
Greenshore Village 5 10 sqm44k gpThaisMitchells Fosho
Greenshore Village 6 61 sqm252k gpThaisEazy Cake
Greenshore Village 7 18 sqm76k gpThaisChief Kief
Greenshore Village, Shop (Inactive)20 sqm84k gpThaisAstronix
Greenshore Village, Villa 117 sqm484k gpThaisEmpty
Guildhall of the Red Rose (Guild Hall)340 sqm1420k gpThais Peace Race
Halls of the Adventurers (Guild Hall)243 sqm1044k gpThais Rakaka
Harbour Place 1 (Shop) 16 sqm64k gpThaisEtched (FACC)
Harbour Place 2 (Shop) 19 sqm80k gpThaisSpinal Neverfear
Harbour Street 4 14 sqm60k gpThaisPreviewz
Lower Swamp Lane 1 57 sqm244k gpThaisSir Xavi
Lower Swamp Lane 3 57 sqm244k gpThaisMy Nigga
Main Street 9, 1st floor (Shop) 25 sqm100k gpThaisThunder (FACC)
Main Street 9a, 2nd floor (Shop) 12 sqm48k gpThaisKotku (FACC)
Main Street 9b, 2nd floor (Shop) 23 sqm92k gpThaisMr Bilbo (FACC)
Mercenary Tower (Guild Hall)525 sqm2204k gpThais Branch of Sin
Mill Avenue 1 (Shop) 17 sqm72k gpThaisMr Miyagi
Mill Avenue 2 (Shop) 34 sqm144k gpThaisMerk (FACC)
Mill Avenue 3 21 sqm92k gpThaisDakine (FACC)
Mill Avenue 4 21 sqm92k gpThaisRiz
Mill Avenue 5 47 sqm204k gpThaisLethal (FACC)
Snake Tower (Guild Hall)526 sqm2188k gpThais Keepers of Hell
Sorcerer's Avenue 1a 16 sqm72k gpThaisMuzio
Sorcerer's Avenue 1b 12 sqm56k gpThaisVick Khalifa
Sorcerer's Avenue 1c 16 sqm72k gpThaisElgard
Sorcerer's Avenue 5 42 sqm172k gpThaisStraight'rekted
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2a 10 sqm44k gpThaisGhandii (FACC)
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2b 10 sqm44k gpThaisVarda Nissim
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2c 10 sqm44k gpThaisUndeath
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2d 10 sqm44k gpThaisRitus
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2e 10 sqm44k gpThaisLiztyz
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2f 10 sqm44k gpThaisTokatli Pala
Southern Thais Guildhall (Guild Hall)284 sqm1200k gpThais Illuminati
Spiritkeep (Guild Hall)316 sqm1356k gpThais Dope
Sunset Homes, Flat 01 10 sqm44k gpThaisNova (FACC)
Sunset Homes, Flat 02 10 sqm44k gpThaisYolokushswagnoscope
Sunset Homes, Flat 03 10 sqm44k gpThaisJarvan
Sunset Homes, Flat 11 10 sqm44k gpThaisCucumber Man (FACC)
Sunset Homes, Flat 12 10 sqm44k gpThaisMugz (FACC)
Sunset Homes, Flat 13 15 sqm68k gpThaisJonkey
Sunset Homes, Flat 14 10 sqm44k gpThaisGringo Trash
Sunset Homes, Flat 21 10 sqm44k gpThaisAssy Star
Sunset Homes, Flat 22 10 sqm44k gpThaisFrost Witch
Sunset Homes, Flat 23 14 sqm64k gpThaisElvergalarga
Sunset Homes, Flat 24 10 sqm44k gpThaisMaster Experto
Thais Clanhall (Guild Hall)154 sqm656k gpThais Nomercy
Thais Hostel 63 sqm348k gpThaisJomy
The City Wall 1a 21 sqm92k gpThaisKryym
The City Wall 1b 21 sqm92k gpThaisMaster Dark'z Revoltz
The City Wall 3a 16 sqm72k gpThaisDr Pelzak
The City Wall 3b 16 sqm72k gpThaisHeavnly Knight
The City Wall 3c 16 sqm72k gpThaisCrush Shot
The City Wall 3d 16 sqm72k gpThaisNivek Novaly
The City Wall 3e 16 sqm72k gpThaisThe Queen
The City Wall 3f 16 sqm72k gpThaisAnthony (FACC)
The City Wall 5a 10 sqm44k gpThaisDruiid Master
The City Wall 5b 10 sqm44k gpThaisZazoof
The City Wall 5c 10 sqm44k gpThaisDafcon
The City Wall 5d 10 sqm44k gpThaisJager'meister
The City Wall 5e 10 sqm44k gpThaisDark Artster
The City Wall 5f 10 sqm44k gpThaisJoffrey Baratheon (FACC)
The City Wall 7a 10 sqm44k gpThaisClick Box
The City Wall 7b 10 sqm44k gpThaisMarket Mage
The City Wall 7c 12 sqm56k gpThaisHightpowa
The City Wall 7d 12 sqm56k gpThaisQuantum Tunnelling
The City Wall 7e 12 sqm56k gpThaisBon Dracula
The City Wall 7f 12 sqm56k gpThaisCris El Arquero
The City Wall 7g 10 sqm44k gpThaisNipple
The City Wall 7h 10 sqm44k gpThaisMaster Knight (FACC)
The City Wall 9 65 sqm264k gpThaisSinister (FACC)
The Tibianic (Guild Hall)445 sqm1868k gpThais Error 404
Upper Swamp Lane 10 24 sqm108k gpThaisMarketman
Upper Swamp Lane 12 44 sqm188k gpThaisRhett (FACC)
Upper Swamp Lane 2 57 sqm244k gpThaisRazor
Upper Swamp Lane 4 57 sqm244k gpThaisHiromaxy
Upper Swamp Lane 8 121 sqm496k gpThaisSuper Flu
Warriors Guildhall (Guild Hall)255 sqm1064k gpThais Instinct RBRN
Hill Hideout (Guild Hall)193 sqm832k gpKazordoon nobs
Iron Guildhall (Guild Hall)243 sqm1040k gpKazordoon power black
Nobility Quarter 9 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpKazordoonTytanowy Janusz
Outlaw Camp 1 (Inactive)46 sqm192k gpKazordoonSame Guy
Outlaw Camp 2 4 sqm20k gpKazordoonKnight Ghaos
Outlaw Camp 4 (Inactive)2 sqm12k gpKazordoonGoobis (FACC)
Outlaw Castle (Guild Hall)158 sqm668k gpKazordoon Last Battle
Riverspring (Guild Hall)284 sqm1208k gpKazordoonEmpty
The Market 3 (Shop) (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpKazordoonAssadow
Tunnel Gardens 10 (Inactive)10 sqm48k gpKazordoonRozjebana Ala
Tunnel Gardens 11 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpKazordoonSraczka Po Kawie
Tunnel Gardens 6 16 sqm72k gpKazordoonHealary Duff (FACC)
Upper Barracks 11 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpKazordoonIvory
Upper Barracks 12 4 sqm20k gpKazordoonZatch
Upper Barracks 13 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpKazordoonShadedtrigger
Wolftower (Guild Hall)316 sqm1356k gpKazordoon Greeny Warriors
Carlin Clanhall (Guild Hall)167 sqm708k gpCarlin uhkihfdsf jjj
Central Plaza 1 8 sqm32k gpCarlinBrisa
Central Plaza 2 (Inactive)8 sqm32k gpCarlinGallito De Purga
Central Plaza 3 (Inactive)8 sqm32k gpCarlinLesado De Maconha
Druids Retreat A (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpCarlinFreak Paladin (FACC)
Druids Retreat B (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpCarlinNapizgany
Druids Retreat C (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpCarlinDiazepan
Druids Retreat D (Inactive)22 sqm96k gpCarlinSplooged
East Lane 1a 48 sqm200k gpCarlinDafuq
East Lane 1b (Inactive)34 sqm144k gpCarlinWemphis
East Lane 2 87 sqm356k gpCarlinMmita
Harbour Flats, Flat 11 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpCarlinCiasteku
Harbour Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinWright
Harbour Flats, Flat 13 10 sqm44k gpCarlinJuelz Tha Don
Harbour Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinAlienes
Harbour Flats, Flat 15 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinWant To See My Penis
Harbour Flats, Flat 16 7 sqm32k gpCarlinAnything For An Sd
Harbour Flats, Flat 17 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinJoswa
Harbour Flats, Flat 18 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinNote Book
Harbour Flats, Flat 21 14 sqm64k gpCarlinAeloz (FACC)
Harbour Flats, Flat 22 (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpCarlinThe Lawnmower Man
Harbour Flats, Flat 23 7 sqm32k gpCarlinCrazy Devil
Harbour Lane 1 (Shop) 19 sqm76k gpCarlinCaltonvin Of Legends
Harbour Lane 2a (Shop) 12 sqm48k gpCarlinShazam
Harbour Lane 2b (Shop) 12 sqm48k gpCarlinKilla-peeps
Harbour Lane 3 77 sqm320k gpCarlinMcchickenina
House of Recreation (Guild Hall)337 sqm1412k gpCarlin One Hit K-O
Lonely Sea Side Hostel 218 sqm904k gpCarlinChickenino
Magician's Alley 1 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpCarlinNightkiller (FACC)
Magician's Alley 1a (Inactive)7 sqm36k gpCarlinRideck
Magician's Alley 1b (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpCarlinHartske (FACC)
Magician's Alley 1c 7 sqm32k gpCarlinCaboco
Magician's Alley 1d (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinDudek Jwp
Magician's Alley 4 40 sqm176k gpCarlinCocumber
Magician's Alley 5a 4 sqm20k gpCarlinDomo Of Paladin
Magician's Alley 5b 7 sqm32k gpCarlinMaria Druid (FACC)
Magician's Alley 5c 16 sqm72k gpCarlinRouter
Magician's Alley 5d (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinDonquixote
Magician's Alley 5e (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinBuster
Magician's Alley 5f 16 sqm72k gpCarlinYanez
Magician's Alley 8 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpCarlinFluttershy
Moonkeep (Guild Hall)239 sqm1020k gpCarlin Team Isara
Nautic Observer 145 sqm596k gpCarlinBdangerous
Nordic Stronghold (Guild Hall)366 sqm1508k gpCarlin Noxious Staff
Northern Street 1a 16 sqm72k gpCarlinYoby
Northern Street 1b 16 sqm72k gpCarlinMerciano
Northern Street 1c (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinBaltasar
Northern Street 3a (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinMini Fck
Northern Street 3b (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpCarlinCypress
Northern Street 5 41 sqm172k gpCarlinElfo Yador
Northern Street 7 34 sqm144k gpCarlinHanqypanqy
Northport Clanhall (Guild Hall)130 sqm560k gpCarlin Polaczek Cebulaczeq
Northport Village 1 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpCarlinKiercari Janwi
Northport Village 2 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpCarlinSin Gorro No Fiesta
Northport Village 3 96 sqm392k gpCarlinKiibe
Northport Village 4 (Inactive)42 sqm176k gpCarlinUltimate Knight
Northport Village 5 (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpCarlinJake El Pirata
Northport Village 6 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpCarlinForrest Gump
Park Lane 1a 21 sqm92k gpCarlinAnonimous
Park Lane 1b 27 sqm116k gpCarlinGwyne
Park Lane 2 16 sqm72k gpCarlinPewnd
Park Lane 3a 21 sqm92k gpCarlinKript Keeper (FACC)
Park Lane 3b 20 sqm88k gpCarlinGolden Restriever
Park Lane 4 16 sqm72k gpCarlinTin-go
Rosebud A 22 sqm92k gpCarlinSpongebob Squarepantz (FACC)
Rosebud B 22 sqm92k gpCarlinMe So Ho
Rosebud C (Inactive)30 sqm120k gpCarlinAfrodita Athena
Seawatch (Guild Hall)364 sqm1532k gpCarlin Los Patoh Malos
Senja Clanhall (Guild Hall)172 sqm724k gpCarlin Alcatraz
Senja Village 11 (Inactive)50 sqm208k gpCarlinPower Lust
Senja Village 1b (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpCarlinBlood Lust
Senja Village 4 14 sqm60k gpCarlinExotic Immortal Hash
Senja Village 7 12 sqm56k gpCarlinOfficial Vandal
Senja Village 8 (Inactive)30 sqm128k gpCarlinAranix
Senja Village 9 (Inactive)48 sqm200k gpCarlinSilverfox
Suntower (Guild Hall)204 sqm844k gpCarlin Death Zone
Theater Avenue 10 17 sqm76k gpCarlinBlur (FACC)
Theater Avenue 11a 24 sqm104k gpCarlinCedrico Diggory
Theater Avenue 11b 10 sqm44k gpCarlinS'aphira (FACC)
Theater Avenue 11c (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpCarlinCondemned
Theater Avenue 12 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpCarlinHawkeye Gough (FACC)
Theater Avenue 14 (Shop) 36 sqm148k gpCarlinDaniel Tourian
Theater Avenue 5a (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinScumpii
Theater Avenue 5b 7 sqm32k gpCarlinEnderson Paskistan
Theater Avenue 5c (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinEstelitas
Theater Avenue 5d (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinTrunfos
Theater Avenue 6a 11 sqm52k gpCarlinBrotha Tom
Theater Avenue 6b (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinSoul War
Theater Avenue 6c 2 sqm12k gpCarlinPlo Plo
Theater Avenue 6d (Inactive)2 sqm12k gpCarlinL's'd
Theater Avenue 6e 11 sqm52k gpCarlinMasakratus
Theater Avenue 6f 11 sqm52k gpCarlinKitty Power
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 01 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpCarlinGallywix
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 02 6 sqm28k gpCarlinManifestus (FACC)
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 03 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinShadow-moses
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 04 8 sqm36k gpCarlinDarkoss
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 05 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinYanez Pelon
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 06 4 sqm20k gpCarlinPerris
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 11 (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpCarlinMesamadeira Arvorefolha
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 12 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinAzz De Zapy
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 13 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinMarcellus
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 14 8 sqm36k gpCarlinSantiine
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 15 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinShootya
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 16 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinMctibiano
Theater Avenue 8a 21 sqm92k gpCarlinJavinos (FACC)
Theater Avenue 8b (Inactive)19 sqm88k gpCarlinYolo Cojo
Ab'Dendriel Clanhall (Guild Hall)262 sqm1088k gpAb'DenrielEmpty
Castle of the Winds (Guild Hall)422 sqm1760k gpAb'Denriel Los Mata Gafos
Coastwood 10 19 sqm88k gpAb'DenrielMasakre
Coastwood 2 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpAb'DenrielThunder Balloon
Coastwood 3 (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpAb'DenrielCoraline Blackbolt
Coastwood 4 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpAb'DenrielMerchant Alliance
Coastwood 5 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAb'DenrielShaniqua Jenkins
Coastwood 6 (Shop) 24 sqm100k gpAb'DenrielTanku
Coastwood 8 (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpAb'DenrielSecretkey Shadow
Coastwood 9 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAb'DenrielAurora
Great Willow 1c (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielDeuce (FACC)
Great Willow 2a (Inactive)11 sqm48k gpAb'DenrielSmigol
Great Willow 2c 10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielNo Hay Manera
Great Willow 4a (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpAb'DenrielAlvaruz (FACC)
Great Willow 4b 12 sqm56k gpAb'DenrielDoz
Great Willow 4c 12 sqm56k gpAb'DenrielViolently Happy
Great Willow 4d (Inactive)12 sqm52k gpAb'DenrielAvertisek
Mangrove 1 24 sqm108k gpAb'DenrielAerolith
Mangrove 3 16 sqm72k gpAb'DenrielTwilight
Mangrove 4 13 sqm60k gpAb'DenrielRenektonx
Shadow Caves 2 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpAb'DenrielAdanmex
Shadow Caves 28 7 sqm32k gpAb'DenrielKing Ares
Shadow Caves 4 7 sqm32k gpAb'DenrielVigil
Shadow Towers (Guild Hall)348 sqm1464k gpAb'Denriel Flask of Gold
The Hideout (Guild Hall)321 sqm1364k gpAb'Denriel The Hideout
Treetop 1 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielWinchesster
Treetop 10 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpAb'DenrielAkron Frek
Treetop 11 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpAb'DenrielSir Firri Plin
Treetop 12 (Shop) 20 sqm84k gpAb'DenrielCruzz
Treetop 13 21 sqm92k gpAb'DenrielKal-torak
Treetop 2 10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielMaster Memoo
Treetop 3 (Shop) (Inactive)20 sqm84k gpAb'DenrielSilver Surpher (FACC)
Treetop 5 (Shop) (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAb'DenrielLacritax
Treetop 6 7 sqm32k gpAb'DenrielSta Tik
Treetop 7 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAb'DenrielSs Striker
Treetop 9 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpAb'DenrielJaa Bi Bi
Underwood 1 (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAb'DenrielEterno Hugo Chavez
Underwood 10 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielCeltics
Underwood 2 27 sqm116k gpAb'DenrielDeva Pain
Underwood 3 26 sqm116k gpAb'DenrielPatriarca Pala
Underwood 4 (Inactive)35 sqm156k gpAb'DenrielTom El Knight
Underwood 5 (Inactive)19 sqm88k gpAb'DenrielUsher
Underwood 6 24 sqm108k gpAb'DenrielHodir
Underwood 7 21 sqm96k gpAb'DenrielMiles Deep (FACC)
Underwood 8 (Inactive)13 sqm60k gpAb'DenrielCausax
Underwood 9 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielSpanezhito
Admiral's Avenue 1 83 sqm340k gpLiberty BayJiggy
Admiral's Avenue 2 85 sqm356k gpLiberty BayEcko (FACC)
Admiral's Avenue 3 68 sqm280k gpLiberty BayCira Silveheart
Freedom Street 1 41 sqm172k gpLiberty BayAmicute
Freedom Street 2 103 sqm428k gpLiberty BayDem Tanks
Harvester's Haven, Flat 01 12 sqm56k gpLiberty BaySmoky
Harvester's Haven, Flat 02 12 sqm56k gpLiberty BaySniper-man
Harvester's Haven, Flat 12 (Inactive)13 sqm60k gpLiberty BayRhasparo
Ivory Circle 1 71 sqm292k gpLiberty BaySothiss
Ivory Circle 2 120 sqm488k gpLiberty BayShayde Styles
Ivy Cottage (Guild Hall)469 sqm1980k gpLiberty Bay Noxious Trading Company
Litter Promenade 3 (Inactive)12 sqm52k gpLiberty BayGunwo
Litter Promenade 4 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpLiberty BayKala Loco
Litter Promenade 5 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpLiberty BayTirzah
Marble Lane 1 178 sqm736k gpLiberty BayDeadler
Marble Lane 2 106 sqm436k gpLiberty BayJibbijabjab (FACC)
Marble Lane 3 133 sqm548k gpLiberty BayFetywapp
Marble Lane 4 102 sqm424k gpLiberty BayNorth
Meriana Beach (Inactive)140 sqm572k gpLiberty BayGeneral Nukem
Mountain Hideout (Guild Hall)234 sqm1004k gpLiberty BayEmpty
Rum Alley 1 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpLiberty BayBrutus Beefcake
Shady Trail 1 (Inactive)14 sqm76k gpLiberty BayBaraife
Smuggler Backyard 1 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpLiberty BayZerateman
Smuggler Backyard 2 (Inactive)15 sqm68k gpLiberty BayStun (FACC)
Smuggler Backyard 3 (Inactive)15 sqm68k gpLiberty BayMrx
Smuggler Backyard 5 11 sqm52k gpLiberty BayPyro Tytus
Straycat's Corner 2 (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpLiberty BayBong (FACC)
Straycat's Corner 3 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpLiberty BayTwo Shot (FACC)
Straycat's Corner 4 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpLiberty BayTipango
Straycat's Corner 5 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpLiberty BayOggun
Sugar Street 1 50 sqm212k gpLiberty BayArkazerc
Sugar Street 2 39 sqm168k gpLiberty BayPala Din
Sugar Street 3a (Inactive)22 sqm100k gpLiberty BayTotti Olhando
Sugar Street 3b 30 sqm132k gpLiberty BayNaftero
Sugar Street 4a 12 sqm56k gpLiberty BayZanatos
Sugar Street 4b (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BayPurga
Sugar Street 4c (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpLiberty BayBannan Olle
Sugar Street 4d (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpLiberty BaySexyrp
Sugar Street 5 20 sqm88k gpLiberty BayTato Kaboom
The Shelter (Guild Hall)282 sqm1252k gpLiberty Bay Locos And Viciosos
The Tavern 1a 40 sqm176k gpLiberty BayAesc
The Tavern 1b 31 sqm132k gpLiberty BayBionic Jive
The Tavern 1c 73 sqm304k gpLiberty BaySmiggler
The Tavern 1d 24 sqm104k gpLiberty BayPixel Dick (FACC)
The Tavern 2a 92 sqm388k gpLiberty BaySorc Maria (FACC)
The Tavern 2b 27 sqm116k gpLiberty BayIn Peace
The Tavern 2c (Inactive)16 sqm68k gpLiberty BayGriffinhawk
The Tavern 2d (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpLiberty BayUnderdoom
Trader's Point 1 38 sqm160k gpLiberty BayInglorious Healer
Trader's Point 2 (Shop) 93 sqm380k gpLiberty BayEuryginal
Trader's Point 3 (Shop) 106 sqm432k gpLiberty BayGlamorous
Bamboo Fortress (Guild Hall)381 sqm1604k gpPort Hope The Heartless
Bamboo Garden 1 (Inactive)25 sqm112k gpPort HopeHumbelto
Bamboo Garden 2 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpPort HopePrincess Puff Alotz
Bamboo Garden 3 27 sqm116k gpPort HopeDruid Skyland
Banana Bay 1 7 sqm32k gpPort HopeMaster Shooter
Banana Bay 2 14 sqm60k gpPort HopeDarivand
Banana Bay 3 7 sqm32k gpPort HopeRoby
Banana Bay 4 7 sqm32k gpPort HopeMister Yaoi
Coconut Quay 1 32 sqm136k gpPort HopePotential
Coconut Quay 2 16 sqm72k gpPort HopePoo
Coconut Quay 3 32 sqm144k gpPort HopeSelena Lines
Coconut Quay 4 36 sqm156k gpPort HopeDaark Styler
Crocodile Bridge 1 (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpPort HopeNicolas Maduro Moros
Crocodile Bridge 2 12 sqm56k gpPort HopeFeisty Druid
Crocodile Bridge 3 22 sqm96k gpPort HopeZanerious
Crocodile Bridge 4 88 sqm368k gpPort HopeDralyon
Crocodile Bridge 5 80 sqm328k gpPort HopeSandren
Flamingo Flats 1 8 sqm40k gpPort HopeCdpknight
Flamingo Flats 2 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpPort HopeSir Roberto
Flamingo Flats 3 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpPort HopeCavalieros
Flamingo Flats 4 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpPort HopeSoofter
Flamingo Flats 5 (Inactive)38 sqm156k gpPort HopeDarklordspade (FACC)
Haggler's Hangout 1 22 sqm96k gpPort HopeBenny Wenny (FACC)
Haggler's Hangout 2 23 sqm96k gpPort HopeEhbuse
Haggler's Hangout 3 137 sqm564k gpPort HopeSarion (FACC)
Haggler's Hangout 4a (Shop) 30 sqm124k gpPort HopeSpeed Ice
Haggler's Hangout 4b (Shop) 24 sqm100k gpPort HopeLegal Sniper
Haggler's Hangout 5 (Shop) 24 sqm100k gpPort HopeInfernalis (FACC)
Haggler's Hangout 6 113 sqm468k gpPort HopeTard Elmy
Jungle Edge 1 44 sqm188k gpPort HopeRotlan
Jungle Edge 2 59 sqm248k gpPort HopeMike Candyz
Jungle Edge 3 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpPort HopeSir Davos
Jungle Edge 4 12 sqm56k gpPort HopeStonerssgmp
Jungle Edge 5 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpPort HopeKillboxx
Jungle Edge 6 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpPort HopeHazed
River Homes 1 66 sqm276k gpPort HopeZanny
River Homes 2a 21 sqm92k gpPort HopeSoretin
River Homes 2b (Inactive)24 sqm108k gpPort HopeShortii
River Homes 3 82 sqm356k gpPort HopeSwink Jeezy
Shark Manor (Guild Hall)127 sqm568k gpPort Hope 1080 No Scope
The Treehouse (Guild Hall)484 sqm2028k gpPort Hope Unsung Heroes
Woodway 1 14 sqm60k gpPort HopeQueongos
Woodway 2 11 sqm48k gpPort HopeGerardo Ortiz
Woodway 3 (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpPort HopeBlunt Lord
Woodway 4 6 sqm28k gpPort HopeLa Guzman
Arakmehn I (Inactive)21 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunMistical Magic Maker (FACC)
Arakmehn II (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunEnghter (FACC)
Arakmehn III (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunEsparta (FACC)
Arakmehn IV (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpAnkrahmunAdan Cruz
Botham I a (Inactive)21 sqm88k gpAnkrahmunArathir
Botham I b (Inactive)47 sqm200k gpAnkrahmunMendicant Bias
Botham I c (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunTerrior (FACC)
Botham I d 50 sqm212k gpAnkrahmunRooss
Botham I e (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpAnkrahmunFerumona
Botham II a 14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunHentai Oppai
Botham II b 26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunDasheet (FACC)
Botham II c 17 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunSummelisic
Botham II d 32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunDarus Nyx
Botham II e 26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunBig Nipples
Botham II f (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunKagron
Botham II g (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunAntipatik
Botham III a (Inactive)22 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunOgrito
Botham III b 12 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunZin
Botham III c (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunDextrix
Botham III d 14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunDagon Diabolus
Botham III e 15 sqm64k gpAnkrahmunBlanka (FACC)
Botham III f 36 sqm156k gpAnkrahmunPapa Smerf
Botham III g 26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunXesh
Botham III h 64 sqm268k gpAnkrahmunKardia De Escorpio (FACC)
Botham IV a (Inactive)22 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunBamba
Botham IV c (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunShxy Treborts
Botham IV f 26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunRob Of Ven
Botham IV g 24 sqm104k gpAnkrahmunYordan
Botham IV h 34 sqm140k gpAnkrahmunCarl Of Laya
Botham IV i (Inactive)26 sqm116k gpAnkrahmunBaalzebub
Chameken I 17 sqm72k gpAnkrahmunNumber One
Charsirakh I a 4 sqm20k gpAnkrahmunTruffle
Charsirakh I b (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunMr Floww
Charsirakh II (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunKaty Pally
Charsirakh III (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunTseo
Esuph I 18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunZevs Mighty Thunder
Esuph II b 26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunSemper Fidelis Poloniae
Esuph III b (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunFinster
Esuph IV d 16 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunEl Cozmo
Harrah I (Guild Hall)96 sqm424k gpAnkrahmun Mage Slayers
Horakhal (Guild Hall)174 sqm752k gpAnkrahmun Sztosiki
Mothrem I 21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunSephiroth Blackheart
Murkhol I a (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunZiripi
Murkhol I b (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunCuantos Mas Rey Misterio
Murkhol I c (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunGhalozz
Murkhol I d 8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunKennys Sky
Oskahl I a 32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunPokez
Oskahl I b 18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunYeshua Elayas
Oskahl I c (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunNicke Spjut
Oskahl I d (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunSasha Lee
Oskahl I e 18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunFlow Motion
Oskahl I f (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunAjoite
Oskahl I g 21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunBarry Boter
Oskahl I h 32 sqm140k gpAnkrahmunXedife
Oskahl I i 18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunZapherian
Oskahl I j (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunFlamez
Othehothep I a 5 sqm24k gpAnkrahmunRyhu
Othehothep I b (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunDraxto
Othehothep I c (Inactive)31 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunMagina
Othehothep I d (Inactive)34 sqm152k gpAnkrahmunGladrial
Othehothep II a 8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunPally Of Matador
Othehothep II b (Inactive)36 sqm156k gpAnkrahmunJohny Man
Othehothep II c (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunEvilius Darkblade
Othehothep II d (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunSiick
Othehothep II e 26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunNimbin
Othehothep II f (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpAnkrahmunCrinbek (FACC)
Othehothep III a (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpAnkrahmunDarkness Vtwo
Othehothep III b (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunAmmonified
Othehothep III c 16 sqm72k gpAnkrahmunKiefer
Othehothep III d 23 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunPansis
Othehothep III e (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunNicol Mieses
Othehothep III f 14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunNight Wolf
Ramen Tah (Guild Hall)90 sqm424k gpAnkrahmunEmpty
Rathal I a (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunRejuvinox
Rathal I b 14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunAntisocial
Rathal I d (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunKaktus
Rathal I e (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunGanxther
Rathal II a (Inactive)24 sqm100k gpAnkrahmunIgnorer
Rathal II b (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunSir Amaru
Rathal II d (Inactive)29 sqm124k gpAnkrahmunHaruki (FACC)
Thanah I a (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunPhysx
Thanah I b (Inactive)50 sqm212k gpAnkrahmunKyske
Thanah I c 51 sqm216k gpAnkrahmunSexiest Sio
Thanah I d (Inactive)42 sqm184k gpAnkrahmunTwisted Personality
Thanah II a (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunSanosuke'sagara
Thanah II c (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpAnkrahmunPentakill (FACC)
Thanah II d 4 sqm20k gpAnkrahmunTox Sorc
Thanah II e (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpAnkrahmunAntonniius
Thanah II f 45 sqm192k gpAnkrahmunRealest
Thanah II g (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunAngelofruin
Thanah II h (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunMamorena (FACC)
Thrarhor I c (Shop) 25 sqm108k gpAnkrahmunSchizofreek
Thrarhor I d (Shop) (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAnkrahmunPenisland
Unklath I a 21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunDemon Paladin De Papel
Unklath I b (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpAnkrahmunTroutmen
Unklath I c (Inactive)29 sqm124k gpAnkrahmunHeebie
Unklath I d (Inactive)30 sqm132k gpAnkrahmunPouse
Unklath I e (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunTao
Unklath I f 32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunTatico
Unklath I g (Inactive)34 sqm140k gpAnkrahmunGolden Lion
Unklath II a (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunDesconocida
Unklath II b (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunEng Soliman
Unklath II c (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunKing Chango
Unklath II d (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunMr Catra
Uthemath I a 7 sqm32k gpAnkrahmunHyper Mega Tinsho-kun
Uthemath I b 17 sqm72k gpAnkrahmunNight Raid
Uthemath I c (Inactive)15 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunSandy Warez
Uthemath I d 18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunEl Loco Ramboxx Chle
Uthemath I e (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpAnkrahmunJah Bless
Uthemath I f 49 sqm208k gpAnkrahmunTypo
Uthemath II (Guild Hall)76 sqm336k gpAnkrahmun Genei Ryodan
Darashia 1, Flat 01 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaKocareis
Darashia 1, Flat 02 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaPaltomiel
Darashia 1, Flat 03 52 sqm216k gpDarashiaSkalken
Darashia 1, Flat 04 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaBomber Sing
Darashia 1, Flat 05 20 sqm88k gpDarashiaKrusty
Darashia 1, Flat 11 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaOctavious (FACC)
Darashia 1, Flat 12 39 sqm160k gpDarashiaWhite Ghost (FACC)
Darashia 1, Flat 13 39 sqm160k gpDarashiaSunbag Famples
Darashia 1, Flat 14 54 sqm224k gpDarashiaMelodeouz
Darashia 2, Flat 01 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpDarashiaJoel
Darashia 2, Flat 02 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaMalc
Darashia 2, Flat 03 26 sqm108k gpDarashiaDarkshots
Darashia 2, Flat 04 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpDarashiaValucito
Darashia 2, Flat 05 24 sqm104k gpDarashiaDaiwaz (FACC)
Darashia 2, Flat 06 10 sqm44k gpDarashiaSylar
Darashia 2, Flat 07 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaBlue Steel
Darashia 2, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaKing Loading
Darashia 2, Flat 12 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpDarashiaMaik Oldskull
Darashia 2, Flat 13 26 sqm108k gpDarashiaGolden One
Darashia 2, Flat 14 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpDarashiaMe Muero
Darashia 2, Flat 15 24 sqm104k gpDarashiaVapors
Darashia 2, Flat 16 (Inactive)15 sqm64k gpDarashiaOxycontin
Darashia 2, Flat 17 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaCrazzy Nene
Darashia 2, Flat 18 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpDarashiaFox Crewxx
Darashia 3, Flat 01 20 sqm88k gpDarashiaAlibaba Tha Pimp
Darashia 3, Flat 02 32 sqm136k gpDarashiaDwansartos
Darashia 3, Flat 03 20 sqm88k gpDarashiaPoeta Callejero (FACC)
Darashia 3, Flat 04 33 sqm140k gpDarashiaSocio Case
Darashia 3, Flat 05 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaApester Ed
Darashia 3, Flat 11 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaEl Ghazul
Darashia 3, Flat 12 44 sqm192k gpDarashiaXeerote
Darashia 3, Flat 13 20 sqm88k gpDarashiaPlasmatis
Darashia 3, Flat 14 46 sqm196k gpDarashiaAyahuasca
Darashia 4, Flat 01 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaPmalak
Darashia 4, Flat 02 38 sqm160k gpDarashiaMix Tape
Darashia 4, Flat 03 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpDarashiaYaphets Troll Mode
Darashia 4, Flat 04 38 sqm160k gpDarashiaFinger
Darashia 4, Flat 05 21 sqm92k gpDarashiaFatality Tankmode
Darashia 4, Flat 11 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaHypnotik
Darashia 4, Flat 12 52 sqm220k gpDarashiaDanielita
Darashia 4, Flat 13 37 sqm156k gpDarashiaXen
Darashia 4, Flat 14 37 sqm156k gpDarashiaBad Company (FACC)
Darashia 5, Flat 01 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaThe Paladin-loco (FACC)
Darashia 5, Flat 02 34 sqm140k gpDarashiaSkymak
Darashia 5, Flat 03 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaHoly Templar
Darashia 5, Flat 04 (Inactive)34 sqm140k gpDarashiaShaquille O'neal
Darashia 5, Flat 05 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaWhat The Knight
Darashia 5, Flat 11 39 sqm160k gpDarashiaKutty
Darashia 5, Flat 12 36 sqm148k gpDarashiaExeggotor
Darashia 5, Flat 13 39 sqm160k gpDarashiaBella Swan
Darashia 5, Flat 14 35 sqm144k gpDarashiaZoexd
Darashia 6a 62 sqm256k gpDarashiaSkrolly
Darashia 6b 69 sqm284k gpDarashiaHumid
Darashia 7, Flat 01 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaOne Nutious
Darashia 7, Flat 02 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaPelsdott
Darashia 7, Flat 03 50 sqm216k gpDarashiaKabryt (FACC)
Darashia 7, Flat 04 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpDarashiaThe Sun
Darashia 7, Flat 05 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaFreddi (FACC)
Darashia 7, Flat 11 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaDianabol
Darashia 7, Flat 12 49 sqm212k gpDarashiaSharin Leo
Darashia 7, Flat 13 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaBenderape
Darashia 7, Flat 14 48 sqm208k gpDarashiaGods Avenger
Darashia 8, Flat 01 48 sqm200k gpDarashiaPally Of Detruption (FACC)
Darashia 8, Flat 02 67 sqm276k gpDarashiaFrostgrizz
Darashia 8, Flat 03 92 sqm376k gpDarashiaBiko
Darashia 8, Flat 04 58 sqm236k gpDarashiaSin Audio
Darashia 8, Flat 05 52 sqm216k gpDarashiaNikita Lawless
Darashia 8, Flat 11 (Inactive)37 sqm156k gpDarashiaGrauna
Darashia 8, Flat 12 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpDarashiaZaffes
Darashia 8, Flat 13 38 sqm156k gpDarashiaMulvoid (FACC)
Darashia 8, Flat 14 35 sqm144k gpDarashiaChaman King
Darashia, Eastern Guildhall (Guild Hall)204 sqm880k gpDarashia Holy Union
Darashia, Villa 93 sqm388k gpDarashiaAxel Max
Darashia, Western Guildhall (Guild Hall)154 sqm672k gpDarashia Noxious Sheriffs
Castle of the White Dragon (Guild Hall)442 sqm1844k gpEdron AFK Burrito
Castle Shop 1 31 sqm128k gpEdronMini Mand
Castle Shop 2 31 sqm128k gpEdronNaughty
Castle Shop 3 31 sqm128k gpEdronRexz On Three
Castle Street 1 53 sqm224k gpEdronSerotonina
Castle Street 2 26 sqm112k gpEdronDogmaa Of Hell
Castle Street 3 32 sqm136k gpEdronNoggler
Castle Street 4 32 sqm136k gpEdronEdu
Castle Street 5 32 sqm136k gpEdronBabombs
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 01 10 sqm44k gpEdronBois The Paladin
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 02 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronHeineken Caganeira
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 03 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronQuatro Queijos
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 04 10 sqm44k gpEdronBradock
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 05 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronFiery Flames
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 06 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpEdronAondo
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 07 13 sqm56k gpEdronSir Dylan
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 01 10 sqm44k gpEdronKnight Juggie
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 03 10 sqm44k gpEdronDon Gragi
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 04 10 sqm44k gpEdronFirewarrior
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 05 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronSzwancolot
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 06 (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpEdronSquall Oldskull
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 07 13 sqm56k gpEdronYukine
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 08 (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpEdronElite Kinazin
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 09 (Inactive)13 sqm56k gpEdronElitezado
Central Circle 1 66 sqm272k gpEdronVicious Violence
Central Circle 2 73 sqm300k gpEdronBic
Central Circle 3 79 sqm336k gpEdronHible
Central Circle 4 79 sqm336k gpEdronHachh
Central Circle 5 79 sqm336k gpEdronTukus'ga
Central Circle 6 (Shop) 84 sqm344k gpEdronHazze
Central Circle 7 (Shop) 84 sqm344k gpEdronZeus (FACC)
Central Circle 8 (Shop) 84 sqm344k gpEdronKuzarot
Central Circle 9a 16 sqm72k gpEdronDavion
Central Circle 9b 18 sqm80k gpEdronTony Snow
Cormaya 1 21 sqm92k gpEdronHarry Beauvallet
Cormaya 10 73 sqm304k gpEdronSkyfix (FACC)
Cormaya 11 (Inactive)38 sqm160k gpEdronGojirra
Cormaya 2 70 sqm292k gpEdronKory (FACC)
Cormaya 3 38 sqm160k gpEdronBlack Racist
Cormaya 4 31 sqm132k gpEdronSer Pounce
Cormaya 5 77 sqm320k gpEdronShan Raf
Cormaya 6 46 sqm192k gpEdronMarshall Mathers (FACC)
Cormaya 7 46 sqm192k gpEdronFat Mommy
Cormaya 8 53 sqm220k gpEdronSarionfix (FACC)
Cormaya 9b 50 sqm208k gpEdronFroggen
Cormaya 9c 20 sqm88k gpEdronRenagade (FACC)
Cormaya 9d 50 sqm208k gpEdronFreight Train (FACC)
Cormaya Flats, Flat 01 7 sqm32k gpEdronDeath Nexus
Cormaya Flats, Flat 02 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronCool Knight
Cormaya Flats, Flat 03 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronWarren
Cormaya Flats, Flat 04 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronMiguesx
Cormaya Flats, Flat 05 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronMarcos Rush
Cormaya Flats, Flat 06 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronHerbsnstuff
Cormaya Flats, Flat 11 7 sqm32k gpEdronKing Of Kang
Cormaya Flats, Flat 13 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronKratoss
Cormaya Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronGordogan
Cormaya Flats, Flat 15 7 sqm32k gpEdronDropped
Cormaya Flats, Flat 16 7 sqm32k gpEdronHatan
Edron Flats, Basement Flat 1 (Inactive)31 sqm132k gpEdronMigraine
Edron Flats, Basement Flat 2 (Inactive)31 sqm132k gpEdronDebonzo
Edron Flats, Flat 01 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronThoros
Edron Flats, Flat 02 14 sqm64k gpEdronLara
Edron Flats, Flat 03 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronMivec
Edron Flats, Flat 04 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronKing Fishy
Edron Flats, Flat 05 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronCabusito
Edron Flats, Flat 06 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronCabu
Edron Flats, Flat 07 7 sqm32k gpEdronQiuinis Lightfoot (FACC)
Edron Flats, Flat 08 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronSr Cooks
Edron Flats, Flat 11 7 sqm32k gpEdronRael Hitindora
Edron Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronLord Jonty Monty Pon
Edron Flats, Flat 13 7 sqm32k gpEdronPitu
Edron Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronDasperek
Edron Flats, Flat 15 7 sqm32k gpEdronKinder Malo
Edron Flats, Flat 16 7 sqm32k gpEdronInstaggib
Edron Flats, Flat 21 14 sqm64k gpEdronEagle Beater
Edron Flats, Flat 28 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronTroll Life
Magic Academy, Flat 1 (Inactive)16 sqm76k gpEdronAzuky
Magic Academy, Flat 2 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpEdronJuke Druid
Magic Academy, Flat 3 24 sqm100k gpEdronThe Spartacus
Magic Academy, Flat 4 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpEdronHotica
Magic Academy, Flat 5 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpEdronBubba Kush
Magic Academy, Guild (Guild Hall)155 sqm676k gpEdron CIA
Magic Academy, Shop (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpEdronSkyfall
Sky Lane, Guild 1 (Guild Hall)342 sqm1460k gpEdron The Fellowship of the Bling
Sky Lane, Guild 2 (Guild Hall)344 sqm1432k gpEdron NTC Assets
Sky Lane, Guild 3 (Guild Hall)296 sqm1256k gpEdronEmpty
Sky Lane, Sea Tower 80 sqm344k gpEdronImperfect
Stonehome Clanhall (Guild Hall)157 sqm664k gpEdron Horizon Gaming
Stonehome Flats, Flat 02 11 sqm52k gpEdronIcebox (FACC)
Stonehome Flats, Flat 11 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronXodkgvu
Stonehome Flats, Flat 12 11 sqm52k gpEdronDemoion
Stonehome Flats, Flat 13 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronKnightom
Stonehome Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronGilbertpally
Stonehome Village 1 36 sqm152k gpEdronLeafeh
Stonehome Village 2 (Inactive)13 sqm56k gpEdronChris Redfield
Stonehome Village 3 14 sqm60k gpEdronZib
Stonehome Village 4 16 sqm72k gpEdronInferenc
Stonehome Village 5 (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpEdronDecievedrts
Stonehome Village 6 (Inactive)25 sqm108k gpEdronJacolot
Stonehome Village 7 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpEdronCountry
Stonehome Village 8 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronFarius Mexican
Stonehome Village 9 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronKapitan Wypierdalaj
Wood Avenue 1 32 sqm136k gpEdronFizz
Wood Avenue 10a 26 sqm112k gpEdronGoddess Of Wicca
Wood Avenue 10b 22 sqm100k gpEdronUnholy Guardian
Wood Avenue 11 130 sqm544k gpEdronStimming
Wood Avenue 2 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronVtech
Wood Avenue 3 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronPirulaa
Wood Avenue 4 32 sqm136k gpEdronTycrain Godgiven
Wood Avenue 4a 26 sqm112k gpEdronGronk
Wood Avenue 4b 26 sqm112k gpEdronLacandona
Wood Avenue 4c 32 sqm136k gpEdronBiggie Saint
Wood Avenue 5 32 sqm136k gpEdronThrone
Wood Avenue 6a 23 sqm100k gpEdronNuggle (FACC)
Wood Avenue 6b 23 sqm100k gpEdronLasse Lasthit
Wood Avenue 7 117 sqm480k gpEdronBlind Prostitute
Wood Avenue 8 117 sqm480k gpEdronVail Bruh (FACC)
Wood Avenue 9a 26 sqm112k gpEdronHailz Mike (FACC)
Wood Avenue 9b 25 sqm108k gpEdronStar Rampage
Arena Walk 1 55 sqm232k gpSvargrondSlow Roasted (FACC)
Arena Walk 2 21 sqm92k gpSvargrondSir Pintudo
Arena Walk 3 59 sqm248k gpSvargrondKnight Audio
Bears Paw 1 33 sqm140k gpSvargrondDexter Jackson
Bears Paw 2 44 sqm184k gpSvargrondLord Davion Pkadorongo
Bears Paw 3 35 sqm152k gpSvargrondRoss (FACC)
Bears Paw 4 99 sqm412k gpSvargrondIch Waltraut (FACC)
Bears Paw 5 34 sqm148k gpSvargrondBubber
Corner Shop (Shop) 36 sqm152k gpSvargrondSlapyourself
Crystal Glance (Guild Hall)237 sqm1044k gpSvargrond Bust My Cherry
Fimbul Shelf 1 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpSvargrondSmukasplays
Fimbul Shelf 2 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpSvargrondKaren Facio Mexican
Fimbul Shelf 3 (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpSvargrondMylife Belike
Fimbul Shelf 4 22 sqm96k gpSvargrondToonny
Frost Manor (Guild Hall)382 sqm1624k gpSvargrond Memento Mori
Furrier Quarter 1 (Inactive)34 sqm148k gpSvargrondNothing But Rekt
Furrier Quarter 2 21 sqm92k gpSvargrondNibaruu Strike
Furrier Quarter 3 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpSvargrondJebac Laga (FACC)
Glacier Side 1 26 sqm112k gpSvargrondEl Metafosforico
Glacier Side 2 83 sqm344k gpSvargrondSillya Dagon
Glacier Side 3 30 sqm128k gpSvargrondSpragga Benz (FACC)
Glacier Side 4 38 sqm156k gpSvargrondDrug Problem
Mammoth Belly (Guild Hall)278 sqm1232k gpSvargrond Black Pearls
Pilchard Bin 1 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpSvargrondGustavo Joga Facil
Pilchard Bin 10 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpSvargrondAquarian
Pilchard Bin 2 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpSvargrondFast Arrow
Pilchard Bin 3 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpSvargrondMr Estatal
Pilchard Bin 4 10 sqm44k gpSvargrondDab
Pilchard Bin 5 8 sqm40k gpSvargrondLa Estrella
Pilchard Bin 6 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpSvargrondOverkill
Pilchard Bin 7 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpSvargrondGato Con Sida
Pilchard Bin 8 (Inactive)6 sqm32k gpSvargrondSkaadush
Pilchard Bin 9 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpSvargrondAfaste Attack Pro
Raven Corner 1 15 sqm64k gpSvargrondWidzisz Mnie
Raven Corner 2 25 sqm112k gpSvargrondDanna Banana
Raven Corner 3 15 sqm64k gpSvargrondBlue Smoked
Shady Rocks 1 65 sqm276k gpSvargrondHi Fail Yes
Shady Rocks 2 (Inactive)29 sqm132k gpSvargrondDoarnas Noja
Shady Rocks 3 77 sqm320k gpSvargrondZatch
Shady Rocks 4 (Shop) 50 sqm208k gpSvargrondToe
Shady Rocks 5 57 sqm236k gpSvargrondMarksman
Shelf Site 83 sqm344k gpSvargrondXenocell
Skiffs End 1 (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpSvargrondBigz
Skiffs End 2 (Inactive)13 sqm60k gpSvargrondAmadeus
Spirit Homes 1 (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpSvargrondWufurox
Spirit Homes 2 (Inactive)31 sqm132k gpSvargrondMarshall Lee (FACC)
Spirit Homes 3 75 sqm312k gpSvargrondMaazik
Spirit Homes 4 (Inactive)19 sqm80k gpSvargrondDoug Funny (FACC)
Spirit Homes 5 21 sqm92k gpSvargrondBranca
Trout Plaza 1 43 sqm180k gpSvargrondIronfist
Trout Plaza 2 26 sqm112k gpSvargrondCaracas
Trout Plaza 3 (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpSvargrondPalnix
Trout Plaza 4 (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpSvargrondFatal Vapor (FACC)
Trout Plaza 5 (Shop) 73 sqm300k gpSvargrondBig Anus
Tusk Flats 1 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpSvargrondCustos Mains (FACC)
Tusk Flats 2 16 sqm72k gpSvargrondDixon Ed
Tusk Flats 3 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpSvargrondDogma Of Sex (FACC)
Tusk Flats 4 6 sqm28k gpSvargrondEl Yoryo Dk
Tusk Flats 5 (Inactive)11 sqm48k gpSvargrondSiuwax
Tusk Flats 6 12 sqm56k gpSvargrondPijany Rolnik
Aureate Court 1 116 sqm476k gpYalaharTequila
Aureate Court 2 120 sqm488k gpYalaharKidd Kraddick
Aureate Court 3 115 sqm468k gpYalaharCrush (FACC)
Aureate Court 4 82 sqm344k gpYalaharHektic Ez
Cascade Towers (Guild Hall)315 sqm1392k gpYalaharEmpty
Fortune Wing 1 237 sqm964k gpYalaharIronbow
Fortune Wing 2 130 sqm528k gpYalaharUnholy Reaper
Fortune Wing 3 135 sqm548k gpYalaharRancyd Fury
Fortune Wing 4 129 sqm532k gpYalaharNitzuko
Halls of Serenity (Guild Hall)432 sqm1860k gpYalahar Duty
Luminous Arc 1 147 sqm596k gpYalaharWarrior Darus
Luminous Arc 2 145 sqm596k gpYalaharEdward Crowley
Luminous Arc 3 121 sqm496k gpYalaharDe La Soul
Luminous Arc 4 175 sqm720k gpYalaharZarckrax
Radiant Plaza 1 123 sqm508k gpYalaharChief Blazed
Radiant Plaza 2 87 sqm356k gpYalaharEquinox Shuffler (FACC)
Radiant Plaza 3 (Inactive)114 sqm464k gpYalaharFrantic Hippys
Radiant Plaza 4 178 sqm724k gpYalaharSilvertrully (FACC)
Sun Palace (Guild Hall)460 sqm1948k gpYalahar Minimanimo
VIP House #2395 220 sqm888k gpVip AreaZibz Zabz
VIP House #2396 224 sqm904k gpVip AreaDreanor
VIP House #2397 211 sqm852k gpVip AreaSkeets
VIP House #2398 215 sqm868k gpVip AreaMizzou
VIP House #2399 52 sqm216k gpVip AreaHatchet Man
VIP House #2400 (Inactive)86 sqm352k gpVip AreaWakka Jack (FACC)
VIP House #2401 7 sqm32k gpVip AreaEl Rey Arturo
VIP House #2402 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVip AreaNeonacista
VIP House #2405 (Inactive)59 sqm244k gpVip AreaFalco Lombardi
VIP House #2406 (Inactive)50 sqm208k gpVip AreaPallando
VIP House #2408 (Inactive)47 sqm192k gpVip AreaMillers
VIP House #2409 89 sqm364k gpVip AreaSpring (FACC)
VIP House #2410 95 sqm388k gpVip AreaNightmarez
VIP House #2411 60 sqm244k gpVip AreaChakrha
VIP House #2412 (Inactive)68 sqm280k gpVip AreaEvilzebra
VIP House #2417 145 sqm592k gpVip AreaFinny
VIP House #2418 107 sqm440k gpVip AreaMidwest Style
VIP House #2419 166 sqm672k gpVip AreaElite Crusher
VIP House #2420 (Inactive)94 sqm384k gpVip AreaDakora Artime (FACC)
VIP House #2421 (Inactive)45 sqm188k gpVip AreaCain
VIP House #2422 239 sqm968k gpVip AreaSintox
VIP House #2424 225 sqm904k gpVip AreaInsy
VIP House #2425 (Inactive)96 sqm388k gpVip AreaCracky
VIP House #2426 96 sqm388k gpVip AreaHoes Got Keebler Fever (FACC)
VIP House #2428 263 sqm1060k gpVip AreaCash Bash (FACC)
VIP House #2429 436 sqm1752k gpVip AreaPed Roo (FACC)
VIP House #2430 204 sqm824k gpVip AreaUzz
VIP House #2431 (Inactive)172 sqm696k gpVip AreaTompsu
VIP House #2432 (Inactive)91 sqm368k gpVip AreaDiane Gallucci
VIP House #2433 128 sqm516k gpVip AreaDingle Berry (FACC)
VIP House #2434 195 sqm788k gpVip AreaZaruno Vistoq
VIP House #2435 (Inactive)44 sqm176k gpVip AreaKiel
VIP House #2436 55 sqm220k gpVip AreaSteady Mobin
VIP House #2437 (Inactive)55 sqm220k gpVip AreaCzterooki Stefan
VIP House #2439 (Inactive)81 sqm324k gpVip AreaYourshadow
VIP House #2440 198 sqm800k gpVip AreaDeath Head
VIP House #2441 330 sqm1328k gpVip AreaDesperado (FACC)
VIP House #2442 68 sqm272k gpVip AreaHell Demon
VIP House #2443 36 sqm144k gpVip AreaTorontos Devil
VIP House #2444 99 sqm396k gpVip AreaSoul Breaker (FACC)
VIP House #2445 227 sqm916k gpVip AreaRyskii Kina
VIP House #2446 (Inactive)227 sqm916k gpVip AreaSoup
VIP House #2447 (Inactive)64 sqm260k gpVip AreaAlprazolam
VIP House #2448 (Inactive)61 sqm248k gpVip AreaFreaknic
VIP House #2450 31 sqm132k gpVip AreaPally Kush
VIP House #2453 68 sqm276k gpVip AreaSub
VIP House #2454 (Inactive)68 sqm276k gpVip AreaBlazzinn (FACC)
VIP House #2455 63 sqm256k gpVip AreaJay Blaq
VIP House #2457 (Inactive)63 sqm256k gpVip AreaSkyzin
VIP House #2458 63 sqm256k gpVip AreaElessar
VIP House #2459 85 sqm344k gpVip AreaBo Shim Beclar
VIP House #2460 84 sqm340k gpVip AreaCamelto (FACC)
VIP House #2462 68 sqm276k gpVip AreaMaggot
VIP House #2499 83 sqm340k gpVip AreaZombie Munch (FACC)
VIP House #2501 362 sqm1448k gpVip AreaTazzy
VIP House #2502 196 sqm788k gpVip AreaKrillin
VIP House #2503 (Inactive)36 sqm144k gpVip AreaLouko Master
VIP House #2504 (Inactive)57 sqm228k gpVip AreaHell Bringer
VIP House #2505 43 sqm176k gpVip AreaPhoenixin (FACC)
VIP House #2506 (Inactive)64 sqm260k gpVip AreaZatroth
VIP House #2507 547 sqm2204k gpVip AreaCloud Hopper
VIP House #2508 47 sqm192k gpVip AreaPimped Tass
VIP House #2509 391 sqm1576k gpVip AreaGuapamole
Onett House #2520 60 sqm240k gpYour Father
Onett House #2521 36 sqm148k gpSzkah The Knight
Onett House #2522 36 sqm144k gpXoguul
Onett House #2523 30 sqm120k gpDanyelrune
Onett House #2524 28 sqm112k gpBodzin
Onett House #2525 66 sqm272k gpSephidirn Than
Onett House #2526 53 sqm220k gpMarcus Vane
Onett House #2527 32 sqm128k gpTristann
Onett House #2528 102 sqm408k gpHateful
Onett House #2529 32 sqm128k gpMystxpwnz
Onett House #2530 30 sqm120k gpIheal (FACC)
Onett House #2531 48 sqm196k gpBob Lee Swagger (FACC)
Onett House #2532 72 sqm288k gpGetta
Onett House #2533 62 sqm252k gpLeetboy
Onett House #2534 24 sqm96k gpDonor
Onett House #2535 22 sqm92k gpPhillipuk
Onett House #2536 18 sqm76k gpKlmn
Onett House #2537 22 sqm92k gpTlalock
Onett House #2538 63 sqm256k gpDistrictz
Onett House #2539 52 sqm212k gpFunbags
Onett House #2540 14 sqm60k gpBlacky
Onett House #2541 23 sqm96k gpSlippery Slitherer
Onett House #2542 40 sqm160k gpMayito Zambada
Onett House #2543 91 sqm368k gpEternal Warrior
There are a total of 880 houses in this catagory. A total of 300 houses have inactive owners.
There are a total of 2 Guild Halls in this catagory.
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