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Houses on Noxious
Note: Houses marked as (Inactive) can be purchased by typing: !resell at the house door for 450k gp.
House owners must login atleast once every 30 days to secure their house, or anybody can claim it!
You can not reset Guild Halls using !resell, you must contact a staff member to confirm the guild is inactive.
AddressSizePriceHome CityStatus
Blessed Shield Guildhall (Guild Hall)126 sqm270k gpVenore creepers
Dagger Alley 1 52 sqm108k gpVenoreOliver Sykes
Dream Street 1 (Shop) 81 sqm166k gpVenoreDrixo
Dream Street 2 67 sqm138k gpVenorePrende El Hachis
Dream Street 3 53 sqm110k gpVenoreBiggers
Dream Street 4 68 sqm144k gpVenoreSerousam
Elm Street 1 53 sqm110k gpVenoreDomd (FACC)
Elm Street 2 51 sqm106k gpVenoreKilla Ninja
Elm Street 3 52 sqm110k gpVenoreInfinity
Elm Street 4 51 sqm106k gpVenoreFlosser
Golden Axe Guildhall (Guild Hall)175 sqm370k gpVenore Guerreros Elite
Iron Alley 1 61 sqm130k gpVenoreRosetta Stoned
Iron Alley 2 64 sqm132k gpVenoreKing Tanner
Loot Lane 1 (Shop) 88 sqm182k gpVenoreAmotep
Lucky Lane 1 (Shop) 132 sqm272k gpVenorePibb Xtra
Market Street 1 133 sqm272k gpVenoreSeirnflow
Market Street 2 96 sqm198k gpVenoreElder Smoky
Market Street 3 70 sqm144k gpVenoreSir Smoky
Market Street 4 (Shop) 96 sqm198k gpVenoreDrekix
Market Street 5 (Shop) 119 sqm244k gpVenoreTurbonova
Market Street 6 102 sqm214k gpVenoreGhandii
Market Street 7 44 sqm92k gpVenoreDebonaire
Mystic Lane 1 51 sqm108k gpVenoreJason
Mystic Lane 2 58 sqm120k gpVenoreVanidoso
Old Lighthouse 73 sqm150k gpVenoreDragonis
Paupers Palace, Flat 01 6 sqm14k gpVenoreCashir
Paupers Palace, Flat 02 7 sqm16k gpVenorePapito
Paupers Palace, Flat 03 (Inactive)6 sqm14k gpVenoreGabbe
Paupers Palace, Flat 04 (Inactive)8 sqm18k gpVenoreCrazy Kamikaze
Paupers Palace, Flat 05 4 sqm10k gpVenoreShabbalon
Paupers Palace, Flat 06 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpVenoreTaniia Pardo
Paupers Palace, Flat 07 8 sqm20k gpVenoreXlanthi
Paupers Palace, Flat 11 4 sqm10k gpVenoreSiker Purple
Paupers Palace, Flat 12 8 sqm20k gpVenoreUnsent
Paupers Palace, Flat 13 7 sqm16k gpVenoreRapid Horned
Paupers Palace, Flat 14 10 sqm22k gpVenoreWintersessie
Paupers Palace, Flat 15 7 sqm16k gpVenoreSwiftness
Paupers Palace, Flat 16 10 sqm22k gpVenorePitochu
Paupers Palace, Flat 17 7 sqm16k gpVenoreOnewin
Paupers Palace, Flat 18 4 sqm10k gpVenoreBlow Trees
Paupers Palace, Flat 21 (Inactive)5 sqm12k gpVenoreEl Maton Paladin
Paupers Palace, Flat 22 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpVenoreLaika
Paupers Palace, Flat 23 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpVenorePills
Paupers Palace, Flat 24 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpVenoreDrbadtouch
Paupers Palace, Flat 25 10 sqm22k gpVenoreVugio Stelara
Paupers Palace, Flat 26 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpVenorePesus German
Paupers Palace, Flat 27 8 sqm20k gpVenoreRageqq
Paupers Palace, Flat 28 (Inactive)4 sqm10k gpVenorePaladino Mort
Paupers Palace, Flat 31 16 sqm34k gpVenoreGringasho
Paupers Palace, Flat 32 18 sqm40k gpVenoreMolly
Paupers Palace, Flat 33 14 sqm30k gpVenoreQuincy Ishida
Paupers Palace, Flat 34 30 sqm64k gpVenoreUrruti
Salvation Street 1 (Shop) 119 sqm246k gpVenoreReckoning
Salvation Street 2 76 sqm156k gpVenoreMerked (FACC)
Salvation Street 3 76 sqm156k gpVenoreAhri
Seagull Walk 1 106 sqm216k gpVenoreNikka Diez
Seagull Walk 2 50 sqm106k gpVenoreCloud
Silver Street 1 54 sqm110k gpVenoreZag
Silver Street 2 41 sqm84k gpVenoreMark Star
Silver Street 3 41 sqm84k gpVenoreSir Meids
Silver Street 4 66 sqm136k gpVenoreTeletubbie
Steel Home (Guild Hall)219 sqm464k gpVenore Centrum Dowodzenia Spizowa
Swamp Watch (Guild Hall)179 sqm382k gpVenore demorlize
Valorous Venore (Guild Hall)271 sqm560k gpVenore Pokemon
Alai Flats, Flat 01 14 sqm30k gpThaisDisrespectful Rio
Alai Flats, Flat 02 14 sqm30k gpThaisLgsopenwide
Alai Flats, Flat 03 14 sqm30k gpThaisMafer Mena
Alai Flats, Flat 04 14 sqm30k gpThaisMiss Malice
Alai Flats, Flat 05 20 sqm44k gpThaisSmilin
Alai Flats, Flat 06 20 sqm44k gpThaisTea With Bella
Alai Flats, Flat 07 14 sqm30k gpThaisKnightmer
Alai Flats, Flat 08 14 sqm30k gpThaisMajiya
Alai Flats, Flat 11 14 sqm30k gpThaisThe Broken Dreams
Alai Flats, Flat 12 14 sqm30k gpThaisAlbo'druid
Alai Flats, Flat 13 14 sqm30k gpThaisCuatija
Alai Flats, Flat 14 16 sqm34k gpThaisCodex
Alai Flats, Flat 15 24 sqm52k gpThaisFear Me
Alai Flats, Flat 16 24 sqm52k gpThaisDetonation
Alai Flats, Flat 17 18 sqm38k gpThaisEscorpion
Alai Flats, Flat 18 16 sqm34k gpThaisPally Of Detruption
Alai Flats, Flat 21 14 sqm30k gpThaisThe Paladin-loco
Alai Flats, Flat 22 14 sqm30k gpThaisCrazy Horse
Alai Flats, Flat 23 14 sqm30k gpThaisDeath Crazy
Alai Flats, Flat 24 16 sqm34k gpThaisSoulxdruid
Alai Flats, Flat 25 24 sqm52k gpThaisReincarnation
Alai Flats, Flat 26 24 sqm52k gpThaisRazor The Knight
Alai Flats, Flat 27 16 sqm34k gpThaisNamas (FACC)
Alai Flats, Flat 28 16 sqm34k gpThaisRavensbane
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 01 10 sqm22k gpThaisJomy
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 02 10 sqm22k gpThaisMuff Diver
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 03 10 sqm22k gpThaisRise Of New Empire
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 04 10 sqm22k gpThaisTrick
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 05 10 sqm22k gpThaisBish Plx
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 06 14 sqm32k gpThaisFico Reborn
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 11 10 sqm22k gpThaisSoulxdruiid
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 12 13 sqm28k gpThaisSir Laxelot
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 13 13 sqm28k gpThaisWizov
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 14 4 sqm10k gpThaisJimmy Neutron
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 15 4 sqm10k gpThaisVictorinox Star
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 16 14 sqm32k gpThaisBajwa
Bloodhall (Guild Hall)244 sqm518k gpThais Nomercy
Castle of Greenshore (Guild Hall)254 sqm532k gpThais Boondock Saints
Dark Mansion (Guild Hall)294 sqm622k gpThais Caught in CrossFire
Demon Tower 50 sqm104k gpThaisMerk (FACC)
Farm Lane, 1st floor (Shop) 15 sqm30k gpThaisEvil Dead
Farm Lane, 2nd Floor (Shop) 15 sqm30k gpThaisBreaker
Farm Lane, Basement (Shop) 15 sqm30k gpThaisBlaine
Fibula Clanhall (Guild Hall)128 sqm276k gpThaisEmpty
Fibula Village 1 10 sqm22k gpThaisDemonic
Fibula Village 2 10 sqm22k gpThaisSiryamaha
Fibula Village 3 45 sqm98k gpThaisCosita Rica
Fibula Village 4 21 sqm46k gpThaisShiltes
Fibula Village 5 21 sqm46k gpThaisLaprebella
Fibula Village, Bar 59 sqm122k gpThaisTakeshii
Fibula Village, Tower Flat 72 sqm148k gpThaisAndy Priego
Fibula Village, Villa 181 sqm372k gpThaisVietnamezy
Greenshore Clanhall (Guild Hall)133 sqm286k gpThais Jomy Rules
Greenshore Village 1 30 sqm66k gpThaisPrincipitoxd
Greenshore Village 2 10 sqm22k gpThaisPower Magic
Greenshore Village 3 10 sqm22k gpThaisElite Forever
Greenshore Village 4 10 sqm22k gpThaisDaark Styler
Greenshore Village 5 10 sqm22k gpThaisConchaculotetas
Greenshore Village 6 61 sqm126k gpThaisAdryezka
Greenshore Village 7 18 sqm38k gpThaisGalen Terrorist
Greenshore Village, Shop 20 sqm42k gpThaisDarkleo
Greenshore Village, Villa 117 sqm242k gpThaisJaden
Guildhall of the Red Rose (Guild Hall)340 sqm710k gpThais Old Order of Knightemplorcs
Halls of the Adventurers (Guild Hall)243 sqm522k gpThais Brandeds
Harbour Place 1 (Shop) 16 sqm32k gpThaisDeatharaz
Harbour Place 2 (Shop) 19 sqm40k gpThaisLovable Fearmie
Harbour Street 4 14 sqm30k gpThaisTom Cat
Lower Swamp Lane 1 57 sqm122k gpThaisRomano
Lower Swamp Lane 3 57 sqm122k gpThaisRtz Bud
Main Street 9, 1st floor (Shop) 24 sqm48k gpThaisRayuu
Main Street 9a, 2nd floor (Shop) 12 sqm24k gpThaisPonin
Main Street 9b, 2nd floor (Shop) 23 sqm46k gpThaisKing Of Awesome
Mercenary Tower (Guild Hall)525 sqm1102k gpThais Holy Union
Mill Avenue 1 (Shop) 17 sqm36k gpThaisFail
Mill Avenue 2 (Shop) 34 sqm72k gpThaisStayllus
Mill Avenue 3 21 sqm46k gpThaisFuryzon
Mill Avenue 4 21 sqm46k gpThaisBad Santa
Mill Avenue 5 47 sqm102k gpThaisElectricity
Snake Tower (Guild Hall)526 sqm1094k gpThais Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Sorcerer's Avenue 1a 17 sqm38k gpThaisMaguito
Sorcerer's Avenue 1b 12 sqm28k gpThaisMerciless Sorc
Sorcerer's Avenue 1c 16 sqm36k gpThaisBeowulf Jr
Sorcerer's Avenue 5 42 sqm86k gpThaisTom
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2a 10 sqm22k gpThaisThe Knight'fran
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2b 10 sqm22k gpThaisSewer Demon
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2c 10 sqm22k gpThaisDamaul
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2d 10 sqm22k gpThaisVive Le Quebec
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2e 10 sqm22k gpThaisThe Yam'lord
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2f 10 sqm22k gpThaisFire Fly
Southern Thais Guildhall (Guild Hall)284 sqm600k gpThais Instinct
Spiritkeep (Guild Hall)316 sqm678k gpThais The Infernalists
Sunset Homes, Flat 01 10 sqm22k gpThaisRamir Veteran
Sunset Homes, Flat 02 10 sqm22k gpThaisShaners
Sunset Homes, Flat 03 10 sqm22k gpThaisAlumni
Sunset Homes, Flat 11 10 sqm22k gpThaisTonny
Sunset Homes, Flat 12 10 sqm22k gpThaisShurifa
Sunset Homes, Flat 13 15 sqm34k gpThaisJiganekka
Sunset Homes, Flat 14 10 sqm22k gpThaisWaffer
Sunset Homes, Flat 21 10 sqm22k gpThaisFuxxin Try Me
Sunset Homes, Flat 22 10 sqm22k gpThaisSynthetic
Sunset Homes, Flat 23 14 sqm32k gpThaisDeido
Sunset Homes, Flat 24 10 sqm22k gpThaisDoctor Maney
Thais Clanhall (Guild Hall)154 sqm328k gpThaisEmpty
Thais Hostel 63 sqm174k gpThaisYoung Gunzz
The City Wall 1a 21 sqm46k gpThaisMistery
The City Wall 1b 21 sqm46k gpThaisStraight Merkin
The City Wall 3a 16 sqm36k gpThaisHhehe
The City Wall 3b 16 sqm36k gpThaisCutie Pie
The City Wall 3c 16 sqm36k gpThaisAnkritt
The City Wall 3d 16 sqm36k gpThaisPudnfun
The City Wall 3e 16 sqm36k gpThaisCookie Monster
The City Wall 3f 16 sqm36k gpThaisStudah
The City Wall 5a 10 sqm22k gpThaisWind
The City Wall 5b 10 sqm22k gpThaisMitchell Fosho
The City Wall 5c 10 sqm22k gpThaisAkilli
The City Wall 5d 10 sqm22k gpThaisMaster Of The Dark
The City Wall 5e 10 sqm22k gpThaisCaillou
The City Wall 5f 10 sqm22k gpThaisDorian Gray
The City Wall 7a 10 sqm22k gpThaisThe Leopi
The City Wall 7b 10 sqm22k gpThaisSeya Of Dead
The City Wall 7c 12 sqm28k gpThaisAndy Gaby
The City Wall 7d 12 sqm28k gpThaisBlueraider
The City Wall 7e 12 sqm28k gpThaisInsanity
The City Wall 7f 12 sqm28k gpThaisWeed
The City Wall 7g 10 sqm22k gpThaisShooter
The City Wall 7h 10 sqm22k gpThaisKeith Stone
The City Wall 9 65 sqm132k gpThaisScarlet
The Tibianic (Guild Hall)445 sqm934k gpThais Originals
Upper Swamp Lane 10 24 sqm54k gpThaisDarth Maul
Upper Swamp Lane 12 44 sqm94k gpThaisKingd
Upper Swamp Lane 2 57 sqm122k gpThaisSlow Roasted
Upper Swamp Lane 4 57 sqm122k gpThaisHiromaxy
Upper Swamp Lane 8 121 sqm248k gpThaisHokage
Warriors Guildhall (Guild Hall)255 sqm532k gpThais United Federation of Awesomeness
Granite Guildhall (Guild Hall)296 sqm626k gpKazordoon No Lifers On A Mission
Hill Hideout (Guild Hall)193 sqm416k gpKazordoon Noxious Mafia
Iron Guildhall (Guild Hall)243 sqm520k gpKazordoonEmpty
Marble Guildhall (Guild Hall)282 sqm598k gpKazordoonEmpty
Nobility Quarter 1 (Inactive)30 sqm66k gpKazordoonDazemara
Nobility Quarter 2 (Inactive)30 sqm66k gpKazordoonTiwero
Nobility Quarter 3 (Inactive)30 sqm66k gpKazordoonSamariel
Outlaw Camp 1 46 sqm96k gpKazordoonValdenilson
Outlaw Camp 2 4 sqm10k gpKazordoonFyah
Outlaw Camp 3 (Inactive)11 sqm26k gpKazordoonBlood Scroll
Outlaw Camp 4 2 sqm6k gpKazordoonIwantahouse
Outlaw Camp 5 (Inactive)2 sqm6k gpKazordoonRand Al'thor
Outlaw Camp 9 (Inactive)2 sqm6k gpKazordoonLaetri
Outlaw Castle (Guild Hall)158 sqm334k gpKazordoon Cogollos Teams
Riverspring (Guild Hall)284 sqm604k gpKazordoon Coca-colas team
The Farms 1 (Inactive)34 sqm74k gpKazordoonNostra
The Farms 6, Fishing Hut (Inactive)16 sqm36k gpKazordoonChik Mage
The Market 2 (Shop) 17 sqm36k gpKazordoonJavinos
The Market 3 (Shop) (Inactive)22 sqm46k gpKazordoonSkylex
The Market 4 (Shop) 28 sqm58k gpKazordoonAunt Lily
Wolftower (Guild Hall)316 sqm678k gpKazordoon HiHo
Carlin Clanhall (Guild Hall)167 sqm354k gpCarlin hola
Central Plaza 1 8 sqm16k gpCarlinLord Vodka
Central Plaza 2 8 sqm16k gpCarlinMutanke
Central Plaza 3 8 sqm16k gpCarlinDatass
Druids Retreat A (Inactive)26 sqm56k gpCarlinDziekan Ds Studenckich
Druids Retreat B (Inactive)24 sqm52k gpCarlinZerker Chevalier
Druids Retreat C 17 sqm38k gpCarlinBellekitty
Druids Retreat D 22 sqm48k gpCarlinFiend Of Distruction
East Lane 1a 48 sqm100k gpCarlinNayi Beautiful
East Lane 1b 34 sqm72k gpCarlinThunder
East Lane 2 87 sqm178k gpCarlinDeadly Ray
Harbour Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpCarlinTerry
Harbour Flats, Flat 13 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpCarlinHappy Gilmore
Harbour Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpCarlinHancock
Harbour Flats, Flat 15 (Inactive)6 sqm14k gpCarlinVoltre
Harbour Flats, Flat 16 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpCarlinKongo
Harbour Flats, Flat 17 (Inactive)6 sqm14k gpCarlinTini
Harbour Flats, Flat 18 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpCarlinIsolieth
Harbour Flats, Flat 21 (Inactive)14 sqm32k gpCarlinFiraz
Harbour Flats, Flat 22 17 sqm38k gpCarlinVigilante Hitman
Harbour Lane 1 (Shop) 19 sqm38k gpCarlinChief Kief
Harbour Lane 2a (Shop) 12 sqm24k gpCarlinPomstar
Harbour Lane 2b (Shop) 12 sqm24k gpCarlinHoodrat
Harbour Lane 3 77 sqm160k gpCarlinLuftwaffller
House of Recreation (Guild Hall)337 sqm706k gpCarlin Luminescence
Lonely Sea Side Hostel 218 sqm452k gpCarlinGravity's Rainbow
Magician's Alley 1 14 sqm32k gpCarlinBo Derek
Magician's Alley 1b (Inactive)8 sqm20k gpCarlinKarbiorz
Magician's Alley 1c (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpCarlinMike Jonez
Magician's Alley 1d 6 sqm14k gpCarlinSaiden
Magician's Alley 4 40 sqm88k gpCarlinArherox
Magician's Alley 5b (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpCarlinSir Paladamon
Magician's Alley 5c 16 sqm36k gpCarlinChinny Mansa
Magician's Alley 5d 7 sqm16k gpCarlinLady Fighter
Magician's Alley 5e (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpCarlinBorracho
Magician's Alley 5f 16 sqm36k gpCarlinMardor
Magician's Alley 8 21 sqm46k gpCarlinSay'k
Moonkeep (Guild Hall)239 sqm510k gpCarlin Steins Gate
Nautic Observer 145 sqm298k gpCarlinMetatron
Nordic Stronghold (Guild Hall)366 sqm754k gpCarlin Noxious Staff
Northern Street 1a 16 sqm36k gpCarlinSkanna Lann
Northern Street 1b 16 sqm36k gpCarlinWuajccha'pukito
Northern Street 1c 11 sqm26k gpCarlinRed Righthand Man
Northern Street 3a 11 sqm26k gpCarlinRojaa
Northern Street 3b 12 sqm28k gpCarlinTom-x
Northern Street 5 41 sqm86k gpCarlinScripth
Northern Street 7 34 sqm72k gpCarlinFlaw
Northport Clanhall (Guild Hall)130 sqm280k gpCarlin Dreamers
Northport Village 1 20 sqm44k gpCarlinPointy Bits
Northport Village 2 (Inactive)20 sqm44k gpCarlinRod
Northport Village 3 96 sqm196k gpCarlinDeathins
Northport Village 4 42 sqm88k gpCarlinEvicorz
Northport Village 5 26 sqm56k gpCarlinZakuh (FACC)
Northport Village 6 32 sqm68k gpCarlinSilver Crow
Park Lane 1a 21 sqm46k gpCarlinErza Scarlet
Park Lane 1b 27 sqm58k gpCarlinLady Wyndy
Park Lane 2 16 sqm36k gpCarlinMr Ice
Park Lane 3a 21 sqm46k gpCarlinPocho
Park Lane 3b 20 sqm44k gpCarlinRayzel
Park Lane 4 16 sqm36k gpCarlinElite Beast
Rosebud A 22 sqm46k gpCarlinTower Knight
Rosebud B 22 sqm46k gpCarlinTycrain Pvpe Handz
Rosebud C 30 sqm60k gpCarlinHaboc
Seawatch (Guild Hall)364 sqm766k gpCarlin Elitist Jerks
Senja Clanhall (Guild Hall)172 sqm362k gpCarlinEmpty
Senja Village 10 (Inactive)30 sqm62k gpCarlinBlueeagle
Senja Village 11 50 sqm104k gpCarlinZakyrie
Senja Village 1a 14 sqm30k gpCarlinDeus Ex
Senja Village 1b (Inactive)28 sqm60k gpCarlinAsap Bentley
Senja Village 2 14 sqm30k gpCarlinAsap Polaris
Senja Village 3 28 sqm60k gpCarlinVandal Savage
Senja Village 4 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpCarlinAsap Doomsday
Senja Village 5 (Inactive)20 sqm44k gpCarlinAsap Nosferatu
Senja Village 6a (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpCarlinAsap Shiv
Senja Village 6b (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpCarlinAsap Mojo
Senja Village 8 30 sqm64k gpCarlinDegree
Senja Village 9 (Inactive)48 sqm100k gpCarlinXxcjomallzxx
Suntower (Guild Hall)204 sqm422k gpCarlin Fat Kids Lag IRL
Theater Avenue 10 17 sqm38k gpCarlinHorned Foxxy
Theater Avenue 11a 24 sqm52k gpCarlinZumbi Nation
Theater Avenue 11b 10 sqm22k gpCarlinAbogau Del Chancho
Theater Avenue 12 14 sqm32k gpCarlinLord Gladiador Dornel
Theater Avenue 14 (Shop) 36 sqm74k gpCarlinDope Fiend
Theater Avenue 5a (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpCarlinUncaged Fury
Theater Avenue 5b 7 sqm16k gpCarlinMature
Theater Avenue 5c 7 sqm16k gpCarlinAlvaro
Theater Avenue 5d 7 sqm16k gpCarlinSystem Of A Down
Theater Avenue 6a 11 sqm26k gpCarlinJack Shiet
Theater Avenue 6b 11 sqm26k gpCarlinApple Is Good Food
Theater Avenue 6c 2 sqm6k gpCarlinE-k
Theater Avenue 6d 2 sqm6k gpCarlinTukus'ga
Theater Avenue 6e 11 sqm26k gpCarlinPlank
Theater Avenue 6f 11 sqm26k gpCarlinAvaricia
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 01 4 sqm10k gpCarlinVaca Parada
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 02 6 sqm14k gpCarlinJeffylube
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 03 6 sqm14k gpCarlinFaaker
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 04 8 sqm18k gpCarlinEl Mapuchee
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 05 6 sqm14k gpCarlinMaxlon
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 06 4 sqm10k gpCarlinRedlight
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 11 (Inactive)8 sqm18k gpCarlinNorton
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 12 6 sqm14k gpCarlinConfused
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 13 (Inactive)6 sqm14k gpCarlinLefofa
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 14 8 sqm18k gpCarlinKina'bane
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 16 6 sqm14k gpCarlinErikitox
Theater Avenue 8a 21 sqm46k gpCarlinWyndy
Theater Avenue 8b 19 sqm44k gpCarlinSniper Blow
Ab'Dendriel Clanhall (Guild Hall)264 sqm548k gpAb'Denriel Corte Malandra
Castle of the Winds (Guild Hall)422 sqm880k gpAb'Denriel MatFire
Coastwood 1 (Inactive)11 sqm26k gpAb'DenrielKlaudia
Coastwood 10 19 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielCronotoxcs
Coastwood 2 (Inactive)11 sqm26k gpAb'DenrielDzefiq
Coastwood 3 (Inactive)17 sqm38k gpAb'DenrielSulazoh
Coastwood 4 (Inactive)14 sqm32k gpAb'DenrielLafirin
Coastwood 5 (Inactive)21 sqm46k gpAb'DenrielSuper Toker
Coastwood 6 (Shop) 24 sqm50k gpAb'DenrielDr Salmon
Coastwood 7 (Inactive)9 sqm20k gpAb'DenrielMage Roox Treeis (FACC)
Coastwood 8 (Inactive)17 sqm38k gpAb'DenrielFoxy Love
Coastwood 9 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAb'DenrielFranklyn
Great Willow 1a 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielJack'sparrow
Great Willow 1b (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpAb'DenrielSpik
Great Willow 1c (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpAb'DenrielChyeaman
Great Willow 2a 11 sqm24k gpAb'DenrielTilingo
Great Willow 2b 6 sqm14k gpAb'DenrielRasta Love
Great Willow 2c 10 sqm22k gpAb'DenrielMagmabulle
Great Willow 2d 6 sqm14k gpAb'DenrielIkon The Hologram
Great Willow 3a (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpAb'DenrielCrazi
Great Willow 3b 6 sqm14k gpAb'DenrielSmir-noff
Great Willow 3c 10 sqm22k gpAb'DenrielBitch Hard
Great Willow 3d 6 sqm14k gpAb'DenrielRangers Flow's
Great Willow 4a (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpAb'DenrielScrappycoco
Great Willow 4b (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpAb'DenrielCiastek
Great Willow 4c (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpAb'DenrielMarihuanoo
Great Willow 4d (Inactive)12 sqm26k gpAb'DenrielAntonella Sofia
Mangrove 1 (Inactive)24 sqm54k gpAb'DenrielWolfmyst
Mangrove 2 (Inactive)20 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielZeon
Mangrove 3 (Inactive)16 sqm36k gpAb'DenrielRekems
Mangrove 4 13 sqm30k gpAb'DenrielSuicide Silence
Shadow Caves 1 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielGirl Dark Magician
Shadow Caves 11 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielSatanic
Shadow Caves 12 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielPalyxx
Shadow Caves 13 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielRoyal Soka
Shadow Caves 14 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielDodora
Shadow Caves 15 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielLord Tipango
Shadow Caves 16 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielLord Payasos
Shadow Caves 17 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielBlock This
Shadow Caves 18 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielAmador
Shadow Caves 2 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielChavez Fs
Shadow Caves 21 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielMagnus Bane
Shadow Caves 22 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielJaime Lannister
Shadow Caves 23 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielUtani Walker
Shadow Caves 25 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielFalso Profeta
Shadow Caves 26 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielNena Mala
Shadow Caves 27 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielThe Devil
Shadow Caves 28 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielSean Faris
Shadow Caves 3 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielLord Pichi Bois
Shadow Caves 4 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielConan
Shadow Towers (Guild Hall)348 sqm732k gpAb'Denriel DemoniCorp
The Hideout (Guild Hall)321 sqm682k gpAb'Denriel Noxious Staff
Treetop 1 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpAb'DenrielMr Sr Papeloso
Treetop 10 (Inactive)16 sqm36k gpAb'DenrielCrazy Family
Treetop 11 11 sqm26k gpAb'DenrielLady Wind
Treetop 12 (Shop) 20 sqm42k gpAb'DenrielKlyze
Treetop 13 21 sqm46k gpAb'DenrielBrazok
Treetop 2 10 sqm22k gpAb'DenrielEuryginal
Treetop 3 (Shop) 20 sqm42k gpAb'DenrielRylay
Treetop 4 (Shop) (Inactive)20 sqm42k gpAb'DenrielTank Knight
Treetop 5 (Shop) 18 sqm38k gpAb'DenrielRoyal Hunter Outworld
Treetop 6 7 sqm16k gpAb'DenrielXniper
Treetop 7 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAb'DenrielLuzigami
Treetop 8 14 sqm30k gpAb'DenrielGoo'zi
Treetop 9 16 sqm36k gpAb'DenrielNivek Novaly
Underwood 1 26 sqm56k gpAb'DenrielDexter Jackson
Underwood 10 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpAb'DenrielBrazil
Underwood 2 27 sqm58k gpAb'DenrielBolas De Cristo
Underwood 3 26 sqm58k gpAb'DenrielSoy Malandro
Underwood 4 35 sqm78k gpAb'DenrielMarduk
Underwood 5 19 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielShakzito
Underwood 6 24 sqm54k gpAb'DenrielRegulus De Leo
Underwood 7 21 sqm48k gpAb'DenrielHiswaroquen
Underwood 8 13 sqm30k gpAb'DenrielLord Gwyn
Underwood 9 10 sqm22k gpAb'DenrielFummlan
Admiral's Avenue 1 83 sqm170k gpLiberty BayFuxxin Overkill
Admiral's Avenue 2 85 sqm178k gpLiberty BayHypnotik Chaos
Admiral's Avenue 3 68 sqm140k gpLiberty BayBob Lee Swagger
Freedom Street 1 41 sqm86k gpLiberty BayDrips
Freedom Street 2 103 sqm214k gpLiberty BayOculus
Harvester's Haven, Flat 01 12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayMayelo
Harvester's Haven, Flat 02 12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayIcebox
Harvester's Haven, Flat 03 12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayOverdose
Harvester's Haven, Flat 04 12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayAsap Superfly
Harvester's Haven, Flat 05 12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayKynth
Harvester's Haven, Flat 06 12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayBlazer
Harvester's Haven, Flat 07 (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayRick Ross
Harvester's Haven, Flat 08 (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayPallymally
Harvester's Haven, Flat 09 13 sqm30k gpLiberty BayHollywood
Harvester's Haven, Flat 10 12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayFerumbras Mage
Harvester's Haven, Flat 11 (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayZerosnk
Harvester's Haven, Flat 12 (Inactive)13 sqm30k gpLiberty BaySell Pvp
Ivory Circle 1 71 sqm146k gpLiberty BayRage Blackheart
Ivory Circle 2 120 sqm244k gpLiberty BayShayde Styles
Ivy Cottage (Guild Hall)469 sqm990k gpLiberty Bay Noxious Trading Company
Litter Promenade 1 6 sqm16k gpLiberty BayNess
Litter Promenade 2 7 sqm16k gpLiberty BayLotoman
Litter Promenade 3 (Inactive)12 sqm26k gpLiberty BayVeroyka
Litter Promenade 4 10 sqm22k gpLiberty BayTeen Gohan
Litter Promenade 5 11 sqm26k gpLiberty BayPvp God
Marble Lane 1 178 sqm368k gpLiberty BayShanerss
Marble Lane 2 106 sqm218k gpLiberty BaySorc Maria
Marble Lane 3 133 sqm274k gpLiberty BayKatniss
Marble Lane 4 102 sqm212k gpLiberty BayAbyzou
Meriana Beach 140 sqm286k gpLiberty BayChariot
Mountain Hideout (Guild Hall)234 sqm502k gpLiberty Bay The Hidden
Rum Alley 1 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpLiberty BayEl Paladin
Rum Alley 2 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpLiberty BayBorocek
Rum Alley 3 (Inactive)9 sqm20k gpLiberty BayKnight Apprentice
Shady Trail 1 14 sqm38k gpLiberty BayLawrencesil
Shady Trail 2 (Inactive)8 sqm20k gpLiberty BayJeikzs (FACC)
Shady Trail 3 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpLiberty BaySobek The God
Smuggler Backyard 1 14 sqm32k gpLiberty BayPaly Omnipotens
Smuggler Backyard 2 15 sqm34k gpLiberty BayElder Barathrun
Smuggler Backyard 3 (Inactive)15 sqm34k gpLiberty BayTobirama Sennju
Smuggler Backyard 4 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpLiberty BayNicoo
Smuggler Backyard 5 (Inactive)11 sqm26k gpLiberty BayHitsugaya
Straycat's Corner 1 7 sqm16k gpLiberty BayTime Death
Straycat's Corner 2 18 sqm38k gpLiberty BayLeon Calvarillo
Straycat's Corner 3 (Inactive)4 sqm10k gpLiberty BayIlumina-ti
Straycat's Corner 4 (Inactive)4 sqm10k gpLiberty BayBiotina
Straycat's Corner 5 16 sqm36k gpLiberty BayThe Sado
Straycat's Corner 6 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpLiberty BayDarex
Sugar Street 1 50 sqm106k gpLiberty BaySupastan
Sugar Street 2 39 sqm84k gpLiberty BayAllie Cat
Sugar Street 3a 22 sqm50k gpLiberty BayArticorz
Sugar Street 3b 30 sqm66k gpLiberty BayEl Mas Malo
Sugar Street 4a 12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayVariunguth
Sugar Street 4b 12 sqm28k gpLiberty BayKabaht
Sugar Street 4c 10 sqm22k gpLiberty BayEdward Elric
Sugar Street 4d (Inactive)8 sqm20k gpLiberty BaySorcere Crask
Sugar Street 5 20 sqm44k gpLiberty BayElpida
The Shelter (Guild Hall)282 sqm626k gpLiberty Bay The Chinks
The Tavern 1a 40 sqm88k gpLiberty BayPfeifer
The Tavern 1b 31 sqm66k gpLiberty BayLion Anas
The Tavern 1c 73 sqm152k gpLiberty BayRoyal Hunter
The Tavern 1d 24 sqm52k gpLiberty BayImperador'knight
The Tavern 2a 92 sqm194k gpLiberty BayLeos Morm
The Tavern 2b 27 sqm58k gpLiberty BayUnworthysoul
The Tavern 2c 16 sqm34k gpLiberty BayNoxii
The Tavern 2d 20 sqm44k gpLiberty BayAnii Of Heaven
Trader's Point 1 38 sqm80k gpLiberty BayKassynder
Trader's Point 2 (Shop) 93 sqm190k gpLiberty BayNoisecontrollers
Trader's Point 3 (Shop) 106 sqm216k gpLiberty BayHeho
Bamboo Fortress (Guild Hall)381 sqm802k gpPort Hope Brothers Of Destruction
Bamboo Garden 1 (Inactive)25 sqm56k gpPort HopeGuapeton
Bamboo Garden 2 16 sqm36k gpPort HopeDarknos
Bamboo Garden 3 (Inactive)27 sqm58k gpPort HopeMage Rush Down
Banana Bay 1 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpPort HopeSkmarley
Banana Bay 2 14 sqm30k gpPort HopeRiillary
Banana Bay 3 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpPort HopeKnightsmash
Banana Bay 4 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpPort HopeMaccrage
Coconut Quay 1 32 sqm68k gpPort HopeTater Salad
Coconut Quay 2 16 sqm36k gpPort HopeLoliita
Coconut Quay 3 32 sqm72k gpPort HopeMitch Is Fosho
Coconut Quay 4 36 sqm78k gpPort HopeMost Desired
Crocodile Bridge 1 17 sqm38k gpPort HopeCrush
Crocodile Bridge 2 (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpPort HopeMaster Of Masturbation
Crocodile Bridge 3 22 sqm48k gpPort HopeNew Lord Liu
Crocodile Bridge 4 88 sqm184k gpPort HopeDavid Hayter
Crocodile Bridge 5 80 sqm164k gpPort HopeRavenfare
Flamingo Flats 1 (Inactive)8 sqm20k gpPort HopeSopa Pa Nois
Flamingo Flats 2 (Inactive)16 sqm36k gpPort HopeAnnihilator
Flamingo Flats 3 (Inactive)8 sqm20k gpPort HopeClitz
Flamingo Flats 4 (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpPort HopeChicarastafari
Flamingo Flats 5 (Inactive)38 sqm78k gpPort HopeLord Ricado
Haggler's Hangout 1 (Inactive)22 sqm48k gpPort HopeSir Padik
Haggler's Hangout 2 (Inactive)23 sqm48k gpPort HopeIlover
Haggler's Hangout 3 137 sqm282k gpPort HopeTanku
Haggler's Hangout 4a (Shop) 30 sqm62k gpPort HopeAlaska
Haggler's Hangout 4b (Shop) 24 sqm50k gpPort HopeArclight Kuyen
Haggler's Hangout 5 (Shop) (Inactive)24 sqm50k gpPort HopeToke Ah Lot
Haggler's Hangout 6 113 sqm234k gpPort HopeAlex Ich
Jungle Edge 1 44 sqm94k gpPort HopeTriipe
Jungle Edge 2 59 sqm124k gpPort HopeInfernal Ozuux
Jungle Edge 3 (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpPort HopeJosus
Jungle Edge 4 12 sqm28k gpPort HopeDon Stanislao
Jungle Edge 5 (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpPort HopeYolo
Jungle Edge 6 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpPort HopeSer Varys
River Homes 1 66 sqm138k gpPort HopeBic
River Homes 2a (Inactive)21 sqm46k gpPort HopeMx Zore
River Homes 2b (Inactive)24 sqm54k gpPort HopeKnight Trevero
River Homes 3 82 sqm178k gpPort HopeShaggy
Shark Manor (Guild Hall)127 sqm284k gpPort HopeEmpty
The Treehouse (Guild Hall)484 sqm1014k gpPort Hope Lost Souls of the Void
Woodway 1 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpPort HopeChristian Stonie (FACC)
Woodway 2 (Inactive)11 sqm24k gpPort HopeRalin Fairchild
Woodway 3 27 sqm58k gpPort HopeEudoxus Of Cnidus
Woodway 4 (Inactive)6 sqm14k gpPort HopeKenny
Arakmehn I 21 sqm48k gpAnkrahmunMiguel Hidalgo
Arakmehn II (Inactive)23 sqm48k gpAnkrahmunMazukamba
Arakmehn III 21 sqm46k gpAnkrahmunChiken Distroller
Arakmehn IV 24 sqm52k gpAnkrahmunSephlroth
Botham I a (Inactive)21 sqm44k gpAnkrahmunPaladin Of Death
Botham I b 47 sqm100k gpAnkrahmunPlate
Botham I c 26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunErum Kirou
Botham I d 50 sqm106k gpAnkrahmunKrobby
Botham I e 27 sqm58k gpAnkrahmunPrincess Of Roses
Botham II a (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunAmerican Rebel
Botham II b 26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunLee Haney
Botham II c 17 sqm38k gpAnkrahmunPlatinum Apple
Botham II d 32 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunEmotive
Botham II e 26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunAnhur
Botham II f 26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunChucky Only
Botham II g 21 sqm46k gpAnkrahmunMayozx Of Mexico
Botham III a 22 sqm48k gpAnkrahmunWoot Woot
Botham III b (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpAnkrahmunChocolate Factory
Botham III c 14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunLindsaw
Botham III d (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunDevil Shadow
Botham III e (Inactive)15 sqm32k gpAnkrahmunSir Loky
Botham III f 36 sqm78k gpAnkrahmunGermit
Botham III g 26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunSasori Sama
Botham III h 64 sqm134k gpAnkrahmunLordious
Botham IV a (Inactive)22 sqm48k gpAnkrahmunRotwaila
Botham IV b 14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunRowtter
Botham IV c (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunDokagon
Botham IV d (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunKurama Blood
Botham IV e (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunMystery Paladinho
Botham IV f 26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunThe Doctor
Botham IV g 24 sqm52k gpAnkrahmunPhil Heath
Botham IV h 34 sqm70k gpAnkrahmunCarl Of Laya
Botham IV i (Inactive)26 sqm58k gpAnkrahmunBongzilla
Chameken I 17 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunDrazharm
Charsirakh I a (Inactive)4 sqm10k gpAnkrahmunBotter Jr
Charsirakh I b 32 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunHstriniti
Charsirakh II 21 sqm46k gpAnkrahmunTlacaele
Charsirakh III 14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunKinos Di Loco
Esuph I (Inactive)18 sqm38k gpAnkrahmunLeeroy
Esuph II a (Inactive)4 sqm10k gpAnkrahmunIthoughtthiswasamerica
Esuph II b 26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunChunpa
Esuph III a (Inactive)4 sqm10k gpAnkrahmunDeath Wizz
Esuph III b (Inactive)26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunMago Laren
Esuph IV a 7 sqm16k gpAnkrahmunLoad
Esuph IV b (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAnkrahmunWhitee
Esuph IV c 7 sqm16k gpAnkrahmunSheik
Esuph IV d (Inactive)16 sqm34k gpAnkrahmunAvenged Killer
Harrah I (Guild Hall)96 sqm212k gpAnkrahmun Cachilandia
Horakhal (Guild Hall)174 sqm376k gpAnkrahmunEmpty
Mothrem I (Inactive)21 sqm46k gpAnkrahmunGivemethebeer
Murkhol I a 8 sqm18k gpAnkrahmunVicente Guerrero
Murkhol I b 8 sqm18k gpAnkrahmunThe Big Santer
Murkhol I c (Inactive)8 sqm18k gpAnkrahmunEl-caballero-asesino
Murkhol I d (Inactive)8 sqm18k gpAnkrahmunDumbledong
Oskahl I a (Inactive)32 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunYonson
Oskahl I b (Inactive)18 sqm38k gpAnkrahmunAegil
Oskahl I c 14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunSky Kraven
Oskahl I d (Inactive)21 sqm46k gpAnkrahmunGansta Archer
Oskahl I e 18 sqm38k gpAnkrahmunArkerus
Oskahl I f 18 sqm38k gpAnkrahmunImaqtpie
Oskahl I g 21 sqm46k gpAnkrahmunVanquish
Oskahl I h 32 sqm70k gpAnkrahmunMagex
Oskahl I i (Inactive)18 sqm38k gpAnkrahmunValery Gwendoly
Oskahl I j 14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunHunter Of Darck
Othehothep I a 5 sqm12k gpAnkrahmunBad Boy
Othehothep I b 26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunCookster Jr
Othehothep I c 31 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunAllota Dick In Your Ass (FACC)
Othehothep I d 34 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunDark Queenjc
Othehothep II a 8 sqm18k gpAnkrahmunJack Bauer
Othehothep II b 36 sqm78k gpAnkrahmunStormcloud
Othehothep II c (Inactive)18 sqm38k gpAnkrahmunSmoke Loko
Othehothep II d 18 sqm38k gpAnkrahmunWoman Thunder
Othehothep II e 26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunPrototipo
Othehothep II f 27 sqm58k gpAnkrahmunRubinha
Othehothep III a 4 sqm10k gpAnkrahmunKabryt
Othehothep III b 26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunNoroup
Othehothep III c (Inactive)16 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunPheature
Othehothep III d 23 sqm48k gpAnkrahmunPussy For Lunch
Othehothep III e 18 sqm38k gpAnkrahmunFoorptellub
Othehothep III f (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunSikolotus
Ramen Tah (Guild Hall)90 sqm212k gpAnkrahmunEmpty
Rathal I a 21 sqm46k gpAnkrahmunMexicanito Jr
Rathal I b (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunInfernalspirit
Rathal I c (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunIorweth
Rathal I d (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpAnkrahmunCrazedsun
Rathal I e (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpAnkrahmunInfernoslayer
Rathal II a (Inactive)24 sqm50k gpAnkrahmunLuvir
Rathal II b 14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunDeva Pain
Rathal II c (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunCrysis
Rathal II d 29 sqm62k gpAnkrahmunBrizzie
Thanah I a (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunNajarany Klaun
Thanah I b 50 sqm106k gpAnkrahmunPrince Shooter
Thanah I c 51 sqm108k gpAnkrahmunFatal
Thanah I d 42 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunKioara
Thanah II a (Inactive)22 sqm46k gpAnkrahmunSebaamage
Thanah II b (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAnkrahmunHomicide
Thanah II c (Inactive)6 sqm14k gpAnkrahmunDj Alki
Thanah II d (Inactive)4 sqm10k gpAnkrahmunDark Link
Thanah II e (Inactive)4 sqm10k gpAnkrahmunKox Greens Here
Thanah II f 45 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunTiny Poosie
Thanah II g (Inactive)26 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunJibbyjabjab
Thanah II h 21 sqm46k gpAnkrahmunKnight Of Chaos
Thrarhor I a (Shop) 10 sqm22k gpAnkrahmunDiseal
Thrarhor I b (Shop) 10 sqm22k gpAnkrahmunAlways Cross
Thrarhor I c (Shop) 25 sqm54k gpAnkrahmunHackeado
Thrarhor I d (Shop) (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpAnkrahmunUnconditional Love
Unklath I a 21 sqm46k gpAnkrahmunKimmy
Unklath I b 28 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunEdenos
Unklath I c 29 sqm62k gpAnkrahmunMetangel
Unklath I d 30 sqm66k gpAnkrahmunGreph Lorhart
Unklath I e 32 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunProheals
Unklath I f 32 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunGummy Bear Cx
Unklath I g 34 sqm70k gpAnkrahmunSadangel
Unklath II a (Inactive)23 sqm48k gpAnkrahmunKolowise The Santer
Unklath II b (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunMysterio
Unklath II c (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpAnkrahmunMiu Sa
Unklath II d 32 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunZemetal
Uthemath I a (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpAnkrahmunPsycho Angel
Uthemath I b (Inactive)17 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunBlue Link
Uthemath I c 15 sqm34k gpAnkrahmunUzison
Uthemath I d (Inactive)18 sqm38k gpAnkrahmunPala Rox
Uthemath I e 16 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunJansie
Uthemath I f 49 sqm104k gpAnkrahmunSniper Seven
Uthemath II (Guild Hall)76 sqm168k gpAnkrahmunEmpty
Darashia 1, Flat 01 20 sqm44k gpDarashiaVulcan
Darashia 1, Flat 02 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaCrizol
Darashia 1, Flat 03 48 sqm104k gpDarashiaLeo Jimenez
Darashia 1, Flat 04 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaPhixi
Darashia 1, Flat 05 (Inactive)20 sqm44k gpDarashiaMarxista
Darashia 1, Flat 11 20 sqm44k gpDarashiaVanesitha'xx
Darashia 1, Flat 12 37 sqm78k gpDarashiaAlex Voldoz
Darashia 1, Flat 13 37 sqm78k gpDarashiaFletcher
Darashia 1, Flat 14 48 sqm106k gpDarashiaBlansh
Darashia 2, Flat 01 (Inactive)23 sqm48k gpDarashiaSilent Horned
Darashia 2, Flat 02 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaIdougy
Darashia 2, Flat 03 26 sqm54k gpDarashiaPug
Darashia 2, Flat 04 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpDarashiaRydrin
Darashia 2, Flat 05 24 sqm52k gpDarashiaArmani Exchange
Darashia 2, Flat 06 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpDarashiaTimmek
Darashia 2, Flat 07 (Inactive)22 sqm46k gpDarashiaIshviel
Darashia 2, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm46k gpDarashiaMuck
Darashia 2, Flat 12 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpDarashiaKakashi Von Lee
Darashia 2, Flat 13 (Inactive)26 sqm54k gpDarashiaKrazer Razor
Darashia 2, Flat 14 10 sqm22k gpDarashiaXykor
Darashia 2, Flat 15 24 sqm52k gpDarashiaSupreme Horned
Darashia 2, Flat 16 (Inactive)15 sqm32k gpDarashiaSlayer Elvis
Darashia 2, Flat 17 (Inactive)22 sqm46k gpDarashiaKemi
Darashia 2, Flat 18 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpDarashiaSlangthangz
Darashia 3, Flat 01 20 sqm44k gpDarashiaCachonda Here
Darashia 3, Flat 02 32 sqm68k gpDarashiaOmega Bro
Darashia 3, Flat 03 20 sqm44k gpDarashiaAkuzkul
Darashia 3, Flat 04 33 sqm70k gpDarashiaTarazzox
Darashia 3, Flat 05 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaAbsow
Darashia 3, Flat 11 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaSharaawy
Darashia 3, Flat 12 42 sqm94k gpDarashiaSlyentz
Darashia 3, Flat 13 20 sqm44k gpDarashiaOne Bullet
Darashia 3, Flat 14 46 sqm98k gpDarashiaFestina
Darashia 4, Flat 01 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaTycrainz Pvpe Handz
Darashia 4, Flat 02 38 sqm80k gpDarashiaSarjan
Darashia 4, Flat 03 23 sqm48k gpDarashiaRambozenho
Darashia 4, Flat 04 38 sqm80k gpDarashiaDrakus
Darashia 4, Flat 05 (Inactive)21 sqm46k gpDarashiaCold
Darashia 4, Flat 11 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaKhosham
Darashia 4, Flat 12 52 sqm110k gpDarashiaMaster Yumi
Darashia 4, Flat 13 37 sqm78k gpDarashiaPaladjin
Darashia 4, Flat 14 37 sqm78k gpDarashiaEternal Warrior
Darashia 5, Flat 01 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaHalt (FACC)
Darashia 5, Flat 02 32 sqm68k gpDarashiaAmoodybish
Darashia 5, Flat 03 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaMiller
Darashia 5, Flat 04 32 sqm68k gpDarashiaSonic
Darashia 5, Flat 05 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaAnotha Nukka (FACC)
Darashia 5, Flat 11 37 sqm78k gpDarashiaTocres
Darashia 5, Flat 12 34 sqm72k gpDarashiaExorus
Darashia 5, Flat 13 37 sqm78k gpDarashiaDark Wings
Darashia 5, Flat 14 33 sqm70k gpDarashiaDe Pecho
Darashia 6a 62 sqm128k gpDarashiaBud Crown
Darashia 6b 69 sqm142k gpDarashiaAnfak
Darashia 7, Flat 01 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaPrincess Bubbles
Darashia 7, Flat 02 (Inactive)22 sqm46k gpDarashiaJoe Gambino
Darashia 7, Flat 03 50 sqm108k gpDarashiaNocturnal Rainbow
Darashia 7, Flat 04 (Inactive)23 sqm48k gpDarashiaUltnubby
Darashia 7, Flat 05 20 sqm44k gpDarashiaFellatius
Darashia 7, Flat 11 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaJhane
Darashia 7, Flat 12 49 sqm106k gpDarashiaVensi
Darashia 7, Flat 13 22 sqm46k gpDarashiaCirdan Fallassion
Darashia 7, Flat 14 48 sqm104k gpDarashiaXauvica
Darashia 8, Flat 01 48 sqm100k gpDarashiaTommahawk
Darashia 8, Flat 02 67 sqm138k gpDarashiaDrem Ryoko
Darashia 8, Flat 03 90 sqm186k gpDarashiaThuggish Ruggish Bone
Darashia 8, Flat 04 56 sqm116k gpDarashiaJx Scripts
Darashia 8, Flat 05 52 sqm108k gpDarashiaKnight Zenhu
Darashia 8, Flat 11 37 sqm78k gpDarashiaRompe Corazones
Darashia 8, Flat 12 32 sqm68k gpDarashiaDraks
Darashia 8, Flat 13 36 sqm76k gpDarashiaZeus
Darashia 8, Flat 14 33 sqm70k gpDarashiaDios Del Mal
Darashia, Eastern Guildhall (Guild Hall)204 sqm440k gpDarashia Noir
Darashia, Villa 93 sqm194k gpDarashiaJingle Balls
Darashia, Western Guildhall (Guild Hall)154 sqm336k gpDarashia Yadda Yadda Yadda
Castle of the White Dragon (Guild Hall)442 sqm922k gpEdron Jynx
Castle Shop 1 31 sqm64k gpEdronInfernal Blaze
Castle Shop 2 31 sqm64k gpEdronKritx
Castle Shop 3 31 sqm64k gpEdronMusic
Castle Street 1 53 sqm112k gpEdronOtit
Castle Street 2 26 sqm56k gpEdronHanqypanqy
Castle Street 3 (Inactive)32 sqm68k gpEdronMuppetinx
Castle Street 4 32 sqm68k gpEdronMrs Bean
Castle Street 5 (Inactive)32 sqm68k gpEdronProsto
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 01 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpEdronRex Blade
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 02 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpEdronAlaindalles
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 03 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpEdronSudloa
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 04 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpEdronKucharin
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 05 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpEdronPoospy
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 07 (Inactive)13 sqm28k gpEdronVitapel
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 01 10 sqm22k gpEdronEdgar King
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 02 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpEdronTwisted Effect
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 03 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpEdronAnticristo
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 04 10 sqm22k gpEdronMr Nice Guy
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 05 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpEdronZenful (FACC)
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 06 (Inactive)18 sqm38k gpEdronTrublood
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 07 (Inactive)13 sqm28k gpEdronArxed
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 08 18 sqm38k gpEdronNeo Guardian
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 09 (Inactive)13 sqm28k gpEdronTicafuminho
Castle, Basement, Flat 01 10 sqm22k gpEdronRathious
Castle, Basement, Flat 02 10 sqm22k gpEdronLa Negra'tomasa
Castle, Basement, Flat 03 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpEdronZolltun
Castle, Basement, Flat 04 10 sqm22k gpEdronLord Triznok
Castle, Basement, Flat 05 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpEdronMoney'maker
Castle, Basement, Flat 06 10 sqm22k gpEdronAbraham Vaka
Castle, Basement, Flat 07 10 sqm22k gpEdronComando
Castle, Basement, Flat 08 10 sqm22k gpEdronLord Dante
Castle, Basement, Flat 09 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpEdronOstiofero
Central Circle 1 66 sqm136k gpEdronDeath Zinx
Central Circle 2 73 sqm150k gpEdronBleu Tonik
Central Circle 3 79 sqm168k gpEdronKing Jose
Central Circle 4 79 sqm168k gpEdronWanderlei Silva
Central Circle 5 79 sqm168k gpEdronThe Knight-loco
Central Circle 6 (Shop) 84 sqm172k gpEdronMikaski
Central Circle 7 (Shop) 84 sqm172k gpEdronInuyasha
Central Circle 8 (Shop) 84 sqm172k gpEdronPettis
Central Circle 9a 16 sqm36k gpEdronBurs
Central Circle 9b 18 sqm40k gpEdronKeath Stone
Cormaya 1 21 sqm46k gpEdronDeezy (FACC)
Cormaya 10 73 sqm152k gpEdronSouthside Ridah
Cormaya 11 38 sqm80k gpEdronHaze Hardbody
Cormaya 2 70 sqm146k gpEdronCryme Ariver
Cormaya 3 38 sqm80k gpEdronMassbay
Cormaya 4 31 sqm66k gpEdronFrodo Columbus
Cormaya 5 77 sqm160k gpEdronKory
Cormaya 6 46 sqm96k gpEdronMiguesx
Cormaya 7 46 sqm96k gpEdronEagle Beater
Cormaya 8 53 sqm110k gpEdronMerlin
Cormaya 9a 20 sqm44k gpEdronJay Blaq
Cormaya 9b 50 sqm104k gpEdronStoned
Cormaya 9c 20 sqm44k gpEdronPfire
Cormaya 9d 50 sqm104k gpEdronKasack
Cormaya Flats, Flat 01 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronSpeed Ice
Cormaya Flats, Flat 02 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronKrovvey
Cormaya Flats, Flat 03 (Inactive)11 sqm26k gpEdronKinpo
Cormaya Flats, Flat 04 11 sqm26k gpEdronUsii
Cormaya Flats, Flat 05 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronLingling
Cormaya Flats, Flat 06 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronSkunky Beer
Cormaya Flats, Flat 11 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronCade
Cormaya Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronSovereign
Cormaya Flats, Flat 13 (Inactive)11 sqm26k gpEdronBlood Warrior
Cormaya Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)11 sqm26k gpEdronEtheriel
Cormaya Flats, Flat 15 7 sqm16k gpEdronDaiman
Cormaya Flats, Flat 16 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronKronik
Edron Flats, Basement Flat 1 31 sqm66k gpEdronShort Fligh
Edron Flats, Basement Flat 2 31 sqm66k gpEdronRush Mafia
Edron Flats, Flat 01 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronMaster Babe
Edron Flats, Flat 02 14 sqm32k gpEdronBlade Latioz
Edron Flats, Flat 03 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronRule Of Dark
Edron Flats, Flat 04 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronFitness Man
Edron Flats, Flat 05 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronSwagdaddy
Edron Flats, Flat 06 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronLeo (FACC)
Edron Flats, Flat 07 7 sqm16k gpEdronTochilon
Edron Flats, Flat 08 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronJudas Priest
Edron Flats, Flat 11 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronJones
Edron Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronKaisers
Edron Flats, Flat 13 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronGamadruid
Edron Flats, Flat 14 7 sqm16k gpEdronAvirex
Edron Flats, Flat 15 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronZagma
Edron Flats, Flat 16 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronPurple Man
Edron Flats, Flat 17 7 sqm16k gpEdronCocko
Edron Flats, Flat 18 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronLevithian
Edron Flats, Flat 21 14 sqm32k gpEdronMitsubishi
Edron Flats, Flat 22 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronNajiwus
Edron Flats, Flat 23 7 sqm16k gpEdronKnight Sinner
Edron Flats, Flat 24 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronHunted Player
Edron Flats, Flat 25 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronSir Dario
Edron Flats, Flat 26 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronGotenks
Edron Flats, Flat 27 7 sqm16k gpEdronWayno
Edron Flats, Flat 28 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronEnfery
Magic Academy, Flat 1 16 sqm38k gpEdronWejscie Smoczka
Magic Academy, Flat 3 24 sqm50k gpEdronVochtvreter
Magic Academy, Flat 4 21 sqm46k gpEdronBillyboii
Magic Academy, Flat 5 (Inactive)23 sqm48k gpEdronBushnek
Magic Academy, Guild (Guild Hall)155 sqm338k gpEdron Illimunati
Magic Academy, Shop 18 sqm38k gpEdronRakhon
Sky Lane, Guild 1 (Guild Hall)342 sqm730k gpEdron Crop Dusters
Sky Lane, Guild 2 (Guild Hall)344 sqm716k gpEdron Legion
Sky Lane, Guild 3 (Guild Hall)296 sqm628k gpEdron The trippy squad
Sky Lane, Sea Tower 80 sqm172k gpEdronRollaman
Stonehome Clanhall (Guild Hall)157 sqm332k gpEdron Vanity
Stonehome Flats, Flat 01 7 sqm16k gpEdronMaclock
Stonehome Flats, Flat 02 11 sqm26k gpEdronAbusingthebottle
Stonehome Flats, Flat 03 7 sqm16k gpEdronXaria
Stonehome Flats, Flat 04 7 sqm16k gpEdronForbidden Pally
Stonehome Flats, Flat 05 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronRafikast
Stonehome Flats, Flat 06 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronSalomon
Stonehome Flats, Flat 11 11 sqm26k gpEdronDebithia
Stonehome Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)11 sqm26k gpEdronMala Rodriguez
Stonehome Flats, Flat 13 7 sqm16k gpEdronPvp-on
Stonehome Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpEdronSoul Fenix Soniaw
Stonehome Flats, Flat 15 7 sqm16k gpEdronEl Gordo De La Sierra
Stonehome Flats, Flat 16 7 sqm16k gpEdronThe Beatles
Stonehome Village 1 36 sqm76k gpEdronMilf
Stonehome Village 2 13 sqm28k gpEdronSacred Paladin
Stonehome Village 3 14 sqm30k gpEdronBeluga
Stonehome Village 4 16 sqm36k gpEdronOrca
Stonehome Village 5 (Inactive)28 sqm60k gpEdronDople Gangher
Stonehome Village 6 (Inactive)25 sqm54k gpEdronGadreal
Stonehome Village 7 21 sqm46k gpEdronExsiliun
Stonehome Village 8 (Inactive)14 sqm30k gpEdronHafgan
Stonehome Village 9 14 sqm30k gpEdronGoldberg
Wood Avenue 1 32 sqm68k gpEdronFizzler
Wood Avenue 10a 26 sqm56k gpEdronHood
Wood Avenue 10b 22 sqm50k gpEdronOrpheus
Wood Avenue 11 130 sqm272k gpEdronAppoz
Wood Avenue 2 32 sqm68k gpEdronCaric Laye
Wood Avenue 3 32 sqm68k gpEdronTimoteo
Wood Avenue 4 32 sqm68k gpEdronAyo Bitch Nigga
Wood Avenue 4a 26 sqm56k gpEdronMotha Viper
Wood Avenue 4b 26 sqm56k gpEdronVail Jordan
Wood Avenue 4c 32 sqm68k gpEdronMireille Bouquet
Wood Avenue 5 32 sqm68k gpEdronEquinox Shuffler
Wood Avenue 6a 23 sqm50k gpEdronBum Rush
Wood Avenue 6b 23 sqm50k gpEdronFatboy Ii
Wood Avenue 7 117 sqm240k gpEdronDeadman Wonderland
Wood Avenue 8 117 sqm240k gpEdronDevestation
Wood Avenue 9a 26 sqm56k gpEdronYou Mad Bruh
Wood Avenue 9b 25 sqm54k gpEdronKyle
Arena Walk 1 55 sqm116k gpSvargrondMisato Katsuragi
Arena Walk 2 21 sqm46k gpSvargrondEstelo
Arena Walk 3 59 sqm124k gpSvargrondCreep
Bears Paw 1 33 sqm70k gpSvargrondSheeva (FACC)
Bears Paw 2 44 sqm92k gpSvargrondLadygaga
Bears Paw 3 35 sqm76k gpSvargrondLady Best
Bears Paw 4 99 sqm206k gpSvargrondSoge King
Bears Paw 5 34 sqm74k gpSvargrondBeowulfs Daughter
Corner Shop (Shop) 36 sqm76k gpSvargrondBroly
Crystal Glance (Guild Hall)237 sqm522k gpSvargrond Armenia
Fimbul Shelf 1 20 sqm44k gpSvargrondDenoca
Fimbul Shelf 2 21 sqm46k gpSvargrondMagz
Fimbul Shelf 3 (Inactive)28 sqm60k gpSvargrondColdd Elf
Fimbul Shelf 4 (Inactive)22 sqm48k gpSvargrondThe Big Bad Wolf
Frost Manor (Guild Hall)382 sqm812k gpSvargrond Silent Circle
Furrier Quarter 1 34 sqm74k gpSvargrondQuarry
Furrier Quarter 2 (Inactive)21 sqm46k gpSvargrondElder Bentley
Furrier Quarter 3 20 sqm44k gpSvargrondElisa Van Biuren
Glacier Side 1 26 sqm56k gpSvargrondNico The Loco
Glacier Side 2 83 sqm172k gpSvargrondDimmu Borgir
Glacier Side 3 30 sqm64k gpSvargrondSillya Dagon
Glacier Side 4 38 sqm78k gpSvargrondGodzilla
Mammoth Belly (Guild Hall)278 sqm616k gpSvargrond Diabolical Corp
Pilchard Bin 1 (Inactive)8 sqm20k gpSvargrondMagicd
Pilchard Bin 10 7 sqm16k gpSvargrondMr Of Hell
Pilchard Bin 2 (Inactive)8 sqm20k gpSvargrondValkirye
Pilchard Bin 3 10 sqm22k gpSvargrondKing Knight
Pilchard Bin 4 (Inactive)10 sqm22k gpSvargrondSexymexy
Pilchard Bin 5 8 sqm20k gpSvargrondJorgee Dela Juarez
Pilchard Bin 6 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpSvargrondSudden Pala
Pilchard Bin 7 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpSvargrondEzrealx
Pilchard Bin 8 (Inactive)6 sqm16k gpSvargrondSharius
Pilchard Bin 9 (Inactive)7 sqm16k gpSvargrondDanny Brown
Raven Corner 1 15 sqm32k gpSvargrondSniper One
Raven Corner 3 15 sqm32k gpSvargrondSir Anturis Of Heaven
Shady Rocks 1 65 sqm138k gpSvargrondCalz
Shady Rocks 2 29 sqm66k gpSvargrondWarrior-loko
Shady Rocks 3 77 sqm160k gpSvargrondChanoc
Shady Rocks 4 (Shop) 50 sqm104k gpSvargrondElextra
Shady Rocks 5 57 sqm118k gpSvargrondRutzy
Shelf Site 83 sqm172k gpSvargrondSolo Elite
Skiffs End 1 28 sqm60k gpSvargrondIfernal Knight
Skiffs End 2 (Inactive)13 sqm30k gpSvargrondPwff
Spirit Homes 1 27 sqm58k gpSvargrondRiktig Slyna
Spirit Homes 2 31 sqm66k gpSvargrondThe Legend Soulfire
Spirit Homes 3 75 sqm156k gpSvargrondMale Of Beer
Spirit Homes 4 19 sqm40k gpSvargrondWarbiax
Spirit Homes 5 21 sqm46k gpSvargrondKenshin
Trout Plaza 1 43 sqm90k gpSvargrondKrepu
Trout Plaza 2 26 sqm56k gpSvargrondSaffy
Trout Plaza 3 18 sqm38k gpSvargrondMendo Knight
Trout Plaza 4 18 sqm38k gpSvargrondRik Slyna
Trout Plaza 5 (Shop) 73 sqm150k gpSvargrondScripter
Tusk Flats 1 (Inactive)14 sqm32k gpSvargrondTeehee
Tusk Flats 2 16 sqm36k gpSvargrondWhoop Whoop
Tusk Flats 3 11 sqm26k gpSvargrondRoy Skat
Tusk Flats 4 6 sqm14k gpSvargrondMr Pezdarnost
Tusk Flats 5 (Inactive)11 sqm24k gpSvargrondJhonny
Tusk Flats 6 (Inactive)12 sqm28k gpSvargrondSheyla
Aureate Court 1 116 sqm238k gpYalaharCitan
Aureate Court 2 120 sqm244k gpYalaharMoeltje
Aureate Court 3 115 sqm234k gpYalaharRolyus
Aureate Court 4 82 sqm172k gpYalaharSombragris
Cascade Towers (Guild Hall)315 sqm696k gpYalahar Rage Quit
Fortune Wing 1 237 sqm482k gpYalaharChaman King
Fortune Wing 2 130 sqm264k gpYalaharLimitless
Fortune Wing 3 135 sqm274k gpYalaharThe Pala
Fortune Wing 4 129 sqm266k gpYalaharSlevin
Halls of Serenity (Guild Hall)432 sqm930k gpYalahar Timeless
Luminous Arc 1 147 sqm298k gpYalaharKharsek
Luminous Arc 2 145 sqm298k gpYalaharBuddha
Luminous Arc 3 121 sqm248k gpYalaharVoek
Luminous Arc 4 175 sqm360k gpYalaharZanezil
Radiant Plaza 1 123 sqm254k gpYalaharGerman Ms
Radiant Plaza 2 87 sqm178k gpYalaharWillis
Radiant Plaza 3 114 sqm232k gpYalaharAlleria The Windrunner
Radiant Plaza 4 178 sqm362k gpYalaharKakarott
Sun Palace (Guild Hall)460 sqm974k gpYalahar Mtx Revolution
Unnamed House #2395 220 sqm444k gpVip AreaXarya
Unnamed House #2396 224 sqm452k gpVip AreaRoyal Guardian
Unnamed House #2397 211 sqm426k gpVip AreaLanili
Unnamed House #2398 (Inactive)215 sqm434k gpVip AreaChrisreah
Unnamed House #2399 (Inactive)52 sqm108k gpVip AreaSophiie
Unnamed House #2400 (Inactive)86 sqm176k gpVip AreaFire Yessy
Unnamed House #2405 (Inactive)59 sqm122k gpVip AreaLord Teddy
Unnamed House #2406 (Inactive)50 sqm104k gpVip AreaIsabella
Unnamed House #2407 (Inactive)47 sqm96k gpVip AreaGonyx
Unnamed House #2408 (Inactive)47 sqm96k gpVip AreaMandy The Archer
Unnamed House #2409 89 sqm182k gpVip AreaExura Sio
Unnamed House #2410 95 sqm194k gpVip AreaJarry Bro
Unnamed House #2411 (Inactive)60 sqm122k gpVip AreaDeadly Radon
Unnamed House #2412 68 sqm140k gpVip AreaMusu
Unnamed House #2417 (Inactive)145 sqm296k gpVip AreaBig Bamboo
Unnamed House #2418 107 sqm220k gpVip AreaLarge Noodle
Unnamed House #2419 (Inactive)166 sqm336k gpVip AreaArcterious
Unnamed House #2420 (Inactive)94 sqm192k gpVip AreaTherryn
Unnamed House #2421 45 sqm94k gpVip AreaEnlightened
Unnamed House #2422 (Inactive)239 sqm484k gpVip AreaMonolith
Unnamed House #2423 282 sqm568k gpVip AreaNo Soy El Pran
Unnamed House #2424 (Inactive)225 sqm452k gpVip AreaApo Chunk
Unnamed House #2425 (Inactive)96 sqm194k gpVip AreaDogma Of Power
Unnamed House #2426 96 sqm194k gpVip AreaDsd
Unnamed House #2428 263 sqm530k gpVip AreaUndercover
Unnamed House #2429 436 sqm876k gpVip AreaZeltic
Unnamed House #2430 204 sqm412k gpVip AreaEvul
Unnamed House #2431 172 sqm348k gpVip AreaSyyn
Unnamed House #2432 91 sqm184k gpVip AreaBebesita
Unnamed House #2433 128 sqm258k gpVip AreaMiro Resistence
Unnamed House #2434 195 sqm394k gpVip AreaArtemiz
Unnamed House #2435 44 sqm88k gpVip AreaRoyal Daroz
Unnamed House #2436 (Inactive)55 sqm110k gpVip AreaMr Lucky
Unnamed House #2437 (Inactive)55 sqm110k gpVip AreaFlorsu
Unnamed House #2439 81 sqm162k gpVip AreaNova Sky
Unnamed House #2440 198 sqm400k gpVip AreaBlah Hip
Unnamed House #2442 68 sqm136k gpVip AreaSaturn
Unnamed House #2443 36 sqm72k gpVip AreaShao Kahn
Unnamed House #2444 99 sqm198k gpVip AreaYota
Unnamed House #2445 227 sqm458k gpVip AreaTig
Unnamed House #2446 (Inactive)227 sqm458k gpVip AreaRazoor
Unnamed House #2447 64 sqm130k gpVip AreaJordz
Unnamed House #2453 (Inactive)68 sqm138k gpVip AreaOrian Star
Unnamed House #2456 (Inactive)80 sqm162k gpVip AreaDour Hertz
Unnamed House #2457 63 sqm128k gpVip AreaSkyzin Tsf
Unnamed House #2458 (Inactive)63 sqm128k gpVip AreaMagezao Boladao
Unnamed House #2460 84 sqm170k gpVip AreaPhirax
Unnamed House #2461 (Inactive)68 sqm138k gpVip AreaAois
Unnamed House #2462 (Inactive)68 sqm138k gpVip AreaRas'ta
Unnamed House #2463 (Inactive)63 sqm128k gpVip AreaChrome One
Unnamed House #2464 80 sqm162k gpVip AreaBeasted (FACC)
Unnamed House #2497 63 sqm128k gpVip AreaYukiziika
Unnamed House #2501 362 sqm724k gpVip AreaMaze
Unnamed House #2502 (Inactive)196 sqm394k gpVip AreaStogiez
Unnamed House #2503 36 sqm72k gpVip AreaThe Graceful
Unnamed House #2504 57 sqm114k gpVip AreaPoo
Unnamed House #2505 43 sqm88k gpVip AreaFansites
Unnamed House #2506 (Inactive)64 sqm130k gpVip AreaSpenck (FACC)
Unnamed House #2507 547 sqm1102k gpVip AreaSally Sk
Unnamed House #2508 47 sqm96k gpVip AreaPervertido
Unnamed House #2509 391 sqm788k gpVip AreaDott
There are a total of 933 houses in this catagory. A total of 266 houses have inactive owners.
There are a total of 0 Guild Halls in this catagory.
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