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Automatic PayPal Donation System

Why Donate to NoxiousOT?
Purchase Donation Items

You may enter any amount to donate. You will receive 120 Premium Point per $1 USD donated.
After you complete the donation you will receive 120 Premium Point for every dollar donated into your account automatically. If you donate $3 USD for example, you will receive 360 premium points. All donations will go towards server costs, please help us out.. running a server isnt free! Please read our Donation Rules before donating.

Here are the steps you need to complete your donation:
1. You will need a valid credit card or a PayPal account with the required balance you wish to donate.
2. Fill in your NoxiousOT account name in the 'Account Name' box below.
3. Click on the orange PayPal donate button that appears.
4. Paypal will ask you how much you want to donate.
5. Complete the transaction on PayPal and then you will be redirected back to our site.
6. After the transaction is complete, the premium points will be automatically added to your account.
7. When you purchase an item from the shop, you will recieve it within a few seconds of purchase. You do not have to wait for any staff to be online.
8. You can now enjoy the benefits of being a donator!
NOTE: Javascript must be enabled to validate your account.

If you have any questions or problems with your donation or PayPal isn't working for you, please contact us in-game or send us an email at

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