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Server Rules on NoxiousOT 8.60

  • AFK Cave Botting - You may not use a bot to level up while you are AFK, or assist someone in leveling while AFK. Failure to respond to a staff member above the rank of Tutor or failing a timed AFK BOTCHECK will constitute being AFK.
  • Bug/Exploits - Do not exploit bugs or abuse the unintended consequences of game mechanics. Ex: Don't stack rubbish on top of 'unwalkable' items to prevent people from passing. Etc.
  • PvP Abuse #1 - You may not control more than one character at a time in PvP, either through the use of multiple computers or bots. Each character in the fight must be controlled by a unique player.
  • Griefing - Do not grief players, or act in a way solely and specifically intended to harass them. Ex: Do not take low levels into a war in an attempt to RS the other team. Do not spam people's depot lockers with items to prevent them from getting their items. Etc.
  • Scamming - You are not allowed to scam or attempt to scam any player for items, money or accounts.
  • Staff Impersonation - Impersonating staff or claiming to know or have influence over staff in order to threaten or influence another player is not allowed.
  • Advertising - Do not advertise for other servers or try to convince players to leave this server for another. People are free to play where they want, but NoxiousOT will not act as a billboard for competing servers.
  • Donations - If you chargeback on a donation, we will IP ban you and attempt to retrieve all items from players.
  • Event Abuse #1 - You're not allowed to use multiple characters inside events in order to gain additional noxious tokens.
  • Event Abuse #2 - You're not allowed to remain inactive inside an event so as to gain Noxious Tokens without participating. Furthermore that participation should be directed towards advancing your own team, rather than helping the enemy.
  • Trading - You are not allowed to trade in-game items, accounts, money or services for goods, accounts, services or money outside of our server.
  • Frag Abuse - You are not allowed to kill your own characters or sell frags to another player in order to manipulate the top frag list.
  • Powerleveling - You are not allowed to let other players/characters repeatedly kill your character to gain experience, or kill someone who is doing the same. This includes killing your own characters to transfer experience. If you want to kill someone do so in traditional PvP, not consensual powerleveling.
  • Guild Halls - You may not, by yourself or through cooperation with others, create dummy guilds in order to own more than one guild hall. You may not buy a guild hall intending to make profit or not use it for guild purposes actively. We reserve the right to clear any guild hall we consider not in use by an active guild.
  • Common Sense - Exercise it. There are many possible infractions not listed in the server rules; if it were otherwise it would be an infinitely long list. As such, if a GM, CM or GOD tells you not to do something.. don't do it. If you think you've been unjustly reprimanded stop anyway and take the issue to GOD Deviance.
  • Chat Channels - You can not talk in public chat channels in a way that it is not intended to be used. For example, you can not post trade offers in Global Chat. You can not use Trade Channel or Help channel to have irrelevant conversations.

    The staff of this server reserve the right to ban for any reason not listed here and have the final decision on all banishments. If our staff feel you're hurting our server, community or website overall, we reserve the right to remove you from our server.
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