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World Information for NoxiousOT 8.60
Status: Online
Players Online: 413 Players
Online Record: 610 players (on February 26, 2014, 4:01 pm)
Creation Date: November 04, 2011
Location: USA, Chicago
PvP Type: Open PvP

Players Online [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]
Name [sort] Level [sort] Vocation [sort]
Aaxion 156Elite Knight
Abay Epox 309Elder Druid
Absolute Power 219Elite Knight
Adicto 170Royal Paladin
Afterparty 132Royal Paladin
Alberhy 66Paladin
Alhexs 131Elite Knight
Alvarus 277Royal Paladin
Anexo Antrax 39Royal Paladin
Angel Rawwrr 26Paladin
Anita Bong Hit 338Royal Paladin
Ank Maclaud 338Elite Knight
Archer Manipulator 290Royal Paladin
Arkerus 180Royal Paladin
Arxed 327Master Sorcerer
Asarth 189Master Sorcerer
Asesino Legendario 261Royal Paladin
Assasin Legendary 265Master Sorcerer
Assassin Creed 330Royal Paladin
Assy Star 112Elder Druid
Athen Slayer 179Elite Knight
Autumn 148Master Sorcerer
Avaith 182Royal Paladin
Avong 296Elder Druid
Azur 266Elite Knight
Barragan 135Elite Knight
Beatka 150Master Sorcerer
Benitocamelas 102Knight
Bexori 211Royal Paladin
Bilbo Baggins 261Elder Druid
Biochemist 198Elder Druid
Blad Pitt 334Royal Paladin
Blazin Blunts 229Royal Paladin
Blizzard Viewers: 0310Master Sorcerer
Blue Hobo 140Royal Paladin
Boltur 202Royal Paladin
Bon Dracula 145Master Sorcerer
Boston Toast Crunch 288Elite Knight
Brinoe 79Knight
Britney Speard 275Royal Paladin
Brothaa Dark 131Paladin
Brothaa Razor 352Royal Paladin
Bullseye Returns Viewers: 14342Royal Paladin
Burs 197Elite Knight
Canelinha 111Royal Paladin
Captain Brunox Viewers: 0469Elder Druid
Cara Cortada 290Royal Paladin
Caric Da Tank 407Royal Paladin
Caric De Tank 442Master Sorcerer
Caric Druid 60Elite Knight
Caric Laye 253Elder Druid
Carl Of Laya 200Elite Knight
Cattan Pally 194Royal Paladin
Chanoc 265Royal Paladin
Chapa 166Royal Paladin
Chariza 192Royal Paladin
Chillexn 237Elder Druid
Chronic Nugs Viewers: 0323Elder Druid
Cirdan Fallassion 375Royal Paladin
Clarismo 63Elite Knight
Clix 82Royal Paladin
Coco De Vaca 93Elite Knight
Con Ninja 266Royal Paladin
Conde Vampire 317Master Sorcerer
Crank 146Master Sorcerer
Cremiko 270Elite Knight
Crisne 51Sorcerer
Crox 188Master Sorcerer
Cryme Ariver 314Elder Druid
Cuatija 371Elder Druid
Cutie 85Paladin
D-keyz Returns 407Master Sorcerer
Dab 150Elder Druid
Danmaster 205Elite Knight
Danno 164Elder Druid
Danny 275Royal Paladin
Dark Anggelo's 162Royal Paladin
Dark Fenix 236Master Sorcerer
Dark Puller 32Knight
Dark'mage 288Elder Druid
Darkthor 276Elder Druid
Darth Maul 402Royal Paladin
Dath Antri 224Royal Paladin
Davion 212Royal Paladin
Dekarr 45Royal Paladin
Demonic 242Elite Knight
Depredador 283Royal Paladin
Desert Eagle 312Royal Paladin
Desvirgador 215Royal Paladin
Deus Ex 322Master Sorcerer
Diferent 246Master Sorcerer
Dios Del Mal 204Royal Paladin
Disrespectful Sixty 290Royal Paladin
Dj Viewers: 4276Royal Paladin
Djoegoe 291Elder Druid
Doctor Dream 348Royal Paladin
Doctor Mengueche 39Paladin
Domd 408Elder Druid
Don Ehje 180Royal Paladin
Don Tian 167Royal Paladin
Douglas Vidaloka 122Royal Paladin
Dr Evul 451Elder Druid
Drakaro 138Elite Knight
Drakot 245Royal Paladin
Dropped 300Elite Knight
Drs Evul 170Elder Druid
Druid Razort 151Elder Druid
Drummerko 81Elite Knight
Dryad 122Elder Druid
Dynasty 223Royal Paladin
Dyngrak 306Elite Knight
E-d 238Elder Druid
Eagle Beater 255Royal Paladin
Earl Grey 20Paladin
El Bananero 176Elite Knight
El Bananeroo 121Paladin
El Solitario 20Paladin
Elder Puller 8Druid
Elder Ray 153Druid
Elian El Propio 112Royal Paladin
Elite Neo 82Paladin
Eriona 66Royal Paladin
Escorpion 252Elite Knight
Estelo 264Royal Paladin
Eury 350Master Sorcerer
Fico Fronte 293Elder Druid
Foxx The Archer 398Royal Paladin
Frozen Ice 171Master Sorcerer
Futuristic Ps Skank 8Druid
Galyox 164Elite Knight
Genocyde 317Elite Knight
Ger Isma 289Royal Paladin
Ghosty Knightmara 190Elite Knight
Gladiador 20Elite Knight
Gladiador Tizuan 161Elite Knight
Gluedtomybong 71Paladin
Godgiven Tyler 313Royal Paladin
Gometheus 85Knight
Gooey 287Royal Paladin
Gravity 285Royal Paladin
Great Mage 336Master Sorcerer
Gretchem Ii 141Elite Knight
Grisworlock Royal 122Elite Knight
Gwyne 300Royal Paladin
Halckon 170Royal Paladin
Hankock 179Elite Knight
Hasselhoff 20Elder Druid
Hells Angel 192Elite Knight
Henspear 356Elite Knight
Hermit The Paladin 160Royal Paladin
Hi Hoes 368Elder Druid
Hokage 362Royal Paladin
Huasin 291Royal Paladin
Humbaa Zhyadjiin 82Elite Knight
Hunter Of The Night 185Royal Paladin
Hydro Steam 375Elite Knight
Ic-e 317Royal Paladin
Ifernal Knight 275Elite Knight
Igotthis 105Elite Knight
Iki Fenix 301Elder Druid
Imputer Dus't 138Elite Knight
Insanity 297Elder Druid
Intensity 351Elite Knight
Ivan Skum 268Elite Knight
Jacob Timlin 165Royal Paladin
Jezzy 25Paladin
Jiggy 119Royal Paladin
John Malow 300Royal Paladin
Joist 217Elite Knight
Jomy 356Royal Paladin
Jonk 189Elder Druid
Jonkey 20Sorcerer
Jozerdan 279Royal Paladin
Jrj 200Royal Paladin
Juniorthug 317Elite Knight
Just Mad 233Elder Druid
K'ing K'night 251Elite Knight
Kent Soulfire 157Elder Druid
Khaiza 20Paladin
Kiittynhaa 149Royal Paladin
King Alexander 387Royal Paladin
Klutch 384Master Sorcerer
Knight Zenhu 335Elite Knight
Kongol Insane 245Elite Knight
Kriztian 201Master Sorcerer
Kronox 213Royal Paladin
Krozy's Ghost 20Druid
Kryym 418Elder Druid
Kyrro 68Knight
La Leche 116Master Sorcerer
La Reina Vasti 304Elder Druid
La Rompe Carro 200Sorcerer
Ladygaga 327Elder Druid
Lawrencesil 260Master Sorcerer
Legand Of Powers 157Royal Paladin
Lele'return 361Master Sorcerer
Lepz 130Knight
Lesser 263Royal Paladin
Lever Cheo 8Knight
Lever Luis 8Knight
Lever Toto 8Knight
Litle Monster 220Royal Paladin
Lokii 138Elder Druid
Loko Pally 113Royal Paladin
Lord Deprerador 20Knight
Lord Kelvin 267Royal Paladin
Lord Paulistina 113Elite Knight
Lord Payasos 264Master Sorcerer
Lordd Magic 41Royal Paladin
Lordious 118Knight
Lordpud 291Elder Druid
Lovable Fearmie 332Elite Knight
Low 133Elite Knight
Luis Sainz 389Royal Paladin
Machon 224Elite Knight
Mage Lmfao 316Elder Druid
Makksli 27Knight
Male Of Beer 268Elder Druid
Maligordo De Cancer 230Master Sorcerer
Maly Wojownik 207Elite Knight
Maqita 82Knight
Maria Bolivar 249Royal Paladin
Mariguana 258Royal Paladin
Maste Display 200Elder Druid
Master Knight 417Elite Knight
Master Of The Dark 437Master Sorcerer
Master Tig 163Master Sorcerer
Mega Sopedda 100Elite Knight
Mega Vengador 200Royal Paladin
Mi Bolas Son Tus Ojos 198Paladin
Mike Jonez 208Royal Paladin
Mike The Healer 304Elder Druid
Mikever 254Elite Knight
Mint 121Royal Paladin
Mirthor 253Elite Knight
Mithlem 110Royal Paladin
Mix Master Prodip 200Royal Paladin
Miye Mota 20Knight
Moe's 85Paladin
Mr Cipereus 157Master Sorcerer
Mr Righty 110Knight
Mr Wanksta 203Elite Knight
Mrs Bean 410Master Sorcerer
Mrs Obama 280Master Sorcerer
Mujer Del Mal 358Royal Paladin
Multiplat 148Royal Paladin
Murderer 78Knight
Murkeno 141Elder Druid
Muslim 320Elder Druid
Muzio 381Royal Paladin
My Law 421Royal Paladin
My Nigga 341Elder Druid
Nasher 20Knight
Natural Eagle 194Elder Druid
Neliel 204Elder Druid
New Phobia 120Royal Paladin
Nexus Net 208Royal Paladin
Nexuss 26Knight
Nikolai 8Knight
No Me Toques 163Elite Knight
Noah Il 408Master Sorcerer
Obson Cxl 91Knight
Obson Cxl'two 138Royal Paladin
Old Leagion 126Elite Knight
Old Spev 234Elder Druid
Oz Archer 226Royal Paladin
Pablitou 179Royal Paladin
Paladino Mort 191Royal Paladin
Palek 158Royal Paladin
Pallitsy 344Royal Paladin
Pally Blue 67Royal Paladin
Paly Omnipotens 201Royal Paladin
Paly Rhapsody 310Royal Paladin
Para-max 286Elder Druid
Pattarito 363Master Sorcerer
Paulo 158Elite Knight
Pauly Peppers 129Elder Druid
Pearl 256Royal Paladin
Pepeka Danada 25Knight
Pervertido 258Elite Knight
Pfeifer 300Royal Paladin
Pitango El Chanchaso 299Royal Paladin
Piteryo 161Elite Knight
Pooky 157Royal Paladin
Pos Me Mato 113Elder Druid
Power Abused 192Royal Paladin
Power Magic 269Master Sorcerer
Powerknight 121Elite Knight
Powerranger 137Royal Paladin
Private Spawnb 8Druid
Pudnfun 390Royal Paladin
Quememiras 152Elder Druid
Quincy Da Tank 355Royal Paladin
Raadamhantyzy 145Elite Knight
Radziecka Skarpeta 125Elite Knight
Rakhon 285Royal Paladin
Rambita 167Elder Druid
Rancyd Fury 66Master Sorcerer
Razor Loves You 64Royal Paladin
Razor The Knight 341Elite Knight
Redlight 461Master Sorcerer
Redlite 253Master Sorcerer
Reign In Blood 90Elite Knight
Reincarnation 352Royal Paladin
Rekrab 181Royal Paladin
Rekrabs Puller 8Knight
Renagade 288Elite Knight
Ringo Dingo Pecker 226Elite Knight
Rokotsu 306Royal Paladin
Rolla 316Royal Paladin
Rolyus 325Elder Druid
Ron Way 87Knight
Royal Hunter 430Royal Paladin
Royal Phantom 331Royal Paladin
Rtz Bud 344Elder Druid
Russano 184Elite Knight
Rylay 210Master Sorcerer
Ryu Puller 8Sorcerer
Sado 306Elite Knight
Saigo Takamori 392Elder Druid
Sally The Dog 43Royal Paladin
Sam The Bam 216Elite Knight
Santiine 363Master Sorcerer
Satanic 333Royal Paladin
Schmelly 87Master Sorcerer
Sckrat Pro Healer 321Elder Druid
Scribe 107Royal Paladin
Scripter 351Elite Knight
Sex-enexes 186Elder Druid
Shadow King 154Master Sorcerer
Shadowed Ghost 422Master Sorcerer
Shon Salchichon 292Master Sorcerer
Siahki 208Royal Paladin
Sig 189Elder Druid
Silence 181Royal Paladin
Silver Link 141Elite Knight
Sir Fires Devil 287Royal Paladin
Sir Master Puchacho 196Royal Paladin
Skalken 176Elite Knight
Skrib 152Royal Paladin
Sky Kraven 183Royal Paladin
Skyle 295Master Sorcerer
Smashey 78Elite Knight
Smittin 234Royal Paladin
Sniper De La Muerte 52Paladin
Sniper Egypt 129Sorcerer
Snote Sky 246Royal Paladin
Snowill 80Elder Druid
Sothiss 250Royal Paladin
Soulxdruid 356Elder Druid
Sparklet 90Elite Knight
Speedz 20Knight
Spicer 221Elite Knight
Spinal 261Royal Paladin
Stomped 220Elite Knight
Stylez 264Master Sorcerer
Super Combo 28Elder Druid
Superbeast 212Elder Druid
Sweet Nunu 95Knight
Tankagank 132Elite Knight
Tea With Pally 239Royal Paladin
Tech-nine 339Elite Knight
Tech-noob 201Royal Paladin
Terrorism 321Elder Druid
The Amazing Coconut 179Royal Paladin
The Big Santer 242Elite Knight
The Drunner 110Royal Paladin
The Graceful 299Master Sorcerer
The Knight-loco 328Elite Knight
The Real Jason 29Knight
The Shield 79Elite Knight
The Sorc Warrior 251Master Sorcerer
Thefantasticsorc 31Sorcerer
Theoddone 184Royal Paladin
Thizz 286Elite Knight
Thug 200Elite Knight
Tig 272Elite Knight
Time Of Death 40Knight
Titan Vols 176Master Sorcerer
Tom-x 287Royal Paladin
Tony Bologna 150Elder Druid
Topit 156Druid
Train'er 250Elite Knight
Traxa 105Knight
Traxer 275Royal Paladin
Turco 79Paladin
Tx 300Elite Knight
Vaca Parada 196Royal Paladin
Vail Jordan 319Royal Paladin
Van Damme 180Elite Knight
Vanidoso 234Royal Paladin
Vese Shooter 167Royal Paladin
Vexon Balboa 214Elite Knight
Viper Loves You 297Elite Knight
Viper The Knight 161Elite Knight
Virgo De Shaka 214Elder Druid
W 273Elite Knight
Warlove 193Royal Paladin
Wintersessie 335Elite Knight
Wiz Ek 207Elite Knight
Xernhard 8Druid
Yaddle 390Master Sorcerer
Yanez Pelon 128Elite Knight
Young Wiz 368Royal Paladin
Yourdaddy 398Master Sorcerer
Yuck Fou 146Elite Knight
Yuri Boyca 114Paladin
Zak 287Elite Knight
Zolpix 106Elite Knight
Zolpux 113Royal Paladin
Zultan 316Royal Paladin

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