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This page lists all active bans that expire within 90 days. If you wish to appeal a ban, please post in our forum under the Server Support section.

Active Banishments
Player BanishmentsExpires in..
Marco Polo HernandezExcessive MC in PVP11 hours, 37 minutes
HelgonlikExcessive MC in PVP11 hours, 38 minutes
TobbyExcessive MC in PVP11 hours, 38 minutes
Viciious KingExcessive MC in PVP11 hours, 38 minutes
Alma Marse LagozoExcessive MC in PVP11 hours, 38 minutes
Xtrem RarityExcessive MC in PVP11 hours, 38 minutes
Thor Peemc in pvp1 day, 9 hours
Free Valentines BoosterDon't make fake npcs1 month
ThizzAdvertising.1 month, 1 week
LetoeAdvertising.1 month, 3 weeks
Account BanishmentsExpires in..
NoxisaAdvertising11 hours, 7 minutes
NicotineAdvertising11 hours, 7 minutes
Natala VapusAdvertising14 hours, 59 minutes
LaptoposAdvertising20 hours, 15 minutes
MobsAdvertising20 hours, 15 minutes
PromoteAdvertising22 hours, 38 minutes
LolilpopoolosAdvertising1 day, 2 hours
ZoisAdvertising1 day, 10 hours
AlexiAdvertising1 day, 11 hours
NeratorAdvertising1 day, 23 hours
GamingheadAdvertising1 day, 23 hours
NeratorsAdvertising2 days, 5 hours
SamsungaAdvertising2 days, 9 hours
DenmarksAdvertising3 days
NaratorsAdvertising3 days
SibiceAdvertising3 days, 2 hours
NaratoreAdvertising3 days, 2 hours
NaratoreyAdvertising3 days, 11 hours
NatoreysAdvertising4 days, 12 hours
BulgariAdvertising5 days, 9 hours
Pandorahksuiciding6 days, 4 hours
BulgariiAdvertising6 days, 12 hours
LilizinhaAdvertising2 weeks, 2 days
Mr Eventevent abuse3 weeks, 1 day
BacktIllegal trading.3 weeks, 3 days
DhgdAdvertising1 month
DertdAdvertising1 month
DhdhdAdvertising1 month, 1 week
OpenxiAdvertising1 month, 1 week
TarotAdvertising1 month, 1 week
KartesAdvertising1 month, 1 week
ThizzAdvertising.1 month, 1 week
ButorlasAdvertising1 month, 3 weeks
MultisolaAdvertising1 month, 3 weeks
Sexy ColaAdvertising1 month, 4 weeks
EnglishbombAdvertising.2 months

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