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This page lists all active bans that expire within 90 days. If you wish to appeal a ban, please post in our forum under the Server Support section.

Active Banishments
Player BanishmentsExpires in..
Eren Jaggerevent abuse1 day, 7 hours
Chayoteillegal trading1 day, 11 hours
Eldemoniacoevent abuse1 day, 15 hours
Kadon The Princesuiciding3 days, 8 hours
Bacon Bitsssuiciding3 days, 8 hours
El Papo Tastositosuiciding to powerlevel3 days, 19 hours
Compadre Del Chito'y Fastpowerleveling4 days, 7 hours
Chemdawgafk joining events5 days, 15 hours
Kill Mastersuiciding1 week
Vanilla Kushpowerleveling1 week, 3 days
Twi's Private Securitysuiciding1 week, 4 days
Bluntsmokezsuiciding2 weeks, 2 days
Vaga Vagaevent abuse2 weeks, 2 days
Zmier Fourafk botting events2 weeks, 3 days
Zmier Twoafk botting events2 weeks, 3 days
Zmier Oneafk botting events2 weeks, 3 days
Hellfireevent abuse2 weeks, 4 days
Sudowoodoauto joining events2 weeks, 6 days
Lynnevent abuse1 month, 3 weeks
The Kaievent abuse2 months, 1 week
Alex Kingevent abuse2 months, 1 week
Account BanishmentsExpires in..
Ggjadeggpowerleveling4 days, 16 hours
Strike Gatessexcessive powerleveling6 days, 11 hours
Pwesuiciding and powerleveling1 week
Kongraasuiciding1 week, 2 days
Twiligthsuiciding1 week, 5 days
The Great Wanabe Gandalfsuiciding2 weeks, 2 days
Zzozoz Yolaazoonaauto joining events2 weeks, 6 days
Mr Eventauto joining events2 weeks, 6 days
Fifi Antraxauto joining events2 weeks, 6 days
El Nucoauto joining events2 weeks, 6 days
Karen The ManagerStolen items contact staff1 month, 1 week
Karen The Co Managerpowerleveling1 month, 1 week
Notstoopauto joining events1 month, 3 weeks
Arcangel Miguelhacked account1 month, 3 weeks
Dirtytankexcessive event abuse1 month, 3 weeks

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