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Download the Custom Client!
Custom Client Features:
• Automatically connects to
• Settings are seperate from other clients
New Monsters and Retro Outfits.
Updated Spell Effects & Graphics
• A new reskinned user interface
• Third party tools supported
• Text edits inside client
• Built in multi-client

Read: This custom client is not required to play!
You can use the official 8.60 Tibia Client to connect to:, Port 7171. An IP changer is available on our downloads page. The difference between this client and the official client is that you don't need an IP changer, you can open more then one client at once and has a different skin. This client is completely optional!

Custom Client + Retro Outfits • Download

Retro Outfits + New Graphics • Download

Custom Client with new spells, graphics, monsters and retro outfits.

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