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November 11, 2012, 3:07 am
Basic tutorial to obtain the FireWalker Boots.

Reward: Fire Walker Boots.
Location: Fenrock, Yalahar.
Required equipment: Pick
Level required: 100
Level recommended: 100+

Text created by:
Darth Maul
Tibia Wiki

Images created by:
Darth Maul
Lost Minx
Tibia Wiki

I've noticed that quite a few people haven't done the quest, let alone know how to do it. Like those people I assumed it was the same as real tibia, where you have to do all the tasks and get all the items first, however this is not the case.
All you need to do is go to the teleporter with a pick. Sounds simple enough, right?
For those of you who don't know the path feel free to follow the images and text below.

I do not take credit for this tutorial, nor do I claim it as my own. I merely copied and pasted the relevant information from tibia wiki. If you want to see tibia wikis' version it can be found here:
Wiki link

Firstly head to yalahar; then head to the Foreigner Quarter. This is located directly west of the yalahar depot.

Follow the image until you come to a set of stairs, then talk to [Boat] Maris.


Player: hi
[Boat] Maris: Welcome, Darth Maul! I have been expecting you.
Player: fenrock
[Boat] Maris: Do you want go to the Fenrock for 50 gold coins?
Player: yes
[Boat] Maris: Set the sails!

Once you travel with maris to fenrock you'll need to follow the next image.


Now.. Continue following the images/text until you reach the end.


Go up 2 levels. You will encounter Goblins. Continue east and go down the stairs.


Continue east and north as the passage curves. More Goblins will be found here.


Take the stairs up at the end of the passage. You will now encounter a number of Dragons and Dragon Hatchlings. The passage will curve away to the west. Follow it until the end and go down the stairs.


Continue down 2 sets of stairs. At the bottom will be a chamber with a teleport to the north. Pythius can be seen at the west end of the chamber guarding his chamberof treasures.
He does not attack.


You DO NOT have to speak with Pythius, nor do you have to give him the golden mug.

Go through the teleport and down two levels. Here you will encounter dragon lords and dragon lord hatchlings. Head west and follow the yellow path until you find a rock in the corner of the last chamber to the southwest.


Use your pick on the stone to uncover a teleport which will take you to the final chamber.


The teleport is opened ....


You are transported to a large chamber. An escape teleport beckons at the west side of the chamber near you but you launch into the fight ...


Note: Be careful because Pythius The Rotten may curse you.

After defeating the greedy old bonebag (he doesnt die, the hp just goes black and yells: "Fighting little worm, your victory shall be rewarded) you are teleported to the reward room.


Once you have the boots the quest is done. Feel free to ps out, event out, or follow the images back to the begining, (to maris the sailer.)

I hope this clarifies this quest up for those of you who haven't done it, or those that have tried anf failed.

Once again, I don't claim this tutorial as my own. I merely copied and pasted the relevant information from tibia wiki. If you want to see tibia wikis' verion it can be found here:
Wiki link

Thanks for reading.
- Darth Maul
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November 24, 2012, 2:03 am
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Thank you Darth for all the quest guid lines

I wanna take a moment to thank you for putting the effort in all these quest guides. it helps noobs like to that are new to the server. if theres anything i can help with or do for this server to help out let me no in game or contact me at id love to help this server as much as possible.

thanks again

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