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November 15, 2012, 10:42 pm
Ident: 76CE5CB6FEA0
Basic Gruul Quest Guide

1 magic find box
1 Gruul trophie

You may choose ONE chest from the north:
(Nidalees Spear + Bonus Attributes.)
(Star Tear + Bonus Attributes.)
(The Epiphany + Bonus Attributes.)
(Experience Token.)

Location: Dredmor (NON VIP)
Required equipment: Potions, lots and lots of potions.
Level required: 200
Level recommended: 200+

Team that helped:
Doctor Dre
Darth Maul

Text created by:
Darth Maul

Images uploaded by:

Images created by:
Darth Maul

Team requirements:
1 knight (300+)
1 druid (300+)
2 shooters (sorc/druid/pally) (200+) <- 200 is min level.

Recommended time:
30-40mins with good team, longer with a team solely using this tutorial (maybe 1hr)


Firstly head to Zilean, Protector Of Dredmor.
If it's your first time talking to him the transcripts are as followed:
Please note that you will need to complete all Yoricks tasks before you can talk to Zilean to access the portal. However only 1 member of your party needs to have access. Once the portal is opened everyone can enter it, whether they've finished Yoricks quests or not.

Starting transcripts

Player: hi Zilean, Protector of Dredmor: You fool! What is the meaning behind killing my followers!? Who sent you?! Player: Yorick The Grave Digger Zilean, Protector of Dredmor: Yorick ordered you to slay my followers!? Why did he tell you to do this!? Player: codex Zilean, Protector of Dredmor: I should have known! Yorick has always been venturing into forbidden dungeons on his quest for wealth. Player: studying Zilean, Protector of Dredmor: You must goto Gruuls Lair using the Demonic Stones! Zilean, Protector of Dredmor: ...

Once you have done this use the image to get the stones the correct colours (ctrl + left clicking the stones to change their colours).


Ofcourse.. enter the teleporter and follow the images.


Remember to take things slow, and dont rush anything!

Once you get to the final image on the previous strip you'll come to a set of doors. To open them you need to go down the hole (north of the doors) and pull the lever. Once you pass through a door it will close, so you'll need to pull the lever twice to get everyone through. Ensure the person who pulls the lever isn't your healer, or tank..

Now head through the passage and kill the monsters slowly. Once you come to the next hole head down it.

If you, or any of your team doesn't have the key on them you'll need to head south and grab it from the body.

Becareful of Master Belch as he can hit hard.

Once you kill Master Belch, the key is located in a body here:


Once someone has the key, head back north and up the set of stairs.

Now head East, past the closed door, and continue down the next set of stairs.


Follow the next strip - be careful of the Underworld'S Vengeance as they hit hard, and if more then a few come you might be in trouble.

This is where you need the key, use the key on the door before you can 'open' it.
Now, just follow the images.

Now head east again, past the Hellraiser, and down both stairs the stairs. (each level will have a hellraiser to kill)

Now when you come to the next stairs, dash down - and keep dashing (dont stop till you hit a door)
(there are 3 levels to go down.)

Now head through the doors, and continue down to the quest lever. Get all four players to line up - once the lever is pulled you will all be tp'ed into the quest room where the boss is.

The boss is to the north, so get the tank to go lure it ad bring it down south.
This is how you want to set it up. Tree wall the tree spots - while having the knight in a diagonal position.

Once the burning demon dies the gruul will spawn on the spot he died at. So keep the walls up!

Once he dies, get everyone into the teporter; enjoy your rewards.

The rewards are as followed:

You may choose one chest from the north:
(Nidalees Spear + Bonus Attributes.)
(Star Tear + Bonus Attributes.)
(The Epiphany + Bonus Attributes.)
(Experience Token.)

Then to the south you may grab both boxes, one gives you the trohpy and the other gives you a MF Box.

Once you have your reward, head south and go through the telporter. This will teleport you to the center of the dredmor city.

Thanks for reading.
- Darth Maul

***Updated 1/30/18 due to pictures no longer being available. Uploaded new important photos***
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November 27, 2012, 7:25 pm
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im interesting in a service for this quest im getting vip i a few days plx

January 2, 2013, 10:32 pm
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Need service Gruul Quest..Need service Gruul Quest..Need service Gruul Quest..:D:D:D

March 21, 2013, 5:47 pm
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Same, when is this?

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01:24 Im Beautiful Fat [123]: :c
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December 1, 2013, 12:05 pm
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Thanks for the tutorial. It was a great help, so was the other one. Keep up the good work:up:

December 2, 2013, 9:00 pm
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This guide was great, thank you for posting it and I hope you post more. :)

January 28, 2014, 12:49 pm
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Bumping all my threads.

April 15, 2014, 10:49 am
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September 10, 2014, 6:12 am
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