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NoxiousOT Easter Event (2019)

Easter Event
This Easter we will be holding an event to promote the use of Monster Eggs in the Monster Arena. This event starts April 19th and lasts until April 22, 11:59 PM EST. Every time you use a monster egg there is a 25% chance that you will get to keep your monster egg instead of it disappearing. If your monster egg vanishes you will get FREE bonus stamina instead.

• Common Boss: Free 10 minutes of stamina.
• Uncommon Boss: Free 15 minutes of stamina.
• Rare Boss: Free 20 minutes of stamina.
• Legendary Boss: Free 35 minutes of stamina.
• Godly Boss: Free 45 minutes of stamina.

Notice: You will only get bonus stamina while below 40 hours of stamina.


Bonus Experience/Skills for Easter!
You can grab a free Experience or Skill Rate boost from [FREE] Easter Booster in Thais depot. The increased experience/skill rate boost will last for 4 hours but you can grab another one immediately after it ends. This event won't last long so please take advantage of it while you can!


We look forward to your feedback and hope you have a great Easter!
- Noxious Staff

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