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April 3, 2021, 2:33 am
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NoxiousOT Easter Event (2021)

Easter Event & House Contest
The NoxiousOT Staff want to thank everyone for their support over the past year! We hope you've been staying safe during these difficult times. I want to address the fact that some of the community has been vocal that they want a reset. This causes a lot of the community to be confused whether or not a reset is happening and end up quitting over false rumors. We haven't announced a reset anywhere and a reset hasn't been planned. We welcome all players to join our discord server and leave suggestions so that we can discuss the current state of the server what we should change for the future. I'm currently working with GM Magicant to create new content and I'm also working on a few suggestions that have come from the community. Although I don't have as much free time as I did when I created NoxiousOT over 10 years ago, I'm still committed to keeping this server stable, healthy and running it for many years to come. Thank you for being patient!

This Easter we will be holding an event to promote the use of Monster Eggs in the Monster Arena. This event starts April 3rd and lasts for 72 hours. Every time you use a monster egg there is a 25% chance that you will get to keep your monster egg instead of it disappearing. If your monster egg vanishes you will get FREE bonus stamina.

• Common Boss: Free 5 minutes of stamina.
• Uncommon Boss: Free 10 minutes of stamina.
• Rare Boss: Free 15 minutes of stamina.
• Legendary Boss: Free 30 minutes of stamina.
• Godly Boss: Free 45 minutes of stamina.
Note: You will only get bonus stamina while below 40 hours of stamina.

6541.gif 6542.gif 6543.gif 6544.gif 6545.gif


Experience Boosts! Level Up Faster!
You can grab a free Experience or Skill Rate boost from [FREE] Easter Booster in Thais depot. The increased experience rates will last for 72 hours. You can grab a new experience/skill rate boost every 12 hours.


House Decoration Contest
The Noxious Staff will be hosting another house decoration contest for Easter! We always get a lot of great feedback about these events and they are a great way to get people active. We will feature our favorite houses on the front page of the website. We can't wait to see what you create!

How do I submit my house?
To participate in this event you must post in this thread and leave the city and house name. Your house must contain a monster egg to get a prize. You can obtain monster eggs by killing monsters while having more than 38 hours of stamina. If you're not lucky, consider buying one from the Item Market instead. You can only submit one house per person.

The theme for this event is Easter! We want to see what interesting ideas you can come up with!

We will be visiting every house on April 8th. We will drop off a package inside your house with various items and rewards. If you make no effort to follow the theme or decorate your house we reserve the right to refuse to give you a prize. Our favorite houses will be featured on the front page of our website.

Update - April 9, 2021
Thank you for participating! A Moon Backpack has been delivered to your house with goodies inside. I will also be rewarding everyone that participated 2400 premium points which can be reclaimed in one future era.

Rich Asf, Lower Sewer Lane #1

Big Gulp, Upper Swamp Lane 2

10521.gif 10521.gif 10521.gif 10521.gif 10521.gif

2644.gif prize01.gif 1989.gif 2684.gif 6574.gif

We hope you have a great Easter!
- Noxious Staff
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GOD Deviance -
April 3, 2021, 11:45 pm
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City: Thais.
House: Lower Sewer Lane #1.

The purple thing was to represent godly egg once I don't have it.

Last edited by First Emperor; 3rd Apr 2021 at 23:52:57.

April 4, 2021, 4:21 am
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Easter Event

You see a closed door.
It belongs to house 'Upper Swamp Lane 2'. Big Gulp owns this house. :D

Don't forget to notice the DOOM. !!!

Last edited by Speedgod; 4th Apr 2021 at 14:08:45.

April 6, 2021, 5:22 pm
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17:15 You see an open door.
It belongs to house 'The City Wall 1a'. Ekali owns this house.

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