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Houses on NoxiousOT
Note: Houses marked as (Inactive) can be purchased by typing: !resell at the front door. Reselling a house will cost gold. The larger the house, the more expensive it will be. If you agree to the price, you can type !resell accept to take ownership of it.
House owners must login atleast once every 30 days to secure their house, or anybody can claim it!
You can not reset Guild Halls using !resell, you must contact a staff member to confirm the guild is inactive.
AddressSizePriceHome CityStatus
Blessed Shield Guildhall (Guild Hall)126 sqm540k gpVenore Semper Fidelis
Dagger Alley 1 (Inactive)52 sqm216k gpVenoreDarkfly
Dream Street 1 (Shop) 81 sqm332k gpVenoreDrudadog
Dream Street 2 67 sqm276k gpVenoreMaricas Deleteo
Dream Street 3 53 sqm220k gpVenorePattuso
Dream Street 4 68 sqm288k gpVenoreRespire
Elm Street 1 (Inactive)53 sqm220k gpVenoreMdfck
Elm Street 2 (Inactive)51 sqm212k gpVenoreKeny Starfighter
Elm Street 3 52 sqm220k gpVenoreUsually Bad
Elm Street 4 51 sqm212k gpVenoreGhost Of Keele
Golden Axe Guildhall (Guild Hall)175 sqm740k gpVenore DU30
Iron Alley 1 (Inactive)61 sqm260k gpVenoreWuoasckita
Iron Alley 2 64 sqm264k gpVenoreValmorio
Loot Lane 1 (Shop) 88 sqm364k gpVenoreCaptain Anomiem
Lucky Lane 1 (Shop) 132 sqm544k gpVenoreWar-wolf
Market Street 1 133 sqm544k gpVenoreFer Ment
Market Street 2 96 sqm396k gpVenoreScarlete Angy
Market Street 3 70 sqm288k gpVenoreElectronic
Market Street 4 (Shop) 96 sqm396k gpVenoreBelasko
Market Street 5 (Shop) 119 sqm488k gpVenoreAmerican Sniper
Market Street 6 102 sqm428k gpVenoreMonnymaker
Market Street 7 (Inactive)44 sqm184k gpVenoreAgugu
Mystic Lane 1 (Inactive)51 sqm216k gpVenoreAss Loging
Mystic Lane 2 58 sqm240k gpVenorePeekdoo
Old Lighthouse 73 sqm300k gpVenoreLatika
Paupers Palace, Flat 01 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpVenoreAkdsnskmxsknkcxcx
Paupers Palace, Flat 02 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreHe'rcules
Paupers Palace, Flat 03 6 sqm28k gpVenoreHarakat
Paupers Palace, Flat 05 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpVenoreLaizee
Paupers Palace, Flat 06 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreJavinbueno
Paupers Palace, Flat 07 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpVenoreHairy Asshole
Paupers Palace, Flat 12 8 sqm40k gpVenoreConan Ar'sol
Paupers Palace, Flat 13 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreMukkie
Paupers Palace, Flat 15 7 sqm32k gpVenoreGabriel Fabrizio
Paupers Palace, Flat 16 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpVenoreGreen Belt
Paupers Palace, Flat 17 7 sqm32k gpVenorePunkten
Paupers Palace, Flat 18 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpVenoreUrshaal
Paupers Palace, Flat 21 (Inactive)5 sqm24k gpVenoreApczyk
Paupers Palace, Flat 22 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreRozpierdalam Matki
Paupers Palace, Flat 23 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpVenoreUnimusho
Paupers Palace, Flat 24 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreMajster Sorek
Paupers Palace, Flat 25 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpVenoreKnight Lord
Paupers Palace, Flat 26 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpVenoreJeff Bezos
Paupers Palace, Flat 27 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpVenoreWrong Exiva
Paupers Palace, Flat 28 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpVenoreKawal Suki
Paupers Palace, Flat 31 16 sqm68k gpVenoreCrazy Lag
Paupers Palace, Flat 32 (Inactive)18 sqm80k gpVenoreAlexgama
Paupers Palace, Flat 33 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpVenoreGolabek
Paupers Palace, Flat 34 (Inactive)30 sqm128k gpVenoreLagerthaa
Salvation Street 1 (Shop) 119 sqm492k gpVenoreXanderr
Salvation Street 2 76 sqm312k gpVenoreVofeji
Salvation Street 3 76 sqm312k gpVenoreKinia
Seagull Walk 1 106 sqm432k gpVenorePallydadog
Seagull Walk 2 (Inactive)50 sqm212k gpVenoreRaizely
Silver Street 1 54 sqm220k gpVenoreFeindliche
Silver Street 2 (Inactive)41 sqm168k gpVenoreBrawlshot
Silver Street 3 (Inactive)41 sqm168k gpVenoreFader
Silver Street 4 66 sqm272k gpVenorePiron
Steel Home (Guild Hall)219 sqm928k gpVenore COOMERS
Swamp Watch (Guild Hall)179 sqm764k gpVenore House Music
Valorous Venore (Guild Hall)271 sqm1120k gpVenore HELLS ANGELS
Alai Flats, Flat 01 14 sqm60k gpThaisPosin
Alai Flats, Flat 02 14 sqm60k gpThaisMermano
Alai Flats, Flat 03 14 sqm60k gpThaisGattuso
Alai Flats, Flat 04 14 sqm60k gpThaisDrrhoffman
Alai Flats, Flat 05 20 sqm88k gpThaisEvil Kasanova
Alai Flats, Flat 06 20 sqm88k gpThaisBotanist
Alai Flats, Flat 07 14 sqm60k gpThaisByrd
Alai Flats, Flat 08 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpThaisProngs
Alai Flats, Flat 11 14 sqm60k gpThaisLebowski
Alai Flats, Flat 12 14 sqm60k gpThaisSulltan
Alai Flats, Flat 13 14 sqm60k gpThaisZoi Pokku
Alai Flats, Flat 14 16 sqm68k gpThaisHumble Cadet
Alai Flats, Flat 15 24 sqm104k gpThaisSir Blade
Alai Flats, Flat 16 24 sqm104k gpThaisNthk Belicon
Alai Flats, Flat 17 18 sqm76k gpThaisGerion
Alai Flats, Flat 18 16 sqm68k gpThaisWixdemential
Alai Flats, Flat 21 14 sqm60k gpThaisBallout
Alai Flats, Flat 22 14 sqm60k gpThaisShotstar
Alai Flats, Flat 23 14 sqm60k gpThaisLaidy
Alai Flats, Flat 24 16 sqm68k gpThaisImabeast
Alai Flats, Flat 25 24 sqm104k gpThaisMakumbera
Alai Flats, Flat 26 24 sqm104k gpThaisDeniix
Alai Flats, Flat 27 16 sqm68k gpThaisTrexexx
Alai Flats, Flat 28 16 sqm68k gpThaisXinuxx
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 01 10 sqm44k gpThaisDobra Mordeczka
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 02 10 sqm44k gpThaisKing Ban
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 03 10 sqm44k gpThaisEcrose
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 04 10 sqm44k gpThaisGansta Archer
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 05 10 sqm44k gpThaisRespectfully
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 06 14 sqm64k gpThaisCarmaster
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 11 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpThaisCrucio
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 12 13 sqm56k gpThaisDosin
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 13 13 sqm56k gpThaisZoi Poku
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 14 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpThaisHazzah
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 15 4 sqm20k gpThaisSamim
Beach Home Apartments, Flat 16 14 sqm64k gpThaisElda Drude
Bloodhall (Guild Hall)244 sqm1036k gpThais Daddys Little Fuckups
Casino House 1 34 sqm140k gpThaisZingaro
Casino House 10 34 sqm140k gpThaisSkorlet Maniacko
Casino House 2 34 sqm140k gpThaisZuum
Casino House 3 34 sqm140k gpThaisJoseph Stalin
Casino House 4 34 sqm140k gpThaisGoin In
Casino House 5 34 sqm140k gpThaisPluto
Casino House 6 34 sqm140k gpThaisBashira
Casino House 7 34 sqm140k gpThaisDefense
Casino House 8 34 sqm140k gpThaisCocaine
Casino House 9 34 sqm140k gpThaisJoot
Castle of Greenshore (Guild Hall)254 sqm1064k gpThais Kings Of The Shore
Champions Hall (Guild Hall)844 sqm3376k gpThais Straight To Jahannam
Dark Mansion (Guild Hall)294 sqm1244k gpThais GANG BANG
Farm Lane, 1st floor (Shop) 15 sqm60k gpThaisAndroid Seven
Farm Lane, 2nd Floor (Shop) 15 sqm60k gpThaisThais Aristocrat
Farm Lane, Basement (Shop) 15 sqm60k gpThaisLearrn To Play
Fibula Clanhall (Guild Hall)128 sqm552k gpThais Friends With Benefits
Fibula Village 1 10 sqm44k gpThaisLolozent
Fibula Village 2 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpThaisMad Mas
Fibula Village 3 (Inactive)45 sqm196k gpThaisLa Pepa Que Desatascas
Fibula Village 4 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpThaisKingroo
Fibula Village 5 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpThaisLuo Yi
Fibula Village, Bar 59 sqm244k gpThaisLil Bro
Fibula Village, Tower Flat (Inactive)72 sqm296k gpThaisAvenger Style
Fibula Village, Villa (Inactive)181 sqm744k gpThaisSamu Martinucci
Greenshore Clanhall (Guild Hall)133 sqm572k gpThais Gopnik Hardbass
Greenshore Village 1 30 sqm132k gpThaisElite Atroce
Greenshore Village 2 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpThaisCheesee Master
Greenshore Village 3 19 sqm80k gpThaisFalcon Blade
Greenshore Village 4 (Inactive)19 sqm80k gpThaisArturo Beltran Leyva
Greenshore Village 5 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpThaisNurse
Greenshore Village 6 (Inactive)94 sqm376k gpThaisHennessi
Greenshore Village 7 (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpThaisRenata Gruba
Greenshore Village, Shop 20 sqm84k gpThaisSakatig
Greenshore Village, Villa (Inactive)117 sqm484k gpThaisBisch
Guildhall of the Red Rose (Guild Hall)340 sqm1420k gpThais One For All
Halls of the Adventurers (Guild Hall)243 sqm1044k gpThais GangTrawkowyyy
Harbour Place 1 (Shop) 16 sqm64k gpThaisSpeedhack
Harbour Place 2 (Shop) 19 sqm80k gpThaisRyan
Harbour Street 4 14 sqm60k gpThaisDixon Cider
Lower Sewer Lane #1 54 sqm216k gpThaisHaas
Lower Sewer Lane #2 54 sqm216k gpThaisVikk
Lower Sewer Lane #3 54 sqm216k gpThaisYoni
Lower Swamp Lane 1 57 sqm244k gpThaisKnight Alejandro
Lower Swamp Lane 3 57 sqm244k gpThaisHookah At The Olivegarden
Main Street 9, 1st floor (Shop) 25 sqm100k gpThaisBustugh Nut
Main Street 9a, 2nd floor (Shop) 12 sqm48k gpThaisWinu Marr
Main Street 9b, 2nd floor (Shop) 23 sqm92k gpThaisMittrandil
Mercenary Tower (Guild Hall)525 sqm2204k gpThais Pandemic
Mill Avenue 1 (Shop) 17 sqm72k gpThaisPollo Reeves
Mill Avenue 2 (Shop) 34 sqm144k gpThaisPsy Co
Mill Avenue 3 21 sqm92k gpThaisKoshei's Ancient Amulet
Mill Avenue 4 21 sqm92k gpThaisDavion God
Mill Avenue 5 47 sqm204k gpThaisMuhris
Outer Wall #1 82 sqm332k gpThaisTanya Degurechaff
Outer Wall #2 82 sqm332k gpThaisSevn
Outer Wall #3 82 sqm332k gpThaisElven Pous
Outer Wall #4 (Inactive)82 sqm332k gpThaisPerritzima
Snake Tower (Guild Hall)526 sqm2188k gpThais Relentless
Sorcerer's Avenue 1a (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpThaisDoroteo Arango
Sorcerer's Avenue 1b 12 sqm56k gpThaisLethal
Sorcerer's Avenue 1c 16 sqm72k gpThaisSekune
Sorcerer's Avenue 5 42 sqm172k gpThaisExequterzk
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2a 10 sqm44k gpThaisMimoza
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2b 10 sqm44k gpThaisKing Slime
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2c (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpThaisManh
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2d 10 sqm44k gpThaisBlackie
Sorcerer's Avenue Labs 2e 10 sqm44k gpThaisThe Sio
Southern Thais Guildhall (Guild Hall)284 sqm1200k gpThais We Dont Care
Spiritkeep (Guild Hall)316 sqm1356k gpThais Hennything Is Possible
Staff House (Inactive)44 sqm176k gpThaisCM Thoth
Sunset Homes, Flat 01 10 sqm44k gpThaisZexorr
Sunset Homes, Flat 02 10 sqm44k gpThaisLucifer Aim
Sunset Homes, Flat 03 10 sqm44k gpThaisDrummerko
Sunset Homes, Flat 11 10 sqm44k gpThaisGordon Ramsay
Sunset Homes, Flat 12 10 sqm44k gpThaisJuiced
Sunset Homes, Flat 13 15 sqm68k gpThaisSasuke
Sunset Homes, Flat 14 10 sqm44k gpThaisSascha Fitness
Sunset Homes, Flat 21 10 sqm44k gpThaisShe
Sunset Homes, Flat 22 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpThaisSylveras
Sunset Homes, Flat 23 14 sqm64k gpThaisThor Pee
Sunset Homes, Flat 24 10 sqm44k gpThaisJaggmar
Thais Clanhall (Guild Hall)154 sqm656k gpThais BOPE
Thais Gate Hall (Guild Hall)329 sqm1348k gpThais Bad Players
Thais Hostel 63 sqm348k gpThaisRobiin Hoodd
Thais Residence #1 33 sqm136k gpThaisBackside
Thais Residence #10 37 sqm152k gpThaisRomi
Thais Residence #11 23 sqm96k gpThaisDilizioso
Thais Residence #12 33 sqm136k gpThaisDomble Dorf
Thais Residence #2 23 sqm96k gpThaisCares
Thais Residence #3 37 sqm152k gpThaisViejo Tragasable
Thais Residence #4 37 sqm152k gpThaisSix God
Thais Residence #5 23 sqm96k gpThaisTorontos Devil
Thais Residence #6 33 sqm136k gpThaisRunes Cuak
Thais Residence #7 33 sqm136k gpThaisSinnk
Thais Residence #8 23 sqm96k gpThaisBonkers
Thais Residence #9 37 sqm152k gpThaisRobberfield
The City Wall 1a 21 sqm92k gpThaisMi Yogur
The City Wall 1b 21 sqm92k gpThaisSongokan
The City Wall 3a 16 sqm72k gpThaisEder Maniacko
The City Wall 3b 16 sqm72k gpThaisFlawless Young
The City Wall 3c 16 sqm72k gpThaisReallbigd
The City Wall 3d 16 sqm72k gpThaisMcgreggor
The City Wall 3e 16 sqm72k gpThaisDavoltz
The City Wall 3f 16 sqm72k gpThaisLives Hunter
The City Wall 5a 10 sqm44k gpThaisBigtymer
The City Wall 5b 10 sqm44k gpThaisPastelito
The City Wall 5c 10 sqm44k gpThaisKing Tricks
The City Wall 5d 10 sqm44k gpThaisGolden Kiiller
The City Wall 5e 10 sqm44k gpThaisCountry Boy
The City Wall 5f 10 sqm44k gpThaisPhonex
The City Wall 7a 10 sqm44k gpThaisShilebens
The City Wall 7c 12 sqm56k gpThaisRazor
The City Wall 7d 12 sqm56k gpThaisVuvuzet
The City Wall 7e 12 sqm56k gpThaisMakenzie
The City Wall 7f 12 sqm56k gpThaisMlml
The City Wall 7g 10 sqm44k gpThaisRtz Smash
The City Wall 7h 10 sqm44k gpThaisSovrn
The City Wall 9 65 sqm264k gpThaisMarissaa
The Tibianic (Guild Hall)445 sqm1868k gpThais Barbanegra
Upper Swamp Lane 10 24 sqm108k gpThaisWreckognize
Upper Swamp Lane 12 44 sqm188k gpThaisHell Bound
Upper Swamp Lane 2 57 sqm244k gpThaisFerrazi
Upper Swamp Lane 4 57 sqm244k gpThaisFlema
Upper Swamp Lane 8 121 sqm496k gpThaisRelic Kings
Warriors Guildhall (Guild Hall)255 sqm1064k gpThais Digital Dash
Granite Guildhall (Guild Hall)296 sqm1252k gpKazordoon Chilaquiles
Hill Hideout (Guild Hall)193 sqm832k gpKazordoon Soulless
Iron Guildhall (Guild Hall)243 sqm1040k gpKazordoon Team Leader
Nobility Quarter 7 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpKazordoonIfriit
Nobility Quarter 9 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpKazordoonCacheta
Outlaw Camp 1 (Inactive)46 sqm192k gpKazordoonJakmioff
Outlaw Camp 12 (Shop) 6 sqm24k gpKazordoonUse Code Parcel
Outlaw Camp 13 (Shop) 6 sqm24k gpKazordoonCerkaro
Outlaw Camp 14 (Shop) 15 sqm60k gpKazordoonBow Down
Outlaw Camp 2 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpKazordoonTortas Maria
Outlaw Camp 3 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpKazordoonGzueiariuei Hzoriaeiea
Outlaw Camp 5 (Inactive)2 sqm12k gpKazordoonFourhead
Outlaw Camp 6 (Inactive)2 sqm12k gpKazordoonCash Moneyzz
Outlaw Castle (Guild Hall)158 sqm668k gpKazordoon Drop Bears
Riverspring (Guild Hall)284 sqm1208k gpKazordoon The First Flame
The Farms 1 34 sqm148k gpKazordoonKozaczo
The Farms 2 21 sqm92k gpKazordoonPunish'er
The Farms 3 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpKazordoonBrabuss
The Farms 6, Fishing Hut 16 sqm72k gpKazordoonCarhartt
The Market 3 (Shop) (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpKazordoonDetektyw Skarpeta
Tunnel Gardens 3 23 sqm104k gpKazordoonEnnd El Inhumano
Upper Barracks 12 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpKazordoonFlensosten
Upper Barracks 13 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpKazordoonEdnis Oyat
Wolftower (Guild Hall)316 sqm1356k gpKazordoon DICK BEATERS
Carlin Clanhall (Guild Hall)167 sqm708k gpCarlin Ai Eh Lokura Po
Central Plaza 1 (Inactive)8 sqm32k gpCarlinThompa
Central Plaza 2 (Inactive)8 sqm32k gpCarlinRoyal Dai
Central Plaza 3 8 sqm32k gpCarlinGidropon
Druids Retreat A (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpCarlinThe Game Snake
Druids Retreat B (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpCarlinKapitan Pazur
Druids Retreat C (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpCarlinFrontside
Druids Retreat D (Inactive)22 sqm96k gpCarlinLava Burst
East Lane 1a (Inactive)48 sqm200k gpCarlinEl Verga Gorda
East Lane 1b (Inactive)34 sqm144k gpCarlinDedos Magicos
East Lane 2 87 sqm356k gpCarlinFederico Peluche
Harbour Flats, Flat 11 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpCarlinPospalsuelo
Harbour Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinPiffting Roadman
Harbour Flats, Flat 13 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpCarlinDunczyk
Harbour Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinTio Lucho
Harbour Flats, Flat 15 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinTerrorist One
Harbour Flats, Flat 17 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinMarylg
Harbour Flats, Flat 18 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinEcoshooter
Harbour Flats, Flat 21 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpCarlinTima Kors
Harbour Flats, Flat 22 (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpCarlinUnderxd
Harbour Flats, Flat 23 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinGyz
Harbour Lane 1 (Shop) 19 sqm76k gpCarlinThe Implication
Harbour Lane 2a (Shop) 12 sqm48k gpCarlinKutangpan
Harbour Lane 2b (Shop) 12 sqm48k gpCarlinSheel
Harbour Lane 3 77 sqm320k gpCarlinForan
House of Recreation (Guild Hall)337 sqm1412k gpCarlin Awaken
Lonely Sea Side Hostel 218 sqm904k gpCarlinFps Dave
Magician's Alley 1 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpCarlinBillie Jou
Magician's Alley 1a (Inactive)7 sqm36k gpCarlinHardxtyle
Magician's Alley 1b (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpCarlinMeexicano
Magician's Alley 1c (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinThumper
Magician's Alley 1d (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinNenu
Magician's Alley 4 (Inactive)40 sqm176k gpCarlinJebz Dzidy
Magician's Alley 5a (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpCarlinProvidore
Magician's Alley 5b (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinCristal
Magician's Alley 5c (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpCarlinKaloryferdeulf
Magician's Alley 5d (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinCaric The Tank
Magician's Alley 5e (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinTravis Scott Druid
Magician's Alley 5f (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpCarlinVer Ga
Magician's Alley 8 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpCarlinMonky De Lofy
Moonkeep (Guild Hall)239 sqm1020k gpCarlin Bound By Blood
Nautic Observer 145 sqm596k gpCarlinBezz Sorcerer
Nordic Stronghold (Guild Hall)366 sqm1508k gpCarlin Noxious Staff
Northern Street 1a 16 sqm72k gpCarlinKatreurink
Northern Street 1b (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpCarlinLoging
Northern Street 1c (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinAla Ric
Northern Street 3a (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinSophitiia
Northern Street 3b (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpCarlinKill The Word
Northern Street 5 (Inactive)41 sqm172k gpCarlinBrollyth
Northern Street 7 (Inactive)34 sqm144k gpCarlinDej Bucha Mi
Northport Clanhall (Guild Hall)130 sqm560k gpCarlin 4 2 0
Northport Village 1 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpCarlinElite Trap
Northport Village 2 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpCarlinTazzdevill
Northport Village 3 96 sqm392k gpCarlinAmature
Northport Village 4 (Inactive)42 sqm176k gpCarlinI'm Dreamin
Northport Village 5 (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpCarlinXezozezz
Northport Village 6 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpCarlinLord Saiyan
Park Lane 1a 21 sqm92k gpCarlinEnlil
Park Lane 1b (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpCarlinRich Asf
Park Lane 2 16 sqm72k gpCarlinHillbilly In The Hood
Park Lane 3a (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpCarlinOmni-archer
Park Lane 3b (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpCarlinPincurchin
Park Lane 4 16 sqm72k gpCarlinRedneck Outta Place
Rosebud A (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpCarlinStomp
Rosebud B (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpCarlinMi Nuevo Pala
Rosebud C (Inactive)30 sqm120k gpCarlinDo Bronx Chapulin
Seawatch (Guild Hall)364 sqm1532k gpCarlin Den Of Thieves
Senja Clanhall (Guild Hall)172 sqm724k gpCarlin The Storm
Senja Village 10 (Inactive)30 sqm124k gpCarlinTobilot
Senja Village 11 (Inactive)50 sqm208k gpCarlinJoe Greco
Senja Village 3 (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpCarlinIsn
Senja Village 8 (Inactive)30 sqm128k gpCarlinShady
Senja Village 9 48 sqm200k gpCarlinPourupthewholedamnseal
Suntower (Guild Hall)204 sqm844k gpCarlin Black Roses
Theater Avenue 10 (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpCarlinAldebarann
Theater Avenue 11a (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpCarlinRick Jme
Theater Avenue 11b (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpCarlinDead Rubber
Theater Avenue 11c (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpCarlinBkw
Theater Avenue 12 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpCarlinMu D'aries
Theater Avenue 14 (Shop) (Inactive)36 sqm148k gpCarlinPaphos
Theater Avenue 5a (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinBigbyczek
Theater Avenue 5b (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinGanked By Lag
Theater Avenue 5c (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpCarlinMasterbluee
Theater Avenue 5d 7 sqm32k gpCarlinBaby Dont Trip
Theater Avenue 6a (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinCebulafest
Theater Avenue 6b (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinRoyal'dark
Theater Avenue 6c (Inactive)2 sqm12k gpCarlinTransfik
Theater Avenue 6d (Inactive)2 sqm12k gpCarlinBixer
Theater Avenue 6e (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpCarlinMorteveai
Theater Avenue 6f 11 sqm52k gpCarlinCuatro Veinte Riki Prende
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 01 (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpCarlinRedlight District
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 02 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinAxe Sin
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 03 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinWielik Ms
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 04 (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpCarlinRukiddin
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 05 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinGrimmsnarl
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 06 4 sqm20k gpCarlinDat Josh
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 11 (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpCarlinNamreg
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 12 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinNang
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 13 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinKynen
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 14 (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpCarlinPanda Nl
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 15 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinXafebi
Theater Avenue 7, Flat 16 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpCarlinDirock
Theater Avenue 8a (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpCarlinSoho
Theater Avenue 8b 19 sqm88k gpCarlinSpoxq
Ab'Dendriel Clanhall (Guild Hall)262 sqm1088k gpAb'Denriel Arky Crew
Castle of the Winds (Guild Hall)422 sqm1760k gpAb'Denriel Memento Mori
Coastwood 10 (Inactive)19 sqm88k gpAb'DenrielCookieiu
Coastwood 2 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpAb'DenrielMoye The First
Coastwood 4 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpAb'DenrielSupdead
Coastwood 6 (Shop) 24 sqm100k gpAb'DenrielRiot Maker
Coastwood 7 (Inactive)9 sqm40k gpAb'DenrielPower Axe
Great Willow 1a (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpAb'DenrielHams
Great Willow 1b (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielThe Lacrax
Great Willow 1c (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielKanserbero
Great Willow 2a (Inactive)11 sqm48k gpAb'DenrielAaron'ed
Great Willow 2b (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpAb'DenrielBesu
Great Willow 2c (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielMaalox
Great Willow 2d (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpAb'DenrielDruid Pama
Great Willow 4a (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpAb'DenrielMuftied
Great Willow 4b (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpAb'DenrielHielito
Great Willow 4c (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpAb'DenrielPayton
Mangrove 1 (Inactive)24 sqm108k gpAb'DenrielHard Moye
Mangrove 4 13 sqm60k gpAb'DenrielGanja Fighter
Shadow Caves 2 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpAb'DenrielLete Fitness Motivation
Shadow Caves 3 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpAb'DenrielMadrada Xd
Shadow Towers (Guild Hall)348 sqm1464k gpAb'Denriel Pornstars
The Hideout (Guild Hall)321 sqm1364k gpAb'Denriel Terror System
Treetop 1 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielGuillermo
Treetop 10 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpAb'DenrielEnafra Night
Treetop 11 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpAb'DenrielEl Werko
Treetop 12 (Shop) (Inactive)20 sqm84k gpAb'DenrielKreuzberger
Treetop 13 21 sqm92k gpAb'DenrielBreax
Treetop 2 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielPaladyniarz
Treetop 3 (Shop) (Inactive)20 sqm84k gpAb'DenrielMustad
Treetop 4 (Shop) (Inactive)20 sqm84k gpAb'DenrielBlack Cobra Snake
Treetop 5 (Shop) (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAb'DenrielMeat Slayer Boi
Treetop 6 7 sqm32k gpAb'DenrielDon Ali
Treetop 8 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAb'DenrielMaster Vergitas
Treetop 9 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpAb'DenrielOrnn
Underwood 1 (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAb'DenrielSpeed Ertuku
Underwood 10 10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielVerithor
Underwood 2 (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpAb'DenrielMazork
Underwood 3 26 sqm116k gpAb'DenrielLord Of Ring
Underwood 4 (Inactive)35 sqm156k gpAb'DenrielBlack Coffee
Underwood 5 (Inactive)19 sqm88k gpAb'DenrielNita'veres
Underwood 6 (Inactive)24 sqm108k gpAb'DenrielWings
Underwood 7 (Inactive)21 sqm96k gpAb'DenrielBio Android
Underwood 8 (Inactive)13 sqm60k gpAb'DenrielVode
Underwood 9 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAb'DenrielShorypoltuano
Admiral's Avenue 1 83 sqm340k gpLiberty BayMakeye
Admiral's Avenue 2 85 sqm356k gpLiberty BayGrobert
Admiral's Avenue 3 (Inactive)68 sqm280k gpLiberty BayBlaire
Freedom Street 1 (Inactive)41 sqm172k gpLiberty BayKappa Darren
Freedom Street 2 103 sqm428k gpLiberty BayMysterymic
Harvester's Haven, Flat 01 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BayVolcano
Harvester's Haven, Flat 02 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BaySimbad
Harvester's Haven, Flat 03 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BayCovid
Harvester's Haven, Flat 04 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BayLord Panche
Harvester's Haven, Flat 05 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BayPeacepipe
Harvester's Haven, Flat 06 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BaySmoots
Harvester's Haven, Flat 08 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BayEwardito
Harvester's Haven, Flat 09 (Inactive)13 sqm60k gpLiberty BayLord Patricks
Ivory Circle 1 71 sqm292k gpLiberty BayGreg Biffle
Ivory Circle 2 120 sqm488k gpLiberty BayTorpor
Ivy Cottage (Guild Hall)469 sqm1980k gpLiberty Bay Noxious Trading Company
Litter Promenade 3 (Inactive)12 sqm52k gpLiberty BayMarexp
Litter Promenade 4 10 sqm44k gpLiberty BayFizzmain
Litter Promenade 5 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpLiberty BaySystem Of A Down
Marble Lane 1 178 sqm736k gpLiberty BaySoldadoss
Marble Lane 2 (Inactive)106 sqm436k gpLiberty BayMidoz
Marble Lane 3 133 sqm548k gpLiberty BayKim Kardashian
Marble Lane 4 (Inactive)102 sqm424k gpLiberty BayBorvo
Meriana Beach 140 sqm572k gpLiberty BayElpesao
Mountain Hideout (Guild Hall)234 sqm1004k gpLiberty Bay Go Get Em Gang
Rum Alley 3 (Inactive)9 sqm40k gpLiberty BayMeron
Shady Trail 1 (Inactive)14 sqm76k gpLiberty BayRoyal Pvp
Shady Trail 2 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpLiberty BayTnakier Ed
Smuggler Backyard 1 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpLiberty BayHermandark
Smuggler Backyard 2 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpLiberty BaySoy El Mencho
Smuggler Backyard 3 15 sqm68k gpLiberty BayLolshit
Straycat's Corner 2 18 sqm76k gpLiberty BayTiffa Fire
Straycat's Corner 5 16 sqm72k gpLiberty BayGanjahmanzzito
Sugar Street 1 (Inactive)50 sqm212k gpLiberty BayWebb Feelgood
Sugar Street 2 (Inactive)39 sqm168k gpLiberty BayStawiam Kloca
Sugar Street 3a (Inactive)22 sqm100k gpLiberty BayTeddy Rick
Sugar Street 3b (Inactive)30 sqm132k gpLiberty BayAlushi Afk
Sugar Street 4a (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BaySoren Kierkegaard
Sugar Street 4b (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpLiberty BayKarthes Poland
Sugar Street 4c (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpLiberty BayEricssoon
The Shelter (Guild Hall)282 sqm1252k gpLiberty Bay Aint No Stoppin Me Now
The Tavern 1a (Inactive)40 sqm176k gpLiberty BayHang Ten
The Tavern 1b (Inactive)31 sqm132k gpLiberty BaySinjodio
The Tavern 1c (Inactive)73 sqm304k gpLiberty BaySt Gabriel The Evangelist
The Tavern 1d (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpLiberty BayRoxybel
The Tavern 2a (Inactive)92 sqm388k gpLiberty BayThe Real Tannk
The Tavern 2b (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpLiberty BaySambita
The Tavern 2c (Inactive)16 sqm68k gpLiberty BayJincho
The Tavern 2d (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpLiberty BayLord Charls
Trader's Point 1 (Inactive)38 sqm160k gpLiberty BayGladkill
Trader's Point 2 (Shop) 93 sqm380k gpLiberty BayZenoc
Trader's Point 3 (Shop) 106 sqm432k gpLiberty BayMr Batman
Bamboo Fortress (Guild Hall)381 sqm1604k gpPort Hope Devils Rejects
Bamboo Garden 1 (Inactive)25 sqm112k gpPort HopeJack Mago
Bamboo Garden 3 (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpPort HopeBlaze Vector
Banana Bay 1 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpPort HopeBuck Fuddy
Banana Bay 2 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpPort HopeMagikern Marie
Banana Bay 3 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpPort HopeShe Roz
Banana Bay 4 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpPort HopeOsito Oen
Coconut Quay 1 32 sqm136k gpPort HopeFyre Hadaxd
Coconut Quay 2 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpPort HopeSinister Visions
Coconut Quay 3 (Inactive)32 sqm144k gpPort HopeRevenom
Coconut Quay 4 (Inactive)36 sqm156k gpPort HopeThorus
Crocodile Bridge 1 (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpPort HopeWaxuma
Crocodile Bridge 2 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpPort HopeZen Zen
Crocodile Bridge 3 (Inactive)22 sqm96k gpPort HopeAldahir
Crocodile Bridge 4 88 sqm368k gpPort HopeKrocas
Crocodile Bridge 5 (Inactive)80 sqm328k gpPort HopeTaren
Flamingo Flats 2 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpPort HopeKlaudka
Flamingo Flats 3 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpPort HopeZayagirl
Flamingo Flats 4 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpPort HopeCenibra
Flamingo Flats 5 (Inactive)38 sqm156k gpPort HopeHeyo Its Taren
Haggler's Hangout 1 (Inactive)22 sqm96k gpPort HopeThe Deathwatcher
Haggler's Hangout 2 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpPort HopeJuice Box
Haggler's Hangout 3 (Inactive)137 sqm564k gpPort HopeHeybaby
Haggler's Hangout 4a (Shop) (Inactive)30 sqm124k gpPort HopeErpek
Haggler's Hangout 4b (Shop) (Inactive)24 sqm100k gpPort HopeBuzz Killingtonn
Haggler's Hangout 5 (Shop) (Inactive)24 sqm100k gpPort HopeXarios Bin
Haggler's Hangout 6 113 sqm468k gpPort HopeLobusso
Jungle Edge 1 (Inactive)44 sqm188k gpPort HopeKlk'dead
Jungle Edge 2 (Inactive)59 sqm248k gpPort HopeDo You Even Para Bro
Jungle Edge 3 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpPort HopeStift
Jungle Edge 4 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpPort HopeJohhn
Jungle Edge 5 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpPort HopeHais Bu
Jungle Edge 6 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpPort HopeApe Fur
River Homes 1 (Inactive)66 sqm276k gpPort HopeArtorias Destajador
River Homes 2a (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpPort HopePivon
River Homes 2b (Inactive)24 sqm108k gpPort HopeDyspo
River Homes 3 82 sqm356k gpPort HopeSoul Less
Shark Manor (Guild Hall)127 sqm568k gpPort HopeEmpty
The Treehouse (Guild Hall)484 sqm2028k gpPort HopeEmpty
Woodway 1 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpPort HopeWarriorsz Ek
Woodway 2 (Inactive)11 sqm48k gpPort HopeGandi
Woodway 3 27 sqm116k gpPort HopeEasy Pulling
Arakmehn I (Inactive)21 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunPini Pon
Arakmehn II (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunEleyn One
Arakmehn III (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunChupalowszky
Arakmehn IV (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpAnkrahmunSoilz
Botham I a (Inactive)21 sqm88k gpAnkrahmunZulzinho
Botham I b (Inactive)47 sqm200k gpAnkrahmunGranadero
Botham I c (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunSugen
Botham I d (Inactive)50 sqm212k gpAnkrahmunChow Maang
Botham I e (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpAnkrahmunSasalasmasas
Botham II b (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunXin
Botham II c (Inactive)17 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunAztar
Botham II d (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunSumailc
Botham II e (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunAssasin Dark
Botham II f (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunAmerican Demon
Botham II g (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunMidos
Botham III a (Inactive)22 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunShadow Assassin
Botham III b (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunShebl
Botham III f (Inactive)36 sqm156k gpAnkrahmunMurica First
Botham III g (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunZetto
Botham III h 64 sqm268k gpAnkrahmunKutter
Botham IV a 22 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunChaoshadow
Botham IV b (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunCalabrius
Botham IV c (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunCabelo Branco Killer
Botham IV d (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunAbozain
Botham IV f (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunDain
Botham IV g (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpAnkrahmunTomaszwpierdol
Botham IV h (Inactive)34 sqm140k gpAnkrahmunMandrak
Botham IV i (Inactive)26 sqm116k gpAnkrahmunSthyl
Chameken I (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunEduuelizondo
Charsirakh I a (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpAnkrahmunNuxiziv
Charsirakh I b (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunHeidii
Charsirakh II (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunAntaraska
Charsirakh III (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunSorcor
Esuph I (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunTrippingbells
Esuph II a 4 sqm20k gpAnkrahmunPingola De Cabra
Esuph II b (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunRedbones
Esuph III b (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunPeriko-sama
Esuph IV d (Inactive)16 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunMajormellons
Harrah I (Guild Hall)96 sqm424k gpAnkrahmun Next Generation
Horakhal (Guild Hall)174 sqm752k gpAnkrahmun Assassins Creed
Mothrem I (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunGeneral Cuadras
Murkhol I a (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunTonyy Montana
Murkhol I b (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunHiiker
Murkhol I c (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunZonda
Murkhol I d (Inactive)8 sqm36k gpAnkrahmunJairoo
Oskahl I a (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunDavia Keno
Oskahl I b (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunComac
Oskahl I c (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunGeorge Floyd
Oskahl I d (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunNanothanos
Oskahl I e 18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunProf Dr Mgr Inz Doc Fiutt
Oskahl I f (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunDon Kronos
Oskahl I g (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunDon Manuelito
Oskahl I h 32 sqm140k gpAnkrahmunPrinsess Lilly
Oskahl I i 18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunZryty Na Maxa
Oskahl I j (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunKrunzhi
Othehothep I b (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunXendazu
Othehothep I c (Inactive)31 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunWersow
Othehothep I d (Inactive)34 sqm152k gpAnkrahmunFrancisca Duarte
Othehothep II b (Inactive)36 sqm156k gpAnkrahmunZelzar
Othehothep II c (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunGanxther
Othehothep II d (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunLokoschango
Othehothep II e (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunSoprole
Othehothep II f (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpAnkrahmunRamboxx
Othehothep III b (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunSikor Rolex
Othehothep III c (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpAnkrahmunJmarquezg
Othehothep III d (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunJmarquez
Othehothep III e (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunArcangel Fallen
Othehothep III f 14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunErchy
Ramen Tah (Guild Hall)90 sqm424k gpAnkrahmun Pipimoles
Rathal I a (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunMaximo Decimo Meridio
Rathal I b 14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunXin Ho
Rathal I d (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunGaelisho
Rathal I e (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpAnkrahmunLady Jujuba Cristina
Rathal II a (Inactive)24 sqm100k gpAnkrahmunPhoenix White
Rathal II c 14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunDodomum
Rathal II d (Inactive)29 sqm124k gpAnkrahmunBaddap Return
Thanah I a (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunElhijodelasmilputas
Thanah I b (Inactive)50 sqm212k gpAnkrahmunDafr
Thanah I c 51 sqm216k gpAnkrahmunGabber
Thanah I d (Inactive)42 sqm184k gpAnkrahmunDinnedhel
Thanah II a (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunGrillo Boom
Thanah II c 6 sqm28k gpAnkrahmunBiruklau
Thanah II d (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpAnkrahmunDiveron
Thanah II e (Inactive)4 sqm20k gpAnkrahmunNabrisa
Thanah II f (Inactive)45 sqm192k gpAnkrahmunJigsawh
Thanah II g (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpAnkrahmunGoku On Meth
Thanah II h (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunSonjew
Thrarhor I a (Shop) (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpAnkrahmunThe Great Wanabe Gandalf
Thrarhor I c (Shop) (Inactive)25 sqm108k gpAnkrahmunMarihuana Combo
Thrarhor I d (Shop) 10 sqm44k gpAnkrahmunWar Char Yo
Unklath I a (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpAnkrahmunFelipe Belick
Unklath I b (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpAnkrahmunBoltazo
Unklath I c (Inactive)29 sqm124k gpAnkrahmunJoel-estebaan
Unklath I d (Inactive)30 sqm132k gpAnkrahmunBruniko
Unklath I e (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunZaragoza
Unklath I f (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunAmado Carrilloo
Unklath I g (Inactive)34 sqm140k gpAnkrahmunHa Elohim
Unklath II a (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpAnkrahmunVittilin
Unklath II b (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpAnkrahmunSrowena
Unklath II d (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpAnkrahmunMazatleca
Uthemath I b (Inactive)17 sqm72k gpAnkrahmunKing Of The Kong
Uthemath I c (Inactive)15 sqm68k gpAnkrahmunModzz
Uthemath I d 18 sqm76k gpAnkrahmunSuper Palladyn
Uthemath I e (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpAnkrahmunArtzenho
Uthemath I f (Inactive)49 sqm208k gpAnkrahmunHossey
Uthemath II (Guild Hall)76 sqm336k gpAnkrahmun The China Flu Squatters
Darashia 1, Flat 01 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaRadrix Afk
Darashia 1, Flat 02 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaOsama Billaden
Darashia 1, Flat 03 (Inactive)52 sqm216k gpDarashiaDufi
Darashia 1, Flat 04 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaSlay'xz
Darashia 1, Flat 05 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaDaxman
Darashia 1, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaFrissbee
Darashia 1, Flat 12 (Inactive)39 sqm160k gpDarashiaArte Elegante
Darashia 1, Flat 13 (Inactive)39 sqm160k gpDarashiaKyle Stylez
Darashia 1, Flat 14 (Inactive)54 sqm224k gpDarashiaBongsmoke
Darashia 2, Flat 01 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpDarashiaKaraxusta
Darashia 2, Flat 02 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaAffliction
Darashia 2, Flat 03 26 sqm108k gpDarashiaBenderap
Darashia 2, Flat 04 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpDarashiaPerceval
Darashia 2, Flat 05 (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpDarashiaMalumay
Darashia 2, Flat 06 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpDarashiaMoparrp
Darashia 2, Flat 07 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaNiemasieco
Darashia 2, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaFlow Dav
Darashia 2, Flat 12 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpDarashiaStarbright
Darashia 2, Flat 13 (Inactive)26 sqm108k gpDarashiaEkooz
Darashia 2, Flat 14 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpDarashiaDesscham
Darashia 2, Flat 15 (Inactive)24 sqm104k gpDarashiaIchiigo
Darashia 2, Flat 17 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaPissluffarn
Darashia 2, Flat 18 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpDarashiaUlany
Darashia 3, Flat 01 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaPrettyflyfortibiaguy
Darashia 3, Flat 02 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpDarashiaMardthryx
Darashia 3, Flat 03 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaDr Veim
Darashia 3, Flat 04 (Inactive)33 sqm140k gpDarashiaSuicida
Darashia 3, Flat 05 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaMarijo
Darashia 3, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaMr Her Perr Snusk
Darashia 3, Flat 12 (Inactive)44 sqm192k gpDarashiaMr Herr Per Snusk
Darashia 3, Flat 13 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaAmuscaria
Darashia 3, Flat 14 (Inactive)46 sqm196k gpDarashiaDaiman
Darashia 4, Flat 01 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaFlokii
Darashia 4, Flat 02 (Inactive)38 sqm160k gpDarashiaDendru
Darashia 4, Flat 03 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpDarashiaMyrol
Darashia 4, Flat 04 (Inactive)38 sqm160k gpDarashiaSpelli
Darashia 4, Flat 05 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpDarashiaXingdong
Darashia 4, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaDawge
Darashia 4, Flat 12 52 sqm220k gpDarashiaTredzy
Darashia 4, Flat 13 37 sqm156k gpDarashiaMaster Cloud
Darashia 4, Flat 14 (Inactive)37 sqm156k gpDarashiaSelling Puffs
Darashia 5, Flat 01 22 sqm92k gpDarashiaNthililiillil
Darashia 5, Flat 02 (Inactive)34 sqm140k gpDarashiaDatlon Sling
Darashia 5, Flat 03 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaZephyrine
Darashia 5, Flat 04 (Inactive)34 sqm140k gpDarashiaTolomarlboro
Darashia 5, Flat 05 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaArhhezrum
Darashia 5, Flat 11 (Inactive)39 sqm160k gpDarashiaGrindelwald-shadow
Darashia 5, Flat 12 (Inactive)36 sqm148k gpDarashiaMepokeyou
Darashia 5, Flat 13 (Inactive)39 sqm160k gpDarashiaTryme
Darashia 5, Flat 14 (Inactive)35 sqm144k gpDarashiaAmusco
Darashia 6a 62 sqm256k gpDarashiaSir Godfrey
Darashia 6b 69 sqm284k gpDarashiaAmfetaminic
Darashia 7, Flat 01 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaAlquera
Darashia 7, Flat 02 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaMatt'owy
Darashia 7, Flat 03 50 sqm216k gpDarashiaEvil Casanova
Darashia 7, Flat 04 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpDarashiaKeef
Darashia 7, Flat 05 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpDarashiaSalmantinoh
Darashia 7, Flat 11 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaQuentina
Darashia 7, Flat 12 (Inactive)49 sqm212k gpDarashiaKrazy Slapen Krackas
Darashia 7, Flat 13 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpDarashiaPame Masterr
Darashia 7, Flat 14 (Inactive)48 sqm208k gpDarashiaMalba
Darashia 8, Flat 01 (Inactive)48 sqm200k gpDarashiaWhite Knightz
Darashia 8, Flat 02 67 sqm276k gpDarashiaKandyman
Darashia 8, Flat 03 92 sqm376k gpDarashiaFarbala
Darashia 8, Flat 04 58 sqm236k gpDarashiaChaq
Darashia 8, Flat 05 (Inactive)52 sqm216k gpDarashiaTwilight The Mage
Darashia 8, Flat 11 (Inactive)37 sqm156k gpDarashiaRastil
Darashia 8, Flat 12 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpDarashiaJavihg
Darashia 8, Flat 13 (Inactive)38 sqm156k gpDarashiaAtxs
Darashia 8, Flat 14 (Inactive)35 sqm144k gpDarashiaWeco Jaco
Darashia, Eastern Guildhall (Guild Hall)204 sqm880k gpDarashia House Of Lothbrok
Darashia, Villa 93 sqm388k gpDarashiaMike Honcho
Darashia, Western Guildhall (Guild Hall)154 sqm672k gpDarashia OP Team
Castle of the White Dragon (Guild Hall)442 sqm1844k gpEdron Wanna Be Saints
Castle Shop 1 (Inactive)31 sqm128k gpEdronDiller
Castle Shop 2 31 sqm128k gpEdronKatsup
Castle Shop 3 31 sqm128k gpEdronDwojakorodny
Castle Street 1 53 sqm224k gpEdronYoumadbruh
Castle Street 2 (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpEdronDaeht
Castle Street 3 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronShinoby
Castle Street 4 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronNullify
Castle Street 5 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronJinbe
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 01 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronEl Belicon
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 02 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronRemigirl
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 03 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronPapito Fernandez
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 04 10 sqm44k gpEdronBirulinho
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 05 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronSoftsox
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 06 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpEdronAutoerotic Asphyxiation
Castle, 3rd Floor, Flat 07 (Inactive)13 sqm56k gpEdronJohncik
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 01 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronDrinkleberg
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 02 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronZedd Lord
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 03 10 sqm44k gpEdronDraknes Wave
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 04 10 sqm44k gpEdronWishful
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 05 14 sqm60k gpEdronLalo Salamanca
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 06 (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpEdronLatyr
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 07 13 sqm56k gpEdronSensor
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 08 (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpEdronQueally
Castle, 4th Floor, Flat 09 (Inactive)13 sqm56k gpEdronCrosbie
Castle, Basement, Flat 01 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronMomo The Killer
Castle, Basement, Flat 02 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronHigh Boltage
Castle, Basement, Flat 03 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronDr Stephen Strange
Castle, Basement, Flat 04 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronMushrune
Castle, Basement, Flat 05 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronTerror Terrivel
Castle, Basement, Flat 06 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronIvon Terrible
Castle, Basement, Flat 07 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronVegeknight
Castle, Basement, Flat 08 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronHeal Armstrong
Castle, Basement, Flat 09 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpEdronThe Farmer
Central Circle 1 66 sqm272k gpEdronAaronqore
Central Circle 2 73 sqm300k gpEdronSorcerer Loco
Central Circle 3 79 sqm336k gpEdronCha Dal-geon
Central Circle 4 79 sqm336k gpEdronBezz Knight
Central Circle 5 79 sqm336k gpEdronRelyt Ca
Central Circle 6 (Shop) 84 sqm344k gpEdronWycinarka
Central Circle 7 (Shop) (Inactive)84 sqm344k gpEdronTai Lung
Central Circle 8 (Shop) (Inactive)84 sqm344k gpEdronLa Toxica De Manuel
Central Circle 9a (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpEdronLord'mineirinho
Central Circle 9b 18 sqm80k gpEdronKilla Cam
Cormaya 1 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpEdronMace Windoo
Cormaya 10 (Inactive)73 sqm304k gpEdronTifannyy
Cormaya 11 (Inactive)38 sqm160k gpEdronTomatito
Cormaya 2 (Inactive)70 sqm292k gpEdronSpirit Rengar
Cormaya 3 (Inactive)38 sqm160k gpEdronProfessor Snape
Cormaya 4 (Inactive)31 sqm132k gpEdronEl Lazca
Cormaya 5 (Inactive)77 sqm320k gpEdronDefnotjer
Cormaya 6 (Inactive)46 sqm192k gpEdronSquanchy
Cormaya 7 (Inactive)46 sqm192k gpEdronJst Rtz
Cormaya 8 (Inactive)53 sqm220k gpEdronLeyda Pipe
Cormaya 9a (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpEdronBayoleth Monserrat
Cormaya 9b (Inactive)50 sqm208k gpEdronZoidman
Cormaya 9c (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpEdronPapito Basuko
Cormaya 9d (Inactive)50 sqm208k gpEdronSchmetii
Cormaya Flats, Flat 03 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronThe Punisher
Cormaya Flats, Flat 04 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronBig Lightskin Dick
Cormaya Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronDvineone
Cormaya Flats, Flat 13 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronMowgli
Cormaya Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronFluppy Dudu
Cormaya Flats, Flat 15 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronSram Na Was
Edron Flats, Basement Flat 1 (Inactive)31 sqm132k gpEdronLord Malikia
Edron Flats, Basement Flat 2 (Inactive)31 sqm132k gpEdronDanerys
Edron Flats, Flat 01 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronMis Rodillas
Edron Flats, Flat 02 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpEdronSten Strom
Edron Flats, Flat 03 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronLycz
Edron Flats, Flat 04 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronAlenmago
Edron Flats, Flat 05 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronGhanemlion
Edron Flats, Flat 06 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronJawz
Edron Flats, Flat 07 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronRexz On Three
Edron Flats, Flat 08 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronSoussa
Edron Flats, Flat 11 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronBaros Karon
Edron Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronAlebb
Edron Flats, Flat 13 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronSaturnsfall
Edron Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronPoru
Edron Flats, Flat 15 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronXcaret
Edron Flats, Flat 16 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronRaheem
Edron Flats, Flat 17 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronKrzysiek Nowicki
Edron Flats, Flat 18 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronGuidashow
Edron Flats, Flat 21 (Inactive)14 sqm64k gpEdronMasterknight Peric
Edron Flats, Flat 24 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronKiepsko Gram
Magic Academy, Flat 1 (Inactive)16 sqm76k gpEdronNutriaxx
Magic Academy, Flat 2 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpEdronCosmoed
Magic Academy, Flat 3 (Inactive)24 sqm100k gpEdronEleanor Rigby
Magic Academy, Flat 4 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpEdronMajor Paladin
Magic Academy, Flat 5 (Inactive)23 sqm96k gpEdronMistah Jangelz
Magic Academy, Guild (Guild Hall)155 sqm676k gpEdron Stoned Monkeyz
Magic Academy, Shop (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpEdronGigga
Sky Lane, Guild 1 (Guild Hall)342 sqm1460k gpEdronEmpty
Sky Lane, Guild 2 (Guild Hall)344 sqm1432k gpEdron Left Overs
Sky Lane, Guild 3 (Guild Hall)296 sqm1256k gpEdron RPG Only
Sky Lane, Sea Tower (Inactive)80 sqm344k gpEdronFoggy Boi
Stonehome Clanhall (Guild Hall)157 sqm664k gpEdronEmpty
Stonehome Flats, Flat 01 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronLecibolcik
Stonehome Flats, Flat 02 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronPatriick Jane
Stonehome Flats, Flat 04 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronJenova
Stonehome Flats, Flat 05 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronElite Anka
Stonehome Flats, Flat 06 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronSarcomerodeacero
Stonehome Flats, Flat 11 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronFiskprinsessan
Stonehome Flats, Flat 12 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpEdronThe Geralt
Stonehome Flats, Flat 13 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronTony Gibbons
Stonehome Flats, Flat 14 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronFudzi Najt
Stonehome Flats, Flat 15 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronWilku Wdz
Stonehome Flats, Flat 16 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpEdronJasiek Mbh
Stonehome Village 1 (Inactive)36 sqm152k gpEdronPapichulo
Stonehome Village 2 (Inactive)13 sqm56k gpEdronFumofourtwenty
Stonehome Village 3 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronCodenius
Stonehome Village 4 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpEdronDobbie
Stonehome Village 5 (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpEdronValegut
Stonehome Village 6 (Inactive)25 sqm108k gpEdronRanger Rage
Stonehome Village 7 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpEdronWizard Rage
Stonehome Village 8 (Inactive)14 sqm60k gpEdronFighter Rage
Stonehome Village 9 14 sqm60k gpEdronJeffrey Epstein
Wood Avenue 1 32 sqm136k gpEdronKing Raiders
Wood Avenue 10a (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpEdronBow Jester
Wood Avenue 10b 22 sqm100k gpEdronEternal Crush
Wood Avenue 11 130 sqm544k gpEdronVanny Skate
Wood Avenue 2 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronChicogym
Wood Avenue 3 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronFolken Draguz
Wood Avenue 4 (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronMedal Fearless
Wood Avenue 4a (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpEdronBarabachka
Wood Avenue 4b (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpEdronMorkovka
Wood Avenue 4c (Inactive)32 sqm136k gpEdronGnojnij
Wood Avenue 5 32 sqm136k gpEdronCotta
Wood Avenue 6a 23 sqm100k gpEdronSamurai Kinght
Wood Avenue 6b (Inactive)23 sqm100k gpEdronElias
Wood Avenue 7 117 sqm480k gpEdronCurador De Papantla
Wood Avenue 8 117 sqm480k gpEdronWichilla De Los Antrax
Wood Avenue 9a (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpEdronRichy
Wood Avenue 9b (Inactive)25 sqm108k gpEdronHell'o Kitty
Arena Walk 1 (Inactive)55 sqm232k gpSvargrondZaph
Arena Walk 2 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpSvargrondAvengermx
Arena Walk 3 (Inactive)59 sqm248k gpSvargrondDeliverance
Bears Paw 1 (Inactive)33 sqm140k gpSvargrondVolierpa
Bears Paw 2 (Inactive)44 sqm184k gpSvargrondVortigern
Bears Paw 3 (Inactive)35 sqm152k gpSvargrondCoronaviru's
Bears Paw 4 99 sqm412k gpSvargrondTyro Ravincher
Bears Paw 5 34 sqm148k gpSvargrondSoyputogay
Corner Shop (Shop) (Inactive)36 sqm152k gpSvargrondSieghild
Crystal Glance (Guild Hall)237 sqm1044k gpSvargrond Avalon
Fimbul Shelf 1 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpSvargrondLeviataan
Fimbul Shelf 2 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpSvargrondJapuneis
Fimbul Shelf 3 (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpSvargrondRoyal Knight
Fimbul Shelf 4 (Inactive)22 sqm96k gpSvargrondBaddi
Frost Manor (Guild Hall)382 sqm1624k gpSvargrond Royal Crusaders
Furrier Quarter 1 (Inactive)34 sqm148k gpSvargrondZakroxx
Furrier Quarter 2 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpSvargrondMort Smath
Furrier Quarter 3 (Inactive)20 sqm88k gpSvargrondZogie
Glacier Side 1 (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpSvargrondMiglanc
Glacier Side 2 83 sqm344k gpSvargrondNoobstyle
Glacier Side 3 (Inactive)30 sqm128k gpSvargrondColdi
Glacier Side 4 (Inactive)38 sqm156k gpSvargrondUlrig
Mammoth Belly (Guild Hall)278 sqm1232k gpSvargrond Renowned Kingdom
Pilchard Bin 1 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpSvargrondBroneer
Pilchard Bin 10 7 sqm32k gpSvargrondThe Monguis
Pilchard Bin 2 (Inactive)8 sqm40k gpSvargrondKadzidelko
Pilchard Bin 3 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpSvargrondTuzy Blunt
Pilchard Bin 4 (Inactive)10 sqm44k gpSvargrondSmile Elkhauzs
Pilchard Bin 5 8 sqm40k gpSvargrondRaul
Pilchard Bin 6 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpSvargrondKuba Elo
Pilchard Bin 7 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpSvargrondNuldertig
Pilchard Bin 8 6 sqm32k gpSvargrondJandepora
Pilchard Bin 9 (Inactive)7 sqm32k gpSvargrondPally Strike
Raven Corner 1 (Inactive)15 sqm64k gpSvargrondRoyal Najda
Raven Corner 2 (Inactive)25 sqm112k gpSvargrondDark Nate
Raven Corner 3 (Inactive)15 sqm64k gpSvargrondNizmo
Shady Rocks 1 (Inactive)65 sqm276k gpSvargrondSadistic
Shady Rocks 2 (Inactive)29 sqm132k gpSvargrondLotso
Shady Rocks 3 77 sqm320k gpSvargrondArrase
Shady Rocks 4 (Shop) (Inactive)50 sqm208k gpSvargrondElvenknight
Shady Rocks 5 (Inactive)57 sqm236k gpSvargrondKevito
Shelf Site 83 sqm344k gpSvargrondWolftech
Skiffs End 1 (Inactive)28 sqm120k gpSvargrondHesperides
Skiffs End 2 (Inactive)13 sqm60k gpSvargrondHa'ns
Spirit Homes 1 (Inactive)27 sqm116k gpSvargrondYokohama
Spirit Homes 2 (Inactive)31 sqm132k gpSvargrondLord Afganistan
Spirit Homes 3 (Inactive)75 sqm312k gpSvargrondSzalony Chris
Spirit Homes 4 (Inactive)19 sqm80k gpSvargrondEr Morci
Spirit Homes 5 (Inactive)21 sqm92k gpSvargrondDrexel
Trout Plaza 1 (Inactive)43 sqm180k gpSvargrondArbiter
Trout Plaza 2 (Inactive)26 sqm112k gpSvargrondSharkpey
Trout Plaza 3 (Inactive)13 sqm56k gpSvargrondKon Zwalony
Trout Plaza 4 (Inactive)13 sqm56k gpSvargrondBarjera
Trout Plaza 5 (Shop) 73 sqm300k gpSvargrondNavoduro
Tusk Flats 1 14 sqm64k gpSvargrondManiacko Leader
Tusk Flats 2 (Inactive)16 sqm72k gpSvargrondFull Paralize
Tusk Flats 3 (Inactive)11 sqm52k gpSvargrondMaster Pvp
Tusk Flats 4 (Inactive)6 sqm28k gpSvargrondSir Perikero
Tusk Flats 5 (Inactive)11 sqm48k gpSvargrondLose Is Improve
Tusk Flats 6 (Inactive)12 sqm56k gpSvargrondBolen Esdeker
Aureate Court 1 116 sqm476k gpYalaharAsmodios
Aureate Court 2 120 sqm488k gpYalaharNecrottv
Aureate Court 3 (Inactive)115 sqm468k gpYalaharTemplar Knight
Aureate Court 4 82 sqm344k gpYalaharMcbane
Cascade Towers (Guild Hall)315 sqm1392k gpYalahar Daves Not Here Man
Fortune Wing 1 237 sqm964k gpYalaharTommy Vercetti
Fortune Wing 2 130 sqm528k gpYalaharThe Big Lebowski
Fortune Wing 3 135 sqm548k gpYalaharRogue
Halls of Serenity (Guild Hall)432 sqm1860k gpYalaharEmpty
Luminous Arc 1 147 sqm596k gpYalaharJojczyna
Luminous Arc 2 145 sqm596k gpYalaharEl'v Czokapiko
Luminous Arc 3 121 sqm496k gpYalaharMiss Malice
Luminous Arc 4 175 sqm720k gpYalaharEl Kapitanka
Radiant Plaza 1 123 sqm508k gpYalaharBananina
Radiant Plaza 2 87 sqm356k gpYalaharWerseburg
Radiant Plaza 3 114 sqm464k gpYalaharAinz
Radiant Plaza 4 178 sqm724k gpYalaharReevaan
Sun Palace (Guild Hall)460 sqm1948k gpYalahar Periga
VIP House #2395 220 sqm888k gpVip AreaBaby Jinot
VIP House #2396 224 sqm904k gpVip AreaFree Style
VIP House #2397 211 sqm852k gpVip AreaJhon Cena
VIP House #2400 (Inactive)86 sqm352k gpVip AreaMoiraine Damodred
VIP House #2405 (Inactive)59 sqm244k gpVip AreaRivao
VIP House #2406 (Inactive)50 sqm208k gpVip AreaCarding Fisico Nevermoore
VIP House #2408 (Inactive)47 sqm192k gpVip AreaArcangel Miguel
VIP House #2409 (Inactive)89 sqm364k gpVip AreaSpinal
VIP House #2410 95 sqm388k gpVip AreaBuzan
VIP House #2411 (Inactive)60 sqm244k gpVip AreaRub
VIP House #2412 (Inactive)68 sqm280k gpVip AreaFake Doors
VIP House #2413 (Inactive)60 sqm244k gpVip AreaKoala Wala
VIP House #2414 (Inactive)47 sqm192k gpVip AreaErremt
VIP House #2415 (Inactive)47 sqm192k gpVip AreaZaggy
VIP House #2416 (Inactive)47 sqm192k gpVip AreaGucci Zen
VIP House #2418 (Inactive)107 sqm440k gpVip AreaNothing Nowhere
VIP House #2419 166 sqm672k gpVip AreaZxyek
VIP House #2421 (Inactive)45 sqm188k gpVip AreaElectrix
VIP House #2422 239 sqm968k gpVip AreaTank
VIP House #2423 (Inactive)282 sqm1136k gpVip AreaDadlyfe
VIP House #2425 (Inactive)96 sqm388k gpVip AreaPornhub Support
VIP House #2427 (Inactive)96 sqm388k gpVip AreaDurfys
VIP House #2428 (Inactive)263 sqm1060k gpVip AreaAxvlen
VIP House #2430 204 sqm824k gpVip AreaHigh Mage
VIP House #2431 (Inactive)172 sqm696k gpVip AreaTha Imperator
VIP House #2432 (Inactive)91 sqm368k gpVip AreaTwiligth
VIP House #2434 195 sqm788k gpVip AreaBraun Strowman
VIP House #2435 44 sqm176k gpVip AreaTosin
VIP House #2436 (Inactive)55 sqm220k gpVip AreaSmith Da Tanque
VIP House #2437 (Inactive)55 sqm220k gpVip AreaVicious Sin
VIP House #2438 143 sqm572k gpVip AreaGrand
VIP House #2439 81 sqm324k gpVip AreaTomahawk
VIP House #2441 (Inactive)330 sqm1328k gpVip AreaSr-alcapone
VIP House #2446 227 sqm916k gpVip AreaZavoli
VIP House #2459 (Inactive)85 sqm344k gpVip AreaBuntoma
VIP House #2460 (Inactive)84 sqm340k gpVip AreaPuton
VIP House #2501 (Inactive)362 sqm1448k gpVip AreaSevexer
VIP House #2502 196 sqm788k gpVip AreaSiwy Szef
VIP House #2504 (Inactive)57 sqm228k gpVip AreaNooch
VIP House #2507 547 sqm2204k gpVip AreaAdolph Thornton
VIP House #2508 (Inactive)47 sqm192k gpVip AreaEvilgame
VIP House #2509 (Inactive)391 sqm1576k gpVip AreaMorgan Le Fay
Onett House #2520 60 sqm240k gpBroken Anthem
Onett House #2521 36 sqm148k gpZiomekrp
Onett House #2522 36 sqm144k gpCiao
Onett House #2523 30 sqm120k gpSr Puntero
Onett House #2524 28 sqm112k gpVajs Roj
Onett House #2526 53 sqm220k gpWingzz
Onett House #2527 (Inactive)32 sqm128k gpTdex
Onett House #2528 102 sqm408k gpRick Muttley
Onett House #2529 32 sqm128k gpOrikii
Onett House #2530 (Inactive)30 sqm120k gpTortinis
Onett House #2531 48 sqm196k gpEnryu
Onett House #2532 72 sqm288k gpDry Floor Sign
Onett House #2533 62 sqm252k gpAlison
Onett House #2534 (Inactive)24 sqm96k gpKinho
Onett House #2535 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpSwixx
Onett House #2536 (Inactive)18 sqm76k gpHokuten
Onett House #2537 (Inactive)22 sqm92k gpApablaza
Onett House #2538 63 sqm256k gpThe Big Fish
Onett House #2539 52 sqm212k gpFunbags
Onett House #2540 14 sqm60k gpSkate
Onett House #2541 23 sqm96k gpDaki
Onett House #2542 (Inactive)40 sqm160k gpWesh Wesh
Onett House #2543 (Inactive)91 sqm368k gpLapaladina
There are a total of 883 houses in this catagory. A total of 577 houses have inactive owners.
There are a total of 0 Guild Halls in this catagory.
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