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24 Jan 2020 -
The server will reset on January 24 at 5 PM EST.
The server will reset on January 24 at 5 PM EST.
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Welcome to NoxiousOT 8.60
Players: 147646 • Accounts: 120067 • Try our Custom Client!
Ip Address: • Server Port: 7171 • Tibia Client: 8.60

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Jan 17 2020 -
NoxiousOT Update & Reset (2020)
Server Reset & Update - January 24, 5 PM EST.
NoxiousOT will reset on Friday, January 24 at 5 PM Eastern. This era has been a long one but it's time for a fresh start. After many discussions, polls and gathering players feedback it's clear that the majority wanted a reset. A reset always brings new things, much needed adjustments and changes how the server is played. We hope everybody enjoys the next era and everything new that comes with it. Please spread the word and tell your friends!

If you've donated anything during the lifetime of the server you will be able to automatically recover your premium points. We will post a link before the server re-opens with instructions on how to do it.

What will happen with the reset?
• All levels, skills, houses, depots, items, premium points, addons, market items and everything else will be removed.
• If you donated then your premium points will be returned to you. Information about premium point recovery will be posted on the front page.
• Your account and characters won't be deleted but will become level 8 with starting skills and equipment.
• The server will be improved and you can enjoy a fun and stable sever for years to come.
• The server will go offline on January 23 at 10 PM Eastern to prepare for the reset. You will not be able to login again until January 24 at 5 PM EST.

You can use a Timezone Converter to see when the server is resetting in your time zone.


New Quests
We are introducing a new quest in the Jungle zone which can be accessed by boat. This is a 4 player quest that involves killing a boss and can be repeated once per week. This will be our first weekly repeatable quest involving a boss fight! We are also introducing two new weekly repeatable quests which can be found inside Winters and Thais. In addition to this, we are introducing the longest endurance quest on the server so far. This massive zone has thousands of difficult monsters that just never seem to end.. We won't release any details about this quest just yet. Good luck!




This region from Tibia 10.3 was heavily requested and will finally be added into the server. Since Noxious is an 8.6 server it's not as simple as just copy and pasting it into our map. This is a near 1:1 recreation using only tiles and items available in the 8.6 client. If you use our custom client you will be able to see the 10.x Roshamuul creatures as well. This zone is an excellent team hunting area and is suited for high level players. The whole region is unlocked from the start and there is no Umbral weapon creation. We hope to add custom quests to this zone in the future to encourage exploration!




Other Server Changes
We've made a lot of server improvements but we can't list all of them. I think at the core the server is in a fairly good spot. Our focus this era was to try and tackle some big issues and change how the server is played. Wait, put your pitchforks down! It's not as bad sounds. We want to keep the server feeling a bit fresh and encourage more trading in the economy. We want to lessen the gap between new players and the ones that have 5 years of donations waiting to be recovered.

Item Changes
Godly Helmet - This item has been removed.
Godly Ancient Armor - This item has been removed.
Godly Defender - This item has been removed.
Godly Magical Hat - This item has been removed.
Godly Shroud - This item has been removed.
Godly Spellbook of Knowledge - This item has been removed.

The removal of these donors will encourage players to find, enchant and use regular tibia items instead. This will lower the strength of players overall and create a better trading economy for these three equipment slots. It will create a more fair and balanced start of the server and we'll see more use out of magical items dropped by monsters.

Rebirth Shop
• The rebirth zone is locked until February 1 to allow all players to catch up and get access to the spawns.
• Reduced boost length from 3 hours to 2 hours.
• Reduced the price of Golden Falcon from 35 to 25 Rebirth Credit.
• Reduced the price of Demonic Bag from 40 to 25 Rebirth Credit.
• Reduced the price of Bag of Souls Bag from 40 to 25 Rebirth Credit.
• Reduced the price of Ghoul Bag from 40 to 25 Rebirth Credit.
• Reduced the price of Soft Boots from 10 to 5 Rebirth Credit.
• Reduced the price of Fury Ring from 25 to 20 Rebirth Credit.
• Reduced the price of Mysterious Ring from 25 to 20 Rebirth Credit.
• Reduced the price of Orb of Enchantment from 25 to 20 Rebirth Credit.
• Increased the price of Legendary Egg from 20 to 25 Rebirth Credit.

The majority of rebirth shop items are now cheaper. The length of boosts have been reduced to encourage purchasing items instead. About 70% of all rebirth shop purchases were boosts.. we need some variety! We can consider adding more items to the shop in the future.

Spell Changes
• Healing runes are now limited. (Ultimate Healing, Intense Healing, Antidote)
• Added Cure Curse (exana morta) for all vocations.
• Added Cure Bleeding (exana kor) for all vocations.

We decided to limit healing runes because in certain situations they allow you to hunt forever without running out of supplies. When combined with high magic level/regeneration sets, ultimate healing runes are basically an unlimited free health potion. In the spirit of the game you should be spending supplies to hunt and healing yourself should have a cost behind it.


Item Enchanting
There wont be too many direct changes to the Enchanting System but the removal of some donation items will make a big impact. We expect a lot more players will be enchanting items such as Divine Plate, Dark Lord's Cape, Spellbook of Dark Mysteries or the custom 'Adventurer/Freedom Shield' dropped by monster egg bosses. These items by themself are not easy to obtain so it will encourage players to kill raid bosses, do quests and kill creatures they would have normally avoided. There will be a massive demand.. but who will be able to supply it?

Enchanting & Magical Items
Golden Falcon - Enchanting a Golden Falcon will change its destination to a random city, or if you're lucky enough.. straight to your house!
Salvaging - Increased the amount of Magical Dust from salvaging enchanted items from 25 to 50.

The amount of magical dust from salvaging has been doubled. This massively reduces the risk of enchanting items because even the worst possible enchant is worth half an orb of enchantment. We realize players will need to enchant more pieces of equipment this era and hope this makes it a bit easier.


Other Changes
Anti-Anti Push - Added a 0.5 second delay when dropping anti-push items. We may tweak this in the future.
Death Channel - Added a death channel which displays a list of killers, amount of experience lost and whether or not they were blessed. It will also warn everyone about potential MC in PVP rule violations.
Discord - The #market channel will now display new market listings. Updated the server icon. A full discord server revamp coming soon!

Mini-maps & More!
A common request we've gotten for years now is players asking us for a completed mini-map. It's difficult for a brand new player to explore our huge custom zones and soo it's easy to get lost. We're finally providing a 100% complete mini-map to our players! That's not all though. We are also adding a new page which lets you view the entire map, share locations and explore! Can't find where you are? Just type /map in-game and you'll get a direct link to your location on the website. We hope this will come in handy when creating guides in the future. Check the downloads page for more information.

View Custom AreasView Real Map



New Events
We are introducing two new events into the server! The first event is a complete replacement for the old trivia event. The old event had 10,000+ boring questions with sometimes incorrect answers. It could also only be manually be started by staff. This new trivia event has brand new hilarious questions with multiple choice answers! Everybody on the server will have 30 seconds to guess the answer and win a prize. The trivia event automatically asks a new question every 20 minutes.

The second event is a team based event called Dodge Ball. Two teams will compete against each other by launching balls at enemies to earn score. The team with the highest amount of score will win! Timing, dodging balls and strategy will play a big role in determining who is victorious.




We want your suggestions!
Do you have something you want to see changed? Do you disagree with any changes we are making? Let us know! We appreciate any feedback left in the suggestions section on the forum or on our Discord server.

Just to summarize everything, the server will go offline on January 23, 10 PM EST. The server will be reset and re-open on January 24, 5 PM EST. Don't worry! If you donated you will get your premium points back. Please spread the word and invite your friends!
- Noxious Staff
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