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What is Noxious Live?
Noxious Live is a unique system that allows you to spectate other players while they play, similar to the Tibia Cast software. You don't need to download anything extra, just login without a username or password and you'll be shown a list of broadcasters. When you are broadcasting you're completely safe! Your viewers will not be able to interact with your character in any way and none of your private information is revealed. If you're afraid of giving your position away to player killers, please use a passworded broadcast and only invite your friends.

To join a locked broadcast, login with the broadcasts password as your account password. Spectators will not be able to see your incoming or outgoing private messages, NPC messages or VIP list.

To enable built-in chat with spectators, open your private chat channel in your channel list.

Players Broadcasting
To view a broadcast, simply login without a username or password.
Name Viewers Level Vocation
0 77 Knight
0 77 Knight
0 78 Knight
0 78 Knight
0 150 Master Sorcerer
Rafa Noiado
0 226 Elder Druid
Division Oriente
0 274 Elder Druid

Noxious Live Commands
Spectator Commands
/showDisplays the spectators currently watching the broadcast.
/nameChange the name that you use to chat with.
/authAuthenticates to a Noxious Live broadcast
Broadcaster Commands
/live Displays a list of broadcasting commands.
/live on/offStarts or ends your broadcast.
/live statusShows you whether or not you're broadcasting.
/live showDisplays a list of spectators viewing your broadcast.
/live password PASSLocks your broadcast. Replace PASS with any password.
/live password offDisables the password for your broadcast.
/live auth on/offChanges chat protection and requires spectators to authorize.
/live kick nameKicks a specified spectator from your broadcast.
/live ban nameBans a specified spectator by IP address from your broadcast.
/live unban nameUnbans a specified spectator by IP address from your broadcast.
/live bansDisplays the current bans for your broadcast.
/live muteMutes a spectator by from your broadcast.
/live unmuteUnmutes a spectator from your broadcast.
/live mutesDisplays the current mutes for your broadcast.

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