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NoxiousOT Rules (English)
Multiclient in PVP
• You may not control more than one character at a time in PvP, either through the use of multiple computers or bots. Each character in the fight must be controlled by a unique player. This includes healing your characters, untrapping yourself, blocking pathways or any other way that changes the outcome of the fight.

You are allowed to play with multiple characters at once.
You can't bring your second character to help kill other players.
You can't bring your second character to heal yourself, move items or block pathways even if you don't use the character to attack.

PVP Abuse
• Do not take a low level character into a war and suicide to give other players a red skull. Do not bring a low level character to block magic walls or interfere with a war.

You are allowed to participate in any war between other players or guilds even if you're not invited.
You are allowed to block off boats/entrances while you're intending to fight other players or losing skull.
You can't bring a character and repeatedly die just to give other players frags or a red skull.
You can't bring a character under level 80 to block other players from casting magic walls, untrap players or move items in a war.
You can't bring more then one character to a fight for any reason.

Bug / Exploits
• Do not exploit bugs or abuse the unintended consequences of game mechanics. If you find a bug or exploit you must report it to staff immediately. Using a bug to your advantage is a bannable offense.

You can be rewarded premium points or real money for major bug reports.
If you are caught using a bug to your advantage then you will be banned.
You aren't allowed to purposely debug or crash clients.
You aren't allowed to use monster names, NPC name, player names or summon monsters to try and lure AFK bots out of a protection zone.

Griefing / Player Harassment
• Do not grief players, or act in a way solely and specifically intended to harass them. If a player is verbally harassing you then you should use the ignore feature.

You can't manually or with a script throw items on a depot box with the intention of making another player lose their items.
You can't intentionally block off any major NPC, temple, spawn or shop using creatures or unwalkable items.

Event Abuse / Multiclient in Events
• You're not allowed to use multiple characters inside events in order to gain additional Noxious Tokens. You're not allowed to remain inactive inside an event so as to gain Noxious Tokens without participating. Furthermore that participation should be directed towards advancing your own team, rather than helping the enemy.

You can have a maximum of 2 characters per internet connection inside of the event as long as BOTH characters are controlled by different people.
If you join an event you must have at least 12 minutes of free time to play it.
If you are not participating or you are helping the other team you will be banned.
If you bring a second character into events to earn free Noxious Tokens then you will be banned.
Any type of automated event joining or event playing script will result in a permanent account ban. Asking for scripts or giving links where to find those scripts is also against the rules.
Giving up because you are going to lose is not a valid excuse for not participating in the event.
Paralyzing or constantly pushing your own team, cutting wild growths or luring bosses away from blockers is not allowed.

Illegal Trading
• You are not allowed to trade in-game items, accounts, money or services for goods, accounts, services or money outside of our server.

You are allowed to trade your character for other characters, items or premium points in-game.
You are allowed to trade items for premium points using the market system.
You can't trade your account, character, items or premium points for anything outside of the server. This includes other servers, real tibia, real money and other non-tibia games.
If your trade can't be completed inside of NoxiousOT then it's an illegal trade. Contact staff for help involving premium point trades.

Staff Impersonation / Threats
• Impersonating staff or claiming to know or have influence over staff in order to threaten or influence another player is not allowed. Faking messages or screenshots involving staff members is against the rules.

You can't tell people that staff members will give you special treatment. Example: Saying 'GOD Deviance is my brother, he will ban you if you kill me'.
You can't make a fake message or screenshot and claim that it's from a staff member. Example: Sending a fake message that GOD Deviance is watching over an account trade without ever contacting him.
You can't start rumors claiming a staff member told you something that is a lie. Example: Saying 'GOD Deviance told me there is a reset next week'.
You can't threaten a staff for any reason. Example: Saying 'GOD Deviance will demote you unless you unban me' or 'I will DDoS/hack this server unless you unban me' or 'I will chargeback unless you unban me'.

Powerleveling / Frag Abuse
• You are not allowed to let other players/characters repeatedly kill your character to gain experience, or kill someone who is doing the same. This includes killing your own characters to transfer experience. If you want to kill someone do so in traditional PvP, not consensual powerleveling.

You can't kill your own characters or sell frags to another player in order to manipulate the top frag list.
You can't repeatedly kill your own, or another character in an attempt to transfer experience between them.
You can't suicide or rook your character. Repeatedly dying to players will transfer experience to the them and is considered powerleveling.
If you see somebody suiciding and you kill them multiple times you will lose the experience that you gained from it.

• Do not advertise for other servers or try to convince players to leave this server for another server. People are free to play where they want, but NoxiousOT will not act as a billboard for competing servers.

Posting an IP address/website to another tibia server almost always results in a permanent ban.
You are free to play other servers but if you want to recruit a team for it then you should do it on the other server.
We don't want to hear how much better another server is compared to this one. Trying to convince people to leave is punishable. New servers can pay to promote their server to thousands of people using server lists but this is not the place to spread that advertisement.

Chat Channels
• You can not talk in public chat channels in a way that it is not intended to be used. For example, you can not post trade offers in Global Chat. You can not use Trade Channel or Help channel to have irrelevant conversations.

All languages can be used in any of the chat channels. There is also a Non-English Chat if you need it.
Global Chat: You can't post any trade offers. This includes asking if anybody has an item that you need.
Help Channel: You can't use this channel for random discussions. Spamming, irrelevant or disruptive messages may result in a mute.
If you are warned multiple times you might be permanently muted from all Chat Channels. Using these channels is a privilege and not a right.

Houses / Guild Halls
• You may not, by yourself or through cooperation with others, create dummy guilds in order to own more than one guild hall. You may not buy a guild hall intending to make profit or not use it for guild purposes actively. We reserve the right to clear any house or guild hall we consider owned by an inactive player or guild.

You can only have one house per person and you must login every 30 days to keep it. Some exceptions apply.
If you login once every month for only a few minutes just to keep your house then the staff might give it to somebody else.
You can't own a guild hall if you don't have an active guild. Guild Halls are not meant to be used as houses.

Scamming / Stealing Items
• You are not allowed to scam or attempt to scam any player for items, money or accounts.

If you are knowingly taking something of value from another player when they don't want to give you it then it's considered stealing. Example: Stealing something out of a house.
Tricking a player into giving you something is considered scamming. Example: Running a casino and not paying out when they win.
Misleading somebody to give you something is considered scamming. Example: Showing a player an item in a trade, canceling and putting something else instead.

There are many possible infractions not listed in the server rules; if it were otherwise it would be an infinitely long list. As such, if a GM, CM or GOD tells you not to do something.. don't do it. If you think you've been unjustly reprimanded stop anyway and take the issue to GOD Deviance.

The staff of this server reserve the right to ban for any reason not listed here and have the final decision on all banishments. If our staff feel you're hurting our server, community or website overall, we reserve the right to remove you from our server.

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