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Noxious Server Features and Statistics
Experience Stages
1-20 = 50x
21-40 = 30x
41-60 = 25x
61-80 = 20x
81-100 = 10x
101-120 = 6x
121-140 = 4x
141-160 = 3x
161-180 = 2x
181-200 = 1.5x
201-251 = 1x
251-275 = 0.8x
276-300 = 0.7x
301-325 = 0.6x
326-350 = 0.5x
351-400 = 0.3x
401-425 = 0.2x
+ Tasks, Exp Boosts and more!
Magic & Skill Rates
Magic Rate: 6x
Skill Rate: 12x
Loot Rate: 2x
Server Statistics
Total Wars: 305
House Available: 219
Highest Level: 450
Total Players: 185185
Record Players: 1038
Banned Accounts: 1774
  • Noxious is a Real Map RPG-WAR based server.
  • The server is hosted on a dedicated server with no lag at all.
  • All raids are automatic, events are started every 30 minutes.
  • Magic Item system allows any monster to drop items with increased stats.
  • Monster Egg system allows players to find eggs which can spawn bosses.
  • Item Market with offline trading that allows you to sell any item.

  • PvP Events & Gambling Games
    Team Deathmatch
    An all out team vs team battle! You will be randomly assigned to a team and the first team to reach the frag limit will win. Teams are automatically balanced based off of levels and skills.
    King of the Hill
    In this event you and your team will capture a hill and hold it for points. The longer you stand on the platform, the more points you will gain!
    Capture the Flag
    In this event you must work with your team to capture the enemys flag and return it to your base. The first team to get 3 flag captures wins the event!
    Zombie Event
    In this event you must avoid zombies and stay alive as long as possible!
    The Plague
    In this event, players will push each other and try to stand on the green safe zones to avoid being damaged.
    Noxious Party
    Noxious Party is a fast paced event with over 10 seperate mini-games that are played at random.
    Boss Battles
    You will have to work as a team to fight over 5 different bosses quicker then your opponents. If you die, the other team gains score.
    Global Trivia
    In this event, players will be able to answer general trivia questions to win Noxious Tokens. The Trivia event has 10,000 questions and is being improved daily. This event is started manaully by our staff.
    Time Bomb
    In this event, players will randomly be selected to become a bomb. They must chase other players, dealing damage to them when the fuse ends and they explode!
    The Infected
    In this event, players will be seperated into two teams. The Infected players have unique attacks and power ups and must chase the humans to infect them. After catching somebody as an infected you will become a human. Stay alive longer for more score!
    Defend The King
    In this event, players will be seperated into two teams. All players will be temporarily changed to have the same level, skills, magic level and equipment. Both teams are equal and must push past each others defense to defeat the king. Skill is everything in this event.

    Daily Frag Limit
    Red Skull Black Skull
    25 Frags Daily 50 Frags Daily
    70 Frags Weekly 140 Frags Weekly
    200 Frags Monthly 400 Frags Monthly
    Red Skull expires after 24 hours.

    Items, Event Tokens and other Currency
    Noxious Token
    You can purchase equipment, weapons, decoration, experience boosts, monster outfits and more. You gain these by competing in hourly events.
    Gold Nuggets
    You can exchange 100 crystal coins for Gold Nuggets.
    Experience Boosts
    You can gain additional experience when using these items for a limited time.
    Magical Box
    When using this magical box, you will gain 25% additional magic find. You can absorb luck from up to 10 magical boxes.

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