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Conjure Runeadori blankconjure(1)10080S, D
Lightutevo luxinstant2080S, D, P, K
Find Personexivainstant2080S, D, P, K
Light Healingexurainstant2090S, D, P, K
Magic Ropeexani terainstant2090S, D, P, K
Antidoteexana poxinstant30100S, D, P, K
Cure Burningexana flaminstant80100S, D, P, K
Cure Electrificationexana visinstant80100S, D, P, K
Intense Healingexura graninstant70110S, D, P
Flame Strikeexori flaminstant20120S, D
Energy Strikeexori visinstant20120S, D
Levitateexani hurinstant50120S, D, P, K
Conjure Arrowexevo conconjure(10)100130P
Terra Strikeexori terainstant20130S, D
Great Lightutevo gran luxinstant60130S, D, P, K
Poison Fieldadevo grav poxconjure(3)200140S, D
Magic Shieldutamo vitainstant50140S, D, P
Hasteutani hurinstant60140S, D, P, K
Foodexevo paninstant120140D, P
Light Magic Missileadori min visconjure(10)120150S, D
Fire Fieldadevo grav flamconjure(3)240150S, D
Antidote Runeadana poxconjure(1)200150D
Intense Healing Runeadura granconjure(1)240150D
Whirlwind Throwexori hurinstant40150K
Ice Strikeexori frigoinstant20150S, D
Poisoned Arrowexevo con poxconjure(7)130160P
Convince Creatureadeta sioconjure(1)200160D
Death Strikeexori mortinstant20160S, D
Conjure Boltexevo con mortconjure(5)140170P
Destroy Fieldadito gravconjure(3)120170S, D, P
Energy Fieldadevo grav visconjure(3)320180S, D
Fire Waveexevo flam hurinstant25180S
Ice Waveexevo frigo hurinstant25180D
Heal Friendexura sioinstant160180D
Ultimate Healingexura vitainstant160200S, D, P
Challengeexeta resinstant30200K
Strong Hasteutani gran hurinstant100200S, D
Desintegrateadito teraconjure(3)200210S, D, P
Ethereal Spearexori coninstant40230P
Energy Beamexevo vis luxinstant40230S
Creature Illusionutevo res inainstant100230S, D
Conjure Sniper Arrowexevo con hurconjure(5)160240P
Stalagmiteadori teraconjure(10)400240S, D
Ultimate Healing Runeadura vitaconjure(1)400240D
Explosive Arrowexevo con flamconjure(8)290250P
Heavy Magic Missileadori visconjure(10)350250S, D
Poison Bombadevo mas poxconjure(2)520250D
Chargeutani tempo hurinstant100250K
Summon Creatureutevo resinstant0250S, D
Ultimate Lightutevo vis luxinstant140260S, D
Cancel Invisibilityexana inainstant200260S
Fireballadori flamconjure(5)460270S
Firebombadevo mas flamconjure(2)600270S, D
Soulfireadevo res flamconjure(3)600270S, D
Animate Deadadana mortconjure(1)600270S, D
Chameleonadevo inaconjure(1)600270D
Wild Growthadevo grav vitaconjure(2)600270D
Holy Missileadori sanconjure(5)350270P
Icicleadori frigoconjure(5)460280D
Stone Showeradori mas teraconjure(4)430280D
Thunderstormadori mas visconjure(4)430280S
Poison Walladevo mas grav poxconjure(4)640290S, D
Great Energy Beamexevo gran vis luxinstant110290S
Great Fireballadori mas flamconjure(4)530300S
Avalancheadori mas frigoconjure(4)530300D
Wound Cleansingexana mortinstant90300K
Undead Legionexana mas mortinstant500300D
Explosionadevo mas hurconjure(6)570310S, D
Magic Walladevo grav teraconjure(3)750320S
Train Partyutito mas sioinstant60320K
Protect Partyutamo mas sioinstant90320P
Heal Partyutura mas sioinstant120320D
Enchant Partyutori mas sioinstant120320S
Conjure Piercing Boltexevo con gravconjure(5)180330P
Fire Walladevo mas grav flamconjure(4)780330S, D
Groundshakerexori masinstant160330K
Divine Healingexura saninstant160350P
Invisibilityutana vidinstant440350S, D, P
Energybombadevo mas visconjure(2)880370S
Energy Waveexevo vis hurinstant170380S
Terra Waveexevo tera hurinstant210380D
Divine Missileexori saninstant20400P
Enchant Staffexeta visconjure(0)80410S
Energy Walladevo mas grav visconjure(4)1000410S, D
Enchant Spearexeta conconjure(0)350450P
Sudden Deathadori gran mortconjure(3)985450S
Divine Calderaexevo mas saninstant200500P
Paralyzeadana aniconjure(1)1400540D
Rage of the Skiesexevo gran mas visinstant650550S
Wrath of Natureexevo gran mas terainstant770550D
Swift Footutamo tempo saninstant400550P
Protectorutamo tempoinstant200550K
Power Boltexevo con visconjure(10)800590P
Hells Coreexevo gran mas flaminstant1200600S
Eternal Winterexevo gran mas frigoinstant1200600D
Sharpshooterutito tempo saninstant450600P
Blood Rageutito tempoinstant290600K
Fierce Berserkexori graninstant340700K
Mass Healingexura gran mas resinstant150800D
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