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Lost Account

Hi GMs/Gods! I could really use some assistance.

A long time ago I started on this server. About 5 years ago. I made my first account and first character (meet the boss, cringe ok but i was being an asshole). I made that account without a real recovery e-mail and ended up quitting, coming back later, and couldn't remember my account information.

Started over with my second account (Realbigd), same thing. Didn't make a recovery e-mail, quit, came back, lost my account.

Started with my third account (Reallbigd), absolutely sure I wasn't going to lose this one. Quit a bit for nursing school, just tried to come back, lost my account information.

I've got people who could vouch that it is me (e.g. zexorr, catalyst perhaps). Could we PLEASE let me recover that account? I can prove some of the characters names on the account (some are hidden). I could send you pictures of my old computer in real life and find some sort of screenshot of the game or something. I could give you a rough idea of the name of the fake e-mail I put in when making this third account.

If you could just contact me on discord, I sent a message in two different channels. I would really, really appreciate it. I do not want to start a 4th account.

Please help me?